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Zurkrem (EUW)
: Hi Kurokage, If you could provide video proof and possibly reproduce the bugs, that would probably help riot immensely with fixing them. If you feel like you could make a more comprehensive [bug report]( for each of the bugs, then please do so.
Hello, I was thinking of sending video directly to Riot Support as there is a higher chance they'll do something. Thanks for replying.
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GLurch (EUW)
: First, let's go through the mistakes you did: Size of the brain does not indicate their intelligence (at least as long as it isn't the size of a wallnut or something). Albert Einstein was a very smart person, yet, his brain was average. Children also do not have less intelligence than adults. Adults just know more most of the time, due to live experience. If you're talking about intelligence in terms of abilities, children are probably even more intelligent. It has been scientifically researched and found out, that very young children are way faster at learning than adults. If putting a price of 20€ on the game would make children stop playing the game, how come many children play Minecraft? It costs 20€ (or I think by now even 25€?) and according to you, children aren't able to play games that cost such an amount of money. Or what is with CoD? Or GTA? They even cost 60€, not 20€!
Size of brain was a metaphor for stupidity. By children/adult I meant mental state. There are adults in mid-20s that act like children and viceversa. I myself am a kid, but I am being reasonable every game unlike most of players. About minecraft.... It's mostly pirated dude... CoD and GTA? You can't find as many kids as the internet makes it seem like.
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: 1. dont get mad when a jungler taxes a lane, how many times have you taken jungle camps or buffs? this is something that infuriates me as a jungle main. 2. backing instead of just ending the game is the dumbest form of bm, you all deserved to lose that game. 3. dont complain about his baron call it was your decision to follow it as it was everyone elses decision on your team so purely putting the blame on him is just silly.
-Yeah I know, I'm not mad because he took minions, I'm mad because he just stood there waiting for last hit. He could have attacked them and done it faster.. -We couldn't end the game because enemies were respawning. It was still mid-game. -It was his decision to do it, Darius followed him because he though J4 was god, Support and adc were with me pushing enemies away. I threw one ranged spell at baron.
: u should have finished the nexus instead of B.
We were left with less than half hp, and they were all respawning. It was still mid-game.
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: I think that something in current build is in conflict with your PC. You can try to install new drivers for graphic card but i think that there are only 25% that it will fix it and instead there is 1-2% of chances that you might start to having problems with different things. Your best shot is waiting till next patch. You wont miss much since game has no draft (unless you play in america) game has numerous balance failures MM is broken and only moderately good things in this patch are changes to the jungle.
Found the problem. It was my graphics card... The heat sensor crashed and, of course, it didn't work well. Thanks for your answer and effort anyway :D
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: Yeah maybe some of them troll but compared to back then where a queue with preselected roles didn't exist it's gotten way better.
I remember when autofill didn't exist but the new champ select did. I would rather wait longer for the role that i want than playing role that I don't like or that i don't know how to play well.
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Coxis (EUNE)
: >by flamed I think of Heavy **swearing** and hoping someones family die from cancer right... he doesn't flame >stfu riven u usless piece of s**t stfu scrub noobs ....
I see that in every single game.
: You can share the e-mail with us. If you really think it isn't fair then show it.
no u gotta be kidding me ;C dont interfere in my game stfu riven u usless piece of s**t u've done nothing but spam since champ select and flame no to late i dont give a fck s stfu surr 20 stfu scrub noobs u dont desriev to win so why do u cry so much stfu ashe, u and riven will lose and that makes me happy yes i do when u cant behavr behave stfu this is what happens to flamers haha fck no becuse riven and ashe can' can't behave trynda is plain usless pff huehue not my problem riven u fcked this game in champ selecty why riven? u fcked this game in champ select u are the fcking kid riven u cryed your eyes out and started flame becuse i didnt do as u asked me to then u kept interfere in my game how to build and what to do fcking bronze scrubs need to learn to stfu and focus on theire own game u guys why would i u focused on mine i didnt need to focus u desirve bronze annie if u didnt u would carry yourself out yes hahaha so u gone use 1 troll as an excuse? so step up and carry yourself? not that freaking hard if everyone are so bad and u are so good it shouldnt be any problem thats becuse u play to bad to carry this game u are bad yes u are 3/4 and talk like u are some sort of god and 0 map awarness as well not at all keep cry riven yes ? exactly i say that becuse u claim to desirve a division higher then bronze annie still u use me as an excuse to lose a game if u lose becuse of ONE guys u are not good enough to climbe out of bronze THATS is not of your concern becuse u are to bad yeah much afraid much scary why do u think that? do i give u the impression of being autistic? why? haha say what? do u even know what autist is xD? what a brain is? riven u and annie, dear god u have no idea how much of a fool you make yourself looks like xD u are the one that says u desirve a higher league and i said i dont give a fck when ppl can't behave no u dont not at all xD why u say that? u can't even carry a 4 v 5 game in low bronze no u dont if u can't even carry a bronze game u dont desirve higher xD yes xd i carryed a fcking game as soraka last game xD it was pretty much a 2 v 5 becuse u cant behave riven u said that 5 times now riven stop spam u said that 5 times as well annie xD stop spam :3 u can't report for feed u can report for intentinally feeding but u claim im just a bad player so only one to report is you for harassing me then ;)? trynda and ashe is winning 2 v 5 ;D Gee Gee xD What do you have to say?
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: I guess that "until 22d June" means 22d June is included.
Yep, you are right... :({{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Eambo (EUW)
: Normally the bans work in 24 hour intervals, so if you were banned at 23:59 on the 22nd, you'll be unsuspended at that time. All I can advise is continue trying throughout the day unfortunately, there's no way to check exactly what time your account will be released.
Oh well, I have all night :D
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okinolas (EUNE)
: Oh, and besides, its your fault, you gave the password and email.
I didn't give him my email and my email password. I gave him just username and account password in lol client chat.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I know I shouldn't have game him my account, but...
Minstrel (EUNE)
: And it's not just account sharing, it's boosting no less. Even worse.
I didn't want him to play so many games on my account. I gave it to him just for 1 or 2 games, and he played thousands!
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: I can play with you on my smurf if you are interested,I have a bronze 3 smurf.
You bet i'm interested, I was looking for someone who's good to play duo with!
: There are trolls in diamond that die intentionally because someone took their lane, if riot would ban them all this game's population would degrade by 50%. Trolls are in every game, they do not give a **** about your experience, more players = more money.
B14ckout (EUW)
: What makes u think that ur alot better? You build bt 1st item on adc's. You build black cleaver first item on riven. Deserved bronze.
I have my own builds, my own runes and masteries and my own style of playing, like every one of us. And what should I take first for Riven on top when being only tank in team and playing against Olaf?
Rich (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=IxXGam3RXxI,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EMb5BLx5,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-04-20T15:20:32.129+0000) >So i went afk and reconnected immediately, hoping that that would give them some lessons, but game was already over. I bet that showed them!
: I find it rather hard to believe that this ónly happens on your team - while you're playing against teams with supposedly the same level and attitude. Since you're already filling one of the spots in your team (and don't flame nor leave the game) the chance this happens on their team is actually slightly bigger. Right? I can understand the attitude of players in general (not just bronze) can be rather infuriating. I do believe however that if you are good, you will eventually win 55% of your games. Which is enough.
Yes of course there were games when i got super team and we won in 20 minutes, but that happens once in a month, and I play ranked everyday.
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: my advice is: play normals or team builder for some time. especially team builder which has random matchmaking and can put you against diamonds. you will improve faster and after some time you return to ranked you will play better and climbing will be easy. also try learning jungle with different champs (utility, tank, assassin).
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