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Dage (EUW)
: Can Nidalee lane?
Top and mid are classical nidale lanes, also seen support, but that was a while ago.
: Why is Thresh consistently ignored
I would say that Thresh is one of the best designed supports out there
: Support is not viable in low elo?
I went to Gold with support Alistar and Leona as mains. Just snowball your lane. It was easier last season thow, but still very viable. YOU need to think: how could I have done that game better? Maybe be more aggressive? more roaming? My best tip: after lvl 3 when you get other bot back, gank mid, and tell them you are coming early. My favorite is to get an adc kill bot with alistar using flash q+w when being pushed under tower. push the lane with adc and then gank mid for another kill. Thats basicly gg
: Is this Scripting?
Nore probable to be a bug
: Does that somehow take away from the fact that they got banned because a group of people bullied him into flaming?
All flaming is the same. If you are weak just mute them
Zoom 9x (EUNE)
: A problem I have as Jhin main against Zed.
Stay further back, watch the lcs, they stay way back untill they have a opening. You can always initiate with your ult aswell.
FixxeS (EUW)
: how to rank S on Irelia?
check out gbay99, he has a video on it
: Free skin for alistar
I got the Allister way back, it was a facebook campaign. but its gone now
Four Star (EUW)
: What does it take to get into gold?
You need to perform better then your opponent. If you have tank tops, it's not about top kills or farm, it's about getting that adc a duble kill by tp-gank. That's how i got gold when i started, just supporting my adc and most importantly protecting from jungle.
Práedyth (EUW)
: demotion just after promotion.....
I guess the alternative would be to make advancement harder, remember there has to be balance.
: Ziggs Mechanics ([Q]Bouncing Bomb and [W]Satchel Charge)
: How I feel when...
But he is Satan?
ShadeFin (EUNE)
: How long does it take for an inactive account to be deleted?
2 years, also notice that some names are not pick-able, like champion names and Riot employes.
: League Of Legends season 6 (Patch 6.9) support (support) champion ability (of the popular player)
I'm not gonna follow a link posted together with bad english, sry.
doublerif (EUW)
: No, that site is not illegal, it's against league of legends terms of service. Basically, they did not agree to not violate it, if they did and they still violated then that would be against the law and riot would be able to sue them. When you sign up to league of legends and when a new patch is out, you have to press accept to the ToS which means you read and agree, they never "signed" or accepted those terms, and since they are not doing anything on Riot's platform Riot has no say in this really... Btw I called the dislikes, sick of this community of Riot fanboys, the people on here are so biased and it's almost imposibble to carry out an even slightly controversial discussion. (not talking to you Kissekotten btw)
I'm not sure, but i think that if you have a per-rule that can support you claim you can also use the "Inciting", at least when it comes to copyright. You also have the fact that most of these sites are involved with fraud, i don't know if there are any rulings for this tho.
: Support Runes
Here is my views: 1. Health is not good compared to armor/mr unless you have a %health champ such as {{champion:201}} Q if you play aggressive. (Potions give flat health back). 2. If you are up against a poke heavy champ such as Lux or Sona or heavy magic dmg adc (Corki), it is better with flat MR. 3. Flat armor is preferred for tanks, scalling is good against ad assasins/roamers if you are a priority target(soraka). 4. Get some AP if you are poke/agressive/ap-heal. I main an aggressive Alistair, i usually go flat-ar,flat-ap,scalling-mr. Trying MS now as-well, migth also try mana-regen for more engage/heal. Mostly it comes down to play-stile, aggressive get flat, passive get scalling, ap for poke/heal.
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doublerif (EUW)
: Guys before you speak think with your brain, like do you honestly think Riot has the right to take that page down because it advertises a league of legends account selling website? give me a break... The page owner broke no law by advertising a site that breaks the ToS lol, whether you like it or not. I'm not saying I'm on this page's side, I'm just speaking / thinking rationally and realistically... (incoming dislikes)
Actually, i think its probably breaking Facebook terms, also it could fall under "Inciting Illegal Activities" if there is a case were Riot have sued for selling accounts as Facebook is run in USA
: Wow, this guy is tell-tale little shit. I bet he used to do a Randel (Recess) at School and go tell on people that moment they did something wrong. Guess we know who is destined to be a suck up their whole life. People wouldn't need to buy accounts if Riot didn't have such a ridiculous punishment system that they are too lazy to monitor. It really disgusts me that some people are totally up Riot's ass like this, just expecting a pat on the head and a biscuit, like an animal. He ready to "get on his knees" for Riot developers. People like that are just weak, self-righteous children.
