BenSajt (EUNE)
: Miért kapok 8/4/12-es supportra (pyke) s-t legalább, csak a+-t, úgy hogy ketten honoroltak
Pixelbits (EUW)
: So what is up with high AP damage supports?
Out of 10 adc-s 9 of them are worthless. Im doing you a favour by carrying your entitled butt.
Cypherous (EUW)
: So Riot, About Those Split Rewards
Thats your problem, I for example use a different icon every day and communicate with emotes more than I do it with words. And I know there are a massive amount of people who do the same, compared to the grey walls like yourself. Not everything is about you, Cupcake.
Rioter Comments
: Account bug! urgent! Please!
Thats your urgent bug? Boy....
zekaa03 (EUNE)
: Banning champions sucks
The reason I always and exclusively ban Lee is not because I dont want to play against him. Its because I dont trust you to play well with him. I ban Lee so that I dont see it on my team.
xPjlol (EUNE)
: retired skins
Yeah, buy loot boxes.
Ðeathwish (EUNE)
Hansiman (EUW)
: Riot never had a Linux version of the game out. There's really not enough of a community on that platform.
Right my bad I was thinking of Mac. (Yeah yeah laugh it up)
SSG Khan (EUW)
: League of Legends on Linux?
I think they used to have one but they stopped supportung it.
: Already failed 3 promotion series becouse of ragequiters
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Only Mastery 7 Mode
Yeah, because Mastery 7 totally means you are good with that champ and people totally not gonna flame each other over that. Mastery level 7 means nothing buddy, except that you played some games with one champ.
: How about adding plenty of items?
The items are fine. We need more summoner spells. Seriously, the list of SS has been getting shorter and shorter ever since the game started. And no, ARAM spells dont count.
IzzŸ (EUW)
: It makes you a massive asshole tho {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
dattista (EUW)
: if you get kills and don't use them right, you are worse than useless.
Local player solves global issue with one simple explanation. Yasuo mains hate him!
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Well that ain't my problem If you aren't willing to learn, stop complaining it's honestly not that difficult to just open one of riot's posts and lazily read through that
But complaining is just easier. Actually looking for a solution takes effort, man.
IzzŸ (EUW)
: You can't both complain about not knowing a thing and complain about having to read a thing.
Thats where youre wrong. People CAN and people WILL complain about not knowing a thing and complain about having to read a thing.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: ''since most of the players never honor or don't know what it does.'' 1. Not honoring/getting honored won't stop you from getting honor levels 2. there's this magical thing called google, when you can google what honor and honor levels are Literally google ''League of legends honor'' and there's a bunch of posts and videos about honor
yeah but who has time to read and listen to all those things?
: Kayle Can become ranged at lvl 10
If its a bug, then just ban me now coz I use it all the time.
McLager (EUW)
: Lee Sin needs a buff.
Hansiman (EUW)
: You can ask 100 people, and get 100 different answers. It's a very individual experience. My take on it: Whenever you feel ready for it. Ranked isn't actually that much different than normals. Normals also has a matchmaking system that works the same way as ranked, it just doesn't give you a visual representation of where you're at, (iron, silver, gold, etc.). Pressure may be a bit higher in ranked due to the visual representation of skill, but that's understandable. You should at least know how to perform in two lanes, since you won't always get your first selected role. Should you decide to start out with ranked, don't worry too much about the actual rank you accomplish. If you're still new to the game, you can't expect to climb to the higher ends of the ladder. A rank says nothing about you as a person anyway.
> [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=WgbZtjjf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-04T11:30:04.954+0000) > > You can ask 100 people, and get 100 different answers And heres the 1st one: do not play ranked ever. Save yourself.
: Get the ban wave coming please.
Rioter Comments
: Used a permanent emote coin but it didn't give me an emote
Restart the launcher{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Is support the most wanted role now?
Youre on EUNE. Nobody plays on eune
iRyu (EUNE)
: feed
> [{quoted}](name=iRyu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=z5cNAAEu,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-28T11:47:42.034+0000) > > fix this game at least or we go play fortinite or pubg {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Wards are WAY overpriced.
Wait till you hear about the Icon prices 250 for a 200×200 jpeg lol
Groot4Love (EUNE)
xFluffe (EUW)
: Is there a consequence for intentional feeding?
