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VortexV9 (EUNE)
: New epic skins!
Because most of the champs you listed arent popular enough to make them a %%%% tone of money.. *BUT HEY LETS GIVE KAISA 2 NEW SKINS BECAUSE SHE TOTALLY NEEDS THEM, RIGHT?? AND LETS GIVE AHRI ANOTHER ONE TOO!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} *
Smerk (EUW)
: What do you mean?
Riot has apparently made a new system called "Hextechnician" that is supposed to help players with their issues, and its actually high honored players that get some rp for solving support tickets (from what i have heard and read so far, could be wrong. Even if i am wrong about that specific thing that doesnt change my overall point about the system) This system simply doesnt work, at all. I sent multiple tickets about the same issue (Dont comment about "youre bumping your ticket and thats why they cant solve your issue" cause its not that), i got the same reply each and every time, the reply being a link to the "answer" for my issue. But guess what, its not an answer its just the website that explains what a Hextechnician is, which is completely useless So for over a week i have been trying to get in contact with player support so i can ask them to solve my issue, but i keep getting replies from this stupid ass system.... Even on the page where it explains it what it is theres this little box which asks "was this article helpful" and right now it says "102 out of 1208 found this helpful".... So yeah... Good job riot
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karablack (EUNE)
: its new system riot trying out. basicly, they take players who are in the game for a long time, in high elo, and have high honour lvl, to help the support system, and answer on some of the questions. as a reward they get RP
Ah, I see People are getting rp for wasting my time and not helping me with my problems Great %%%%ing job riot!!
TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
I did wait, for a long ass time and all i got as a "response" is the "Hextechnician" thing that does not freaking work. And even later on for every ticket i sent i got another message saying that my issue has been dealt with and that i need to say its closed but i cant cause every link i get sends me to the same useless website explaining what a Hextechnician is but nothing at all that helps my issue Idk what riot is doing but its %%%%ing stupid and annoying
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: Why? You do realise that some champ picks are just an instant loss, for example lee sin in jungle, or a yasuo midlane. Banning a certain champ increases teams chances of winning.
You are missing the point of the post, its not that he banned his champion its the fact he tried to steal his role cause he didnt get it And banning someones champ on purpose is a %%%% thing to do, and everyone has a right to play whatever champ they want, meta or not
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: Non binary is an indefinite amount of genders if you consider gender as a spectrum reaching from male to female. It's a theory. Non-binary is the ultimate oppressed minority, even more oppressed than women in social justice theory and this is abused to get into positions of power, because the solution is then that minorites always have to be given privileges to fight for equity. If you are against these theories you will be charged with hate speech and discrimination. If you suggest that non-binary folk, females or other "minorities" could also be racist or sexist themselves then this is also hate speech. White men are ofc the dominant group and always guilty of oppression. Welcome to leftist identity politics and to how Riot will help shape the world "that we all want to live in" with their new "manifesto". This includes anti-bias training for their workers and especially leaders, which is nothing but indoctrination. They will be told that they are subconciously being oppressed or oppressing somebody else based on gender and race categories and then the sexism and racism allegations will skyrocket. The whole work place will become cynical and full of resentments because workers get no longer judged based on merit but primarily based on gender and race. Whenever somebody gets promoted, or employed or receives a pay raise, nobody will know whether it's based on productivity or just because of gender or race. If people present different ideas and a decision is made, nobody will know whether its based on the quality of the work or just because of gender or race... and this where the game gets affected as well. People will be afraid to make jokes and keep their heads down and try to not become a target, while also losing their motivation to do their job that they once loved. How does any of that help with bringing light to the supposed sexism at Riot games? It doesn't. It was just a diving board. Allegations will never be investigated. And you can already tell this now because Riot never made any statement about how they investigated anything. It's just Kotaku article and after that the immediate apology and their new D&I initiative. Clearly whoever is in control of this over at Riot Games is not interested in bringing light to any supposed cases of sexism.
> How does any of that help with bringing light to the supposed sexism at Riot games? It doesn't. It was just a diving board. > Allegation will never be investigated. > And you can already tell this now because Riot never made any statement about how they investigated anything. It's just Kotaku article and after that the immediate apology and their new D&I initiative. Clearly whoever is in control of this over at Riot Games is not interested in bringing light to any supposed cases of sexism. That article was the stupidest thing i have ever seen in my entire life, it was kindergarten levels of BS, "he said" "she said" but also "i cant tell you who said and i cant provide any evidence at all but take my word for it cause im a wahmen" they could have just ignored the entire thing and it would have gone away, but no they just had to respond and now some super talented people wont get jobs at riot cause they are male and some random ass mediocre person will get the job instead cause not male because "diversity" and "underrepresentation" in the work place. And them the entire pax thing and now this idiot DZK, that article made riot ruin themselves as a company... GG..