Woot, why would i want people buying accounts? That's the same as smurfing or boosting. Not taking into account that many sells/buys are frauds
: wow you must have been real popular in school with that tell-tale attitude.
: Waiting time in Dynamic Q
Dynamc Q dosent take into acount what your quing, quing support will still give 1 min estimate, even tho it takes 1 sec
: Why isn't there a logout button for league?
It feels like the client is built in a two part where the log in is used when launching it. There is different contents for different servers. Maybe with next client they change this
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: did i get chatrestriction for this?
A Plebian (EUW)
: Getting reported by 4 man premade for "afk/flame"
You ofcourse report them fro report calling you and then let the Tribunal do it's magic. Even if they reported you, theirs a high cance that there report weigt is realy low since tey do these kind of things. Also reports from several premades are worth less. Trust the AI dude
Ajjantis (EUW)
: How to fail every ultimate on Gragas
Maybe do acompilation or put marks for ultimates, im not gonna watch a 30 min video to see 2 filed ults, sry ;)
: People on 27 inch monitor playing lol also wanna see these UI changes
That would give an advantage to players with bigger screens. You can always ad black bars and make your screen 24" or whatever you like
: I would consider calling me a 'Support main' but, i stopped playing support entirely. For me it was just reversed as what happened/happens to you. Every ADC i got didn't even knew the basics, thought it would be cool to engage 1v2 while i go ward and stuff or is just standing there and doing nothing, not dealing damage while i cc'ed the enemies and all that. So if that happens i usually roam.. just to get flamed by my adc for not staying bot lane all the time. -.- So yeah, it really depends on the person who's playing the role and how familiar they are with it. I had games where the adc managed to loose the game for the entire game and i had games where my adc's are extremly good (doing alot of things right) ,that i felt almost unworthy to support them. Once, as i wanted to play as adc in order to get better with it.. someone 'stole' my role and picked darius botlane. I took revenge with picking taric (pre-rework) and spammed the ctrl+1 the entire game while i was nearby him, just so i can annoy him. In the end, with that emote spam i got our enemies annoyed which won us the game. :s But hey, everyone had fun atleast so it was worth it. ^-^
Yea, you always have to ping when you go ward, i find that no adc looks at minimap (silver/gold)
yaZeeeD (EUW)
: Guys suggest me a great mid laner that can carry the game. I wanna main some others.
A ziggs or lux is pretty nice. long range poke. or Karma, shes a bitch right now
Stell (EUNE)
: It wouldn't require pretty much anything if the replays were optional and saved in your own pc..
There is a lot of discussions about this, but replay of your own game-play is easy, basically just screen recording. Any other replay would compromise the coding of lol making it easier for hackers.
Stell (EUNE)
: like they didn't cancel replays at all. they are coming.. soooooon...
There is actually a working replay system, but implementing it would demand a huge increase in servers (more then double). Riot is currently satisfied with the alternatives that exist
Ryunedo (EUNE)
: thanks I do sweep but in my elo players don't usually use much wards.
Get bluward instead then. It will increase you score. I would say tat the best place is enemy Red bush, dragon, baron. I would grade that vision as more important then sidebushes.
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: Support role
If you have the possibility, go for the lvl2/lvl3 trade. If you can get the lvl before opponent you are so much stronger. if you chase enemy out of lane or get kills and you are at good health AND you adc has decent escapes (not Jhin) try to gank mid, they usually don't expet it. Coordinate with you jungler to gank top or go with you mid. Ward enemy buff when you can aswell. Keep an eye on everyones mana, and ward for teleport ganks
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Smetn (EUW)
: The name is not in the picture, as far I can tell...
Smetn (EUW)
: To the Syndra who made us lose a winning game because an ally picked Singed jungle.
Kendox (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kissekotten,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=L5W1J1k3,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-05T14:53:43.552+0000) > > Took a quick look at your match history and it seems you got some salty matches. I am not plat myself, but maybe you acctualy need to play less safe, for example being 0/2 with ad 2/5 is not very good, to win the game you might have to suicide some, to atleast try and protect adc more. I feel like if i save myself when adc is stupid, its worse then me also dying (tilting noob adc, always) Well thats the problem i dont fed even if i cant win lane i just farm and i farm for good even better then enemy.But ofc if they fed i try go in but i die and my team dont do nothing and i end like 1 4..So that way doesnt work so i try to die less not to fed.Already my team fed in hard way so.. at last me not to go in and die for nothing when i know that my team wont do mutch without me.I never risk even pro players dont risk.You dont have a full team of pros youre alone there.. you cant trust your team that they will carry its you that need to carry .So i dunno how to carry harder because even if enemy is bad .. fed is still fed.
