: Luck is a factor in litterally everything, everything you do in life is luck there’s litterally no reason to even bring it up. Winning lane is to do with match up, this comes from mechanical skill and match up knowledge... this in turn means if your playing your main in a role other people don’t see them in you’ve secured both mechanical skill and an advantage in match up knowledge over your ppponent... which in turn let’s you win lane more often, and after you’ve won lane even if there’s still luck elements you’ve stacked the odds in your favour... a clear advantage as shown by the win rates of some of these strategies
Again if it was s6 yes..but is not.Even best players in the world like apdo said.."better champs more chances to win". Try to play mid {{champion:105}} vs {{champion:45}} !.Fizz can be a gold player while veigar a diamond player.I show you your "skills"when you see that fizz win.Better champs better matchup. Even high elo said same thing.Play easy champs like {{champion:86}} {{champion:11}} and youll get out of silver gold even tho you new to the game.DEAL WITH IT.ITS A FACT. So no matter how skilled you are if you face a counter champ.Right now you can win games from %%%%ing champ select.What skills...what knowledge?? 50% CHAMPS 30% LUCK 20% SKILLS.Thats the truth.S10 btw.Full oneshot.
: It’s not so much luck. In a match up regardless of how it should go the player who wins it will be the one who understands it better... when you play a champion who isn’t normal you guarentee that advantage over your opponent, meaning anything that could be vaguely viable becomes seemingly strong. That’s why the highest current win rate supports are champions like kled or akali, it’s just a handful of one tricks knowing how to play them while their opponents don’t. So not luck, but also not the champion being good in that role... just an artefact of a main vs someone who doesn’t understand the champion
If it was s6 sure..As you say.But now champs have higher impact into the game.And yes luck is a factor because you can get the good team maybe.Your top maybe does well and your jgl? It never happened to you that your team plays very well and carry you?Thats luck too. And this is 2020.This season for me looks better champs higher chance to win then actual skills.And because bot is garbage evry champ bot works very well.Especially dmg ap champs botlane instead of support.
: Don't say that ADC is weak; if they don't even build armor against AD assassins running around with lethality or MR against AP assassins running around with multiple dashes they're bound to be deleted in 0.03s. I play mid or supp or jg(in normals) and assassins aren't the ones who is destroying adc in lane. {{champion:555}} or {{champion:35}} are capable of doing that, but most of the adc players lose lane because they don't respect opponent's damage. If I play supp, they don't ward, don't farm, don't trade or poke when opponents poke but go in unfavorable situations of one against two or one against three(in case of jungler ganking) and always stay with low health and mana to get {{item:1038}} first back whatever maybe the game condition. Ignores dragon, ignores giving first blood, ignores giving free farm and exp lead but knows how to spam ? ping or write blame on supp. I play mid or jg, before I go for first back, adc is like going 0-3 and single handedly decides to lose game because they want to get farm full game to the extreme end into opponent's side and to feed them. You write anything like build {{item:3047}} instead of {{item:3006}} or ward to push or wait for team, they go full inting mode. I don't know how it is in other ranks, it is what happen in Silver and right now placements are even worse. If META changes to assassin or burst damage play accordingly and not all adc are weak right now. Champions like {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:236}} have been strong in solo and duo lane for long time, but because most of the players don't know how to play adc champ they screw up. Just had a game where {{champion:18}} top and {{champion:236}} adc were playing like bots, I switch roles to make them help and stop opponents from going full force, but not only they int, they troll and have no common sense. "If I am not carry, game should be lost" is the mentality they have and it is common to see autofilled support players hate them because they get blamed all time for adc's mistake. Mid or supp I build defensive items and even if I am ahead I build it because I want to delay giving my bounty as long as possible, but without this common sense of-course adc will be deleted so fast. If ADC players don't know how to play adc and play safe with defensive items just go mage in carry as mages are very good against almost all champion types.
Ez to say hard to do.You try adc then say all of this.{{item:3047}} is an item that few adc can take it because most adcs need {{item:3006}} .And armor..magic resist?Wtf are you a tank? You are the dmg dealer thats what you are.Until you reach 4 5 items keep dreaming.YOu need your core or 0 dmg.
