Mr Stabby (EUW)
: Whatever helps you sleep at night lol. Good thing no master diamond etc smurfs are as unlucky as you and actually manage to level their accounts up over and over again because of their ability to win games despite their team. And seeing as its just as likely to happen to the enemy players than you, You must just be really unlucky! *cough
Oh pardon me my dear Sir, I didn't realise that I was in the company of a genuine challenger here, me a mere pesant in Platinum, why is your greatness even on this discusion since you have no issues with this. A thousand apologies, hope you are available for coaching sessions?
Mr Stabby (EUW)
: Yeah, I'd be in challenger if it wasn't for my noob team every single time I lose a game. But im in bronze because noob team jungle camp nobody 1v1 me vayne noob champ people ks MY KILLS IM NOT BAD hur
You sir are a genuine idiot, and because of that you totally missed the point of the post. People in gold/plat instalock yasuo, who they cant play (or some shit like that), feed enemy, so no matter who I pick and how much I win midlane we still lose, because I cant snowball enough and we are 4v5. So keep scrubing them silver scrapes and keep your stupid opinions to yourself


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