Kintaros (EUNE)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Kintaros,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ZkM1q81h,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-09-07T16:43:39.936+0000) > > Whats non binary lol.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Females are so stupid????OMG. Non binary is something made up by special snowflakes to feel even more special and such, and they mostly use that term to try and get special treatment from others and it seems to have worked with riot sadly And its not just females so no need to call them stupid in this situation really
LJoshA (EUW)
: So.. this is a Riot worker.. why is he still a Riot worker?!?!
Because sexism against men isnt a thing, only wahmen can be oppressed by men didnt you know that? Jokes aside We dont know, riot has yet to give a statement about this whole scenario even tho people are demanding an answer, tho I heard they even deleted some posts about that situation on the boards (emphasis on the heard part of the sentence) And yeah what he said really isnt alright in any way shape or form and as a representative of their company he should suffer consequences for his actions In the meantime you can tell people in game to jump into a plane turbine and they cant really ban you over that {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} ~~Obvious joke is obvious~~ ~~I hope~~
Chakall (EUW)
: NA Permabanned players getting Unbanned
This sounds like a great idea and would be nice to see this experiment brought to other servers ~~cough EUNE cough~~ I really miss my old account mostly for the name and an old icon that i had on it. And a lot of perma banned players eventually reform Yes i read that it kinda failed but that doesnt mean it will fail on *every* server in the world, *maybe* some are just more toxic than others (JUST SAYING)
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > with the old system i would have gotten 500 with 3 wins aprox No, you wouldn't, unless you were using IP boosts. The highest you could get from a victory was 145, which would happen for games that were 55+ minutes long. 145 x 3 = 435. That's less than 500, and most games do not last that long. --- The average game length is 26 minutes, which means you got 78BE in the old system.
Youre not counting in the first win of day bonus which made you get 300 instead of the usual 100 IP back then
Hansiman (EUNE)
: And? You're still getting BE faster now than before.
Not really, with the old system i would have gotten 500 with 3 wins aprox, and what does 3 wins get me now? 1/3 of a single level needed for the capsule
: Same story over and over..... Get over it and play the game, if you want to... If you don't want move on to another game, so many topics related to this, explaining why this new system is better than the old and people still complain about it, before the new system people were whining about being to hard to buy Champs and runes, now that they don't have to buy runes, they complain that is to hard to buy champ............ And about all this smurfs also winning about not being able to buy Champs as fast as before... Move to your main account and play there, stop ruining newbies games....
I want to play, but i want to play with the champs i actually like but they made it much harder for me to do so with this new system because it is based on luck, what i said about having to level up 6 times to get enough BE to buy a 6300 champ is the best case scenario, which most of the times doesnt happen. Most of the time you get 500 BE from a single champ capsule which takes a lot of games to get. Besides you really shouldnt talk about this issue considering your name.....
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Blue essence sucks, to buy a new 6300 champ I have to level up 6 times and in each of the champion capsules i need to get lucky enough to get a champ thats worth 6300 BE while there is 100+ champs... It is highly inefficient to buy champs like this But it's faster than the old system, since it's designed to make it easier to unlock content now. And it does do this: You had to play more games to get 6300 BE with the old system than you do with the new one.
Nope, this new system is more or less based on luck, i had capsules where i havent gotten champs that are worth over 1350 BE in the store which gets me less than 500 BE when i disenchant them...
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: In game voice chat
Its true, but it will only be for your premade group, not the random people you find in game. And I *think* it should be in the next patch, might be wrong.
: riot answered my support ticket, lifted my ban and gave me my honor level back, thank you
Happy for you man {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Yaholin (EUW)
: Internet café's around Europe
From what ive experienced public places are great as long as you pick the correct ones, make sure the PCs are good and can run league decently, check the internet connection and similar things before you decide to start a game, dont want the PC to crash mid game.. if everything is fine places like that are amazing, you can easily find people to chat and play with, and can even make some long term friends along the way, just make sure you dont feed if you decide to play with someone {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
FabFalan (EUW)
: I got perma banned
Best thing you can do is write a ticket to support and explain your situation, maybe you will get help and maybe you wont. I doubt it since a similar thing happened to me, talking in Croatian with enemy jax, i wrote a word resembling "gay" and im perma banned for homophobic behavior.. But you never know, good luck with your account
: Got banned, I think for no reason
Riot strikes again, banning normal people for nothing instead of that guy who is running it down mid 10 games in a row or wishing cancer to people... {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Try sending a support ticket, you really didnt say anything ban worthy in any way shape or form there.


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