Werty1252 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=CreÂtor1,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=q78bnhx3,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-02-07T00:36:28.447+0000) > > Today i bought Prestige Edition Senna for 100 Prestige points and didnt get a skin ,i only get prestige icon. > In my purchase history is information that i bought a skin.plz help IT is after 10hours and I still didn't get it... I have only hope that they will fix that soon cause in oder whay i will be so sad
As you can see only EUNE people are having this bug, so I hope they fix it soon for us :S
Arnoter (EUW)
: Cats suck. Dogs are the best.
I have a dog too, but he wouldn't be sleeping on keyboard :S
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Traumetajs (EUNE)
: Wait wait wait, I won't get my plat border to show off with? Only because I had no clue you won't count it and will show only soloq/duoq GOLD border instead of flex PLAT one? RLY ??? I feel ripped off .... I want my plat border to be shown not my gold one, cmon .....
You will get plat border in normal games as well as in flex games, only on solo/duo you will have gold border. It seems kinda fair, you get border for what you had in that ranked queue, but in normals you get your highest.
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Sephiro (EUNE)
: Petition for solving autofilled players who refuse to play their roles
Although I understand what are you saying, and when I get autofilled I play support or whatever the role is, but it is not "their role"... If you get autofilled support, against enemy team's real support of course autofilled support will do worse than support main. It isn't fair right? Not for you, not for autofilled support, nor anyone in your team. So I think it's riot to blame for that kind of system that doesn't allow you to play normal match... I mean I would rather wait 10 mins for ranked game to play role I want, with fair teams, than having 2 mins queue time, and autofill. It just involves way more RNG in your ranked matches, so that your ranked matches (so your rank too) are now even more based on luck than before... As for "learning to play every role", I am not buying that sh*t (sry for wording)... I mean in football for example, you as a let's say striker, are not forced to play goalkeeper, as with every other sport. League of Legends is a team based game, where everyone should do their best, which is at the role they prefer to play.
: The only thing im confused is about "Lethal amount of magic damage", by lethal, you mean, 1shot them all??? Besides that, the champion looks cool, try to create a design for him if you have free time... The lore looks cool aswell, you could try to give more text to it, like, talk more about her relation with jinx, etc... But Anyway, The Champion Idea Looks Good To Me {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Guud Jub Dud
Lethal shouldn't mean one shotting someone instantly, but rather, able to kill someone. I mean draven's q can be pretty lethal or prereworked galio ultimate, everything in this game is lethal, as it means it can kill, even autoattacks are lethal. OP used word lethal cause it shows that ability does very very much damage, and I don't think it's a misused word, it's just kind of a "booster" for reader to visualise the large damage.. If you know what I mean :S
: Master Skins
How about when you get lvl 7 you need 4 or 5 S/S+ tokens (in ranked games - summoner's rift) to unlock that master skin (it would be way too hard, but if person playing that champ could get that, it means they are good with that champ, whether it is bronze, silver, gold or plat+ player, it doesn't matter cause ranking system works the way that you play with and against people of your skill (I know this isn't true in reality, but theoretically it should be working that way)) Reason why it should be only ranked games is because people in normal games tend to play something they are trying out for the first time or they played it only couple of times, and most of the times they don't know how to utilise that champion the best, so it would be easy to get S or S+ against that kind of opponent. Just my opinion :) btw. I tought this thread would be about Master Yi skins, but nvmnd xS
: Create your most Overpowered Champion here!
