MacDeath (EUW)
: Let's pray Riot gives us those sweet statistics about ourselves at the end of the season!
Yeah, that thing was actually nice, it looked cool af, and I got to know that I am a God of warding. :'D
Rismosch (EUW)
: Wait, untargetable means that he can't be hit by anything. He can be damaged by abilities he got hit before, like Ignite, Karma E or Morgana Ultimate, but those have to been hit before he uses his Ult, right? Or do I understand something wrong? I mean just like Zed R, Yi Q, Fizz E and Vladimir E, you simply cannot hit them, unless you cast ignite, morgana R and so on before they use their abilities, right?
> [{quoted}](name=Rismosch,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VLymg7zx,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-18T07:40:12.328+0000) > > Wait, untargetable means that he can't be hit by anything. He can be damaged by abilities he got hit before, like Ignite, Karma E or Morgana Ultimate, but those have to been hit before he uses his Ult, right? Or do I understand something wrong? I mean just like Zed R, Yi Q, Fizz E and Vladimir E, you simply cannot hit them, unless you cast ignite, morgana R and so on before they use their abilities, right? Yes, but it's really not easy to predict whenn they are going to use those abilities, so it makes it extremely hard for you to actually do it before dying to them.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Eh; just play if you want to climb, but a ranking goal shouldn't be in your mind. Eventually, you'll climb. Most of Silver is exactly the same as Bronze, the only difference being that these players play more time. Trust me, player stupidity-wise it won't get *any* better.
I'll try my best, but the thing that tilts me the most is when you try to communicate and they flame you for that, and when they take every advice or suggestion as a flame. I say 'Don't go in solo, wait til we group, we can win' and they are like 'Shut up idiot, %%%% your mother' and all that stuff. ._.
: talon can also end his ult early
But Talon can be hit during the ult, and he can be cc'd while his ult lasts.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: > Why are people in **this elo** acting like that? Why don't people in **this elo** adapt to more than just one/two role(s)? Why do people in **this elo** flame so much? There's your answer. The fact that their behavior is as such is a very big factor as to why they're in "this elo". And the fact that you aren't like that just goes to show that you really are better than them.
And it's killing me that I will never probably get out, becasue of the people I just described in my post, really, I know I can do more, and I know I can go further than bronze, but I am just too 'scared' to even start a ranked game and try to make it to Silver/Gold or more one day, because I know what will happen in there, I was thinking about making a new account, but I have too many skins and champions and all other stuff here that it would be the worst thing to do.
: Well if something is op and wins you games easy it is clearly meta, if it would be a pure joke they surely wouldn't have so many kills :P
Oh well, Idk, its not rly meta to paly lethality on every single champ you pick... Getting on my nerves kinda.
Rioter Comments
: Im sorry for this Janna... needs to support 4 brainless meta slaves
Meta? This isn't even Meta anymore, this is a pure joke and kids being thirsty for kills, instead of playing for the team.
: can't you refund it?
I play League for 3 years, I spent my last refund in 2016 when I was not happy with Ivern. (I bought him with RP as soon as he came out, that's why I refunded him, if it was IP I wouldn't refund)
Rioter Comments
: You know you're playing League when...
You talk and understand with your team and find solutions on how to win a trade or a game, together. Wait...{{item:3751}}
: Riot explain please im confused
If my game has problems, and I need to repair it, or my internet is really bad that day and I am not sure if it'll disconnect me or not, I just go into a Custom game against bots to try out if everything is fine and will I get disconnected or 1500+ms'd, if after 1 Custom bot game, or at least 20 mins of it (if I am not rly having fun playing it) I queue up for Normal to play with others (My internet overall is bad, so I never que for ranked, last time I did it was December). ---- Be safe next time, and try this method out, it works for me mostly. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
ThePikol (EUNE)
: How to lose 5v4 game in Silver guide
Recipe* (I hate myself too) Much love, pls no flame. ;-;{{item:3682}}
: Go from wireless to a wired connection. Also make sure your uncle and babushka aren't watching porn while you play.
