: Im lonely
Nop {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: When is HEXAKILL and ASCENSION MODE coming back?
I hate them. {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: Refund the Champion asap. He is not good for mental well being. Save your sanity and play something skillful.
isnt yasuo skilled?{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Akali
What about {{champion:39}} ???Movement speed nerf..cmon lel.
: I dont think so, iwilldominate literally has a video of a guy getting boosted and wintrading, he is still playing.
Very sad.{{sticker:sg-janna}}
Rioter Comments
: If I buy all boosts and such available on the lol client, how many games must I play to reach 30?
A lot.Its really hard to make new account.I wanted to make 1 euwest but its boring and takes a lot of time even with xp boost.
: a quick talk
This is the truth.But unlucky riot wont change it. I said it more times is not about you is about team. If that guy dont even try then whats the point of a team??And ofc riot will come and say"carry him etc".This is s8 you have no chance for that. And if s9 is the same or worst im very sure league will fall really hard.
: Jungler going 0/7 in 15 minutes in Ranked - is this bannable?
Youre in bronze...I mean there you can see 0 20...Its a very bad elo.You cant blame them.They new players and bad players. They play bad its nothing you can change about it.
: Yea lol gj riot ban flamers but don't do shiit against trolls and feeders 4-29 in a 1 hour game lol even I would flame your family and if you would go afk you get a 5x 20 min ban aatrox bro just lv a new account and learn 1 champ before playing ranked
welll his bronze..Its the worst elo.Until iron comes up. So ofc he dies so many times.Bronze are really bad players. You cant blame them for such deaths at all.
: What can you do when your team dies continuously in early?
FF 15.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Maybe some will say "oh no get good climb easy peasy" they just low elo. Games that end in less then 10 mins happens.Its sad but happens.You have no power to change them.Its team game you cant take all the hard work on your shoulder.
: But when u arent playing a solo carry champ then u need to help ur team get ahead too, cause no one likes playing a game where u only see a grey screen when fights happen cause u fed their adc or jungler so u get 1shot as an adc so they are most likely to leave or afk cause team doesnt help them to get back into the game especially as vayne who can solo carry but needs help from the team to get ahead to carry, just like azir
So...for you to win a game need to get carried??This is why you dont climb. If i could get a team that carries me and gives me what i want then i was already higher then anyone else.
jOhNyP (EUW)
: a msg to my mid laner aatrox
Ah youre a bronze player.. Case closed.
Marissa (EUW)
: git gud. {{sticker:galio-happy}} ###### G5 -6 lp 49% wr
If you play {{champion:117}} support and something meta like {{champion:39}} you easy climb. Champs have more impact then skills just sayng. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: How am i supposed to carry a game where my support goes 0/6/0 in less than 7 min ?
You cant.The game is about your team.Thats why is a team game. I always say this and i say it again. "Remember 1 player can lose the game solo but 1 player cant carry alone" Sad but truth.{{sticker:garen-swing}}
253IQ (EUW)
: i think this is suck yep but there is a counter . if a yasuo is good enough to E Q in the moment he'll kill him ezly . if lee sin knew how to R him in the right moment he would die ezly . and if a kayn was able to W R in the right moment he'll kill him . but those champs above ?omfg
easy to say "in the moment".Noc ult is very frustrating to deal with.Not only he jumps on you with great dmg but all your team cant see nothing in that moment for 3 4 secs. Not that easy to deal with.And no ...there is no right moment.Is like sayng "oh if as alistar i can combo akali in right moment of her ult".Thats just coincidence and luck. Its really difficult to react in that specific time.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: No need to be Faker :3 Ban Akali instead. If you face a Zed, you should have no issues with Ori or Vlad ;). With Ori, play safe, farm safely and be more useful than the Zed later in the game. With Vlad, when the Zed tries to ult-all in you, just pool.
CNG Squigga (EUNE)
Better nerf {{champion:238}} .Kappa.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kintaros,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5rRb5pLn,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-10-21T16:20:10.444+0000) > > Almost all womans are spoilet brats.Want evrything for free. That's not entirely true. The younger ones, sure.
well...they make bad decisions when they young...then they regret when they 30+..Thats why they single mothers too.
: When is Riot going to nerf Zed?
Zed is garbage at the moment. Ofc is op in silver.Evry champ is op in silver.
: When will people help the ADC??
Cuz is solo que. If youre bad no 1 gonna give you no kill.They will try to get evrything so they carry. You were the 1 who feed and almost lost game...So ofc no 1 cares about you.Its solo que you have to do evrything to carry. I had some of the games where i was playng jgl and ofc i was letting kills for my ad or mid etc.However i lost most of those games so i decided me to get the kills cuz ofc im doing evrything to get them and to carry as hard as i can. If you wanna win...or wanna climb you cant say"plz leave me kills"no...you have to take it yourself. If you cant..farm or die too mutch or cant take kills thats your problem i just play my game and tryng to carry you.
