: Yuumi feels so weak
I agree with you. Besides, her R is tresh... 3 hits, only then root. It`s even no stun. This hits even doesn`t slow. It will be good ult for adc champion, but not of support-mage champion!!!
Methanox (EUNE)
: Good job on making the jg win the game and making top even more useless than it was before
Top haven't influence? Seriosly? Lol I'm periodically have games, when all our team play good, only top is noob. But in the late game enemy top destroyes all of us and they are win! As an example of this match https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/2243530027/2075044864054208?tab=overview
Lazlum (EUNE)
I`m agree with u. Azir is not easy champion, hard mechanic need to warrant by more damage.
DManRimo (EUW)
: About TFT and Nexus Blitz
I'm agree with author. Nexus Blitz - it's great mode, which is better be permanent or semi-permanent. By the way, players would be glad to have opportunity to see their favourite champions in non-typical situations, to better learn them.
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