Hell why did I never think about that, I know I have the cable. I'll try that out! And Thanks for the advice, and also for making me laugh. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{item:3682}}
: Dude, seriously it's impossible to have so shit internet that your ping is 300+ default to your region's server. At least 10/5, 10/10, 20/5 internet, heck even 5/1 internet connection is enough for <60 ping. (first number is download rate and second is upload).
1. My internet connection overall is bad. 2. I live in Balkan region, so worse internet than other countries is expected. 3. My PC is the device that is the most distanced one from the router in my house, there is no device with longer distance from it to router. (Illustrated, if you imagine they stand in a straight line - Router {{item:2055}} > Random devices and pc's {{item:3340}} {{item:3340}} {{item:3340}} {{item:3340}} {{item:3340}} {{item:3340}} {{item:3340}} {{item:3340}} > My pc {{item:3649}} ), and while every other device stands on 4/5 5/5 connection, I sit on 2/5 and sometimes 1/5, that's why, maybe. And, once again, **I AM NOT** complaining, I am just explaining why I have bad connection.
Strigina (EUNE)
: Well...then bad for you with that kind of internet, I guess. Reminds me of good ol' years when I was waiting minutes for a single picture on the internet. Btw is it because you have crapy provider or simply internet in your country is crap at all?
I think it is the second one, because in those 3 years I changed 4 internet providers, and none of them brought me to less than 500 ms, and loading a video on Youtube in 720p60 is just a dream for me.
: that doesn't make up for the games where you dc and your team has to 4v5. ofc you carry in low elo sometimes because there's so many players like you with shitty computer/ping/mentality (no offense) and its mostly about who %%%%s up less than his opponent but your winrate is still below 50% and overall on your you have 45% in last 20 games which is fine if your ping is like that. its just that people who get into the games where u lag out are affected and might lose their promos because of you or whatever without it being their fault. if they only meet u once ofc it wont affect them that much, but there's probably more people like you and if you put yourself in their position you might understand why it would be frustrating if you drop divisions because in every single game there's a person like you that randomly dcs at crucial moments. good approach to stop playing that day then though.
I haven't played ranked since December, because I just gave up cuz I didn't wanna go lower than I already am and I hate to fck up other peoples ranked games, I only play Normals since December because I just wanna have fun until I one day fix or buy a new internet so I can come back to ranked. So no promos were lost during this period.
: Either get into 21st century or stop playing. You clearly must be living in the sewers... wait a moment... Are you {{champion:29}}?
So, if I don't have much money, because I live in that kind of country, I am not living i 21st century because my internet does't run on <50 ms? That makes no sense I think, and I got used to playing on 500ms after 3 years, so it doesn't show a big problem for me. And yes, I was a Twitch main, so I guess I can say... I am, kinda. :p *U want* . . . . **Sum plague?** {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Strigina (EUNE)
: You are already punished by leaverbuster system which doesn't make any difference between technical issues and afk on purpose. And honestly, if you know you'll have these problems ans still enter a pvp game, it kinda is your fault.
As I said previously, I got used to playing on 500ms and I am playing pretty good for the amount of ping I am having, and I can't really know which days am I gonna get that juicy 1500+ ms, so after 1 game has passed like that, I just stop playing that day, until I check if my internet works on 500 again in a Custom with bots. And this wasn't complaiing, because I am not puiished too much with LeaverBuster, cuz I rarely leave games, so it takes me 3-4 afk games to get Lower priority Queue, as I sometimes have 3-4 months without a single AFK game.
