: account of 8 years perma banned for constantly calling someone bad at the game?
Bruh you were hella toxic in these logs. You do kinda deserve that one. Flaming means you get banned, not flaming means you won't get banned. Simple as that. Also u probably already had a 14-day ban before which was your last chance to stop that behavior, so it's not like riot didn't warn you. After a first ban u gotta sit down and think about what u are doing wrong instead of blaming the company for not putting up with toxic behavior.
: Dual core pc its not fast, its slow it's not for gaming its for office stuff, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news :( Being new does not means fast, my 10 years old computer that I keep for collection it's faster than your dual core laptop. Mhz have nothing to to with power of a CPU, you can have a 3GHz very bad cpu and a 3GHz very fast cpu. I am sorry i don't like disappointing people about computers because i am sensitive to people-pc relations and I wish everybody can afford to buy a decent pc, and I came from times when many young people didn't even afrod one and was such a happier for me me when someone mange to get one. In your case it's hard because you come on forums with attitude and irony when you knwo nothing about technology not even a vacuum cleaner or a fridge beeign new doesn't mean it's necessary good or that there are not other 10x better Phones you can buy terrible smartphones that are new and can't even open a browser. you even live in this world ? you stop a bit to look around and process the information that come to you from every direction and draw some logic conclusions ? A game cannot be backward compatible to anything, there's a limit in everything, they already had XP support for to many years, because you made a bad acquisitions doesn't mean so many players will stop play, I am sure with the money you paid for that laptop you could build a decent desktop PC that run games much more resource hungry than League, you just made a bad and uninformed decision.
Pretty damn arrogant of someone who doesn't know me to assume that i " knownothing about technology not even a vacuum cleaner or a fridge", please be aware of the way you are talking to people u do not know. Everything u said i already know, do not worry. Does not mean that i have to like that fact. I got no attitude and i also did not use irony. Please be so kind and take all of these factors into consideration before spewing nonsense, thank you. Still, i appreciate the response and the fact that you took time to answer. Although your approach was not the best, i get what u are trying to say.
Kashiro (EUNE)
: Brand new dual core doesn't mean it's a brand new technology. Laptops are for the most part overrated and overpriced for what they offer. If they told you LoL requires quad-core, then you need one to play and it certainly isn't anywhere near high-end PC.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: Is it true that iit would be good to wait a month before ranked for the sake of better matchmaking?
I never heard anyone suggest something else. All my friends also tell me to wait 1 week before trying to play rank, because there are smurfs, trolls and just bad players all over the place. I would also suggest u wait a week or two, u will probably have better matchmaking. Ofc i cannot promise this but judging by other people's experiences this is very much true and accurate.
LostIslandx (EUNE)
: League of Lagg
I also have this issue, plus i got packet loss in every game, which means my inputs get in 5 seconds delayed. Now, imagine having a 5 second delay on every skill while in a teamfight. Yeap, bad. I issued a ticket and Riot had no real answer, just saying it happens. I also had this stuttering stuff u mentioned and u are not alone. League does really need a performance patch. They should have fixed all this in the preseason, but ofc they were busy ruining the balance of the game with champions and items. Hang in there, better days will come.
: Champion in wrong lane
You are technically allowed to pick any champion for any lane. Picking a "troll pick" does not get you banned and is not forbidden in any way.
: I'd rather wait 10 or 15 minutes for a game where I get my role, rather then getting filled
Rioter Comments
: I contacted them and they said its dual core cpus related issue. So I guess its true cuz I also have fps drop and dual core.
I got a quad core but i still do have the issue.
lazostat (EUW)
: Is the game buggy?
Käärme (EUW)
: Bugsplats??
I feel u bro
: fps drops/lag problem since latest patches
Yup i also got it since 9.19 or something. Every time in the earlygame and idk how to fix it. I drop to 5fps and cannot even farm or play games. Lost gold promos and even dropped to S3 bcz of that. I hope it will be fixed soon bcz my laptop surely is not the issue here. Many people complain about it but i heard of no one fixing it yet.
