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: I would just use riot games his own replay option, and record that with a screen recorder.
Isn't it better to record directly from replay than to use other software?
: Have you tried Radeon ReLive? Your GPU should support it.
Never heard of it, i'll take a look right now
: Yes - you'll have to export/record before new patches. An IO is much slower than a program running - when you record a video it takes x10 resources than league commands and x10 more duo to how much slower an IO is than the CPU/Ram. Most people are using Invidia ShadowPlay, which is using the Graphic Card power and abilities to balance the data recording. Which I'm pretty sure yours is not supported. Before we had the replay system we used lol-replay or sites like - then again, they also not available between patches.
Thanks for all that information! Appriciate it!
: I recommend you wont record it on this type of hardware (lucky you can even play league). What's wrong with the replay system?
It stays only from patch to patch, is that correct? Yeah i thought of that too, but it runs very smooth, Even Alliasing and Character Inking are on and its always 60..
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