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: Silver 3 is basically the same as bronze. You're still far from a pro and the matchmaking system is quite justified in matching you with other low elo players.
you are EUW why are you coming at me ? EUNE and being silver 3 doesnt mean that you are noob or even bronze..people may have started ranked and they are climbing
: Yeah, so unfair that you had to post the same thing twice apparently... Also, no offense, but when you're in bronze 2, you're really not in any position to call other people noobs... The system did indeed, just like you wanted, match rookies with rookies there.
first of all i have 2 Accounts which one of them is Level 180 Silver 3..and in this account am trying to get to the Silver, secondly Last Season i was Silver 3 you can check that..Haters gonna hate..
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