: im glad you aren't in my region but on behalf of all the players that you force to suffer from your connectionissues: plz stop playing the game
After 3 years, I got used to playing on 500ms and if you play some games with me, you'll see I am doing pretty fine with that amount of ping, 11 winstreak and good score with Ekko few weeks ago, 14 games Thresh winstreak and good score, few months ago, and good winrate and scores don't really influence other players too much, and I mentioned, I get completely disconnected **SOMETIMES** not every game I play, there are some bad days where my internet does go to 1500+ ms, and after one game like that I just don't play for the rest of the day or I try my internet in Custom with bots so I can check if it is fixed. So I don't see a point of not playing at all if I have good KDA, Winrate and sometimes am a hard carry. Its easy to get used to playing on 500ms if you are playing like that for 3 consecutive years. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
ÉxiledCake (EUNE)
: In ranked and flex
That's what I thought, glad we came to the same point! :D
: Basically your internet provider (or one of the networks along the connection between your computer and Riot) may be having problems which is preventing the client from reaching Riot's own servers, which causes it to think its offline and not connected to the internet. A VPN (or Virtual Private Network) reroutes your connection so instead of taking a route that might be broken (and prevents you from accessing the client), it takes another route that may let you access the client and log in. Where are you playing from and who is your internet provider? I recall people around the Balkans and Bulgaria having issues accessing the client not that long ago.
There we go, I am from Croatia, which is in Balkan, and I remember those problems not so long ago, I saw like 30 posts about it. But few of my friends I play with, still play normally even tho they live 50-200m away from me.
pIscript (EUNE)
: What are your favorite and least favorite drakes?
To me, it depends on the champion I am playing, if I am playing Kindred I am rooting for Wind Drake because I love when I have a lot of movement speed on Kindred (That's why I rush Mobility Boots 1st back) because I have a lot of Map control then. If I am playing Nocturne, Ekko, or an ADC, I am rooting for Infernal Drake. If I am playing Poppy or Taric, or anything similar, I am rooting for Ocean Drake. And afterall, I root for Mountain Drkae only when I need extra gold and I can solo him, cuz i rather let my team push while I get that big guy. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
HuntSeeker (EUNE)
: AFK punishment should increase and be more brutal to AFK players ( Bring down the ban hammer)
I play the game for 3 years on a bad network, I have played maybe 2% of games on ping below 500 ms, even tho I live in this region (EUNE), sometimes I get random DC's and I am out for few minutes (sometimes even 20 mins or whole games), and that would mean I would be punished for something that is not my fault, just because my internet is bad and I have no money to afford a new one? That makes no sense at all.
: Try using a VPN like HotspotShield or Tunnelbear and see if using it will let you login. It might be a routing error that is preventing you from accessing the URL that leads to the client's login system.
Hmm, Can you please just give me more info, I am not a big pro in that kind of stuff, so I'll just need you to explain it for me a bit, in a few more words. And IDK Why it doesn't work all out of sudden, yet it worked for past 3 months.
: when i was typing it i was thinking of pobelter in a lee play he did recently,you probably have seen it if you watch stream highlights or pobelter himself, he was like "but wait,there's more"
Exactly that one, (I think) when he screams 'BUT WAIT' (...) 'THERE'S MORE' ! I laugh every time I hear that, probably what you are talking about! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Rioter Comments
stavrara (EUNE)
: its not good to play new champ at ranked simply YOU DONT KNOW HIM
Nor does anyone know how to counter him. You maybe tried him on PBE and you got knowledge, and you go into ranked with knowing the build, masteries and what to max, while enemy team probably doesn't know how to counter or stop him.
: I imagine the enemy team in my game today being like "Oh great we have the new champ so they wont know how to play against it but wait he is 0/11"
*Randomly reads 'but wait' in that voice from that Vine*
ÉxiledCake (EUNE)
: They could disable new champs for the first two weeks...
How does that make any sense? That is basically just releasing him the next patch (1 patch - 2 weeks), only if you meant that he is disabled in ranked or something similar.
: I can respect people like you, playing support and enjoying it. Keep at it mate, and good luck with the ranked comeback. The bronze 6 on ADC(and in my case jungle as well) hits close home though :3.