Baghdad (EUW)
: 24 lp per win???????? G1
Maybe because you get near the elo you was last season?For example me p4 at the moment i get 24 per win too and i was d4 s9. So closer i get to my ex elo the lower lp i gain.It shouldnt be like this especially if you have a decent winrate but yeh..thats how system works.
: "Support" Ziggs once again
{{champion:115}} support lol..its useless.But people play what they want.And if they win once because they get lucky "omg ziggs op support". But truth is dmg is the best now.
: Roles with the most influence on the games are 1. Jungler 2. Mid 3. ADC 4. Top 5. Support ADC before Top because drake
I doubht adc have more impact then top.1 feed adc cant carry against a {{champion:24}} top that is not eve feed. Beside the fact that botlane got nerf on exp even if you feed bot you still below on levels against mid and top. Even with drakes 1 feed jax or morde can easily handle a botlane without problems.
Zbum (EUW)
: Buff MR Items already
They buffing armor {{item:3110}} {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} I think riot balance team have no brain anymore.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Did the support role change much?
Bot impact is not there anymore.Without a decent team you wont win.Even if you get your adc so many kills its just soo hard to carry.
Morrhen (EUW)
: Stormrazor nerfed, making Caitlyn a little less oppressive early on. Still powerful enough to carry though... or shall i say - be useful. Aphelios is getting nerfed. Cloak of Agility nerfed... so the korean build of quad cloak is no longer possible to pull off reliably. Frozen heart is buffed... however, when is the last time you saw anyone with this item? Indirect and situational nerf to adcs. Jinx is getting buffed. Her passive will now work on epic monsters. Draven R is getting a gigantic buff though.
Actually {{champion:51}} is viable because {{item:3095}} Her and {{champion:202}} both abuse this item to be viable.Only few adc use stormrazor as first item.{{champion:202}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:145}} are gone.And they pretty mutch only viable adc at the moment. Ap champs bot incoming 100% sure.Hell most people already do that.
: Modern day ADC gameplay
Soon youll see no adc in the game.Riot balance team is a joke deal with it.But probably they listen to players on forum that are silvers and still believe adc is op.Sad.
: Games are to short, and champions deals to much damage.
Yet even tho adc gets deleted by evryone riot still nerf items related to adc.Like adc is "op" LOL.What morons. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Im telling you man riot is sleeping and people on forum are blind and defend them on evrything.I feel like s10 will be even worst then s9. Riot need to wake up fast before its too late.To be honest i prefer tank meta then this clown fiesta with no skills who one shots first to win the game.Or stupid champs like {{champion:84}} that have mobility-high dmg-invizible-and tons of healing.But still adc is the problem.
: tbh conqueror nerf and aftershock scaling with resistances did bring some more tanks into the game. tho you can still count them on 3 fingers lol. (Malphite, who can go damage but is very strong full tank as well; Rammus and Poppy...but i'm not sure if poppy qualifies as a tank or as a bruiser?) I do like bringing amumu into toplane a lot. with conqueror he has become a beast against most basic attackers. even better than rammus
I suggest to delete the healing from conqueror.Its too mutch.A rune that can give dmg and heal is stupid.
HideSide (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Luciferrx,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=RJkdGWEf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-01-14T23:16:37.224+0000) > > Honestly {{champion:29}} is not the only adc that needs help.Adc at the moment are not in a good spot especially that evry champ in League just 1 shots you. > > I think in general adc need help.Not all of them. {{champion:523}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:235}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:498}} Please, do tell me... which adc is NOT strong from these, the weakest one of them is varus (if not Kogmaw bu idk much about him ), but he works really well in certain situatuions, so even he is really strong. > evry champ in League just 1 shots you. I dont wanna be toxic, dont really wanna offend you, but this is crap, since not EVERY champ have what it takes to even GET to adc not to think that even without your support a lot of champions get melted down before they get to adc since even those adcs posses unhealthy amount of dmg not just others + some of adcs have what it takes to either deal with assassin or kill him in melee range or even both in lategame. If you gonna increase their survival rate just a bit then you gotta nerf their dmg a lot, since as long as enemy adc live, be it full hp or just 1/10, you are all done for. And thats a rule if given adc isnt behind. In summary, adcs have too much dmg and some of them also tools to not only survive but also to deal with assassin ( the class that should be strongest against them) on their own + ability to melt everyone before they manage to do something to those adcs and yet those adcs have supports as if it wasnt already enough. its reversely how you said it, its not class, its few individuals, those I havent picked...
