YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: did u consider him having masteries that add healing? mby he was AP? What summoners he had?
he started with dorans, had 19 AP, also flash and TP as summoner spells. It was so friggen weird. He just kept healing ridiculous amounts...
YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: it heals for base value + quite high % of missing health. Highly doubt it healed him 90% but it can heal a lot yeah. > > Gangplank consumes a large quantity of citrus fruit which removes any crowd control effects on him and heals him for 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 (+90% of ability power) (+15% of missing Health).
that leaves at best 150-200 heal, but he went from almost dead to almost full health bar. That's why I'm asking.
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: is yasuo broken?
He's not broken, just annoying and strong when ahead. Thing is, most Yasuo's are awful and just feel "broken" because of enemies misplays.
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: Maybe that games seems lost to you. but not to others. the opposite of that the other game?
I'm talking about games where it's 20 minutes and enemy is on our inhibs, but teammates refuse to surrender. Then other cases where we are 4 kills behind and allies surrender...
: Any ideas for a summoner name related to Zyra ?
Okuma (EUNE)
: It's quite good to have the "Never surrender spirit" The enemies might make mistakes which you can take advantage of.
I knew I could win, because enemies were low elo and super uncoordinated.
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: garen ult wont kill you at that point you have 800 missing health and even with 0 mr he will deal at most (dunno the exact math) 700 dmg (and its probably even less)
I looked the match up and I'm roughly guessing I had close to 3K health. That being said He dropped me to 1.3K in a single Q+E combo. Next moment he clicked R and I was dead. Totally normal for a 5 tank item champion.
guy112 (EUW)
: Please don't be offensive. I don't think garen is a broken champion. That's also why barely anyone complains about him. Just one bad experience of playing against him isn't worth to complain already. You could've been matched against a smurf or whatever and he could've outplayed you, I don't know. But one thing I know for sure, garen is not broken at all.
I stomped him on lane, but my team was so trash that he could slowly get stronger and eventually just Q-E combo'ed my squishy allies down with just a black cleaver and rest tank items.
: Ooooh boy, the OP is gonna have loads of fun when he encounters Darius and a decent Olaf...
they're annoying but neither has ability to silence you and then take half HP bar in one ability. Also problem with Garen is that he builds only one offensive item: Black Cleaver. Rest is all tank, so he can run around like a headless chicken.
: His ult is an execute... So it doesn't matter if you had 1.6K max health if your missing most of it then garen ult is gonna do a ton of damage but you need to actually take damage first for it to do that damage.
yes it matters, If I'm at 1,5k health out of 2,3k and he ults, he shouldn't be able to kill me in one click.
: Its more of a communication problem in your team. Garen has no gapclosers, or any other source of damage besides his ult. If he decides to go some damage, black cleaver for example, it cuts alot of his tankiness. Proper team would not let Garen reach its carries
are you high? His abilities scale like 80% AD + gain true damage as well.
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: This is a common occurence when smurfing. The matchmaking system simply increases the radius of MMR search after every set amount of time (in which a game was still not found), in order to reduce queue times. Since there is a shortage of players with low level and a high MMR (in other words, smurfs) the MMR radius usually becomes far bigger than normal matches until a game is found. If the system didn't work this way, you'd have to wait about an hour long for every game while smurfing. tl;dr The system works just fine - don't go expecting every player to be as good as you and proceed to blame them when they don't stand up to your expectations, or atleast not when smurfing.
Match making matches "smurfs" with other "smurfs". I started League again after being away for almost a year or so and it's fucking sad how trash these people are. They don't only suck at League, but they suck at life. Bitching and crying over every little thing, going AFK when support gets one kill or takes 2 CS. Some even btch when you take proc this time: {{item:3097}}
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Coxis (EUNE)
: Hi Long n Hard, Are you sure your Chrome is set on default? :)
I logged in today and match history is back to being as it was in every way. Yesterday night it looked like match history from S2...
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mecha Syrena,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=EjFGpcwX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-21T23:02:43.094+0000) > > You sure you have your browser set to default cause it works for mee. I just tried here and it used my default browser too, which is Chrome :-( Don't think we can take credit for this one unfortunately!
I have chrome as default. Entire match history is different in my client. I can no longer click on the game for more info inside the client, it instantly pops up to open it in IE. Before my match history layout changed it opened it in chrome... PS: Fkn fix the blank page instead of actual game/match history.
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: More IP to make the game better
How the hell did you get only 517,8 days if 5 or 6 games a day? You get ~100 IP for a victory, if you lucky. 250 for first win, let's say you win 2 more games for +100 each and lose two for ~60 IP each. That's 570 IP a day. This means you'd have to play 5-6 games for like 900 days?
: Because it was obvious that he did it ^^
it's obvious these dumb fucks do it as well.
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Kian987 (EUW)
: RIOT explain me why you allow this!
Meanwhile Shaclone got instantly suspended for int feeding in one game.
Long n Hard (EUNE)
: Match making system is so busted it's sad
I'm going to add pictures of what BS I've had to tolerate today... Veigar lost mid and went AFK. Bottom lane was a duoQ... Bottom lane was doing actually really good... Top lane were two dudes on one lane, feeding everything that had red borders. At some point Garen left top lane and started roaming mid, ended up taking about 5+ waves of minions from me and made me just sit and wait until he left. Gragas and Nautilus were duoQ. Basically they were walking in jungle and doing camps together. Sivir ran into enemies and when she died, she always wrote "WTF" in chat. Where do these people come from? My 9 years old cousin can play League in a more legit manner than these dudes. They don't use item actives, they don't use trinkets, they don't run away from enemies until they have 5% of less health left. Do these guys live in another universe? I think my stuffed teddy bear could play League better.
: Well, some people deserve to get destroyed. That said, the purpose of League is to always attempt to win the game. I'm not sure if what you did actually was productive. That, assuming we even care about whether winning in League is in one way or another useful or productive.
It's not like I was running in circles doing nothing. I just decided I'm not going to help them with teamfights when they talk shit and a 5-5 Sivir took every red buff and considered herself as a "carry" and said she'll carry easy. Basically last 20 seconds other two teammates were just crying for me to help them.
Maraomara (EUNE)
: EUNE is DED.
Playing in EUNE no lag but occasional micro stutters.
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: first looks
How can a text have bad resolution O.o What sort of ghetto stuff is Rito using in their codes... As for images being shitty resolution, it's not news. Rito is known to just re-using old and outdated images and stretching them to fit.
Berisan (EUW)
: Post-game screen grades are hard to read over bright splash arts
I was like what S grade or why everything if fogged out (btw nice editing skills). Then when I was about to close the picture I noticed an "S" in the champ picture... It felt like one of those "do you spot the X?" things on a picture...
: What did Xerath get when he finished college?
copy pasta from NA board... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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