Pedobs2 (EUNE)
: screen freezing
Happens to me every game in the laning phase. i drop to 5fps for no reason. Got my settings at the lowest point there is and my pc is actually a quite good one. I only get this with LOL. I cannot even farm in the laning phase and end up with 160 farm at the end which is miserable. RITO plz
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=nxy46,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=AjwbbiFV,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-07T10:41:33.640+0000) > > the game is counted as a REMAKE. Thumbs up if you like this solution You do realize that you'll only get "thumbs down" right? In a quick way, here is why that "solution" is terrible: - Your team is losing and the game is clearly over, but the enemy cannot finish the game in less than 5 minutes. - One of your team-mates "takes the bullet" and leaves the game. - After 3 minutes, your team surrenders. - The game counts as a Remake Can you see how stupid this is? Do you really think something like this would not be abused? Not to mention the increased toxicity that would come it.
Lol bruh imagine getting reported for not wanting to go afk so the team can remake xD
nxy46 (EUNE)
: Leaved Games... I %%%%ing have a Solution (sorry for the profanity)
This is very wrong on many levels. I gotta disagree with you here. Horrible "solution" you got there buddy.
: Garen and Darius are Juggernauts, they don't have dashes and they don't have tank item modifiers. They get easily shredded by %HP damage and Kite.
: Thoughts on the removal of Twisted Treeline @Riot
Sad to see TT go like that, it deserved much more love than it got. I enjoyed jumping into TT once in a while, it will be missed.
: > Imagine getting banned because you suck at the game No, imagine playing ranked and refuse to play to win and then get a 1 day ban which is something so small that it wouldnt hurt the overall playerbase, and those that leave the game because they get 1 day ban, well we didnt need them anyway. Use that ban to think about your play and how u can improve it. Learn from it. A lot of people play to have fun and for them having fun has a lot to do with winning. How often have you not heard that not ffing is just a waste of time.? Why is it a waste of time if you have fun? The case is if u join up for a ranked game which only you made that choice to begin with a certain standard can be expected from you. If you dont wanna play to your best abilities even when you fall behind you can always take a relaxing draft game. No one is forcing you to play ranked.
Aye but here comes the issue though. Being 0 8 in 10 minutes does not mean that you refuse to play to win, it means you are a bad player. That is the difference. I am sure that guy doesn't like losing, no one does. He is just not smart enough of a player to see his mistakes. Maybe he is legit trying but sadly literally just sucks at the game. The problem here is that we can never prove if he really just is a bad player or if he is trolling. Punishing all of them for the greater good is not something a big company should and would do, like, ever. Ranked "standard" is a weird term to use. Standards are determined by your rank. As an example, you cannot expect of an iron 3 player to know what peeling is or to know all of his matchups. He is iron 3 because he does not know many things. Standards rise as your rank rises. You should not expect anyone of low elo to know alot. High elo does start at high Diamond, all of us below that are normal "bad" players. There is literally zero difference between bronze and gold and almost no difference between gold and platinum. Real standards start when you are legit a high elo player and you would not make it that far with luck only this time. You could luck yourself to gold 1 but probably not beyond that to be honest.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Do you check your team mates profiles during champ select?
Sometimes in ranked so I see how adept they are with a champion. If my midlaner has a 30% winrate with his MAIN champion, i am not flipping that coin. I would rather dodge and lose 4 LP, than losing the game and 17LP. I also dodge when they have like 10 games on a champion and decided to take him to ranked cuz they think that 10 games are enough lol. So yeah, i check out so i can know if i will dodge or not. I dodge when i know it will be a disaster. Like getting an iron 1 yasuo player is an instant dodge for me, even if i got 200k on my main or something. We all got reasons i guess.
: >is smurfing actually bannable? Riot wants to get rid of toxicity, so they should ban smurfers because they are the root of the toxic, but no. Riot just says they would like it if people stopped smurfing. > Meh, i deserve a demote because i am not smart enough to know my limits. Its clear cut that when you are 0-3 u cant 1v1 your direct opponent so if you try to do that out in the open, you are no longer trying your best. Have i done that myself? Yeah and it would be fine if i got punished maybe i could learn something from a punishment. Like 1 day ban would be fine. So its not like that. But the thing is its not enough of ok that you get demoted for stop trying because you drag 4 other people down with you.
