: so i played Zed for the first time after the new patch...
No, you just probbably have a brain and played against people who don't, simple.
mucr0 (EUNE)
: A sad support with a positive attitude
Are you interested in playing together? I'm a mid-silver jungle/top main but I like your attitude. :')
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: Hello Could anyone premade with me and help me get a box?
What elo are you? If you're bronze/silver, I might be able to help, but no promises.
: who should i buy
Hecarim is easier, Hecarim can carry harder. I'd say the only reason you'd buy Rengar in your situation right now is if you really enjoy the Rengar kind of playstyle.
: Buying RP and getting permabanned
The only way for you to get banned is breaking the rules. Simple as that. What your friends might be confused about is, buying RP doesn't make you immune to bans, so if you buy 100$ of RP daily, and flame in games, you WILL still get banned. So just don't break the rules and you'll be fine.
Husker (EUW)
: Normal Draft Returns to EUNE
This might be a stupid question, but is it possible to merge EUNE and EUW into one big server? I feel like that'd help quite a bit with the issue, not to mention I can play with my EUW friends. :') Again, sorry if it's a stupid question, I currently don't have any knowledge in the game development field. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: My Experience with Riots Support
Riot has a support? What? O.O
Bombardox (EUW)
: champions mains in a nutshell
So what's the point of this thread? All of these are wrong, like Nasus doesn't usually feed in lane, Blitz is just Blitz, Thresh just peels for the ADC, Nidalee is only true for 10 year olds that still think that's cool, Lee insecing a carry is the best thing he can do in teamfights, Soraka is just a support, nothing special and Teemo is just a counter for AA reliant champs, like Tryndamere, Yasuo, etc. And this doesn't even belong in the "Champions and Gameplay" board.
: "You s* at farming, no flame just advice"...oh really?
It's just a prank bro! Kappa But yeah, when you say it like that, it's flame, saying it like "you should try to improve your csing skills" is advice.
Pessimist (EUW)
: Riot fire Lyte pls
I know who lyte is (kinda, just heard of him and seen him post in the boards) and no idea who Himakaze is, so he surely must be way more important.
varako (EUW)
: Elo-hell is when your won 1 game with team score 40-3 and lost 3-5 with score 3-40... but sometimes you can win more than once if you're lucky. These games lost or won already at 5-10 min but teammates cannot surrender, only running and feeding more and more...
> These games lost or won already at 5-10 min I would like you to take a look at a game. http://prntscr.com/9zkget There is no "lost game at 5-10 min", you can ALWAYS find a way to win, I fed the Jayce, our midlane wasnt doing very well and the jungler wasn't the best at jungling, but still we just played it out, without raging and we ended up making them surrender. Just remember you have to push to win, not try to teamfight, but then again getting caught is not the best idea. Thank you for your input tho!
: Elo hell is a phrase for a division you are currentnly in it, but your skills are little bit higher, and you are having serious trouble climbling into "your" skill-bassed division... But again just a PHRASE, In my oppinion doesnt rly exist....Eventually all of us will be placed where we belong :)
But don't you think if you were higher skilled than people in your division you would be able to win against them?
: but thats the point ELO hell is the point where people have reached a deserved rank and refuse to accept it because part of their play is holding them back
Yeah, I understand your point.
: ok so i got perma banned too. for asking in all chat to report a flamer and troller. x) wall of text
Well how about you just stop spamming the chat? If someone sees an enemy is feeding they will report him, you don't need to spam the chat telling them what to do. Most of the times when someone spams the chat telling me to report their teammate for feeding I report him, and the teammate if he really was feeding.
Shrav (EUW)
: I think it a rank where you realise that your team is "not as good as you" and you try to help them but still get brought down by them for feeding and such. If you ARE NOT in Elo Hell then you are in a division with like minded players who understand the importance of teamfighting at the right time and place and when to stop farming and start fighting.
That's an interesting one, thank you for your input!
: Late game afk and get a ban for 20 minutes???
There should've been a warning, but if you ever got a 20 min ban before it might've just skipped the warnings, I don't get warnings anymore, I also had issues with my old PC, sometimes just randomly shut down and wouldn't work for a while cause of overheating and now if my game crashes and won't work I'll get instant 5 game ban.
spikcraft (EUW)
: 4v5 this needs to STOP
What the hell was your build if you lost a game with a 22-3-7 Nasus?
