: I did it
No surprise there, the dates match with its cycle
Lester the (EUNE)
: Should I Transition from Support to Jungle?
It doesn't really matter which role or character you play in the said role because no matter what you're still dependant on your team or just a single teammate for one reason or another
: Stop, please.
I'm actually glad clash was canceled since i couldn't participate anyway and none of my friends i settled up on to play with were actually online at the time it was supposed to happen so at least i don't have to feel sorry for my absense
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, this few next months will be the ultimate test for him, his account will be known and other players will have opportunity to troll him as he did before. So he will have a lot of opportunities to get his ban renewed
hopefully it won't won't take months for him to get banned
Solash (EUW)
: Aight so, let's address the elephant in the room.
Is it bad that i wish for Tyler to behave like a moron again so he could get banned for good?
Çhristmàs (EUNE)
: My acc has been hackend and permanetly banned
I told you i'm not clicking that link you sent me 2 days ago. i was right. can't say i don3○t feel for you but i warned and you could bring this up on yourself
: Why are parents so hypocritical?
Well you're probably just have not really smart parents. But for certain things mine aren't really too smart either.
: At least you could get any champs in the game and use any spells you want. Not like this where you are stuck with champs having winter skins only and stuck with flash and snowball.
Well would you rather be if they deleted URF altogether?
: Arurf Sh*ttiest of all the modes ever.
it's not like a regular URF was any better to begin with
: Level 48 Plat 2 kid vs level 29 unranked noob!
I still await an answer from your previous thread about my question. Oh and just for a quick edit i'm gonna bother you in each and every one of your threads untill you♥ll answer or stop with this annoying crap because apparently just like you i as well don't have anything better else to do
: Guys, do you want me to expose matchmaking for you?
Could you stop beating around the bush? If you want to reveal something to us( i apologize for not coming up with the right name for the thing) just say it out loud
: Maby its time to make Exclusive Skin for SUPPORT ??????
SuperJunk (EUW)
: not linked ally, same what he doing now, but in a place of making invincible, he can give shield to everyone in area
That's not a really good idea. But instead telling you why or what would have to change and how that would change the character and to some degree support meta as well i'd rather just give you a few advices so you don't have to feel helpless playing against Taric
SuperJunk (EUW)
: for example, in a place of making invincible, he can give shields
Just like that? You press button and the linked ally will get a shield? well that's kind of unimpressive.
: Hm, not sure if I can see what you're trying to add with this comment unfortunately.
Then i'll rewrite the previous reply into more comprehensible form when i'll feel like someone didn't replace my brain with a brick
: I understand the need for supremacy, I have it too. SOmetimes I can't help myself but mostly it's IRL where I can see people's reaction and they can see mine! So I totally get it, dw :D It all comes down to the extent of it ;)
There's no harm trying their luck in chat. Evuntually someone's gonna replay the way they'll be able to get a leverage on the person they're trying to supreme towards (and we all know how many threads get posted daily explaining 2 or several other persons flaming each other) while not risking physical conflict themselves. i guess i already got my point across in my previous reply saying flamers are a simple being getting kicks out of other's misery. And if this reply seems pointless to you i'm sorry i can't get my thoughts together right now.
: Could aswell be a reason, do you have any experience with this or just your feeling from people that are toxic to you/your teammates in game?
I don't wanna make myself look like a toxic player in front of everybody with this statement( i actually think i'm far from a prick and a flamer) but what i can say from my experience i sometimes can't hold myself back and make a remark or just say something insensitive to make fun of a person on the other side( usually a player from a losing team) to rub their flaws and failures in their face. Please don't judge me, i'm not an animal.
: Flaming, toxicity and you.
If i can share my opinion i would just say that i think toxic people,flamers or just douchebags generally get a satisfaction from putting other ppl down
SuperJunk (EUW)
: i cant kill taric in 2,5 second, when my team are 4 unskilled players, and im playing for support, when taric ulting, my team attacking taric with 300 mr and armor, when adc with 20% helath is behind him, and its not first time, i tired, i cant fix this player's brain, for this taric ult must be nerfed, for brainless players like them,
I was working on a reply i would respond to you but instead I'm just gonna sk: what nerf would you imagine for him instead?
SuperJunk (EUW)
: Taric ultimate
No thanks. Taric is fine as he is. if you want an advice how to play against him i'll gladly give you one or two.
: No ultimate skin this year?
They can take another 3 years for development if it means my Taric gest one finally
: Anyone who is toxic to me is getting Star Wars The Last Jedi Spoiled.
Well then i'll hope you'll get matched up only with people who don't care for Star Wars in the slightest
: That´s why I find that the EU boards are dying. You can pst incredible content but it will dissappear in days.
: No [Everything you need to know about Snowdown] thread this year. Sorry.
This thread is really impressive considering it will get forgotten within just few days from now
Hídon (EUW)
: Lack of a "Holy" Champion
An old Pre-Rework Taric used to have sort of Holy powers. But that's gone now
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Thank you :) I'll add you in the morning.
I also have some questions but you don't seem available to answer them as soon as possible
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: [EUNE] Team for ward points
Hi there. I would very much like to join your in your team(i'm also aiming for victorious ward skin) though i am only a Gold V currently also support main but i don't mind to settle for top lane which i play also quite often mostly tanks...(what else should i add?).well thank you for considering me.


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