: Just got what i feel is a highly undeserved 14 day suspension.
you got %%%%ed by wrongly written algorythm. You were not toxic and you shouldn't be punsihed for it. All i see is a guy who tries to communicate and win the game while others flame you. If i were in your postion i would send a msg to riot support because those chatlogs are not toxic. Assertive normla person that cares about playing good.
: Lol, I've never been banned/chat restricted or even warned. Checking your op.gg and pointing out your hypocrisy is not toxic > Ksysioo: had enough of this taric and kennen Ksysioo: wp Ksysioo: im curious how much they paid Ksysioo: for their accounts ^This is^
Doesnt matter whether you've been banned or warned. Im %%%%ing honor 5 now does it prove im not toxic ? You acted the same way i did , you are the same type of person. You just need more of a trigger and do it with smaller frequency. It doesnt matter because you still are negative :D
: > In other news congrats you proved you're the same kind of person i am you just needed a bit more of a trigger Not really.
you did exactly what i did how doesnt it prove you acted the same ? are you gonna blame that you reacted to me starting it ? sadly it does not work this way according to riot you are responsible for what you said and what others said does not matter :D
: kek, hope you stay away. How can you type that much in one game? I dont type that much in 3 games. (also im not toxic)
you are you proved it another comment you just needed a bit more of a trigger .. or actually a bit less of a trigger as you dont know the state of those games :D Naughty naughty boy :D
: ***
yea you can feel free to do so im aware of my rank and my winrate. In other news congrats you proved you're the same kind of person i am you just needed a bit more of a trigger :D
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ksysioo,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xzvhhaEw,comment-id=0008000000000000000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-07T10:21:24.409+0000) > > door to what ? youre lvl 15 guy either you were banned yourself or you never experienced this game at all. All you can do is ask me where the door is and i may open them for you Nah i just keep my oce acc when I travel back there lol. You aren't the only one with opportunities here.
so you basically dont play at all while you're here yet you post on eune boards ... seems logical :D
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: then you know where the door is
door to what ? youre lvl 15 guy either you were banned yourself or you never experienced this game at all. All you can do is ask me where the door is and i may open them for you
: > BTW just hit honor 5 ... guess im not that bad :) Not with this account though. Also I think you should look up the word criticism, because what you did rarely was constructive and beneficial. The fact you got banned for your behaviour proves it.
the fact i got banned because of it proves someone felt bad because of my comments , still i dont care about feelings of people i dont know. Being honor 5 on 2nd account while getting my 1st acc banned proves that its not entirely about toxicity. I mean how can i be a part of most honorable players and most toxic players at the same time ?
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: A simple reasoning as business registration number does give company's name and in some countries, owner. So yhea, i'm mad. Just your attitude so far does not function well towards a company ceo, however we are all humans and recent reply kinda made me think that you just vented off some steam
Well you've never been emplyed most likely. There are COMPANIES and companies i never stated mine is written in capitals its a partnership with my friend and we employ less than 9 people which indicates we are micro-company according what ive learned during my bachelor. We work with real estate and its quite easy to get an adress/name/last name from just knowing the business registration number thats why im not gonna give it to you. Still its majority owned by me and i think i did quite a good job in recent years running it. If you link my in-game language from a video game with how i behave in work you're quite wrong. I think most of people act diffrently depending on occasion , im not trying to be nice in league i can vent and enjoy myself. Even tho i vent there my recent chatlogs are just full of sarcasm and passive agressive comments. There is nothing more than that. Which according to riot rules is toxic and according to real world is being "mean" and im fully aware of that and im not gonna change it , im not required to be nice to others i dont know and if they're not nice to me i have no intention of being a bigger man, its entertainment for me , few hours daily that i can vent and play few games i couldnt give less %%%%s about behavior i present.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