Well you either one of those who cant see the truth or dumb like riot who still believe adc is in good spot. Evry game you see same think.{{champion:523}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:51}} and maybe {{champion:145}} 1. Maybe you dont play adc so you just talk nonsense.{{champion:110}} {{champion:96}} are bad so dont even count them. {{champion:498}} is good????Where you saw that??She is not good.She works only with rakan.{{champion:133}} lol you see her only toplane.And not even often.{{champion:42}} is mostly mid and neither there is picked bcs ap champs are broken. {{champion:22}} is picked mostly because her ultimate.{{champion:21}} good??WTF.SINCE WHEN?{{champion:119}} is a high pick high reward..maybe.All the time i see him he gets destroyed.Not that good anymore.{{champion:222}} ??Are you %%%%ing serious dude.She is so %%%%ing done. There is too mutch armor into the game to deal with them.Yet you still think they ok?You probably dont even play the role but just talk.Especially that stormrazor gets nerf i heard and frozen hearth buff so riot will %%%% botlane even more. Oh you forgot they nerfed exp botlane preseason????Check your facts again before you talk.Botlane is team reliant more then ever now. And yes you get shoted by evrythine in League.Even by bruisers that can tank for ages.Dont "try to not be toxic" play the role first and then see it for yourself.
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: The most unbalanced state of game i've witnessed
"BETTER NERF ADC "-RIOT LOGIC {{sticker:sg-lulu}} I hope you all get this meme.Especially that jgl bot got nerf once more in exp when dumb champs like ap assasins are overpowered.
OddOwl (EUW)
: My thoughts about Twitch and his current state in the game
Honestly {{champion:29}} is not the only adc that needs help.Adc at the moment are not in a good spot especially that evry champ in League just 1 shots you. I think in general adc need help.Not all of them.
: Irelia have good Early. Kassadin In early loost to everything. The fact that he can't out run anyone now make him easy target to ganks.
You realise kassadin early is not bad right?A lot of time i see that.And is because runes have too mutch healing +fleet footwork work better on mages then adc after the nerf.Same with kayle. They dont have such bad early anymore.
Gryndall (EUNE)
: {{sticker:sg-lux}} So you want me that's fine next question do you want her (or are you bellong to 80% humanity who hates me?) → {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} ({{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:201}} ) :D
xD.Man if you wanna play just add me and lets try some games togheter.I dont mind at all.
: Kassadin loosing 5 ms mean a lot in early game for him.
Same think was said about {{champion:39}} when they nerfed her -5 movement speed.And most people like you that have no idea wtf they talking about said the same think.Yet she was still strong until she got 3 4 more nerfs.
: Aphelios nerfs are a joke. This champion needs to be destroyed in order to be balanced
Riot:"lets destroy adc to the Death and nerf runes their stats dmg/defence +items. Riot:"Lets nerf op {{champion:523}} -5 movement speed and some armor" and "lets nerf {{champion:38}} -5 movement speed".There you go boys game is balanced now.Riot balance team makes me laugh and cry in the same time. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: ADCs arent op but some of their items (((stormrazor))) are
I know thats why i said...better nerf adc.Its a meme.Instead of actually focusing on nerfing dumb champs like ap assasins and all this 1 shot fiesta they nerfed botlane exp once more xD. And no {{item:3095}} is not op.Especially for the price you get it.Its a nice item but definetly not op at all.
Hananim (EUW)
: Nonexistent lane phase, heavily dependant on items+lvl 16. Pick an assassin, rape him early on or roam. Now imagine having a zhonya that does aoe damage and slows AND is on a 4second cooldown.
Actually {{champion:38}} early is not bad at all.I see a lot of kassadin that perform very well early.Especially because fleet footwork that suppoesd to be for adc but hey...riot nerfed it and works better on ap now. SO no {{champion:38}} is actually decent early game.
Luqiez (EUW)
: Nerf Fizz !!
"BETTER NERF ADC BECAUSE THEY OP"-RIOT LOGIC. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Guys. That's EXACTLY what a Season start does. It soft resets ELO. So you don't get a complete reset. But still a soft one. So you get matched with players from a much broader spectrum of ELO than before. If you want to avoid that. Then don't play ranked for two weeks till most players have settled in where they belong.
