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Era Teemo (EUW)
: 9.14 Bugs
I had a bug where my galio dash passed thru everything , with no collision (champs , mobs) . Fun game for 30min when u only have 3 spells to use .
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shileka (EUW)
: Riot what the XXX did you do with your game?
This just in . Just had a game where electrocute wasn't procing and my galio e pass thru everything without any collsion
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Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: If these items get nerfed, assassins will be useless . Assassins being useless = Adc being more powerful. Adc being more powerful = tanks are useless . tanks are useless = adcs are being more powerful . adcs being more powerful means the only way to counter them is mages which are the most op role atm . We just need more armor items and more mr items . gg
been playing since begining and never had a problem about that but since everything is a dmg amp its like , hey adc's , assassins are designed to kill you , how about you be one also but ranged . Look at fkin ezreal he can basically oneshot you with one w +q combo now .
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Cypherous (EUW)
: Because it isn't a serverside problem, the servers are working fine its just a connectivity issue and loss prevented can only be enabled on a serverwide level and for the vast majority of players everything is going fine
no the %%%% it's not fine when u have to play 4v5.
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: why pyke is getting gutted
Im fine with his Q changes but E changes are just stupid . How you suppos to wave clear when your adc is out of lane ? Why not nerfing his passive rather than this bs ?
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Luciferrx (EUNE)
: You realise she got only slow as a support right?And root.Thats not op at all.Evry support in League have some sort of cc.Even {{champion:40}} with her tornado.
I dont say remove slow completely , Just saying to remove slow on attached following projectile .
Lariatas (EUNE)
: Yummi Q is unfair and needs an adjust
I disagree . it's impossible to do anything when escaping since she has a speed boost and slow . Slow shouldn't a thing when her projectile follows u .At this point it's overtuned and needs to go .
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Maybe YOU have 200k BE But there's a lot of people who need BE, new players for example Nobody is forcing you to do the missions if you don't want the free BE But why would you complain about getting free stuff? Might as well to ask them to remove hextech crafting since it's really buggy and broken sometimes
While hex craft is bugged sometimes it works fine for the most part . this Watch and Earn mission never been working properly . And getting 150 BE isin't much of a reward . For the most part people does them just so they could progress on main mission requirements.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: ''could you stop giving us free stuff''
Yes I really need that 150 BE . Not like I have OVER 200K OF THEM ! Which I got nothing to spend on. I just said that these missions always bugged and they never manage to launch em right . They did like 5 times Since worlds and every time you ain't getting the rewards even if you completed the requirements.
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: If you are doing something to win and you aren’t doing it at the detriment of your team then you won’t be banned... the singed support was queueing support then going jungle messing up both the allied jungler and adc, he was basically abusing the shorter queue times on support.
It's not like Im just running down top and dying every single time I just like to apply map pressure . While Im top Hard pushing I always inform my team to take dragon or something else in the meantime . I still play pretty standart laning phase .
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HitYourHead (EUNE)
: after 5 days they finally admit it in "!" in the client/boards! some players have bugs with that
same shit happened in worlds . And I think some time way b4 . THey just need to scrap this mission since they never manage to do it right.
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Cheini (EUNE)
: er.. "just"? i mean i would understand it if you were like just used the k word - this has happened only once but.. a chat restriction builds up over quite some time.. still, y, if you have decided to be nicer and get h2 till February, you will get the season rewards :p spamming games ain't help, though..
When some punk kid that runs down bot leaves FB then proceed to bash me whole game with their premade friends for no reason is a healthy gameplay ? I would just ignore all that but when the shit talk starts about my parents I just can't stay silenced. Maybe it's ok in your country for your parents to be an insult subject, but from where I come parents are sacred and you could litterally get killed for doing so. Other than that why Riot allows feeders and trolls and toxic person get unpunished as long as they got premades is beyond me . It's like my vote doesnt mean anything when it's 1 v 4 . That's why got chat restriction. Further on , the fact that whenever u got message from riot you cant do anything in your defence when your only option is pressng *I UNDERSTAND* is just ridiculous. BTW , I improved my behaviour now and I insta mute everyone who starts to flame. Riot report system still stinks tho.
Shamose (EUW)
: Nah there was a thing for people who were chat restricted to get their honor up to level 2 by febuary 11th.
Cool this means I will still get rewards ?
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: They removed all the prestige points + aatrox skin for those who got them with BE. The capsules can't be reverted because it's too difficult. Also, they can't really punish them since people can just say "I didn't know it should cost RP, I thought it was a promotional event or something" So yes, they got tons of capsules and skins. But they can't get the prestige stuff
Yes they can , every other company does this for those who bug exploit like this . Well atleast they did something.
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Raül (EUW)
: Nasus needs to be fixed
On top of that please nerf Nasus WITHER bullshit slow is basically a stun , which is also spammable by the time it ends Nasus has it back it up again
Cavalier707 (EUNE)
: Considering that Camille only build steraks for defensive stats (no titanic or black cleaver", she kind of tanks a lot. Kled has a possibility of a double dash. I'd take that any day over the slow. Nasus armor reduction is a joke, because he is not a tank killer type of champion. I feel like he needs a rework he is so basic.
{{champion:75}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:27}} Exactly these champs needs a rework , that's a must . Kleds Double dash strong I agree but 2nd dash is autopoint and that design is stupid IMO , it should be like Renektons E. Still no one gave me a legit answer why Nasus Wither numbers so high with a cd that low .