Oh well, only ADC I play good is Jhin, and I have him lvl 6, give me any other Marksman and I'll probably lose your promos. Thanks for good wishes tho, I am coming back to Ranked as soon as I fix my client and internet, I want to get out of here finally.
: I think that doing this will reduce overall toxicity by quite a huge margin, but it will also increase queue times to the point where you can sleep a full 8 hours in between league games (I'm obviously exaggerating, but you get the point, right). I myself just don't consider support a fun role. Maybe it's because it feels like the least rewarding role to me, maybe it's because you don't get a lot of gold income, and maybe it's because you are reliant on your team to not screw up and feed their heads off. Yes, a good support will be able to counteract this kind of stuff a little bit, Yes good supports are the best playmakers, and Yes, supports play an essential role in the progression of their entire team by placing deep vision and contesting enemy vision, but to me it is just not attractive to pick up the role. For me it's not worth indulging myself the negativity and powerlessness that a low-elo support will have to go through and deal with in order to actually become a good, well trained, actually functioning support. It just doesn't feel like a rewarding enough role for me to spend much time developing as a support player. Every time I feel like playing support (yes, I have days on which I voluntarily queue support), the game that follows makes me realize all over again what it feels like playing support amongst bronzes and silvers, and let me tell you, it feels opposite of anything near positive or impactful. And yes, you could reason that I should just ''Git Gud'', and you'd be absolutely right, but to me it simply isn't worth playing enough support to get good at it, because of what I have explained before. Maybe some day I might just feel like picking up support, but probably not any time soon. And let me and this post by saying that I really do have huge appreciation for good supports and support mains, since I envy them for the balls they must have to main that role. But for now, I'll, just like most other players, stick with the relative safety of my solo lanes. I'll just wait until autofill places me on support once more, and play a game of support to the best of my capacity (which is not a whole lot). I do feel like I should add that whenever I play support, I don't troll or int for my preferred role, like some other disgusting players attempt to do. I just build my sightstone and locket/redemption and buy my scanner and do my best, which is honestly the least anyone should do when autofilled IMO.
I'm willing to take a bullet and sacrifise my Queue time to become longer (Few more minutes aren't a problem for me, especially cuz I mostly pick Support or fill, anyways, so my Queue time would remain kinda the same), and enjoy games with people playing on the roles they are good at, literally, if a Mid main gets mid, and he is actually good at it, that's a big plus, then if I get my support role that I mained for 2 seasons, that's also a plus, cuz you have 2 expirienced (Expirienced does not mean 'high elo', inb4 anyone says something) players on their favorite / best played positions, you actually have a bigger chance to win the game. Not to mention that I have 52% winrate on Taric (Counting only Ranked games), and around 44% with Thresh (If I remember correctly, also just ranked), so removing autofill wouln't be a big problem for me, and in my group of 5 friends (4 + me) if we need to compromise or someone starts being toxic cuz I took away their mid or jungle (My 2 most played roles besides support), I am the one who always takes support role, because I haet toxicity, flaming, and everything related, and I enjoy playing support very much, because I know I am good at it, and I mostly get praised by my friends (and sometimes strangers) how good I am at support role. (Yes, I agree that sounds overconfident and egoistic, but some high elo people on list tell me quite often that they thought I was platinum/Gold at least after they saw me play support [Just like they say I am bronze 6 when I play ADC hehe xd]) Definitely willing to take a bullet to sacrifise my Queue time for some healthy games and a comeback to ranked that I haven't played for... 7 Months ._. {{champion:245}} **Ulted and came back to the time when people cared about my posts and comments.** {{champion:412}} **Called you to ask if you wanna _hook_ up.** {{champion:44}} **Said he is willing to GEMbmle and risk his life to protect you.**
Spearki (EUW)
: letting someone else play on your account is account shearing doesn't matter if he doesn't know the pass or anything i was just trying to help out as you might get in trouble if someone finds out so keep it on the low
Oh well, I guess his feeding still counts, thanks for pointing that out for me, I'll shut down my client from now on, after I succesfully Install it again, cuz it seems like I won't be able to for the next week or so.. Thanks, sir.