: its not a matter of believing anything its a fact if you dont have the skill to carry then you wont climb thats logical
But I'm asking what people think elo hell is, not what happens when you've reached your deserved rank.
Derenick (EUNE)
: Based on most comments on here I can see why people warn about the toxic community in this game.
Well, yeah, unfortunately that's the truth, I still think it's worth playing the game tho, once you've played for a while you just find so many nice people you never even have to go into solo queue. Ofc considering you're nice and speak to your team during games.
: why is leblanc still in the game like this?
Clearly you don't play LeBlanc, she is a kill or escape champion, if you kill someone and don't go back to you W, you're dead, but if you use your W to escape, you're not killing anyone. Countering her is easy, most of her "jukes" are usually the same, easy to predict. You just have to think like a LeBlanc player, but if you have trouble fighting LeBlanc, what happens when you go versus Shaco or Zed? Altough at low elo Shaco is the only on really "hard" to outplay. Zeds and LeBlancs usually have the same mindsets "How do I outplay this?" If you play her you'll realise how LeBlanc players think and it'll be easy to counter her.
: Maybe but its honestly what i think ...
Yeah, I believe you, it's just that most people see it that way. I did too for a pretty long time.
: In game summoner Hot Swaps!!
That's a nice idea but I'm not sure if that's really that easy to acomplish tho...
: I dont even know ... i think people including me and you maybe, say that elo hell is that moment of games when everything goes wrong, or where you meet some not verry experienced players in your team. For example, people say that bronze is elo hell becouse they cant get out of this division, but for me was izi and my elo hell is silver ... :)
I honestly just think elo hell is when you see people in bronze do dumb mistakes and then think you're way better and instead of trying to improve you just use your current skills to "climb out of bronze" thinking your current skills are enough. Thanks for you input!
: ELO hell is an excuse to avoid accepting that someone cant climb above their current ranking
This is probbably the most common line I hear when someone says elo hell. Thanks for the input!
Derenick (EUNE)
: EUNE is a very toxic server...
They really can't do anything about it. I just recommend finding a way to deal with it, add the people that are nice and play with them.
: how do i learn Riven ?
You're only level 27, you might be able to learn to play her effectively for your level, but you won't be able to learn how to play her like the Riven mains do. I recommend sticking with simple champions, learn how the game works in general, not just Riven. I'm sure you'll be able to play her a lot better once you have more general game knowledge.
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djkurt (EUNE)
: {{champion:133}} love the part "crybabies are already asleep after 9 PM my time"
Well sadly that's the truth...
Arandigos (EUNE)
And I can't carry myself out of Silver 2 to Gold 5... {{item:3070}} Congrats tho, you deserved it!
Four Star (EUW)
: Do People Get Nicer As Your Rank Goes Higher?
No, I'm in Silver 2 and I still ocasionally get flamers, it really isn't about elo untill you get to plat or higher, in plat and higher people know harassing each other won't increase their AD on that amazing Zed mid. It's just up to luck if you get flamers and trolls in your games, also kinda depends on when you play, cause most of the crybabies are already asleep after 9 PM my time.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Why i dont enjoy playing support ? and why do i evade it ?
Because as a support you pretty much have to ask your ADC to do anything, in mid lane you could go all in someone whenever you wanted, but on bot lane as support you have to wait for your ADC to be ready, and sometimes you wait quite a long time to engage like that, I recommend playing AP carries like Annie and Morgana as support cause then you can sometimes do plays on your own, makes it more fun but don't go full AP with no sightstone or anything, build support items and AP.
: Help? Please ?!? :D
It really is just play alot, try to win, winning gives more IP, if someone tells you to play bot games cause they're quicker just remember you get around 50 IP for a won bot game, and 70~ IP for a lost normal game. Just saying.
Axelney (EUW)
: My hud id modded (frejord's hud), and so is the map (i have a night version of the default map) and still didnt get banned xD . I know that using wooxy is safe so id use that and not try to mod the game with anything else.
Thanks! I mean getting banned for modifying the games looks shouldn't be a thing since it's not making you have an easier time playing against someone, it's not hacking... But I'm asking just in case the game detects strange files and reports it to Rito or something...
: LeBlanc?
Honestly, I don't play her very often cause I'm pretty bad at her, I still do when I was to make them playz tho.
