CurseOfLife (EUNE)
: [Resolved] Recconect to chat problem; and friends list
Happened after playing three games, not instantly, but I've got the same deal going on.
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ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Have you tried **Grievous Wounds**?
It's not about counterhealing. Do you play ARAMS? Cause I do. And one game we had Soraka on our team. With the right build, she regenerates faster than she loses her HP from healing. The heal literally doesn't go off cooldown, that's how much you can, and she's still 100% hp. Again. I want you to understand. I don't care if it happens on SR or anywhere else. But ARAM in particular was supposed to be a mode where going back for a while doesn't grant your team 100% hp again. Now it does. It misses its purpose. Why do people have to address Soraka in particular, when my problem is that Warmog destroys the purpose of ARAM's rules?
: its only mature and insightful response that you deserve. .. tell me, what exactly stops you from getting warmogs yourself? yes, soraka heal is broken, but only beause it is based on 5% hp.. but if it was any different, it would be even worse, have you thought about that? this way soraka needs rod of ages, warmogs and maybe rylais to be able to infinite heal. , if it costed mana, it would be easy to get around, just athenes and tear.. no matter how much mana it costed , within reasonable borders. If it had a long cooldown, would be too bad , and soraka would fall out of meta as support. Or , she would always be included with builds such are full cooldown reduction builds , a.k.a athenes, boots of lucidity , and 1 extra cdr item depending on situation. now .. lets see what can be done for other champions.. imagine if self healing / regen would be nerfed as well like ally healing? singed would be barely played, and would become new taric of aram, same would go for poor poor mundo, garen would be barely even seen, he would die way too often due to his tactic of going in and backing away when he is low, for regen, and would nerf his passive extremely, like mundo's too. Vladimir's heal would become apsolutely useless, and he would be crushed in early game, and thus affecting his late game heavily as well. You given this 0 thought , to what could even be done, you just keep complaining. you and everyone like you and i have a feel you are one of those guys , who when dies in game thinks "ffs, this (insert champion name) is sooo freaken op, rito nerf plis, its too op" , instead of thinking of your own mistakes.. for example, how to counter healing.. Grevious wounds, have your ap champions buy Morellonomicon, and constantly try to poke soraka , to stop her healing, if not possible, poke others , to not get healed as much. or become tanky as well. There is many possibilities, just if you were to think. have luck on the battlefield, summoner , you will need it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I've given this enough thought. First of all: Address the Issue I tackled, not something entirely else. I don't give a damn about Soraka alone. She's fine. Do you even know how Warmog now works? She literally regenerates faster than she heals. Not the heals are the problem, the regen from Warmog is. She has Q to heal herself, that should be enough. Again. ON ARAM AND ARAM ONLY. Because of map mechanics. Obviously. I remember both Mundo and Garen from before. They don't need Warmog in order to stay relevant, again, ON ARAM. Because that map is my concern. Spirit Visage gives them enough natural regen. I don't give a damn about countering healing. You really didn't understand anything I wrote, did you? Grievous Wounds are not permanent. All the enemy team needs is a disengage and hold for couple seconds in order get them all to 100% hp, again, ON ARAM. Where it's especially easy. This should not happen on THAT PARTICULAR MAP. Because they disabled back-to-base healing FOR A REASON. Why disable that at all, if now anyone can have it regardless? Not every champion can itemize tanky. Expect me to make tank Miss Fortune? Or Tank Katarina? Who's the one who didn't give enough thought, I ask? Do you know how much damage potential has to go to waste in order to make some champions use the Warmog's passive? It's already cheap enough of you too instantly generalise that I'm a QQer. Another mature and reasonable thing of you, why am I not surprised? If that's your answer to anyone who's questioning current state of the game - and does it in balanced and rage-free way - please, just cease partaking in discussions at all. You're clearly not ready to have them. And I don't need luck. I'm good. Thanks for concern.
: its just you who qq.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Thank you for mature and insightful response.
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