Shamose (EUW)
: So you knowingly share a link to a scam?
nope, but to a probable acc selling/ boosting service and how "smurfs don't exist."
Salron88 (EUW)
: then i guess every jax in this game has a problem.
can't agree less. point of tahm, kench vs jax matchup is to bait out jax e, so he can't dodge your passive stacks. so all jax has to do is the exact opposite: just not use it when engaging but instead when tahm commits
Br0nnie (EUW)
: There are 117 loading screen tips. None of them say anything close to this "losing a game is your own fault" . So where did you see this tip?
it's one of the rarer ones but it's present. you have more chances of seeing it on the low level games. ofc it is paraphrased,poorly
Shamose (EUW)
: We know. Nubrac bad, NB3 Bad. Both banned, end of story.
meanwhile you failed to read the video description that is a link to a acc phising/sellling site xd
Salron88 (EUW)
: no we literally cant. as a jax or nasus or yorick toplane i know we cant. and what you forget is that kench has been given a kit to survive even without many items bc he is support and suffers for gold when support so when he comes top he is totally busted.
if you have a problem against kench with jax you sir have a problem
Rioter Comments
: So much Toxic players
It only gets worse after that. I already left for russian server, just because people there tend to be a bit more tolerant. however, the extremes are more extremes(Stalin and hitler type of extremes)
: I'm a new player in the same situation as you, and in my experience, there is nothing you can really do about it but suffer through it and improve. In a 10 years old game that strongly encourages smurfing the amounts of players not on thier main accounts vastly outnumber the truly new players. Even I have made smurf accounts despite being an absolute beginner at the game. The reason ? I bought some skins and champions on this account and in the next few games was repeatedly threatened by other players to be reported and banned for "feeding". Only I wasn't feeding, I was trying to figure out the game mechanics and how to fight the enemy. Still, I have zero trust in some automated report system judging each individual case justly, so I basically stopped playing this account except for my daily win against bots. Won't consider supporting the game with more money either until I get a lot better at it, I don't appreciate my hard earned cash that i invested into this account being threatened with bans.
False reports don't do much. That being said, after 8 years of playing I kinda stopped supporting it the way i used to as well. it's just lacks the customer care and has become another one of EA sized money grabs
icunsoo (EUW)
: Mordekaiser - Illaoi Bug
another mordekaiser bug? that's not new
: Finally RIOT!
Checked the post, then checked the board, then checked the message again...the sarcasm is stronk in diz one
: oh that's just bs...
it has always been late in tuesday night
: I need psychological help here
Simple... cause you can't blame smurfs anyway since they can do whatever the %%%% they want...close to lol. Might as well blame your own team for not having any
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: non metha strategy
A more reliable off meta happens to be 2 supports. one in toplane and one in botlane.
: Nerf Trynda Fast
Ma0wsan (EUW)
: In game stats are lies
The game is bugged. The speeds aren't the only one that don't show correctly
: yea im gonna your ass and ban your main too ^^, that's what i do to those who see me hover yas and ban him.
: is it me or every time i open a box i get champion shard this is the 5th time in row
: I'm a midlaner, I see enemy jungler ganking and our jungler farming , I'm getting angry by that, when you say "I'm hovering Yasuo" and then your teammates ban him even tho you declared intent.
one champ i will always ban. reason: i don't want to face him and i dont want to deal with his bullshit. I rather have him troll so i can report him for being a moron
Guoo (EUW)
: What is your behavior (or speech) that your teammates can't stand in the League of Legends?
: 606 MS PREDATOR KATARINA MID | Build & Runes | Diamond Commentary | Leag...
godyoonmin (EUNE)
: nb3 and nubrac thing
Vérontó (EUNE)
: Morde nerf
passive might take a hit. pt well damage in general. i'd prefer they'd take a look at the passive cause maxhp damage is always kinda broken.
