: > i ever got a reward or at least a good enough reward for staying loyal to this game. Riot seems not to care that much What would've you liked to have then? League is a free game, you already get free stuff from hextech crafting and from season rewards.
if you think about it hextech is a way for riot to make even more money, people who are going to spend money on the game will do regardless of the crafting and now there are people who buy keys and chests so even more moeny for riot, but sure i dont mind getting free skins. But Imagine if you suddenly got one skin for your most played champ from riot with a message saying thanks for all this years of supporting us. wouldnt that make you even more stocked abou the game ? even if you dont like the skin. Or just a message every now and then saying thank for staying active all this years even that would make me feel significant rather than a resource for money.
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