: We are generally 4 premades so the chances of getting someone toxic with us is very rare. It doesn't really matter if there is one in the enemy team since you can mute enemies without it affecting your gameplay. Of course, when I play alone, it's a different story... Almost a toxic player every game. So right now, I generally avoid playing alone. But it's us players fault, players are the ones who choose to int and be toxic, Riot don't want that too.
Ok, i was talking about solo/q so you agree my thoughts and sorrow
: Or you could make a more constructive post on the boards to look for friends to play with so you won't have toxic people on your team. Ranting won't change anything. And you can't blame Riot for the players behavior. They can't scan their intention before the game. They can only punish them after the game.
So, all of your games are pure?
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