: "%%%%ing up the world" has nothing to do with people being tolerant or not Just think about it, if you walk around a corner in a street and bump into someone, they're much more likely to tell you it's no problem than to lash out at you, because they can tolerate blunders It's the same in nearly every situation that relates to tolerance
or they just give you the death glare lol:D yhea, usually it is:P Not so much about protests of immigrants or well straight out racism, especially when advocated by 1 party-.-
: Because of {{champion:82}} , I cannot ban {{champion:75}} anymore. So guess who I'm laning against? :S So... my thinking is: "I need to pick something to outscale Nasus... let me play {{champion:22}} top! That would do!" Then Nasus gets stacks and devours the towers before I get my second item {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} But it's not like I can play my usual {{champion:86}} into Nasus... I hate this game. -edit- why would I be desperate in normal??
well garen is doable. I prefer renekton or something with lots of hard cc/awesome roaming. you don't play against nasus you play around him
JOX1999 (EUNE)
: Grinding whole day to reach higher rank. Get demoted to this
So do the next sensible thing and a) leave or b) play arams
iaapvper (EUW)
: Mordekaiser is NOT op!
1) Stop %%%%ing smurfing and get the %%%% out. Why the %%%% you need to stomp noobs and boast about it. 2) QSS=You're dead. People on low elo don't buy QSS usually
: a player going afk does not make him a toxic person and what most people call a "troll" is just someone that's having a bad game So according to your own little "stats" you provided, it's prety comon to encounter 1 toxic person in every 3 to 6 games (since i'm not counting "trolls" or afks in these stats), that's 29 to 59 non toxic players for every toxic player And even if you want to be negative and count afks and trolls as toxic people, that's still 9 to 19 non toxic players for every 1 toxic player According to your own statement As I mentioned in the other comment that's a negativity bias, you don't take note of every non toxic player but since you see toxic players often, despite them being an overwhelming minority, you notice them much more and they make an impression on you as being the majority, while they really aren't
You mean the guy who just runs it down mid or just distrupts gameplay. yhea they are way more common when you instaban yasuo:P Also, the system and reports don't work at all. i've only experienced normal enjoyable games in aram. In SR and in TT you are pretty much dooming yourself with negativity
: Man no offence but reading what you write is a pain learn to cut up your text,there's no shame in using line breaks anyway regardless, people that get angry when other people make mistakes are people with low tolerance levels, and that's not the norm It's normal to remember the people who react agressively more than the people who react positively or who don't react at all and to then think there's some kind of negative tendency observed, that's called a negativity bias and it's something extremely common but that negative tendency that you observed is just an impression and not a reflection of what really happens To put it simply you're more likely to remember the time your jungler called you %%%%%%ed for %%%%ing up than the time you %%%%ed up completely but no one called you out on it
> [{quoted}](name=Call me Teddy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=x31l6Pa1,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-20T00:42:28.518+0000) > anyway regardless, people that get angry when other people make mistakes are people with low tolerance levels, and that's not the norm You mean baby boomers and even older people screwing up this world is not the norm? LMAO, don't live under a rock. Look what the %%%% is actually going around you. I understand if you're not phased by it. But not saying low tolerance is not the norm( While I agree, it shouldn't be) is kinda....errm...political PR speech you'd expect from a politician
: > . But in every teamgame there is sometimes something what makes human toxic or aggressive. don't group everyone with you, the vast majority of players don't feel the need to be toxic
you mean the minority? Cause encountering a flamer/troll/afk every game or 2 is pretty darn common
: I'm 70% coffee. I will fight this to the bitter end. Pun totally intended.
Let me just sweeten your pot with some lumps
Hasudesu (EUW)
: Illaoi is not broken, just stupid as shit
I'd vote zoe as the worst champion ever seen since it's creation
: How can one justify a Smurf? How can Riot justify allowing them?
prepare yourself for downvotes and "smurfs aren't bad despite literally ruining the matchmaking. "
LoliOni (EUW)
: Esther. Character Concept.
they should hire you{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Lariatas (EUNE)
: Yummi Q is unfair and needs an adjust
It actually needs some bigger tought. The q slow is pretty much needed. The targeting system is intresting, The problem is, missing it isn't punishing and hitting it doesn't feel so rewarding either.