I actually check op gg a lot of time to see the difference in elo.And sometimes i get the higher elo too.ITS 50/50. And when i saw that an ex p2 player s9 lost vs a gold 3 player i was shocked.How he even got plat?If this is not luck then i have no other idea how he even got to plat. Especially as a plat player cant even get 100 cs in 20 mins...That it not possible in that elo.But hey i lost my faith anyway.I believe right now games are decided either from picks or teammates.Carry alone i never saw that since s9.
i HEAL x5 (EUNE)
: if u want call some games to test ur skills, in game,** i HEAL x5** (champ pool, every supp) {{summoner:14}}
: Could you go into more detail? Because - *to be honest* - I think the game is in the most balanced state I've ever seen it in. I literally go into games and I don't even know what to ban because there is nothing that is just super stand out op. This has never happened to me in the past 4 years. I think the problem lies in the subjective perception of the players. Since there is nothing that is SUPER OP, people just start complaining about all champions who are slightly stronger than the rest and this leads to the perception of "omg there are so many op champions in the game!!!" when the reality is rather the opposite; the lack of REALLY op champions. (I'm talking about casual play here. Not high elo or proplay)
QuZeed YT (EUW)
: They still need a nerf lol... Getting killed by more op champions doesn't mean they need a buff.
Adc need more nerf ?LOL.When adc got nerfed...it wasnt only their stats but their runes too and even infinity edge got destroyed at the begin.They deleted evrything related to adc. But when you nerf a shit champ like {{champion:38}} ..oh -5 movement speed.RIOT LOGIC.Balance team is brain dead.
Gryndall (EUNE)
: {{sticker:sg-lux}} Do you want me?
If you main support why not :D.
: Game has turned into a question of who can delete who the quickest
"Well better nerf ADC"-RIOT LOGIC. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Worst experience SOLOQ so far in 10 years.
You tell me.I lost more games then won even against lower elo.Sometimes i wonder how this players can be same elo as me when your renekton top goes 0 7 with 50 cs in 20 mins.Or the players who ragequit bcs they lose their lane or simply start trolling around the map. And yes i feel like is a big Coinflip right now.Even if you perform very well without a team you get no chance to carry.Im talking here about adc maybe other roles are better.
: actually it's the fact that smurfs ruin games for everyone.... BUUUUT in this gfame that guy was just delusional. sad really :( Then again, riot itself is promoting that, altho maybe not even knowingly
knowingly lol...xd.They just dont put effort into this thats why.
: Who gets to be the carry depends. Quite often that someone is the one that gets a 2-3 kill headstart. It might not be you but i get what you're saying and its very true. Personally my strat as support is to identify the people in my team that have carry potential either by the champion they play vs enemy team composition or those that happen to have that headstart, if nobody has that i try to create it for someone so that i can help them carry then
Rioter Comments
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Ye get qss early game xD.Lets see what dmg you got.
If adc dmg was fine then they wouldnt struggle to carry buddy.Even high elo players said playng adc especially low elo is way too hard. TEAM RELIANT.Thats what adc is and this is SOLO QUE not pro stage.
: I quote Hashinshin "But what about toplane Impact" Usually the toplaner is just left alone, because main action in the game is played in mid/bot section of the map. If a toplaner is counterpicked into hard counter such as ADC/ranged poker top and jungler never makes his appearance you literally play a 4v5 game at that moment. Making the enemy toplane completely useless. Honestly Herald and Dragon pits should switch places when ever the other one is slain, that would make matches hell alot more exciting
Toplane have no problems...I lost games bcs my top inted so many times...Just because as an adc i cant move from my lane.I got no mobility and i got neither my items that require huge lategame. There are toplaners who can 1v9 easy..{{champion:24}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:266}} . Cant say same think for a botlane.And adc top is weird...Bcs is easy to deal with.And they do 0 dmg if you get first item {{item:3047}} .And i dunno where is this main action in your games but..most of the games i see are decided by jungler anyway. Toplane is never useless...Easy to come back into the game bcs bruisers scale better then anyone else into the game.1 feed adc doesnt have that mutch impact without a decent team.
