TEA Hazar (EUW)
: Holy shit youre lucky you only got a 14 day ban. Honestly people like you dont belong into such a beautiful game. Calling out ppl low elo when ur level 28 and your kdas and stuff all suck. YOure probably not even gold or plat and think you can flame other ppl for their mistakes, while you do the same amount of mistakes. Dying 10 times every round means that you do atleast 10 big mistakes every single round. Smaller mistakes dont get punished until high diamond but every single death is a big mistake... You should work hard on ur attitude and also work hard on your gameplay itself. I wouldnt have permanently banned you for that .... but after reading what youve written now also into your post... i believe that the 2 week ban was not enough! Get out of this game ... honestly
diamond 4 i have and another account and dont be kid i just call them morons and kids they was 2 premade who flame me go to my match history and check out last match i played rakan jiNX AND AHRI WAS PREMADE check out im seriously
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