: This ain't even flame compared to some people who never get punished.
Yeah I was about to say that.Unless he was already been banned before which I assume he did hence the permaban
: How did you find your "Main" Champion?
I main Morgana.What made me main her is the countless times I saved my teammates and secured loads of kills for them and me with binds and the soil.
: Because there are people in low elo who consider themselves god's gift to the rift because they play Lee Sin or Yasuo, and spam their mastery to try and assert themselves as someone who is good enough to play those champions to the biggest part of their potential, and therefore, in their mind, superior human beings. News flash: They're neither good enough to play them (hence why they're low elo), nor superior human beings because of their picks. In high-elo you don't see anyone complaining about the enemy playing easy champions. The most you'll see is people complaining about something being overpowered, but being overpowered is not dependant on being easy. Everyone's trying to win, more than anything. In lower elos people are more busy trying to assert themselves as "the one being right", "the MVP", and getting "play of the game", instead of respecting team needs, having attention to macro play, etc. In low elo, most people will gladly sacrifice a win, if it means they will show "who's boss" to someone that's pissed them off. And thus the "I never climb because Riot trolls me with bad teammates", " I'd be #1 challenger, I never do anything wrong, but the entire world and the extraterrestrial community is holding me back" and "I got permabanned unfairly, it's my teammates' fault" threads are born. In short, if someone berates you for playing an easy champion, it's an insecurity problem on their end. It's a "they" problem, not a "you" problem. Muting them is my advice.
I have seen bronze players spam mastery in normals like they are some gods. So funny.This mastery spam is a bad idea in general they should remove it completely
actpower (EUW)
: Arcade Master Yi
Pretty good actually!
: I am not going to play league for like 3 or 4 months after the new runes come out. The game will be unbalanced af
This Ill quit it too and believe me I have absolutely no problem to do that.Mainly because of the disrespect to us older players.I started playing lol at season 2 maybe at the end of 1 I dont remember.
Mocton (EUW)
: Please just look at this shit!
But dam brother 50 more losses(too much) than wins in normals? You can surely fix that
Lyricael (EUW)
: If it is a normal game you literally have no rights to complain at all. Literally no one takes normal games srs when they see dias getting matched up against silvers in lane just crushing them with sht like bard top or smth. Honestly everything is playable in normal games and its up to all players if they want to win in normals or not. I honestly consider myself trolling more when i pick lee in a normal than when i pick ap sion midlane cus i honestly think ap sion midlane has more value in the game when i play him but i still sometimes pick lee and just have my fun even though i know picking him is considered trolling in my case and will basically lose the game. And all of that cus who cares m8 its just a normal
Im with you but youll be surprised at how many people take normals veeery seriously and tilt when they lose veeery badly.
: Ranked anxiety and stuff
When you get a work and start a family then you will see the real anxiety of doing well. It is a game DONT ever think otherwise.
jacktjong (EUW)
: Help & Support, Off Topic or Champions & Gameplay are usually the things to put questions about the game. This would've probably best fitted on Help & Support I suppose.
Ok next time Ill keep that in mind friend thank you!
: So you "dodged" informations about it in game client & at main LoL's page, but you found boards to ask about it? Hmmmm... Nice1
Didnt know where to put it :D. So picked random.
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Kotez (EUNE)
: ur name is ultrasgreekhools and u have "girl power<3" as status, really bugs me mate.
Haha fair observation this is indeed awkward
: A few months back i could just join blind pick champ select, leave, return and still play support. Now i have to join and quickly say Supp or someone else will take it from me.
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xAnterias (EUNE)
: After a large winning spree...
My winrate yesterday almost 80% guess what today :P Took a biiiig dive
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: So Blood Moon is sooooo much better than ar urf
I have found it difficult to win though my record is 4-14.As in ar urf i cant adapt to this gameplay.I mean ok it its only for fun mode but losing everytime doesnt feel good also.I came to the point wtf must I do to win in these modes ar urf/blood moon.
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: Thank you. I just hope i won't harm my health by constantly playing and not sleeping. But i'm obsessed, and i have nothing else to do at this time. Sleeping would help me so much, but i am tired of constantly feeling tired, so that's a struggle.
Word of advice even 100% healthy people can get tired if playing constantly and have problems.So take good amount of rest my friend.All is going well Im happy! Forza!
: Akali's heal
What heal?I play Morgana no Akali on lane.
Tenzo (EUNE)
: 14 Day ban for Flame
You got banned for flame? Good.
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: "But I'm gold 5 lee sin smurf,you can trust me." I wonder if it's only gold smurf thing as I'm pretty silent of the whole thing when I'm playing on my smurf reasons being:It doesn't in the end make up good argument and secondly I like to test stuff(like fiora,like my sweet fiora whom I never learned to play properly). But,I think there is chance that the gold 4 ashe smurf could have actually been in gold 4. That just doesn't yet ensure he could play ashe properly even at low silver level.On the other hand it's pretty scary experience to see in plat 2-3 game a twitch jungle on enemy side who has 80% winrate in ranked solo queue.