LeoTheGrey (EUNE)
: Try switching regions and switching back for temporary solution
Tried, didn't work out, other region says the same message, can't login in my account on that region, coming back to EUNE, can't log into that on either, same message, same 'restriction', eh..
: Sorry to hear that. All I can suggest is you to go to the Riot support site and submit a ticket with your problem, here's the link : They will probably not respond immediately but It's the only thing you can do atm.
I will try, but I won't be expecting anything more than just plain try to unintentionally say 'Fix your internet' while it works fine.
: that's due to the regular downtime in preparation for a patch, > Network Operations – Yesterday at 10:26 PM > On 12/07/17, starting at 01:30 CEST (23:30 UTC), ranked queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 7.14. At 03:00 CEST (01:00 UTC), the servers will be shut down and all games currently in progress will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 3 hours.
I still can't log in, and I still get the same message.
Spearki (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lonely Ekko,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=PEVxGNqI,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-07-11T15:20:42.189+0000) > > others are by my brother cuz he is collecting IP for me sometimes), and when I have my day off, and wanna chill... I can&#x27;t... probably shouldn't go around saying that as it's perma ban able to share accounts
Another thing is, that he doesn't even know my password, I leave my laptop open and my account online, so he asks if he can play some games, pretty sure that is not infor/account sharing, but just letting my brother play league while I am off at work.
: Probably a problem from Riot, it's not the first time happening.
The thing is Even after I made it into the client, and logged in, it still doesn't allow me to click the Play button and/or accept any matches, while in the same time I can use chat, store, loot, collections, absolutelly everything. That means my internet works fine, cuz I also use Twitch and facebook at the same time and it works normally. It's really frustrating as I was unable to play for a long time, because of work (I played 3 games in last 10 days, by myself, others are by my brother cuz he is collecting IP for me sometimes), and when I have my day off, and wanna chill... I can't... {{champion:32}}
Rioter Comments
: Revert Rengar
I actually do miss the old Rengar. The old Ferocity system, the old bonetooth necklace system, and mostly, his old Ult, where he would go completely invisible with those marks aboveplayers heads, I really do miss that. And I remember how many times that guy oneshoted me and I was like 'What the hell is this champ', but I actually miss that, I hoped that at least his ult or ferocity system would stay the same, becase this new one, you can almost never have full 'stacks' when you wanna ult, thats hardly possible to maintain. And with this new Bonetooth Necklace, I just feel like he's off, he has the biggest possible jump right now, which you had to have so many kills for to get, and now it jsut gives.. plain AD, and he isn't such an assassin as he used to be, he is more of an Bruiser/Tank now, if you don't build him tanky, you'll probably end up getting dumped as soon as you jump. I didnn't play him a lot befor,e nor did I play him much now, but those times I actually picked him, I can tell, I miss the old Rengar so much, out of all the reworks and champions. He just feels like he lost his identity after that update/rework. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
tiger4545 (EUNE)
: I'm fine with that. G2 is better than S3(honestly, I played around 120 Flex games and like 13 SoloQ, I simply like Flex better).
It is supposed to show your biggest rank, wether it is Solo/duo, 5v5 Flex, or 3v3, just the biggest rank you are in any of those, and now it just shows Flex. For example, I am b1 in solo/duo, and b4 in Flex cuz I never played it other than those 10 matches, I surely want my b1 to be seen, especially when I am 2 games away from SIlver promos. (Yes, I know, Silver is still shitty league, but at least it looks better than Bronze, and I am aiming to go far this season, so don't mock me cuz of low rank as some people do :P)
: Why can't we honor a player from the enemy team?