I keep seeing that people are always checking the match history of the flamer or troll they encountered once to see if he is still playing. Like what the hell, get over it! Report the guy then move on with your life. Whenever I report someone, I click on play again and immediately forget he ever existed. Whats the point lurking in his match history? Youre just poisoning yourself
: Fix ur game Riot
Local player saves million dollar company with one simple advice
: Ok so let's have an example. Let's say X is Trundle otp and have some mastery with other bruisers and tanks. And X got autofilled as adc. But He don't play adc and don't have any with enough mastery. So he is forced to play Trundle adc and hope for the best. Is it what you want?
Whats your deal with illaoi adc? I swear....
JayceGatsby (EUNE)
: You flamed, blamed and insulted others. You got punished for that and it is nto yoru first time thats why 14 days. Deal with it. If you cant control yourself start working on that. Bans are completely legit and they should ban people like you more often, reporting system is still too benevolent.
100 % agree on the last part. My friend never got banned yet, even tho I had matches with him where he was full throttle balls-to-the-wall nuclear waste toxic.
: We need system that prevent playing new champs in ranked
I bought the champ, Im gonna play it wherever I like. You can always ban it if youre so triggered. Part of a new champion release is the mindgames you can play with your enemy. Sure I might not fully know how to play it, but you can bet your ass that the enemy knows even less.
Ashton (EUW)
: %%%% riot games boys
What never ceases to amaze me is the fact that these guys without exception truly believe that they are right and riot banned them for no reason.
: LF people to join my small discord community <(^.^)> Weekly events
... he didnt leave any links to his discord, did he?
Composure (EUNE)
: that's really good argument lol :D are u vayne main? :D
No Im just a heavy rock in your backpack when youre on your promos, dont mind me.
: そうじゃない? We have, Ez, Draven, Vayne, Lucian, Tristana... and so many others that have speed buffs. Varus is missing something in comparison. He's ulti gives to big of a cool down perhaps?
I dont speak Japanese. Youre either going to talk to me in English, or dont talk to me at all.
Lari (EUNE)
: ????????????? wtf are you implying? "image" are you serious ? No dude i stand by my joke and i don't care what the %%%% you think of me, It is sad that you don't understand my point of view. I guess you are one of these people in boards that find a way to present them self more intelligent and mature by trash talking someone who expresses his opinion.
See, he is just proving me right
: people apply too much value on their ranks
But thats all I have in my life. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Varus Rework.
Yes, we sure do need more mobile adcs
: I just got my win rate below 50%, should I give up?
Sure go ahead. Saves me the time when you end up in my matches.
Composure (EUNE)
: What's the reason for Vayne to have invisibility????
: First pick in every game
Because riot hates you.
: Easter event??
You can buy the first Yorick skin since '17, thats your event.
: >you should not take them seriously and just convert the word into something else more nice That's not how triggers work - and no I'm not meme statusing the word trigger here either, that's a whole different thing. For example, I have a few triggers myself from some rather traumatic past experiences. When they happen I either: A. Have the mental strength at the time to deal with it OR B. Don't have the mental strength and spiral downward. Most people experience this in a similar fashion - it's different for everyone but these are the most common two options when you deal with a trigger. So turning into a "joke" doesn't really help here, because it kind of just makes the whole situation focus on that trigger.
I am 99% sure he is perfectly aware of every point you make. Considering his replies, he is just trying to save whatever is left of his "image".
: why don't we get a small amount of XP for remakes?
Not happening unless its in the form of a "remake booster" for 600 rp for 3 games.
Lari (EUNE)
: %%% is misunderstood
People who type ky.s are weaklings. You are already telling someone to commit suicide, write that shi.t in full sentences like a man!
: Shen support
Leave the support items to real supports. Blow up their squishes and ult your adc if you have to. I dread the games where I have to play against a shen support (im a support main).
: actually it is. a lot of people have the same problem youtubers 2.
> [{quoted}](name=letsfeedtogether,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=W0m5Irv7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-22T10:29:56.166+0000) > > actually it is. a lot of people have the same problem youtubers 2. Are youtubers not people? Shieeeeeeeeeeeeet
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Silence is such an anti-fun form of crowd control it makes me mad
Silence has been slowly getting removed/nerfed since Kassadin. It does nothing to aa reliant champs or spammers. Honestly at thr current stage of "silence mechanics", if you keep getting distrupted by it, its your own fault really.
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