: Okay first off you might want to take some time to cool off and rethink whether or not you actually want what your currently asking for, but if you want your account deleting then contact support through the ticket system and they should be able to help you out with this. Here on the boards we can't do anything to help (unless a rioter responds?) Either way, I hope support can fix something up for you... gl and hf man :)
i tried to do it myself but i dont see a 'delete account'' option anywhere. Its a not a troll or a hacker. I am just done with this game for good i dont want to have the slightest change to retrieve my account so thats why i want it to be perma deleted. As i said i have all the info needed for it including secret question answer, email linked to account passwords etc. If no rioter can respond to this i would like to know how the hell i am supposed to do it myself if any1 knows.
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