Yea! I have a guy I only know from league, and in one ranked, months ago, he was playing (the new) Rengar and he wasn't going really well with him, he had 0/4 and messed up ult, and wondered how do we see him when he ults, and in mid game, as we were winning, I wrote him all he needs to know about new Rengar, and he went onto 5/4 at the end after my instructions (luckily we won the game, oopsie), added me, and after I left the Post game screen I had 3 'Honorable opponent' honors, meaning 3 people liked how I helped him instead of mocking him or whatever, why can't I do that now, why can't other people do that, why can't I honor someone from enemy team now, why can't anyone from enemy honor me, anymore?
: Showing the Flex Medal and not the solo/duo or highest rank in your profile.
It tilts the hell out of me, bcz I am b1 in Solo/duo and b4 in flex, bcz I dont even play flex, played those 10 matches and thats it. ('Oh look at this guy he's bronze, uuu must be Yasuo main, lol noob delete lol you are bronze lol haha sucker' and then you realize last Ranked I played was in December) Have a nice day, I won't because its raining here.{{item:3151}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Lonely Ekko,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ObuEzxha,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-06-29T14:33:21.740+0000) > > Its the best when you have 1 for AP, 1 for AD, and 1 for TANK, pretty much mostly what you need. > Or, lets say you are an ADC One trick, but you sometimes like to play (for example) Top lane, so you make your runes for an adc role, and other 2 for AD and/or AP/Tank, depending what you play the most on that top lane you like to play sometimes. > > Overall, in most cases it is AD, AP, TANK, and if you main an AS champ like lets say Kindred, then you make yourself an AS rune page if you&#x27;d like. > > Hope I helped. ^-^ > > Have a nice day. {{item:3681}} Thanks alot!
No probs. ^-^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Well anyways, doesn't matter I still want to hear your opinions fellas...
Its the best when you have 1 for AP, 1 for AD, and 1 for TANK, pretty much mostly what you need. Or, lets say you are an ADC One trick, but you sometimes like to play (for example) Top lane, so you make your runes for an adc role, and other 2 for AD and/or AP/Tank, depending what you play the most on that top lane you like to play sometimes. Overall, in most cases it is AD, AP, TANK, and if you main an AS champ like lets say Kindred, then you make yourself an AS rune page if you'd like. Hope I helped. ^-^ Have a nice day. {{item:3681}}
munraker (EUW)
: How can you login? ...
: ha! i got koi nami on my third chest last year XD it went perfectly with the koi nami icon :3
I cri evritym ;-; {{item:3070}} 7 of my friends got Koi Nami, and none of them took it, they all disenchanted it, yet I am here sitting with all those legendaries, epics and ultimates, being the one people rage at, and just craving to get Koi Nami ;_; #SadGirl {{item:3070}}
: my top: {{champion:60}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:7}} (i love everything pink/purple) {{champion:104}} (those absssss) {{champion:20}} (that bm laugh though) {{champion:10}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:119}}
Ay thats nice, pretty much you want every single one of them :P That Gatekeeper Galio, I have it since before the rework xP Story about Blood Moon Jhin - I got 2 chests, 1 day after BM Jhin came out. I got BM Jhin from both of them, and I took one, the second one is there waiting for a reroll / Disenchant. Another ''Funny'' story - I have all those skins, and the only skin I ever wanted was a Koi Nami, which I never got, yet I refuse to buy it, because then it wouldn't be so special, I either wanna get it from a chest, or to be a gift from someone who I helped out a lot, while I didn't even ask them to gift me. (I know damnit I am so complicated ;-;)
: its true you got so lucky :D i legit want 12/18 of your shards! im still waiting rito
May I know which ones? ^-^
Benshirro (EUW)
: Hey there, just click the cog in the top right corner to open settings, then choose 'Block List.' You can click a player on there to remove them from your list.
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