Aye aye, i think we found ourselves at a point where we could talk this out for weeks. It is so complex afterall. But to be fair, i get why some smurfs smurf. Some of them just enjoy stomping. But many are just bored of being hardstuck diamon 1 so they create a new account and try again for some better luck and KDA or something. It does get boring after having the same accounts for 6 seasons. Now about the 1 day ban, that wouldn't really work now, would it? Imagine getting banned because you suck at the game xD Like, people play cuz it's fun, not everyone wants to be the best. Imagine Riot punishing people for not being good at the game. Then we would all be tryhards, wouldn't we? That is why you should not get a ban for being dumb enough to go 0 8 in 10 minutes. But yeah of course dragging down 4 people isn't cool but banning you for it also isn't cool. Imagine how many people would stop playing completely cuz they do not play with the standards that riot set for them. Then even us, when we started, would have quit in 1 month. This is my first season, i am currently silver and lost my gold promos, even dropped back to silver 4 a week ago cuz i kept losing even though i did great in almost all of those games. My team died alo, feeded all the lanes and i lost. Can i change it? no. Now imagine all 4 of those getting banned for a day, for actually losing a game for one or another reason. Then the whole ranked system would burn down cuz then there is no meaning in playing ranked if losing or being bad gets you banned. I don't mind dropping to silver 4, i will rank up eventually, i did manage to do it once, i can do it again. I enjoy the game to its fullest but sadly things like these happen. All we can really do is keep on keeping on and trying our best to improve.
: Had the same issue but found a workaround. Go to: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Riot Client and delete RiotClientServices. Then go to: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\League of Legends and start LeagueClient. It will do some bs update and then you can login through the old client. Worked for me atleast.
Ma gawd it worked. It switched from the new client to the old one though, i get the Sylas animation xD
: > [{quoted}](name=KuroCorbeau,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7EzmtrKy,comment-id=000b00000000,timestamp=2019-11-06T16:19:00.861+0000) > Now, what would make me a better player than you? Nothing, thats my whole point. When both players have the same rank they are both at the same skill level plus minus give and take a little. If there is a smurf rengar then that means the rengar should be banned for smurfing and not the player for dying a lot obiously Also if enemies gank one lane only and only that lane it means there are two other lanes that are not getting ganked so later in the game the two other lanes can come and help the lane that got camped. Everyone knows that. So its a bad strategy to camp only one lane because now you have two strong lanes and the other team has only one strong lane. But the case where someone dies a lot is ofcourse when you dont respect the enemies, if say you are 0-3 and you keep pushing the wave into the tower,just stand back or roam to another lane if they freeze the lane, is it really so hard?
Yes i get your point here, makes sense. First of all i got a question cuz i legit do not know: is smurfing actually bannable? Okay with this being gone, allow me to answer. Yes, you are right. Everyone knows how it works. BUT, does everyone even attempt to do this? I am not sure about that one. We all know what we should and should not be doing, but we still do not always stick to it. A good argument nonetheless. Maybe the smurfing Rengar camps top because the other lanes are doing fine though. Maybe mid got a solokill and is 15 cs up, which is alot. Maybe bot it also doing fine and is not behind the enemy botlane. This might lead to the Rengar going for other targets. Now to the main point here. Of course, if I go 0-3 i should never ever fight the enemy laner, he is 900 gold ahead alone from kills, more or less half an item. Now, if i am dumb enough to still fight, and i still die, what do we do? Do i deserve a ban? Meh, i deserve a demote because i am not smart enough to know my limits. Knowing when fighting is bad is an important aspect of the game. Me losing is my punishment and it would make me think twice next time before doing that again. It is not hard to look for roams or freeze, but many players do not do it. I can even explain to you why. The answer is simple: Ego. People, especially in low elo, have a crazy high ego. They die once and 10 seconds later they type 'lucky' in the all chat (Also see Yasuo mains in the dictionary for that xD). We both know ego kills alot of games. Maybe we both are smarter than that 0-3 Darius. Does that make us better? Actually: YES, it does. Playing smart is so important, swallowing your ego is a necessity that most low elo players do not have. That is why they stay in bronze for 5 seasons. Maybe they even developed mechanics but their ego is still holding them back. Being stuck in Bronze forever is a good punishment, a ban would just make them create a new account and try again. Nothing would change. So let them be bad and egocentrical, they get what they deserve.