Passive: Phenomenal Evil Power {{champion:45}} [Stacking AP on hitting with ability or takedown] Q: Overload {{champion:13}} [Good for stacking AP, cooldown reset on using other abilities] W: Void Rift {{champion:161}} [Good for stacking AP, long recharge time, but if stacked has low cooldown and amazing damage, as well as 2 stacks per W] E: Twin Fang {{champion:69}} [Good for stacking AP, would abuse Q/E/Q/E/Q/E/Q/E/Q, etc. combo (50 AP a minute, carries a game ;) )] R: Requiem {{champion:30}} [For ultimate damage with that stacked AP]
: Bring back sword of the occult please
Just think of a Garen (25% armor pen on E) with this item (25% armor pen when fully stacked), Black Cleaver (25% armor pen when stacked up) and Mortal Reminder (45% bonus armor pen)... man it would be True damage Garen whether or not his target has mark on them. xD
: Bring back sword of the occult please
Maybe something like this is better for this item with current situation in League. 350 gold item: + 5 AD + 25% healing from pots Unique passive: Sacrifice - Gain 2 stacks for every kill, and 1 stack for assist, up to 10 stacks. Gain 2 AD per stack. Lose 4 stacks upon death (like dark seal). 1400 gold item: + 25 AD +25% healing from pots Unique passive: Sacrifice - Gain 4 stacks of sacrifice per kill or 2 stacks upon assist. Gain 3 AD per stack, up to 25. Lose 10 stacks on death. Unique passive: Brutality - When at 15/20 stacks, gain +20 out of combat movement speed, and +15 lethality. I don't know if this item would be broken, but I certainly find fun to play with dark seal and stacking, so this would be great idea to implement. But, looking at current situation with lethality abusing, just flat lethality wouldn't work, it should at least be unique passive. Also, if there is one more lethality item, like this one, which also gives crazy amount of AD on full stacks, I think all lethality items should give 5 less lethality, just like Youmuu's will next patch. (maybe that would be overnerfing lethality, but this item is straight up buff to all AD champs.
Husker (EUW)
: Best League Related Valentines Poem
Their fed Lucian is taking all the objectives, In rage, as if Thresh stole his wife, I somehow managed to steal his Baron, However, League stole my life.
: I need a kled related name :D
Regnar? I mean he looks kinda like Rengar and Gnar combined :S
duckarp (EUNE)
: No, separate queues have separate MMR.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I think I had that reset no so long ago, but yeah I was winning key fragments, firstly every win, than it dropped to every 4th win, and from ~25% probabilty of getting it it dropped to 0%... It's been I don't know a week or so I didn't get one. I mean after reset I think I got 4 or 5 key framgents, but keeping this rate I'll be stacking lots of boxes without any keys. :(
: Reports do actually help, they may not result in a direct punishment but they help make a profile for said person, if they get enough offense on it they will get punished. This system isn't horrible but you barely notice your report having affect. I'd love for it to send a notification when your report was found valid and contributed.
Yeah, but as far as I understood from reporting system it looks in how many games player was reported in reflect to how many games player played... Which is unhealthy, cause every now and than player can troll without any punishment (At least I read somewhere it works that way) In this case obviously this player I was talking about finished his own placements and decided he would troll this game because he tought his support and whole team was terrible (I've checked bot lane, when supp was stunned he didn't do anything to help her but just standing). So, all this guy has to do is to not troll for a few games, than he can proceed to do the same thing to some other people who may be in their promos at the time. The system overall isn't that all fair.
JakiStow (EUW)
: >One other thing is that it always happens on promos or placements, like 80% of times. I agree with your post, but this sentence right here is only a perceived reality. Our brains tend to remember much more the negative situations than the good ones. This is why we believe that the flamers/trolls/feeders are always in our team, and at the worst moments like promos. Which is actually wrong, since they appear as often (and even more often) in the enemy team than ours, but when that happens we either forget it or don't even realize it. I agree though that it happens on a daily basis, but sadly the tolerance of Riot's "insult detecting bot" is too high to make that happen. Add to it the fact that people don't report those people because they think that reporting is useless, and you get unpunished flamers everywhere. We can't do much about it :/
Ok, I just thought of that the other day :S And really, I do know what you mean, but believe me on this one... Last season, I was placed in Silver IV, I've won 6-7 games in row, and got to promos... In promos over there, ~~out of 9 games~~ out of 7 games (included free wins first time, and did not even mention silver II and silver I promos), I got 3 trolls... I failed 3 times the promos just because there was some yi "that would troll if I didn't tank his gromp" (for first can you believe a yi asking to tank his gromp at no other cost). Second troll was the Diamond Rengar, he had Diamond frame, and he fed whole game, but that could be his bad day, so I don't take that into account... So second place shall be the third really , which was full AD garen that flamed whole team. I know there are just as much trolls in normals and non promo ranked games, but in my case, I wasn't that lucky with my promos (there were more worse trolls in my promos, but I only counted these 2 (3)) If we would to look at statistics, and see how much flamers there were in my games, it would probably be the same for normals, rankeds, and promos. But if we would take into account only those games that I lost just cause of uncooperative teammate/s, I truly believe it would be promo's at first place... Heck, my ranked games are almost all normal, but most problematic games I had were either blind pick games, or my promos, so I am scared my placements would turn the same way. (I should mention this was my third placement game, and second in second one I had vel koz adc (who surprisingly carried, so not that mad, but that shouldn't be a thing))
: I autofilled and got a remake and got 2 protected games for free, so it can work in your favor to!