: I will just find other game. It´s imposible. On my last game a Zed made 36 kills and he has 10 deads. Impossible for new players to learn this game like this. If this happens in level 6 what happens in highest level.
you are better off in russian server...and even there only in arams. and those games you can play in eune as well... but otherwise, just quit. starborne sovereign space is better than this dump and that game is 1) in alpha and 2)buggy as fck. I actually quit some time ago, then started playing again with brothger and when he quit i quit again lol
: if you are a casual why play ranked?
if you are seriously asking this question i have nothing to discuss with you
: > [{quoted}](name=Ethilirwen,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=FfO1iQim,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-10-30T07:26:11.456+0000) > > I will just find other game. It´s imposible. > > On my last game a Zed made 36 kills and he has 10 deads. Impossible for new players to learn this game like this. > > If this happens in level 6 what happens in highest level. Many newer player start out with coop-vs-ai where fewer smurfs exist and none on the other side (bots ;) ). After some games played, the server will flag smurfs as smurfs from their gameplay and group them apart in games with/against other smurfs, so from then on newer players should see fewer of them if they aren't on the same skill level as the smufs.
you will still put up with them even after that. it only gets worse
: I understand your frustration since I myself was in the same case but in a ranked game, I got destroyed by an Aurelion Sol who has been literally bronze 5 the 2 past seasons yet he had huge kill participation in every game and 70% win rate on Sol at the time I played against him, he got from bronze 5 to silver 1 in like 2 days.. Of course your team mates won't understand that and they'll make it worse for you flaming and blaming when they don't understand that the huge gap of skill and experience between you and your laner is the main reason why you were in that bad situation. This guy got banned because I mentioned about what he did and I posted his in a reply to a question on the boards though lol. That said you still can't blame riot for such an unavoidable thing since a lot of those people have their main accounts banned or they just want to level up/rank up new accounts and there's no other way to do that besides destroying people lower level/rank than them and trust me they themselves don't find any fun doing that since the games would be so boring being far from being competitive. Think also about friends who want to play together in normal games, preventing 2 or more friends to play together just because one of them is highly skilled will ruin the experience tbh.. I'll just say that Riot needs to take the rank of a player, his previous scores, win rate and if he has premades into consideration with the algorithmes of match making system and to somehow find a way to prevent people with higher elo to make it easier for them to level up/rank up their new accounts without ruining newbies journey to improve. Not to mention the boosting services which are easy to track (look his/his premade's previous seasons ranks, or his/his premade's match history). Lastly, nothing is perfect in this world and you have to adapt lol, the majority if not all the players had bad times at their first games against people who are way better than them, just don't tilt and think about it as a chance to see how a good player does in that situation and since you're still playing normals trust me you have nothing to lose. Good luck !
youtube disagrees hard. even moreso, smurfs that spam ez all game long just top make you feel bad. i'm surprised this kind of bullshit behaviour is not punished. there's a difference between easy as banter and ez as harrassment
: > I'll just say that Riot needs to take the rank of a player, his previous scores, win rate and if he has premades into consideration with the algorithmes of match making system and to somehow find a way to make prevent people with higher elo to make it easier for them to level up/rank up their new accounts without ruining newbies journey to improve. Riot actually already does this. They have a system, which detects smurfs after only a couple of games and afterwards they will be mostly matched with other smurfs.
: > My question is why is this allowed? Basically because there is no way to prevent it. There basically isn't any solution that is both technically and legally possible. So why forbid something that you can not control or prevent in any way?
so instead of punishing for multing you just do nothing. pathetic excuse
: Tell me about it. No offense but in most of my games i find myself with the highest Vision score out of all the 9 players and still gets flamed by my support with warding item and 0 vision score flaming me "Noob jungle no wards". {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
when i have the most vision score and highest kda, while the support is 0/10 and no vision says i'm *insert hatespeech here*.... you know there is no hope in humanity
Hansiman (EUW)
: and LCS is impacted of solo queue. I believe it's a "chicken and the egg" problem.
lol that one is simple. marine eggs- reptilian eggs- chicken,
Memuru (EUW)
: I think the extra compensating resist would need to come from base stat buffs. And they definitely need to deal with Fiddle somehow, but it seems the LoL devs are pretty clueless about what to do with him. Probably just needs some QoL improvements for jungling, I think maybe they should increase his W slow or maybe give it some max %hp damage on creeps.
