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asukma (EUW)
: Lenovo Thinkpad X2330 Can run league of Legends?
It will run, but not too well. I will just advise you to install the game and play with the settings of the Game until you reach at least 30FPS. If this PC struggles to even maintain 30FPS in late game teamfights, you might need to consider buying a new PC.
Feahl (EUW)
: Can't upvote/downvote posts
I posted this Several minutes later i suddenly got deprived of my rights to upvote/downvote, I got a little message saying "You don't have enough permissions to do that" with a little picture of Ammumu. I don't know if those two are related, but it's very strange to be unable to rate posts. Now I can, it's been 2 days since i posted that, so who knows, maybe there was an error with the boards.
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iTech (EUNE)
: Todays patch made the game running even worse. You can see another issue like this here. Spread the word
: Alt+Tab potentially collapse the game
You can find more info about this here: We're in the same boat brother
: I want to do something helpful.
I felt super down lately, no actual reason. Might be because of the weather change, as you said. :P
aww (EUNE)
: What's going on Riot?
My game crashed with a black screen, not even bugsplat. Wasn't able to get it back to normal by any means. After countless restarts of the PC and restarts of the game I contacted Riot Support. I was incoherent at first, because I was super frustrated with the situation, since it crashed at the beginning of a ranked game and I just afked all of it. Anyhoo, after some questions the support guy/girl told me it's from my ISP not from the game, because as it/she states **"said ISP is having some issues with their connection and we're receiving multiple reports from your area of things like these" / " yes it is possible the sudden interruption of the connection to the servers caused the whole thing to collapse"** And when I asked **"Then why the frick is everything fine on other devices? My phone has a stable connection, my tv works fine, my internet on the PC is fine, etc"** Support spokesperson states **"because it is not a matter of general internet connection, it is instead a matter of how their service connects to ours"** Also **"I'm not saying it can't work at all, simply that it is unstable and can cause issues such as the one you described"** So at the end after I insisted on the issue with some screenshots explaining the situation: I was met with: " I've explained what is most likely causing this issue my friend and why we can't help directly, I'm quite sorry" Now. I don't even want to begin on how useless was the support on this one and how they just blamed it on everything but themselves. The game is crashing IN RANKED GAMES FFS. Whats the point on bringing a fancy update on the map (at start you'll have the kda girls at spawn Xddddd" if you just destroy the game with it. Also the game was reinstalled, just after that, to make sure that I start fresh. I have a gigabit connection so idc. Game is installed in about 5 mins, then, I jump into a game. Everything goes nuts. Thank God I went for a normal game instead of a Ranked on this time. Hope Riot wakes the %%%% up, because this is sad. And as I said to the support: **"oookeeey...just gonna uninstall this real quick, and be on my way."** {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Edit: too stupid to attach an image to this forum, sry
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: Client far from optimization or ready to launch and a few very personal sugestion
No one will care about this post probably, mine is ignored...about the laggy client. So, good luck with that.
: Swain is a solid champ, but champs like him don't have place in the burst "Kill in 3 sec max or get killed" meta. I mean, even the tanks I've played have barely felt like tanks.
i agree, i'm an swain main, sadly this champion can't fins his place in this meta, it's impossible for him to fight vs regular mid champs like lux, lb, anivia malza, even zed(depends if the zed player is really good). I quit playing him..even though he's frikin awesome and fun to play
kauketsu (EUW)
: why on earth disable ranked if you cant chat?
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Anadeidra (EUW)
: [DEEP SUGGESTION] Night and day cycle
Do you want "this is copied from dota 2" memes? Because this is how u get 'em
GitGudSkrub (EUNE)
: Bronze top/mid/jungler looking for some DynQ partners. (Preferably Silver, but anything will do)
I wish i could help with you, but I'm Gold. I always tough that Silver and Bronze matches are more enjoyable, i just have more fun in that elo :D. Anyway, good luck. And a little tip for getting out of Bronze that helped me out: play old mages, like Swain or even Malzahar, you will dominate. Zed is kinda difficult if you ask me.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: And the drophacks are here again...

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