: spending money on a game that's broken. I love your sense of logic
> [{quoted}](name=thebombardier92,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=FrzhNwng,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-10T19:03:58.928+0000) > > spending money on a game that's broken. I love your sense of logic I love you{{champion:44}}
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: * **Utlimate 1**: Call a thunderstorm (Janna R size) around him where he gets extra movement speed (half value for teammates), gets extra AD/AP for him and for teammates a shield who deflect 20% of first thing that they get hit. If enemy leave the circle then they get zapped by 8% of they maximum health when they are on the edge of the skill. * **Utlimate 2**: Press R and make white clouds around all enemies. He can target R on someone to channel to him (if he don't press R again then the ult goes on 30-40 seconds cooldown). When he channel the cloud is making grey and the target gets stunned for 0.5 seconds by a lighting. * **Utlimate 3**: Thunderstrike a target and apply a DoT ([X%] AD/AP damage) burning the target, apply true sight and 60% slow. If there are enemies close to the targets they get the DoT and slow based on how far they are. Under the target appear a big marked place who take 5% of targets current HP each second. * **Utlimate 4**: He make himself true energy and fuse with a teammate giving him AD/AP, attack speed, small bonus armor/mr, movements speed and zap the last enemy who was damaged by the teammate who fuse with [X] AP/AD each 0.2 seconds. The ult last 6 seconds.
4sure i didn’t go in these details but to me they sound good... {{summoner:34}}
: I was actually thinking about the same a year ago. I was actually creating my own electric based champion to see if I could come up with a nice idea. It was something about a Static mechanic; an ability creates a small static field, which enhances other abilities of the champ when he is inside the static field or the champ's abilities is casted inside the field. Finding a proper ultimate for such a champ would be hard though
: you could argue that blitz is somewhat electrical themed what, other than electricity fires his Q from his body? what, other than electricity would a robot use to get a speed boost (his W) what, other than electricity is his ult? what, other than electricity is his passive?
Yes well he is a robot but i didnt mean that i meant like a champ who zapps and deals damage the way that he deals magic damage so the patern of the electricity he “throws” at you can either do a lot of damage or stun dealing less overall damage...Also blizz is just a support champion i want a adc...
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: {{champion:106}}
Lol well i can see that people max Q and leave his “electric” damage at the end so he is trash in-game tbh...
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