: I would think as Katarina it should be quite easy to dodge the Fizz R even without Flash, right? Also, nice 15minute game you had a few days ago when you sold items at minute 8, got mobis and ran it down...
"BAD GAME"{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Little Moonlight,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5rRb5pLn,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-10-21T14:15:43.177+0000) > > All the girls would annoy they guy for that surely hihi :)) > Gifts should never be expected or begged for. If I had a girlfriend who did that, she'd be told to "buy it herself if you want it so badly" or to "Wait and see what you get for Christmas" Hell at my age I'd hope the women I'd date wouldn't be spoilt brats. Anyway... If you want a Kiko plushie so badly here's one - https://www.storenvy.com/products/22082255-free-dhl-shipping-cute-star-guardian-ahri-mascot-kiko-plushie
Almost all womans are spoilet brats.Want evrything for free.
: Ahri Announcer plus a Kiko plushie to be able to buy :3 <3
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Smerk (EUW)
: I wanna see finals EU vs EU. Come one man, you really think that C9 will beat Fnatic?
Why not? Eu vs Eu....Eu wins xD For me i wish to be EU VS NA more intresting..Ofc this is just my opinion.Even if it doesnt happen im fine with it.
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
why... We mostly saw koreans in finals.And see eu vs eu is fine but not intresting.I wanna see whos better eu or na.. Beside eu and na won vs korean teams so they won their spot. I dont mind who goes finals ofc im just sayng.
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Hansiman (EUW)
: > I hope to see eu vs na finals.I just hope. Why EU vs NA when we can have EU vs EU?
cuz eu vs na sounds more intresting.{{sticker:draven-pose}} Whos better eu or na!! I really wanna see that.
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: I don't really have an interpretation of this one, it just rolled out of my mind when I woke up. Love doesn't exist in my life, Neither is it about me breaking since you can't break what has already been shattered. I never really have an idea what to do, been living my life like I'm in this water stream, just letting it take me somewhere, I'm not even swimming anymore. The things I write might have a meaning, they might also mean nothing at all. Often I just leave it up to the reader to have their own interpretation
Love is harsh.But you shouldnt let yourself beaten.Just do what you love.You must love something to do so you can make it real. Just dont give up on life.And love may happen.If youre a girl/boy im sure there is someone out there looking for someone like you.
: Worst season in Lol's history!
S8 it is garbage and most of players admited that.But you must adapt what else can you do.Is still fun to play at least for me. Lets hope s9 will be better.I wish to bring back the old days of league..{{sticker:garen-swing}}
Moonblast (EUW)
: Deserved Permaban¿
They probably ban you for spam...As i said before too is not worth sayng nothing in chat.
: At this point i honestly can't tell if the overwhelming majority of league players are either: 1. Completely oblivious to the fact that it's a team game and that you need proper teamwork in order to progress. Or 2. 12 year old kids. This definitely doesn't seem likely considering how many league players there are, but let's be honest, it's either young adults or adults. And that fact alone makes me lose a bit of hope for humanity. Because while a lot of people you meet in life are real pieces of shit, you still shouldn't have to expect the level of bad behaviour that you find in League players. Getting somewhat angry at teammates is natural, but most LoL players take it to the extreme, it's like the second they boot up LoL they turn into the most arrogant braindead self-absorbed pieces of shit that has ever walked planet earth. I don't know, this game is fun but toxic people don't get banned and there's just wayy too many of them. It tends to get really demoralizing.
And then they say"you good you climb"but they dont understand that without a team you cant progress...
: I wish I get permabanned after that game
I dont mind flamers...but as you said i hate dumb kids that ruin other games. Flame is easy to deal with mute bye. But when someome just straight start inting or ruining your game...its just unnaceptable.But ye riot dont care and those people will take simple "bad game".
: I understand that's how these game's have felt. If i was doing bad in the games fair enough, i can't complain but out of 10 ranked game's i only got 2 B's because of my team either rage quiting or just purely being out classed. Most of the game's i won the people shouldn't even had won, but carried them in good faith. My first ranked game today https://gyazo.com/48cda6125690c4ece44f51ab1fee0708
unfortunaly...ranked is no more like it was in s3..its all about team and champions. Skills dont have so mutch impact.It depends what champ they pick and what kind of people you have I get a lot of ragequiters for no reason too so whatever. League will always be imbalanced.