Cavalier707 (EUNE)
: U know who also can be very tanky and deal tons of damage? Anyone who builds steraks gage (most of them have mobility BTW like Camille, Kled, Irelia). And they don't need any kind of stacks or long games. This is the reason why Nasus has 48% win raye and even this buff won't help.
Irelia is a second book of RIOT many %%%% ups , but camile and kled ? By the time camile can land her 2nd Q she is possibly DEAD , with Kled u always have to work with his kit unlike Nasus that just walk and spams q none stop , on top of that his W never been touched for a nerf and I dont understand why ? along that he has aoe Armor reduction circle to do even more dmg .
: Well..hes still at 47.5% win rate. He can't even get up to 50%...lmao... Nasus needs a buff,but not damage one,he needs more armor/mr/health.He will always be useless in higher elo and competitive play.
Win ban Rates are a joke .Ever Since Riot decided to do nerf/buffs by statistics rather then what it was before game went progressively worse and continues to do so . The state we are now is over the top damage . Everything u see Storm razor extrea dmg amp , dusk blade extra dmg amp , comet extra dmg , aery extra dmg , electrocute extra dmg the list goes on . u cant even enjoy a decent fight anymore without it ending in 2 sec cuz of all the damage amp. and they dare to give Nasus even more dmg ? WTF
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Requıem (EUW)
: Why isnt Riot making skins for the champions that need them?
: [Helpdesk] Ranked Rewards 2018 & Ranked System 2019
Well this is just bollocks. I worked for my Victorious skins and chromas just to find out I wont get it cuz my honor got demoted of chat restriction ? First of all I would understand if it was for getting banned my honor drops to 0 but why for 10 games chat restriction ? This is just bullshit. Some punk kid is allowed to talk about my mother some vile things but when I fire back i get a suspension and drop from lvl 3 to lvl 0 ? Great System , %%%% YOU RIOT
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: > [{quoted}](name=Lariatas,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zEAOEEYy,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-01-05T16:11:14.828+0000) > > the setup for dealing dmg b4 ulting in orther to kill . cho just walks up and ults without any prior setup + its a true dmg that scales up with ap. > and you talk about cho not getting a stack let me remind that he can get a stack from not only champions and it is permenant . Add with all the free cdr u can get now and it is no problem to be at max stack b4 20 Cho can get limited stacks if he doesn't eat a champion. Only 6 stacks for minions and non-epic monster. After that, he needs to eat epic monsters or champions. I am sorry but I think you have no idea of what you are talking about.
ive been playing way longer than u and Im damn sure know what Im about. Old chogath kit shouldve stayed as it was cuz now it's just overbuffed with the perma stacks .His old kit was high risk high reward u die u lose stack now it doesnt matter since it's perma. BTW my initial question was about health over armor /mr tanks better. That's why barely anyone is playing CHo as a tank but as full ap mage , Cuz he can outdamage and outsustain regular tank , not to mention oneshot adc . And that's what makes him overbuffed since there are barely any risk . oh you talk about him being imobile is his weakness right , well that doesn't really true since there is a protobelt and that huge buff he got in his q range and 0.5 cast time from 1. On top of that it is a knockup that is the strongest form of cc in the game .
Tarolock (EUNE)
: what setup do veigar and garen have on their ult? rofl, they take even less risk than cho, since if cho missed the kill with ult he does not get a stack while garen and veigar is fine, their ult does tons of dmg without setbacks even if the ult is not the finishing move
the setup for dealing dmg b4 ulting in orther to kill . cho just walks up and ults without any prior setup + its a true dmg that scales up with ap. and you talk about cho not getting a stack let me remind that he can get a stack from not only champions and it is permenant . Add with all the free cdr u can get now and it is no problem to be at max stack b4 20
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: According to your match history, that hasn't happened. I'd rate 2/10.
what didint happen ?
: You have to use your ultimate with Cho'Gath when you are sure you will kill the opponent, or you will not get a stack. That is a setup.
Not much of a setup when its point and click true dmg that scales with ap still doesnt answer my question doe why mr and armor is irrelevent ?
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TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
Since you want to start schooling atleast do full research . 1. His Q was a PNC ability yes but it didint pass thru anything else It was one target spell I don't even know where did u get nonsense . On top of that this was his ability that gave him ap similar to Nasus or Sion by Killing , doing an actual work and not like now by braindeadly casting his spell . Ap gain was based on target you killed by it , from minion up to a champion 2. His passive was for every 1% missing mana you get an increased mana regen 3. No it's not a big nerf it's actually an overpowering idiotic buff cuz back then he was considered as an anti mage. And I had no problem with that since he didint gather shitload of ap just from nothing . You play well with your Q you get ap . Fair nuff. Now 1/10 veigar comes with higher ap than my 7/2 mid and blast him with q+r just cuz he got that %%%%%%ed ap gain just from casting spells . How is that a fair gameplay ? 4. Yes his stun was instant back then but with kit like it was before I had no problem with it , now hovewer . It's just a free kill every time he cast it in team fight. 5. you say garen shouldn't suppose to do much dmg since he is a tanky champ yet he does shitload of dmg since riot tought it was a great idea to implement a black cleaver into his e . So if veigar is an ap caster do a damn ult that scales from ap . What is this missing hp BS. Yet it has both .
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Fendokil (EUW)
: You can still get your rewards if you reach honor level 2 before February the 19'th. if you dont, no rewards for season 8 :)
Tnx for reply
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