Alistonta (EUW)
: Hey, same issue here. Thought I'd post as well to get some more attention to this problem. I literally tried the entire login issue page and even hextech tool after but all without result. Tried loging in this morning, didn't work. Just came back, same problem. > [{quoted}](name=KuroCorbeau,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=sIJLe7Zy,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-06T16:50:33.668+0000) > > plizzz help dis boi.
Oh man thank you for reminding me. I forgot to add: 1.Hextech repair tool does not fix the issue 2. Deleting and reinstalling without the repair tool also does not fix the issue.
Rioter Comments
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KuroCorbeau,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=4djjfQhF,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-11-06T15:36:57.374+0000) > > Maybe this guy is just horrible as Syndra? She is not the most easy champ there is out there so maybe he is trying her out? Granted, one should NOT take a champ they DON'T know and take it to SoloQ, they should go to the practice tool, then to normals and THEN to ranked. But u cannot get someone banned just because he plays like he is iron 4. Also, trying a new champ out in ranked is (sadly) not punishable. IMO this person is just bad at the game. You really need to actually look before making a post. Dude is definetly trolling HARD
Oh sorry. I was actually not paying as much attention as I should have been. My bad bruh, happens to all of us xD. Having a second look, aye, that guy is trolling ey.
: Here is the issue with that though - u say it feels bad when a darius dies many times, but here is the issue u have SAME RANK and SAME SKILLS as this Darius, so if you play Darius in your next game you should die equally the same amount of time +- 2 give and take. So if this does not happen and you died far less than he did then YES THERE IS SOMETHING THAT HE COULD HAVE DONE ABOUT IT!
Ah i see where you are getting at. Okay, let's try and look at it this way then: Let's say we are both at silver 1 or something. Now, what would make me a better player than you? Not the rank certainly. Maybe mechanics, maybe knowledge of the matchups in lane. Maybe i got someone i counter and Darius got someone who counters him. There are also many other things like macro and micro. Having a rank does not always mean you deserve it. He could have been carried all the way to that silver 1 rank, maybe he was always bad but had luck with his teammates and won. You get LP for winning not for being good at the game. Maybe he deserves bronze 3 instead of silver 1 but got lucky and won many games because he got carried. There are so many factors to this. Okay, now let us say that i also go first time Darius. I know his skills but never tried him okay? Maybe i get a good matchup, maybe my enemy is countered by Darius, maybe i get ganks from my smurfing Rengar who is 7 0 2 at 10 minutes. Maybe my enemy goes afk because he is tired of my smurfing Rengar, maybe my enemy has bad macro and lets me farm for free and i get ahead in gold and items. Does all of this make me a good player? Certainly not, pretty easy answer. It makes me a lucky guy who benefits from the mistakes of his enemies. My point is that having the same rank does NOT mean you have the same skills. Rank does not always determine skill but sadly, sometimes it also determines your luck.
: Bad matchmaking...
They were unraked players going through their first 10 ranked games. If they landed in your lobby, they probably won some of the first games and were given a temporary high silver/ low gold rank with the potential to climb even higher. This is not a bug or something, it is pretty common and this is how it works. When we were unraked, we didn't always land in a lobby with 9 other unraked players. If you win games and get a new temporary rank, you play with others who have the rank. That is how it works and it is totally normal and ment to work this way. Do not get upset, these two unraked dudes probably were at the same Elo, either smurfs going for a new account or random guys having luck in their first placement games.
: This thing made my day!
Congratulations on the much deserved Iron 2 *claps himself on the shoulder* xD
: But they wouldn’t be tanks, those are fighters. If we are buffing tanks then we sure as hell ain’t buffing fighters. And think about it, if defensive itemisation is getting better then fighters get worse because they are less able to deal damage and don’t tend to bring anything else to the table... so even if they get tankier themselves they will in the long run deal less damage
That is a very valid argument but i feel that we are getting at a point where we would have to think in numbers and items and thus i will neither agree not disagree with you. Fact is - and i think we agree on this one - there must be a change soon and i also agree on buffing defensive items.