First of all you're again being negative by assuming that OP lied and he did other things than what he said in post. I've proven you wrong because there are examples of people being banned simply because of the voice change program. PLZ stop being a negative person its punishable. second of all , your rank and your in game performance has everything to do and is not an off topic. You speak about the game with authority meanwhile you do not play the game at all. Youre not a part of community and you dont understand it because you're out of it. 3 years is quite some time. Move on. Would you treat an opinion from a doctor that was chilling i maledives for last 3 years the same way as a guy who practiced last 3 years? i dont think so. Why did Rito keep the ban ? Because they have stupid "no revoke" policy. I understand why its there but it should apply to every situation. Guy did nothing wrong and his intentions were not wrong. He contributed to the game more than you did lately so he deserves a chance to prove himself in front of Rito Support. You by assuming he lied and its not only because of voice thingy are not only toxic and negative towads him but you do not give him chance to prove you wrong in the end. You're a terrible person and you should be ashamed of your behaviour. As you mentioned you were given a great title of smth smth. You should be supportive towards others in this community even tho you clearly do not participate in the game now. Yet you assume they are lying and you're negative. Such toxicity should not be tolerated here
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
So you did not play the game regularly for nearly 3 years. You know nothing about in-game community then . And hey every community is diffrent and acts diffrently so your 12y experience may not apply here. Also you accuse someone of lying meanwhile there are examples of people being banned only for what he presented . This gives OP quite a credibility whe you just kick him in the butt while he is down and accuse him of other wrong doings. Shame on you toxic summoner You're an emissary that does not play the game , you see people lie. If you want to be negative which is punishable according to summoners code and assume the worst out of people you should be an emissary. You still have no authority here, you are not playing the game , you are not ranked etc. You dont experience soloQ etc on regular basis. Youre just annoying guy/girl/genderfluid who looks for lies in others. Shame on you go back to your room and think about what you've done
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
snowflake reported my response even tho it was nothing but truth so i will repeat myself. Over the many years of playing you were never ranked and you played only few games. You know nothing about the game nor the community. You have no authority here and those XX amount of aram games you played over few years prove you have no idea how the game / community works. Its like being in a football team but polishing balls , you dont know much about the game itself but youre the best at cleaning balls
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi RusSs0R, You should have received more than one games worth of chat logs (I can see 4 at least), however if you did not, feel free to [contact support](https://support.leagueoflegends.com) to get the other logs. These are definitely not the worst things you said - however if you don't have that visibility then our support team can provide it.
what if when i was suspended on my account i only got 1 game and the "chatlogs" that were presented by riot support were from 8 days before which was my prev punishment + it proves that my behaviour wasnt consistant which then did not break the rules according to summoners code that states "consistant toxicity gets punished " ?
: > [{quoted}](name=Ksysioo,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xzvhhaEw,comment-id=000800000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-05T16:04:03.488+0000) > > being toxic is not bad then or i do smth wrong ? its legit the same situation. You accuse me of being smth bad ( which is toxicty and flamer ) and i accuse you of being animal ( which is bad in few cases because you know pandas are cute ) I fear for the future of your "company", if you can't comprehend that your actions were and are wrong.
happily in real world you work with people you know and it works both ways. First you sypathisse with them so you speak diffrently. secondly they can take criticism and when in difficult situation they are more than happy to work together to resolve it. At least thats how it works with me. I may be interpreted wrongly but i do not thing its my fualt that some people see confidence as toxicity. Im open to criticism myself and for others to make calls too. I do not respect people who are too afraid to make any call meanwhile they think that its toxic when others make it. BTW just hit honor 5 ... guess im not that bad :)
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: 1 more permaban
im honor 5 now tho :( already flamed by boards
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
but you didnt .. you said "difficult to believe" even tho guy said it straight up ... 2nd its the same assumption as your that he got banned purely for sharing accounts. I can assure you with quite an experience from my friends that it is not punished :)
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Lol. Register number and country of company?
Why would i give you my personal information that can lead to getting adress of my office etc ? are you mad or smth ?