Morrhen (EUW)
: But... ADCs aren't restricted from buying Zhonya too. It's going to be useless for AP part but armor is nice. Having invincibility every minute and a half is also nice. Not as effective as for mages but option is there. ADCs aren't supposed to stand there. Adc is highly advised to move around, kite the enemy. Where mages can afford to stand there, vomit out their combo and try to get away, while sneaking in few AAs. That being said - YES. More item variety would be amazing. Balance would horrendously go down... however that's something item removal or few patches can fix. Small price to pay for new items.
And how you buy zhonya?When?You lose a ton portion of your damage.And again adc need their core item.Most of the time is {{item:3031}} {{item:3095}} {{item:3094}} then {{item:3006}} or youre way too slow and cant dodge nothing.And then if enemy got armor you need {{item:3036}} .Last item mostly is either another atack speed item witch most adc need or simply {{item:3026}} . Most of the time you cant even buy zhonya..And if you do you need lategame for that and most games end too fast.
: When will Mages, tanks and adcs be adressed?
I never saw adc top in my games.Maybe bcs they easy to deal with..If you lucky 1 game thats something else. Mages are broken mostly bcs items i believe.Riot still sleeping tho. Tanks are op against ad dmg..So mutch %%%%ing armor is insane.I was against shen and i was doing 150 dmg as Draven feed with full build and {{item:3033}} .Like wtf..He had {{item:3143}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3075}} .GAME OVER FOR ADC.Immagine if he had 4th armor item.I was really wondering if i was doing 150 crit dmg with Dravens q then with 4 items armor i could hit him for 100.. Its stupid af.
Morrhen (EUW)
: Ah yes, Remove Zhonya from the game, so assassins and any other close ranged menace can jump on you, press two buttons and delete entirety of your healthpool. Yeah, not happening. Zhonya is going to remain in the game forever.
Then give adc something too maybe...Ap champs have tons of good items and zhonya is a broken item af.While most ap champs can still survive better then adc bcs some of them got mobility.
Morrhen (EUW)
: I have to agree there, in contrast to opposing the whole thread. It's strange that if you fail to gank... or hell, be unlucky enough to be killed by jungle creeps, you can't catch up. I had a game where we had Rengar on our team. This Rengar managed to get himself killed by Krugs. From there on, he kept trying to clear the camps, yet due to lack of his own strength, he kept himself at lvl 7 at 30 minutes of the game. Absolutely insane. It's not like catchup xp is going to hurt people. It's going to be just a tiny less punishing for junglers who decide to play nice and gank.
Jgl is still best role into the game.You can change the fate of a lane easily with a gank.And bcs riot is not smart they nerfed jgl and puted op drakes and herald xD.Yeh logic.
manolis201 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Luciferrx,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PFcKz124,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-11T17:03:10.532+0000) > > Try to dodge jax q.Try to dodge {{champion:111}} ult go ahead boy.You dodge yeh.And even skillshots you cant dodge evrything. Again qss works for all of those you just have to time it correctly.
Ye get qss early game xD.Lets see what dmg you got.
psíMuž (EUNE)
: 2020 refund
What refund?
: I think everyone agrees with that. For me Blitzcrank is an example of a simple, strong and balanced support champion. Strong, definitely not weak. I am happy when I get blitz support. But then there is pyke, who makes blitzcrank look very weak. The champion is simply unbalanced, very unbalanced compared to other supports. However he has too many things in his kit, as you just listed, so I think removing him from the game would be the best option. But hey, the same thing applies to Zoe and many other champions, except that Riot will never remove a champion ;) enjoy playing this broken game
If you remove {{champion:555}} then you have to do so with {{champion:84}} and {{champion:523}} ….Too mutch champs to remove they not the only one xD. I think League was better before honestly instead of so op reworks and new broken ass champs with evrything good in their kit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Luciferrx,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8ETh1YOK,comment-id=000100000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-10T13:55:28.112+0000) > > Youre d3 then you know draven wont get feed ez at that elo. right?.People know how to deal with him.You wont be able even to touch an ezreal.Yes i already said that ezreal early is garbage i didnt deny that.HE is useless until he gets his items. > > Problem with draven is you dont get feed you lose. problem with ezreal is that hes 0 early. The game might as well be lost by teh time ezreal has his core. And his core is expensive. REALLY expensive, for the amount of damage he gets from it (muramana+gantlet cant compare to 2 crit items). and ezreal isnt unkillable, if hes hit with cc, he dies like everyone else. i saw ezreals dying in lane in pro games, let alone d3. hes harder to kill than others, but not unkillable. And cait IS garbage late. i thought its common knowledge... seems not so. She has no steroids like every other adc. no AA enhancers, no AS enhancers, no big aoe, no %dmg - nothing. The entire champ revolves around pushing towers with her massive range early. thats it.
