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But he needs a rework tho
: Bro, i dont think you really read what i wrote.. this thread is ONLY about, should ryze have an icon?
: Ryze mains
Nah he doesn't need to get nerfed he needs to get changed. I don't main Ryze but he's a champion I love to play but I've recently quit him because I don't find success with him neither in normal games nor in ranked. I think Ryze is too risky and he lacks safe poke. This makes him absolute garbage in the midlane meta and the toplane meta. In the midlane he easily gets outranged and outpoked and in the toplane he lacks the damage, sustain and tankiness needed to fight: juggernauts, tanks, bruisers and control mages. One change that I'd suggest is make his cast range longer, lower the mana costs on his q and w but also increase their cooldowns by a small amount. This way he is gonna have a safer early game where he won't have to recall after 3 minutes due to mana issues but also he won't be that past 5 items late game hyper carry. One problem is that Ryze takes way too long to scale. By the time he is strong the game is either over or close to the end. Now I don't have any idea but I am very sure Ryze will get his anual because now he holds a terrible stance in the meta and is a pick or ban in pro play which you know... I wouldn't call a very healthy champion. But yes I would like a Ryze icon. edit: Oh and I would also like for his E to still automaticaly bounce but also deal damage to targets it bounces to. Ryze basicaly uses 80 mana to deal 85 damage in the early game which is absolute garbage.
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