: Probably, but who says you have to be "decent" or have a high rank to create a smurf account?
to end up in silver 5 or bronze 1????If you are that decent win promos???
: > Havent encountered it before If that's true, that's a giant coicidence. Smurfs have been around for ages and are not at all a new thing.
Yes friend I know about smurfs but if it really was a decent smurf it wouldnt be silver 4/5 even bronze 1!
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xFrosten (EUW)
: GG easy? A truly disgusting way of ending a game
Ofc I dont believet that age in lol has anything to do with skill.But It has a LOT to do with GOOD manners.Im not saying that all of them do this but all these people saying gg ez easy etc are minors.Probably under 18 who havent matured yet or have a decent education.So when someone says gg ez just picture a spoiled brat behind a screen.Is it worth it? Will you as an adult get mad or deal with a kid? Sortyourelf out and just mute report.Thats all
Treycos (EUW)
: Actually, the fact you can either play WITH or AGAINST this specific champion prevents it, making it fair for everyone (Exept for the kayn one, but you only needed 2 games with him)
From this point of view ok I agree.
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xephio67 (EUW)
: Basically...Urf
I find this mode very idiotic.I tried 8 times and cant win for the love of god and im not such a bad player.Ok its for fun but really unbalanced mode.
: You needed seven seasons to sort that out? As far as i'm concerned, it has been like that from at least S3.
They should put honor enemies again.I would honor based on the champion they play :P
: > [{quoted}](name=Nakoruru,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rwtfgNqV,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-09T15:36:27.214+0000) > > A compliment :) It is. Please don't take it wrong and don't report me ; _ ; some moderator is not waiting for anything else but this.
: Some people like to play what they find fun, a lot of people find those champions fun, hence they are popular. You can't force people to play something else if they are playing what they want to play.
You are right from your own perspective cant argue with that.
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Not xPeke (EUW)
: I personally refuse out of principle if someone mindlessly feeds all early game and then wants to get out of the game when it pleases him. I will especially refuse to FF if they're raging and crying for it. No chance, they made their bed and now they have to lie in it.
Have to agree on that.I can understand max 2 deaths early game other than that you are just plain bad or dont use brain.
swtos2015 (EUNE)
Yes happened to me too.It shows the mastery on profile but on champ collection all 0.Fix this Riot damn.
Treycos (EUW)
: Why would anyone play udyr mid ?!
You missed my point :)
Treycos (EUW)
: Yeah, I don't know how he dropped from a pick or ban state to his actual extremely low playrate though
Cause people are too busy playing yasuo and zed mid
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=JohnnieWa1ker,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=L3EnJcxG,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2017-08-05T12:28:11.103+0000) > > You got banned for saying ez? Good enjoy the ban and all the spoiled brats who say ez should get banned too.People who got carried and say ez are even worse. Makes sense to bump a 11 month old thread, doesn't it?
Υes cause i just had a pr*** who said ez :D
Kilagram (EUW)
: I got perma banned for saying "Ez" ?
You got banned for saying ez? Good enjoy the ban and all the spoiled brats who say ez should get banned too.People who got carried and say ez are even worse.
H2OEdge (EUW)
: Morgana rework? /New champion teaser?
Holy crap you scared me.Dont you dare tough my main!
Nefarix14 (EUW)
: Cant get out of bronze
Dude im not an expert to give you advice but you have to accept that you NEED to carry games in bronze and that your teammates will be of THAT level(bronze).It's not difficult to get out of bronze once you realize that and also that you really need to improve your gameplay.Worked for me in the past and that is the truth. Focus on your own game like for example football players or teams do and think what can I do to improve my play and carry the team? As for bad luck and feeders yes you will have them but not in every game.Chances are that there will be in the enemy team too.Also it doesnt matter where placements get you what comes after some games does. tl:dr Improve yourself and you will get out easy and having fun.
: I myself have accounts in both servers! However I feel there is a huge difference as far as the understanding of the game is considered. Euw bronze 5 is like silver 5 in eune. Also when I was leveling up my euw acc I got invaded in a level 10 game by the enemy team so i bet it's somehow better skill level.
Bronze 5 is like silver 5 ok sure come on mate not that silver 5 is something extraordinary but this cannot happen in any server.Plus you say you got invaded in a level 10 game.How does this show skill on any level? And how do you not now that this was not a smurf or anyway a new account by an experienced player or at least a player(s) with a good amount of games under their belt?
: Riot , just a skin that made me tremble about its beauty
Holy crap this is indeed very good!Rioteers make this happen!
: honor 3 :)
Just got it too!
RazerX (EUW)
: Got you beat then. I just turned 38.
Haha nice one.That's comforting for me :P I guess its good for the community to have older people.
RazerX (EUW)
: How old is older?
32 my friend.You can call me first generation gamer. But I really enjoy gaming.
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