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: disgusted
How did they know she's a girl?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: They've sent out icons before for good behaviour, and mystery skins.
Well I guess I wasn't paying attention then. lmao I would rather get a Skin tho, Icons are worthless in my opinion, I don't stand in the client adoring my icon, I play and adore my champion.
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Wrâth (EUW)
: Quite often. RIven and Irelia are good for soloq.
Soft473 (EUNE)
: I Just Want to Play...
Try checking your HDD, that might be causing the corrupting and constant reinstalling. As for the disconnecting, make sure your Firewall is off or whitelist leagueoflegends in it. If you still disconnect, quickly open task manager and completely shut down LoL, then start it again and reconnect. As for the Low Priority Queues, when I had those I just played 5 beginner bot games, since they end really fast.
: What Champions Require The Most And The Least Skill In Your Opinion? (RIOT LISTEN TO YOUR COMMUNITY)
In my opinion some of the easiest champs are WW, Xin, Yi, Annie, Soraka, Amumu, Tryndamere and Janna. For harder champions I'd have to say Jax, Irelia, Oriana, Lux, Alistar, Nidalee, Katarina... And for the hardest Azir, Kalista, Bard, LeBlanc, Jayce... And seeing your opinion, Shaco is kinda easy to play, true.. But it's not easy to use him to his maximum ability because he does extra damage if attacking from behind, requiring good positioning, then using his clone can be tricky for some people, etc. So I don't think we can say he's one of the easiest.
Wrâth (EUW)
: Challenger euw soloq answering questions regarding the game
How often do you see Irelia played up in challenger tier?
: If 99% of the League of Legends community hates Riven, it means something is not Right. But you Riven mains dont see anything with all that freelo up your... well you know.
Riven is freelo? Play Garen against her, unless you're playing Garen for the first time you'll wreck Riven, but again there's a chance that the Riven knows how Garen counters her, and then ends up denying the counter.
derlio (EUNE)
: Search "Riven" and you will see, every thread about her, downvoted as F. She is just a champion after all, like all other champions I don't know why so much hate. She has counters too as all other champions, her winrate is 50% - 52% which is not even the highest one in SoloQ at the moment. I wonder in which aspect of the game haters recognized her as "OP".
She has extremely high outplay potential, that's why everyone considers her OP.
: Ok, dogs who are bred and are not taught by their owners are dangerous period.. The sad thing is that most pitbull owners have them as guard dogs, so when they walk them in public, and since they arent 'trained' to be 'nice', pitbulls can get ticked off so easily that they can go on a rampage on a stranger and tear off flesh etc., the media then perceives them as dangerous, because for a fact almost all dog violence are from the pitbull breed in which owners simply do not train their dogs to be respectful in public
Yeah, pitbulls are strong dogs and almost always used as guard dogs, and to guard their owner they attack anyone that they think might hurt their owner, ending up in them being called dangerous.
: > [{quoted}](name=LGNobodyCool,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=7pPbpkQr,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-27T00:27:58.534+0000) > > As the title suggests, this is completely off-topic and if you don't care just don't read, I won't reply to any meaningless comments. > > So, I've seen a lot of people call Pitbulls (the dog breed) extremely dangerous dogs, and I'm honestly getting sick of it, just cause they are strong dogs doesn't mean they have to be dangerous, 2 friends of mine have them and they're the nicest dogs ever! Stop calling them dangerous. they are dangerous because they CAN rip you to pieces its not about if they are doing it, its the fact that they CAN murder you same thing with guys, they are dangerous because they CAN very easily kill you despite the fact that the wielder (owner) is the one who is responsible for what the dangerous thing is doing again, the cutest and most lovely snake in the world, if one simple bite will kill you, that snake is DANGEROUS
I CAN take a knife and go on a killing spree around my neighbourhood, does that mean I'm dangerous? Even tho I won't ever do it unless forced to?
AutoQAuto (EUW)
: so, this is a Nasus thread . . . ?
Bazzo (EUW)
: I hate dogs, they bite people and have no boundaries
Then how do you explain my dog who has not bitten anyone in his 3 years of life, only helps around, we've taught him to carry stuff so we just point at it and he gently brings it over, and he's pretty much just another family member. If you've had a bad experience with dogs then I understand you "Hate them" but just like people dogs act according to how they were raised.
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