Actually they are not clueless. he is on the rework list. the fact that morde came out so fast after a vote between morde, fiddle and 2 other champs, means they probably have a decent idea, just need to tinker on the details.
: Game starts, begins to load, then crashes. Reconnecting makes it load to 10% and then crash.
I had the early crash, but not the second one. I do suggest clean install.(uninstall, delete the folder with leftovers, then reinstall). No idea of cause yet
: > [{quoted}](name=M3GTRDragon,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=f8Zpp35y,comment-id=000200000001,timestamp=2019-06-17T05:31:17.311+0000) > > kench easy to kite? LMAO, give me a break. His slow/stun makes him harder to kite than susan or udyr. and we know those 2 can be pests sometimes. I meant Morde and not Kench with being easy to kite
From previous OP's post I thought you talk about both. Also, morde is not that easy to kite anymore, thanks to his kit being quite strong in CC. Especially if you don't have QSS
Memuru (EUW)
: The ones that are too tanky because they already have sustain also currently includes Lux, Sylas, Fiddlesticks and formerly Ryze (shields gone, W root removed so hes barely even a battlemage anymore, which is very interesting)
Lux is artillery mage. If he takes aftershock, more likely than not there are many divers or assassins who can easly get to her. Also, AOE Teamcomps. While it is, problematic, it still comes down to lack of resistance in minor runes, since let's be honest, by 10 minute mark most games get decided badly. Sylas a class of it's own...that's one guy i don't want to discuss, because in my eyes his kit is broken(altho, it's possible to deal with it). Well..fiddle sadly needs the aftershock. It's only thing that keeps him somewhat in the game.
: you can learn the things that lead to that scenario he obviously did something to cause the tilt maybe learn to emulate it? who knows i may be talking out of my ass oh wait a minute i was exploiting the weak mentals of soloq players season 3 to absolute maximum if you give up on a game just because there is a smurf on the enemy team before the game started you are a part of the problem
1) I'm casual. I want fair games where I can actually enjoy the game, not some freaking insult fest with bunch of 12 year olds high on testosterone who got beaten by someone who has low self esteem. 2) You don't learn anything when you see 3 out of 4 guys flaming or 1 or 2 guys trolling. it's toxic game and you want to get out of it. 3) You do realize I can't be a problem in EUNE if I don't play in EUNE anymore. Atleast russians have half a braincell to no insult so badly over getting ass whooped. Even there I'm ARAM only
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I do think while playing ranked, but it's harder to focus on macro while playing champions you're not that experienced with, because you're mostly focusing on what you're trying to do with that champion. There are many champions I want to learn, and I also want to learn new roles to be more flexible, but people flaming when I don't do well on first try completely takes my motivation away to learn the given role or champion.
because in aram most people have been the "burden of the team". In SR on the other hand, if one does bad all do, so instead of seeing themself at fault they blame everybody and their grandmas
: Why you should follow your own opinion and not others. Feat. The criticism of Qiyana.
Before I formed my opinion I watched the trailer. 3 minutes in I got bored. Dash, dash, dash, more dash. Pretty much "meh, another hyper mobile god knows what, not a master of elements."
Fos (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=R4ndom F1nn,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oiwAlYnz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-15T22:15:25.692+0000) > > I think someone has a thing for the big-tiddy hour-glass champs. But in all seriousness, the champs looks bland. Her kit is the sorta like that either it is op or absolute trash. Her weapon feels like a Sivir weapon rip-off. Her personality is suuupeer boring, another empowered female who has to shove it down your face. It would be cool if they released like a mad female champ who desires to murder everyone, but who isn't cocky about it. eg. "Your death will fuel my flames" instead of what we are getting: "AM WOMAN, AM DARK-SKINNED, DIE PATHETIC MALE". But I guess Rito needs to make a political statement with her so can't be helped. Besides, why release her now? Yuumi just came out, Mordekaiser rework came this week, and already a new champ? