Morderajzer (EUNE)
: Agreed.
: You can easily get tired of URF too. And BTW. ARAM had low que time when it was released too for about some weeks or months.
Don't be a sausage. You can't presume to know what me or others will get tired of. Normal URF mode perhaps IS a bit lackluster and people could get tired of it. PERHAPS. But that is precisely why Riot came up with ARURF. Which is the one mode I was talking about.
Morderajzer (EUNE)
: Make URF great again
Just replace 3v3 map or ARAM with ARURF and I'll never leave LoL for extended periods of time again. **ARURF is the most fun I've ever had IN ANY GAME, EVER.** I stopped buying RP and supporting Riots decisions when URF modes started to appear less frequently. I'll start buying RP again when ARURF is permanent. URF is is hella fun and I agree with those who want it back on permanent basis. Riot should not be concerned about it becoming stale, that will never happen. They have dozens of other game modes on weekly rotation. Nobody plays 3v3 map, why is it still in the game? Just replace it with ARURF and I swear I'll start buying RP again and recruiting more friends to play the game.
Fillja (EUW)
: A petition to get URF/ARURF permanent.
People never get tired of URF or ARURF modes. That is not a sound argument at all. There will always be players who will prefer ARURF over say Twisted Treeline. People who don't like URF modes are most likely those whiny people who can't handle the fast paced action and lack constitution to never surrender against more OP enemy team comps. Me and my friends play LoL most often when URF modes are up. Yes it is unbalanced. But who cares, ARURF and URF is all about having fun. Creating crazy ability combinations and coming up with unorthodox tactics. Those crazy combinations and tactics is what let us defeat those few extremely overpowered few characters. So I agree that it's way more fun than any other game mode Riot has ever brought into rotating game modes and **I too want Twisted Treeline or ARAM replaced with ARURF. That should not sacrifice queue times for SR and ranked matches.** Nobody plays Twisted Treeline. ARAM and normal SR modes have 1-3 minute long queues while ARURF has 1 to 20 second queues day and night while they were up on rotation. That says something. **_WE WANT ARURF AS PERMANENT GAME MODE, REPLACE 3V3 MAP OR ARAM WITH ARURF PLEASE._**
Your english is bad and the entire post is barely coherent. But I do agree with one thing. ARAM sucks and nobody plays Twisted Treeline. URF and ARURF were the best modes ever made and we want ARURF replacing ARAM or Twisted Treeline.


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