: If someone goes 0/8 in 10 minutes they deserve ban
I got games where i went 1 14 but it was not intentional. I legit got outplayed early and stomped. Still, i listened to my carries and did what they said, we won that game. Having a bad game happens to everyone, score should never and will never get you banned. If i play like iron 4, i will eventually land in iron 4, that is my issue and my fault. Of course i hate it when i lose bcz my Darius went 0 14 in 20 minutes but i cannot change that. I can climb back, the Darius will probably not and get his deserved demotion. U have to get over yourself and focus on your game and your mistakes primarily. Bad players exist, people with bad games exist. With that being said, if someone says he will troll and u see him do it, then yes, ban that guy for sure. If he is legit trying to win and go for turrets and the nexus then no, he is having a bad game. Riot themselves even said that having a bad game is not the same as inting a game. The replays always show the intention. People who are ment to get banned will get banned, players who are bad will get demoted, players who get over it will get promoted. Simple as that. This is the game. It isn't perfect, it never will be. You will have a 10 year old child dying alot, you will have people ignore pings cuz they think they are smart and then you will ????? ping them. I totally get you, do not get me wrong. I agree that first timing a champion in ranked is wrong and should not be allowed. I think a 20game limit would stop the problem abit. Force people to learn a champ before going into a ranked game. When i proposed this in a post though, i got flamed to hell even though i made valid arguments. Fact is, people will agree and disagree and that is fine.
: league of zhonias
You should regard Zhonyas as a way to survive a certain death. I am a midlaner, i play squishy champs like Ahri and Syndra. If I don't buy a stopwatch or Zhonyas, i get stomped by Fizz or Zed. There should ba a way to counter your counters and stopwatch does just that. Do not forget that u can only stopwatch once and that Zhonyas has a CD. Shojin on the other hand is broken and that is why it will be removed.
Latarnia40 (EUNE)
: How do I play aginst a AP malphite as adc?
AP Malphite will get a nerf so you should not see him often anymore. But i agree with what the others said.
: It’s not so much less damage that’s needed, as in the end damage is a very useful too for controlling certain champions. Instead damage control needs to be improved... defensive itemisation for most classes needs to be improved, and anti tank needs to be windowed or better controlled... tanks also need several buffs in order to reclaim their position, cause in the end the main reason fights are so fast and so messy is because every role is being taken by squishy damage dealers, bringing back tanky low damage champions will help. So damage doesn’t need to be nerfed, but survivability needs to be buffed
This comment is all that we need. Totally agree with you. The only problem is that tanky picks do not do low enough damage. Look at Darius, Garen, Malphite, Yorick and so many others. Tanky? Yes. Low damage? Not really. They should make tanks be just that, tanks. Like Braum for example or Nautilus. Great tanks, do what they are ment to do, tank and engage, not 100 to 0 you. Darius can 2shot any adc AND he is tanky. That is unhealthy for the game. Riot needs to sort this out, let tanks be tanks, bruisers be bruisers and burst mages be burst mages. they should be able to be great with 1 thing, not 1000 things. Survivability being buffed is very important, but u just cannot give adcs or midlaners a health boost, they are ment to do lots of dmg but die fast. So lowering damage on tanks could be a way to make teamfights last longer. You do have many valid points here, i just wanted to add my grain of salt to it.
Sekwiriet (EUW)
: Why is this person not banned?
Maybe this guy is just horrible as Syndra? She is not the most easy champ there is out there so maybe he is trying her out? Granted, one should NOT take a champ they DON'T know and take it to SoloQ, they should go to the practice tool, then to normals and THEN to ranked. But u cannot get someone banned just because he plays like he is iron 4. Also, trying a new champ out in ranked is (sadly) not punishable. IMO this person is just bad at the game.
GilxeN (EUW)
: Pretty much this post. Syndra seems fine to me.
I just made a very detailled post on why she is not overpowered at all. Feel free to have a look at it and to agree or disagree
Rioter Comments
DeCoqq (EUW)
: Syndras' stun is probably the easiest skillshot cc to land but otherwise i agree with you
I think it really depends on your Elo. Down in silver where I am, people do not try to dodge my E and walk into it in a straight line. In higher Elo. people legit dodge it alot so the skillshot being easy to hit has to do with your ability to land it on the perfect timing and also if your opponent has enough functioning brain cells to dodge it.