Well, since im not so high i cant really help you, i guess you should look at players above you, there are plenty of youtube channels to learn from. ASking someone to watch your gameplay is a good ide
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: I'm not trying to being overly negative, but look at how many people will be effected by a Smurf. Let's say 15 matches per division (20 seems too large, 15 still looks too large but I'm unsure of the system higher up). Each match consists of 9 players + Smurf player. 9 x 15 = 135 players per division. Now let's say this player climbs from Silver 1 to Plat 2. That's 9 divisions to climb. So 9 x 135 = 1215 players affected in this Smurf's journey. People keep dismissing that Smurfs have a noticeable impact, but I severely question that when you look at how many players are affected by even a single Smurf.
A smurf will probably skip several divisions (i did so last season when going from silver 3 (5)to gold 5, it was weird) Ofcourse, the problem is that in low elo (what i have seen is that smurfs start somewhere in silver) there usually is no team play to counter one good lane. I have seen this in gold, then you can actually win vs a smurf. But yea, its a bit bad, but you just have too learn from it and move on, after all, it is a really good learning opertunity
Victusify (EUNE)
: I remember I had a problem once with LP that didn't show up on my profile and Rioter in Support Reply asked for date of the game, my KDA and who I played to check that game's logs, so this time I also attached who I played, date and KDA and asked them to do same thing, as they previously did - and yeah, looks like they didn't. That's exactly what Im talking about - looks like they don't care about toxic players and that makes me truly sad...
Chat logs from pre game might not be stored, or stored in another way
Kendox (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kissekotten,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=L5W1J1k3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-05T14:11:44.800+0000) > > The only difference between you and the enemy team over a sufficient number of matches (say 20) is you. You just have to realise that you aren't doing enough for the game to go higher. Maybe you should try to work on objective/farm/kill priorities? believe me i tried evrything i always play safe i always good farm i never die with no reason i always ward even if im not support i just put many others but its not possible that 20% you can do it alone.. because is plat is not bronze and its like 1v5.. its not so easy to do 1v5 +that enemy team is fed..
Took a quick look at your match history and it seems you got some salty matches. I am not plat myself, but maybe you acctualy need to play less safe, for example being 0/2 with ad 2/5 is not very good, to win the game you might have to suicide some, to atleast try and protect adc more. I feel like if i save myself when adc is stupid, its worse then me also dying (tilting noob adc, always)
Kendox (EUNE)
: Outplays or good players dont exist..
The only difference between you and the enemy team over a sufficient number of matches (say 20) is you. You just have to realise that you aren't doing enough for the game to go higher. Maybe you should try to work on objective/farm/kill priorities?
: rise of high elo smurfs in ranked NOT FUN
Well, the fact is that people will have "smurf" accounts, they could be just moving server or whatever. You will also have a slightly higher chance of having smurf in opponent team (4vs5). But a smurf will go probably clime a division in 20 games if not less as long as they are performing. The biggest problems are smurfs who activly try to keep a low mmr by playing bad after victory secured. Either its rare to get smurfs, or you will have a chance of having smurfs in both teams. either way, not a raaly big problem :)
Victusify (EUNE)
: "Maybe send a ticket to the support with good evidence." I did that once, with a screenschot - like I said in original post - and I heard from them, that they can do nothing about it. All I could do is report him after the game. That's also one of my points - it's ridiculous how Riot's Support can do nothing about that, even when showed evidence of what happened. I think that's what makes me feel really helpless, when even creators of the game says that they can do nothing about.
Remember that the evidence you talk about is a picture, easily tampered with. If they could watch the chat logs on servers they could do something, i guess they haven't put the effort in to do that.
Zoetay (EUW)
: No keys dropping >.<?
I think there might be a bad formula with having chest available or something. Probably they will modify it a bit in the future, for now, you just have to be thankfull for the easy keys^^
VampsLord (EUNE)
: Encouraging support players.
The problem is, people can start playing support for farming resulting in a worse game experience
: My unlucky on ranked :(
Tilt, take a break and look at what you did the last games, items, deaths, champs. I recently had a 20% win-rate with morgana and just said fuck it, no more morgana
: Why draven..
I was going to show my girlfriend how to play today :'D
NarrowDeath (EUNE)
: It's not those problems, I don't want to say that, but this is on Riot's end.
Warwiller isen't specifying the same symtoms as the main thread is about, he probably have different problems, but thanks for the input
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