: Doesn't matter how good you are
Most of the games is luck no matter what people say.Its about team not yourself. I got in my team top kayle..that inted all game but my bot me and jgl did really well.Even tho we told her "plz come with us"she was tilted and keep farming all game. Guess what we won 4v5 and she won.Thats how idiots win.And riot dont even bother banning this people Get lucky get some elo.
: A poem, written after waking up.
Is this about love?or you just break?or you have no idea what to do.! I dont understand this poems eh.But sounds good.
: lol elo system too bad
System is bad...because honestly the only way i see people climbing is luck. I get this type of games in plat/diamond and if you see them how they play you wanna hit your head over a wall. The jgl who comes mid even if you say "no thx im fine" and gives free buffs..to enemy then the enemy ad d5..who cant even get 100 farm in 22 mins...Or full blitz ap logic lel. Your jgl who simply keeps inting and start raging at your team for no reason.I did a game on my 2 account too sion i go bot cuz im pretty ahead and i say "go baronn is freee" my zed "no nooo dont get baron sion you noob"... I keep pushing 3 enemy come bot including jgl and they still sit mid waiting for flowers. Im sorry riot you dont do a good job with your ranked system. I saw better silver players then diamonds.
: Next time don't let him get fed and build penetration. He can be dealt with if you can cc him down.
garen is broken...evryone knows it.Press w gets no dmg then get ult does truth dmg. If he gets no dmg his passive heals..at lv 11 increases soo mutch. Balance.
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, that's the fun in the fun tactics. You either contribute greatly for the victory or do nothing useful and feed all game. And when you do that 10 games in a row, then you should accept that punishment as fully deserved one
the one that got ban with that strategy sion.....he was 12 wins in a row lel..I dont see why they would ban that. They banned them but they won 80% of the games.
: """"""""""""I got banned and they didnt, riot is unfair""""""""""""
like they banned sion boosted strategy???Fair ye..Banned more then 10 streamers for it xDD fair.Yep.
CJXander (EUNE)
: I've climbed to gold in 6 hours on my secondary account as support SOLO (no premade)
Woooow thats a lucky wining streak.Warning losing streak coming. Yes you got lucky sorry...in low elo especially winning with a support like janna is poor luck. I played low elo you dont climb with no dmg.I had to play fiddle/brand support to carry games easily. That is just a lucky wining streak buddy....im sure losing streak will follow.
: WhatsApp group
: how does armor help . AD assasins build so much armor pen and lethality. Armor doesnt really work against them. and if u build armor then uwont deal damage and so they can easily trade against u
armorr help a lottt vs assasins.especially against {{champion:238}} . What game do you play..
xNeoSeoul (EUW)
: Support Chat just told me I've been getting a lot of reports lately. Haven't been using chat though.
Well i got my honor lv 2 3 of 3 checkpoint and never rises.. on my 2 account played games without sayng nothing.not even gg.Just nothinggg. And is still there xdd. I mean if someone reports you..for no reason you still get the report your honor progress is %%%%ed????? Shame if it is.
: 1. Im talking about kaisa. Didnt even mention irelia, her stats speak for themselves and shes #1 toplaner. 2. Ppl STILL qq about yasuo, thats because nobody wants him on his team. Theres no comparison between the 2.
You never read posts on forum?????a lot of players cryng about yasuo being op or such. And kaisa is very strong.Best adc at the moment.
Economi (EUW)
: How many games in a row do you need to INT before getting any action
: its funny that people STILL put an equal sign between pro play and solo play. Kaisa has very average stats in soloQ (damage, kda, farm) and her winrate is well below 50%.
Kaisa is best adc.She was and she will keep being in the nr 1 spot best adc until she gets nerfed.She is strong. Irelia i saw plat players with 0 10 going 3 items and can destroy evryone. Yasuo had 48% winrate so what??He is bad..but they nerf it because ppl qq about it.And he is not even close strong as kaisa or irelia. Zed got nerf same for skilled players..Have you saw an irelia on a diamond+player???Insane. Tfblade 1 good example.Chalenger playng irelia+jax with more then 70% winrate. Watch what diamond +player you wanna see.Irelia is just busted in good hands. Even gold players can play her just give her time to scale and you will see.
Flemman (EUW)
: well, it's victorious orianna this year
Why orianna....i dont know if she was even played in lcs this year. Why not {{champion:6}} .I always see that guy.
: Did Anyone Notice This?
ofc people qq and say is not truth.They morons.They cant see the truth even if you put it in their faces. {{champion:39}} is strong very strong and deservers a nerf.{{champion:145}} best adc and still nothing has been done against her.. Better nerf {{champion:103}} kappa.{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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