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Klatumatu (EUW)
: it's like you are begging for free stuff, ignoring the discounts and other free stuff they're giving us. sure everyone loves free things but i'm just as happy about a new poro summoner icon.. like let's face it skins are up to 5$? some more and now think of how big the playerbase is. that money sums up. so i don't know.. be happy for what they give you?
Hello Klatumatu, Did you really dare to talk about riot gives us? they give us as many as possible skins ( from hextech , anniversary and etc ) because they already know that i EUNE we have the most bugs ever , oh i forgot you are from EUW and you have never played in EUNE so dont dare to talk about be happy for what they give you , because what Riot gives me is flamers in teams , trollers unrankeds ( even thought im Plat 4 lol ) Chat connecting bug , akali bug , 436 ad Rengar with 80 % crit using Q deals 544 dmg to a darius with 100 armor , ( balanced? ) and i post my idea because riot needs ideas , some skins they make from ideas so if we call it like that some players post pictures and ideas for skins to get bonus RP for their skins , some players post ideas for skins for their main champs ( posting an idea for their champ and not for any else ) so if you dont call this free and if you dont tell on other posts for ideas for skins to the one who posted them '' be hapy for what they give you '' then better dont talk so you can get Riot's Attention.
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