Good to know, but still, not only is it abusable, but unhealthy as well. Still, 2 protected games is just too little.
RuffioCas (EUW)
: "I can't ignore what happened now" -> talks about something that happens on league on a daily basis It's online gaming in a nutshell for you, people will keep being asshats until cyberbullying overall is taken care of.
I know this is happening on daily basis, but point is those people won't be punished (I'll put a comment here in case he really does get punish, but I doubt it) One other thing is that it always happens on promos or placements, like 80% of times. And we don't have an option to undo what happened and we are the ones that are punished by loss, instead of troll that accomplished his goal of losing a game.
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Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Do you like Autofill?
It's just the question wether you like people not doing their best for the shorter queue time... In my opinion, autofill should be removed, I mean people shouldn't be forced playing something they might not know how to play, not to mention 4 other players that will suffer from it... You'll hear "report the support, noob", but it's far from support's fault. If he played only mid and top his whole league career, you can't expect him to be a good support. Also the other thing, if you are kind of player who'll trade sometimes lanes with support just because they don't know to play support, you won't be autofill protected next game, altough you played support just to have better chance at winning. I really think people should be able to choose lane themselves... If they don't have time they could q up with their lanes, and turn on autofill or something. If, on the other hand, you want to get your lane, you shouldn't even be forced to q up for the other lane (but that would make it totally one-trick-pony playing.), but no... _You'll get support if we give you support, it doesn't matter if it'll ruin whole team and lead you to defeat, cause, you know, healthy queue times are better than healthy gameplay, right? right?_ Obviously not... There is one more thing with autofill now. Because there is no way to escape the autofill now, almost everyone is having autofill turned on, and there is less chance to get support role yourself, cause there are lots of candidates there. But still, things are way worse because if you are not support, doesn't mean someone that doesn't even know how to ward as support will be playing that role (even if it is not totally their own fault)
Eambo (EUW)
: Solo/Duo Queue - Now Active in EUNE and EUW!
Will what I get in preseason count towards what I will have in season 7? (talking about divisions and ranks)
: No more those boosted 3 man fail partys. O happy days!
Now you are gonna be getting boosted 2 man fail parties and a solo flamer :S But still, this is better.
: I wouldn't expect too much. Seeding has always been and will probably always be frustrating. So either you deal with it or stop playing. Expect the S7 seedings to run like the current seedings including the 'one extra bugfix' game. So if you were Silver 5 in Season 6 you should use your 10 seeding matches to try out new things (champs, builds, runes etc.) cause no matter what you will probably get Bronze 5 cause Riot says even low silver and high bronze needs to be reset. Even someone who was Bronze 5 has to play seeding matches for what reason ever. Ridiculous.
I am actually worried, if I climb now to gold let's say, will my new placements put me in silver V or will it be gold V for lets say 5w/5l in placements... I am asking this to see if there is a reason to climb, when I was silver 2 last season, I already ended up demoting to bronze I (6w/4l) It would really be unfair if season 7 placements demoted me yet another tier...
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Thank you! I hope it doesn't throw me another 5 divisions below what I will have before new placements, cause it did it now already! :S
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: ping me please
I bet you'll get comments like: "Why you play when your ping is too high?", but I get you... You are playing the game because you want to play it, just like others... I myself get 200 ping sometimes, too, but that doesn't change the fact I want to play this game... But I don't join games with high ping, it just goes to 200 when I am in game. Anyways gl with ping.
Huntex LT (EUNE)
: RADS Error
Same for me... I tought I was alone. Edit: It's ok now though... I don't know if that is cause I reconnected or cause it is fixed but good anyways :)
: Elo boosted accounts. TIME TO STOP THIS!
I only see Ryze top gameplays not elo boosting... Maybe he plays good with Ryze, but then again maybe I am wrong and it is elo boost. EDIT: Ohh, I didn't see that summoner spell thing. Well yeah this is elo boosting :P Also in every game with Ryze there is Farsight Alternation instead of normal ward, unlike before. (but you also see that games before are 11 days ago while after are 2/1 days ago... People can learn new playstyles.. But it's unlikely)
duckarp (EUNE)
: Can you elaborate what do you mean by that? What would that function do?
It would equalize the gold on both teams... E.g. one team is 3000g away... With equalize other team would get 3000g to catch up the game and make it more interesting. I think it's something like that


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