Tsurupettan (EUNE)
: You mat first try to improve your personality or rather interactions with other people. You may speak about matters normally, politely or rude. So far, you are presenting yourself as know-it-all, smarter then everybody and like some sort of superior person and yet, you are angry enough to "prove" how much you don't care by voting down and replying to each and every comment. Please, consider being less nitpicking and accept that your in-game behaviour led to ban, which in my opinion, is totally deserved. Good day sir.
guess speaking confidently is rude. I do not intend to present anything as the only truth im more than willing to take criticism myslef and do what others think is best. Sadly Rito created league of snowflakes who do not communicate with others, do not present ideas, they can only report others for everything. If the world "animal is punishable in this game as well as decent amount of sarcasm i pray for guys who reported me to man up and take truth on the chin and either prove smn wrong or move over. Crying does not resolve the problem , it continues it
Tsurupettan (EUNE)
: kek, dude, you're even toxic on forums {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
toxicity = speaking truth .... feels good :D everything i said is a fact. Its not my fault truth may be hurtfull to you. If you want to fight it improve rather than calling people out for speaking the truth
: > What is the diffrence between me calling someone an animal and them calling me "toxic flamer" or wishing me ill never come back to lol etc etc.. there is none , its straight up the same. The difference is that you are being insulting, while I am simply calling you out for it, while not insulting you at all.
being toxic is not bad then or i do smth wrong ? its legit the same situation. You accuse me of being smth bad ( which is toxicty and flamer ) and i accuse you of being animal ( which is bad in few cases because you know pandas are cute )
: I'd like to see you talk like that to strangers in the 'real world'. Pretty sure you'd have a lot of fun.
23 yo , running my own company. Most people speak like that to others if they dont know them , if you actually try to understand the problem of toxicity you will see its based around the most logical thing : people dont know each other. The moment you duo'q or trio'q even with strangers you met a game before you feel that you're a "team" and you behavior towards them is completely diffrent. Just like in life , in league i dont need to care about anybody's feelings if i dont know/care for them. Look at reactions to this thread that was made purely for fun ( still gonna play the game , and im not bothered that my acc got banned ). Many people that reacted dont play the game at all or call me out for being a toxic flamer. Even tho if you read the logs its mostly report calling and if i remember correctly one insult that is "youre animal" like cmon is that all you got. People here do not want to help you work things out , they want to vent frustrations but in a diffrent way than flamers. Its actually the same behaviour. What is the diffrence between me calling someone an animal and them calling me "toxic flamer" or wishing me ill never come back to lol etc etc.. there is none , its straight up the same.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
1st --> yea it is because og owner wanted his rights to it back , if it did not happen new owner would be still playing , 2nd--> quite an easy assumption at least from my point of view he said " and i banned it" so i assumed its toxicity because then its based on his actions. Even if its not a case still its most likely OG owner trying to get it back. I can assure you in mine and my freinds quite long league "careers" nobody was banned for acc sharing and it was double digit number of accs between us all
: This is definitely punishable behaviour and since you've been banned for 14 days before the permanent ban is the logical consequence.
sadly its the league of snowflakes. Hope the safe space feels good for others tho. Real world does not care about your feeling anyway
hi im seb (EUW)
: > GGWP Lads time to switch to another game ;;;;;; i thought you meant it {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
not rly , nice ornn performance btw had fun playing with ya
Grura (EUW)
: By the looks of it you where toxic, i do not know how your teammates where but this looks like enough evidence for me?
: type less, play better. Bye Toxic flamer {{sticker:katarina-love}}
bye ? XDDDDDD you dont know how it goes after a ban dont you ? btw , yea ill play better. Any advice mr 31%winrate bronze 2 no skill player ?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
yea if youre public figure in the scene then maybe. If youre just random shit elo player you think they will go an extra edge and ivestigate whether you share account or you just moved to diffrent location ? youre delussional
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
keep believing i know for sure that it does not get you banned :)
MaHoneyDE (EUW)
: 1 less flamer {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
1 more acc bought FTFY*
: Im not even going to read all that, wayyy to much ingame chat! {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
correct , will work on that when i buy new acc.... ekhem lvl up
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: Thank god you're gonna switch because I can see from this that I would hate to have you in my game. Constant writing in chat and a condescending attitude. IDK if this should be enough for a ban but I could see myself reporting you without a second though.
im not pretending im saint , actually im far from that. And i understand that some people dont want constant discussion about how we are %%%%ed in game. Still if people engage in a discussion i dont think they find it annoying , logically they should just mute or dont continue if they do not like how it goes.
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