Wtf you talking about man.WHO told you cait is garbage lategame?WHO?I really wanna know.She is garbage early she scales very well late. Try this build.{{item:3031}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3095}} .At this point she starts to hurt badly.More then draven believe me.Wtf you talking about.She is bad bcs she got 0 mobility as any adc into the game. ADC at the moment are trash.But cait is definetly not garbage lategame.
manolis201 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Luciferrx,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PFcKz124,comment-id=000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-11T14:26:35.328+0000) > > You lose dmg if you dont have your main items first.And qss wont save you from Death.Again as i said evrything in League 1 shots adc. No if you can dodge any abilties then no. The problem is i dodge too much so my team gets caught instead XD
Try to dodge jax q.Try to dodge {{champion:111}} ult go ahead boy.You dodge yeh.And even skillshots you cant dodge evrything.
: Balance???
Hey hey...{{champion:38}} got nerf -5 movement speed {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Balance team is awful and need to be replaced asap before its too late.
manolis201 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Luciferrx,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PFcKz124,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-11T14:24:03.028+0000) > > Ye sure buddy QSS...After 35 mins maybe you can buy it. > > You need your dmg first.If not youre just a minion on game inting evrywhere.Adc is good for dmg nothing else.QSS its too late into the game.Maybe earlier if you got some kills. I get it mid to late game.
You lose dmg if you dont have your main items first.And qss wont save you from Death.Again as i said evrything in League 1 shots adc.
manolis201 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Luciferrx,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PFcKz124,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-11T13:17:24.133+0000) > > In dreams...You have to dodge evry skillshot bcs 1 simple root as adc you dead.Then you have to kite too.And bruisers/tanks have tons of hp.Remember that evrything in League 1 shot adc.Even tank if you dont kite them properly will destroy you. > > Immagine doing 200 dmg to a jax while he jumps on you and you dead.Logic riot team "adc op". QSS? when i have my qss i get rooted once and then im alive they dont have cc boom i get triple GET QSS guyz jeez.
Ye sure buddy QSS...After 35 mins maybe you can buy it. You need your dmg first.If not youre just a minion on game inting evrywhere.Adc is good for dmg nothing else.QSS its too late into the game.Maybe earlier if you got some kills.
Quimsi (EUW)
: People are MONSTERS in ranked
Mute them and play the game. Truth is ranked is very tryhard place.Evryone wanna climb the ladder.And when you see your top going 0 10 in less then 15 mins you wonder yourself "how is this player same elo as me".
Morrhen (EUW)
: 200 crit as someone who attacks... twice per second, lets say is not bad though, 400 damage per second adds up quite quickly :)
In dreams...You have to dodge evry skillshot bcs 1 simple root as adc you dead.Then you have to kite too.And bruisers/tanks have tons of hp.Remember that evrything in League 1 shot adc.Even tank if you dont kite them properly will destroy you. Immagine doing 200 dmg to a jax while he jumps on you and you dead.Logic riot team "adc op".
Morrhen (EUW)
: Have you maybe considered that Tabi and Randuins Omen are supposed to be ''OP'' against an ADC or champ who relies on autoattacks? Because that's the way of tank surviving onslaught of damage?
Ok i understand.But when you as lategame adc do 200 crit dmg to a %%%%ing {{champion:150}} with {{item:3143}} {{item:3047}} is discusting.Its Beyond broken.Immagine if he had 3 items armor.
Richt Jr (EUW)
: Literally everything with riot is a joke, their banning system, i mean literally everthing. And put it to perspective, League of legends is the biggest and most popular game in the world, and they cant or wont put the money and recources in to fix these problems. I mean people get insta perma banned for flaming a little in chat, while inters that run it down mid dont even get a warning. Their client has been buggy since forever. I mean some are so simply fixes, they just dont care. League of legends is just a money hungry company that dont care about their player base. Or atleast that is what i have taken away from the game after playing the game for 9 years.
Honestly my client is buggy now too...I tho its just me but well.Better nerf botlane LOL.
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