CoopA826 (EUW)
: Looks like someone found the ELO he belongs in. Congrats. The reason why you can't climb out of plat 3 is because you are a plat 3 player. Stop crying and complaining about teammates, stop blaming anything but yourself and start improving
Yo dude come on if 4 out 5 games my team goes tyler1 mode i cant win. what are you talking about?? How can someone win a game when his team either ragequits or feeds and then starts flaming. Sometimes its my fault , its true. but 85% of the games i play my team loses the game for me..
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: Did you play one ranked queue only. Maybe the message was meant for the other ranked queue.
I actually didnt think about that at all. Imma go play 1 flex game now.
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: Is there truly a new latency hack?
it might because i got attempting to recconect in my last 7-8 games and that hasnt happened for the last 2 weeks
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: can riot stop making the plat boarders fucking green?
I actually like the greenish-bluish color of of plat border this season, but having seen the changes in the pbe im pretty diasapointed. Its very ugly :(
: Yes, it is. You may be a good player, but lol is not about being one single individual. It's based around team play. Unfortunatly one part of the team (two even) were not as good ,or were really negative. You either win as a team and lose. i'd be frusturated as well. but this kind of thins are really common.
Ok i understand.. but at least make me lose less lp! Why should i lose 20 lp for a game that i played good and tried my best because someone was afk :/
: You won your lane, great. Did you snowball your advantage over the map by taking objectives like Towers and Dragons to help your team with Global gold and extra combat stats??? no? ok, you didn't win your lane hard enough to win a 4v5 games, so it counts as a lost lane Again, Riven could have done x or y or z. But her or his morale was at the bottom of the pit. None of you did any shit to try to get her out of there -> you deserve to lose. Lee tried to help Jinx and change a 1v2 lane in a 2v2, great. Meanwhile your top laner was in a 1v2. While playing Riven, a champion where you got to snowball and get ahead to be a good addition to your team. Jinx would have become relevant end game anyway. She's a hyper carry. But to carry, she needs a front line, or someone to cause chaos in your enemy team. You had no tanks, so no front line. Which leaves the "Create chaos" part. Who in your team can create the most chaos? That's Riven. What does the enemy do? Shut down Riven. What do you and your team do? Abandon Riven. Jinx could have farmed safely under tear 2 turret and get to the late game state. Riven had to make shit happen. You and your team approached this game from the shittiest point of view as possible. Your focus (as a team) was bad in terms of what champions have to be helped and what champions can handle themselves. Your social interactions as a team were also shitty. Ofc you deserve to lose. Tell me why you should win? Because you won your lane by a tiny margin? Then why should the enemy Yi lose the game? He is playing a hyper carry devourer jungler. He already got 2 kills easy because your team #abandoned the top laner who had to get ahead. The enemy bot lane played 2v1, so they won their lane by default even with lee making it 2v2 from time to time. Riven got crushed, so their top laner is also hard winning the lane. So, why should they lose? No reason. Their decision making was great. Yours was bad. They won. You lost. Everything happened the way it should have happened. And you deserved to lose by making the wrong decisions, setting up the wrong focus, and failing to play as a team. When someone flames. There's 3 sides: The flamer The one getting flamed And the rest of the team. Between the flamer and the one getting flamed, we have a conflict. IT doesn't matter who is wrong and who is right. Just like when kids fight each other. Its up to the adults (the rest of the team), to take responsibility and solve the issue. As a part of the team, that's your duty. If you fail to overcome that social aspect, you deserve to lose as well. Its easier to always blame someone else, just like Riven was blaming the jungler due to frustration (lost her lane) You are now doing the same. You are blaming her because you lost and are frustrated (lost your game). See, its the same thing. Because its the same fucking thing, you should be able to understand each other and next time HELP each other. That way, you can maybe make it into a win.
Why didnt i flame like riven? I also got ganked by yi 2-3 times and once i got the both alone? I died once did i flame lee? no because i know it will do things worse.. there is no point in flaming even if you have the biggest babysit. I tried to get towers and ward dragons as far as i could without getting caught. I dont think you understand then main point. you talk like that riven
: Happens to everyone, plus those games balance themselfs out, if you're trying to climb you gotta win more of those balanced games where sometimes you lose lane and you can't bounce back
Its really frustrating really
: put yourself in Riven's shoes. You got an early game jungler that never helps you snowball. The enemy jungler is babysitting the enemy top laner, so you can't snowball by yourself. You can't win team fights because 4v5. No lane is winning. You now try to surrender and your fucking entire team pressing "no" in a hopeless situation. Ofc she will be frustrated and start trolling. It is more than fair. Your jungler didn't help her. None of you tried to rise her morale even though she got camped by the enemy jungler. You did NOTHING to deserve the win. Ofc you deserve to lose
Riven could easily get s 75g ward as i did everytime i backed, blaming the jungler will do nothing. Also i won my lane and lee tried to help jinx who was 1 vs 2 in bot.
: Yes, completely fair. Before you throw a tantrum like {{champion:32}} , just think about the fact how many times this happened to your enemies which benefitted you and your team and your lp.
Everytime something like that happened in the enemy team i always report the person who is afk and say to my enemies sorry for the game
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LA Losty (EUW)
: Yes you will. You are able to get the rewards as long as you dont have an ACTIVE restriction. So if you clear your restriction (or it gets reset) then you will be able to get the rewards :)
Ymir (EUNE)
: Ranked Rewards Policy
Just a question too, i recieved a chat ban for 75 games in patch 5.17, but now it cleared out in patch 5.18. And im asking will i get the rewards?
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: Welcome to League of Legends.
: Because this is a team game.
And how does riot think we are supposed to rank up like that?
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Renascence (EUNE)
: The reports don't matter. I see that bugsplat is not your fault but if you keep getting it and you can't fix it and you still play and games are ruined because of that...
If bugplat can be fixed someone tell me because i do not know that it can be fixed :/
: > if someone doesnt have a good internet connection will not get rewards If someone doesn't do anything to improve his connection and takes the risk of queuing up for a game (after several warnings), although he knows that he might leave his teammates behind, I think he's guilty.
Ive done everything i could but when i get busplat in a middle of a teamfight and then get reported for it not my fault .. :/
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: then i guess it had something to do with the client. Drophack affects everyone in the game.
: if it was a drophack the game would disappear from existence and thus you can't get punished for it.
i had jinx and i was fed carrying the game...then suddenly my game froze! had to restart the pc and login again. of course my team was flaming me while i explained what is was
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Act (EUW)
: Let's add Mastery Champion Points for 3v3
Yeah, i was thinking about that too! I am playing a lot of 3 v 3 ranked team with my friends and we all dissapointed that you cant level up your mastery. Hope they can add it :)
: >Some people say that if you lose a game its your fault! Well if my teammates cant do anything and just feed there is not much i can do! You are right. But you miss the point of this argument. Even if you play 2/0/0 and the rest of your team goes 0/10/0. You have to criticize only your performance! It's not about finding excuses for a loss. **It's about improving**. And how does blaming a loss on a teammate (even if it's their fault) help you get better ? **It doesn`t!** So no matter what happens think about what **you ** could've done better that game. You shouldn't play to win, you should play to improve yourself. This will prevent you from going on tilt and the wins will come from alone.
I understand what you say and i agree, but how are we supposed to rank up like this?! :/
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