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: What CC are you refering to? I find most cc in the game to be pretty easy to deal with so long a kit doesn't have 2+ stuns or knockups. Also, it's worth noting that knockups aren't affected by tenacity.
What is a nami bubble then ? Not a knockup but regardless of your tenacity until animation ends it wont release you
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: You mean 1 dragon out of 4 that give you armor? It's not like they adding Execution to Elder buff. Buff to lethality items? New Lethality item? Nerf to aftershock? Those aren't changes that are good for tanks.
WHat gave u the idea that Lethality is getting buffed ? In fact it's gettin nerfed . how many times u get Elder buff per 10 games ? 2 at max ?
: I'm almost sure no living creature want to come back to Tank meta.
and yet we are going exactly to that in season 10
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: But community liked that.
please back up these claims.
: Cause riot dont want balance champs arround aram so they increase/reduce damage, damage taken and other stats to balance aram
that makes no sense
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: i mean 1st nobody will balance around aram 2nd blitz had no benefits if you look on for example {{champion:555}} {{champion:412}} he needed that range tho they were just better {{champion:53}}
I don't say to balance around Aram but it should've been tested before releasing it . And no blitz does not needed that buff since his other skins already had such buff . I shit you not ! Boom Boom Blitz hook range were like the current buff is . But now that it topped that it's absurdly long and should be reverted or atleast adjusted numbers so it couldn't grab you from bush to behind the tower.
: Game balance is focus arround SR not Aram so no riot will not revert champs cause aram
well that's is %%%%ing rubbish to say the least. Aram is just as much played as rift . It's not a seperate mode like TFT so all the changes should fit everywhere . Besides in what universe blitz needed that range buff ? Now he can grab u from the bush to behind your tower and u cant even see it .
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Titanìa (EUNE)
: Easy to dodge :0
easy to dodge unseeable hook from bush to your tower . PLS explain
: It's a safe bet you were going to be pulled anyway even before the buff. So what's the problem? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
atleast at that time I could see when hes about to hook .
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: What about you provide some facts too? Because all I see is you saying mages are OP, if I say they aren't, we're even.
I just stated you that MR items sux . They cost a ton and are pretty much useless while ap items not only cheaper but also have defensive options with active / passive or health . Now look at all these MR items that not only cost a ton their stats sux and doesnt have good active aside from Locket and even that isin't that great unless you are atleast lvl 15 and have shit ton of health.
: Ap is less good than ad so no
when u posting such statement please frovide facts cuz now it's just meaningless . Also when I say nerfs ap items I don't only say stats , but price value also. Also have u seen mr items in this games ? U need 2 : 1 items to balance your armor and mr stats when building .
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: He still has no resistance with ap build. He may have 4k hp but he is super squishy.
except zhonias and other items does give him resistence
: An item is different. Any champ in the game can buy that.
yeah I see ur the one who on the free time kicks clouds , no faith in discussing with u any further
: Firstly he’s on the list for a full VGU Secondly his ult is flat true damage so health counters it Thirdly if he’s building full ap he’s only got health, so get % damage and you will shred him Even when tanky % health %%%%s him up He’s extremely kitable if you dodge the Q (not hard) If you know that a cho can kill you don’t let him get into melee range Shields and heals can seriously ruin cho’s day... seriously if you wanna tilt a cho play lulu. If he’s not getting stacks he’s not useful, so if you can stop him great Guardian angel %%%%s him over really hard... he’s not really able to kill anyone alone without his ult so if he’s gotta kill you twice he’s screwed. He’s primarily burst damage, so tanks and bruisers mess him up big time.
saying build hp is the most %%%%%%ed advice u can give . YEs tell adc or mage to build nothing but hp to counter it . DO u forget that Righteous glory exist basically he can rush u down and remove with PNC R that does shitload of dmg . You still didin't answer me why a tankiest shit in the game has no setup to do his burst dmg unlike Garen and Darius does
: >Not to mention if he build full ap he's just as Tanky and does even more that's Bullshit ! The real bullshit is this statement. Ap cho is very squishy
no the %%%% he is not . if he is so squishy why no one can one shot him ?
: And you notice this only when you lost against him and not when he was in your team....
Ive been saying this for years . WTF is his kit now . It used to be do good be tanky , do bad lose your stacks , now it just no penalty.
: Vayne does triple the amount of true damage in just rightclicks. Cho has 0 mobility and is weak to slows
except that Righteous glory exist
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: Tahm Kench, the most toxic champ that has ever touched toplane ground.
would like to know why he able to stack his passive over and over ? Anyone has a legit answer ? Braum cant do that so why kench is able ?
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Era Teemo (EUW)
: 9.14 Bugs
I had a bug where my galio dash passed thru everything , with no collision (champs , mobs) . Fun game for 30min when u only have 3 spells to use .
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shileka (EUW)
: Riot what the XXX did you do with your game?
This just in . Just had a game where electrocute wasn't procing and my galio e pass thru everything without any collsion
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Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: If these items get nerfed, assassins will be useless . Assassins being useless = Adc being more powerful. Adc being more powerful = tanks are useless . tanks are useless = adcs are being more powerful . adcs being more powerful means the only way to counter them is mages which are the most op role atm . We just need more armor items and more mr items . gg
been playing since begining and never had a problem about that but since everything is a dmg amp its like , hey adc's , assassins are designed to kill you , how about you be one also but ranged . Look at fkin ezreal he can basically oneshot you with one w +q combo now .
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Cypherous (EUW)
: Because it isn't a serverside problem, the servers are working fine its just a connectivity issue and loss prevented can only be enabled on a serverwide level and for the vast majority of players everything is going fine
no the %%%% it's not fine when u have to play 4v5.
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: why pyke is getting gutted
Im fine with his Q changes but E changes are just stupid . How you suppos to wave clear when your adc is out of lane ? Why not nerfing his passive rather than this bs ?
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Luciferrx (EUNE)
: You realise she got only slow as a support right?And root.Thats not op at all.Evry support in League have some sort of cc.Even {{champion:40}} with her tornado.
I dont say remove slow completely , Just saying to remove slow on attached following projectile .
Lariatas (EUNE)
: Yummi Q is unfair and needs an adjust
I disagree . it's impossible to do anything when escaping since she has a speed boost and slow . Slow shouldn't a thing when her projectile follows u .At this point it's overtuned and needs to go .
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Maybe YOU have 200k BE But there's a lot of people who need BE, new players for example Nobody is forcing you to do the missions if you don't want the free BE But why would you complain about getting free stuff? Might as well to ask them to remove hextech crafting since it's really buggy and broken sometimes
While hex craft is bugged sometimes it works fine for the most part . this Watch and Earn mission never been working properly . And getting 150 BE isin't much of a reward . For the most part people does them just so they could progress on main mission requirements.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: ''could you stop giving us free stuff''
Yes I really need that 150 BE . Not like I have OVER 200K OF THEM ! Which I got nothing to spend on. I just said that these missions always bugged and they never manage to launch em right . They did like 5 times Since worlds and every time you ain't getting the rewards even if you completed the requirements.
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: If you are doing something to win and you aren’t doing it at the detriment of your team then you won’t be banned... the singed support was queueing support then going jungle messing up both the allied jungler and adc, he was basically abusing the shorter queue times on support.
It's not like Im just running down top and dying every single time I just like to apply map pressure . While Im top Hard pushing I always inform my team to take dragon or something else in the meantime . I still play pretty standart laning phase .
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