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: It's naming&shaming
Yeah trolling it's shaming. They should get instantly ban after few deaths under tower in first 15min. I'll never forgot my darius with ignite vs garen. Darius go in garen at 1 lvl and lose with ignite 1 vs 1, then come back and fight with 3lv garen with 2lv and no ignite. He ended with 2:9 and afk last few min. And it's on first screen.
: Stop farming and gank the lanes.
11 kills on ganks and gank more ? Maybe I should bbsit lane and be 5 lvls back because ppl going on top and can't play 1 vs 1 and they think he can pick noob champ like darius or kata and kill enemy uder tower at 3min. Good idea. And second question, what can I do when my bot lane are 0:6 in 6-10min ? These ppl should never get this silver. This system is fcked up.
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: Background
Yeah, thanks.
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