NutzKicka (EUW)
: sucks bruh, idk what it is
aye i also got no idea what causes this. Just came home, opened the client and it happened. i tried everything, it won't budge at all
JustTits (EUNE)
: The cancerous kit that Syndra has, needs to be nerfed to the ground
Syndra is actually fine the way she is. She finally got the relevance she deserves. Out of all the champions, she is the last one you should call overpowered. She was designed to oneshot your adc and if she misses E, she dies. She has strengths and weaknesses and lots of counterplay, she is fine.
NutzKicka (EUW)
: I can't login, TIMEOUT (League of Legends EUW)
I also got the same issue right now and no matter how many times I try, I still get the Timeout message
Rioter Comments
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: it's a known issue for 9.13 perhaps it will be fixed for 9.14 personally i haven't encountered it and from what ive seen it's quite rare
Oh I see. Glad someone knew how to fix it though. Lets hope it gets fixed by Riot soon! Thank you once again, have a good one <3
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: Wipe the YAML file Launch League of Legends, log in, and minimize the League Client. Go to the League of Legends configuration folder, which is located by default at C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config and delete the file called LeagueClientSettings.yaml. Restart the League Client. If everything fails, you can resort to a clean reinstall of the client.
Okay it actually worked! Thank you so much! Do we know the source of the problem btw? Like, why does the client get crazy every now and then?
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: Wipe the YAML file Launch League of Legends, log in, and minimize the League Client. Go to the League of Legends configuration folder, which is located by default at C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config and delete the file called LeagueClientSettings.yaml. Restart the League Client. If everything fails, you can resort to a clean reinstall of the client.
I will try to do that and report back later, thank you!
Rioter Comments
OwOlaire (EUW)
: I get where you are coming from, But you also need to see that you cant force a player to do 20 orso normalgames when the only mode they play is ranked. Alot of people play league for the competitive sprit that the game has, forcing people to then play a game where they gain nothing but xp, they stop caring. That could lead to just people running it down 20 games only to unlock that champ in ranked.
: this is a rant/vent and i dont stand behind my words %100 , for the record.
: oh yea you know what time it is , what a great time to play some ranked!
How is {{champion:105}} the King of Solo Q? Whenever i go against him, i just pick {{champion:127}} and he cannot even hurt me because of my W and R. There are counters for every Champion in the game and Fizz is no exception to that Rule. Also, you can just pick up a{{item:3157}} and his R becomes useless.
: Don’t forget you have to have 20 champions to play ranked, this means if there’s a restriction on which champions you can play you’ve gotta meet that requirement for 20 champions... nobody has a champion pool that large and you completely ban one tricks from ranked. So this doesn’t work when used with the existing restrictions
I forgot to mention this in my post, thank you for reminind me of this point. Yes, you are right on that. This would not work with current restrictions. I do also believe that a 20 champ restriction is a bit too much, but i guess Riot knows what they are doing
OwOlaire (EUW)
: I don't feel like any champ should be locked for ranked play. First trying a champ isn't the smartest thing to do, but I dont think locking it up for 20 games is a resonable thing to do. Certain champs have very easy to understand kits, thus I don't see that much issue trying a champ for the first time. Also blaming a loss on 1 person, league will always be a team game, if someone does bad you can always roam to help that person out. I understand that it can be annoying in ranked queues. But sometimes it just happens ://
That is the main argument against the decision and i totally undestand that. The issue is that ranked is ranked. Ranked is for people who want to climb and win games. We should never only blame 1 person for a loss (except if that person is inting of course), but it is still a fact that 1st timing a Champ on ranked will lose you the game most of the times. Even if the kits are easy like, let us say {{champion:86}} , i doubt that he would do well in Lane if he does not even understand what the Champ does. The Idea is not ment to lock people out of Ranked, but the opposite. The Idea is to make players have a better chance at winning a game in Ranked because they know what their champ does. I do believe that 10 games would not be strict and fine. After 10 games, most people have figured out the very basics of a champ. Of course they arent good yet, but they know how the champ moves and uses his skills.
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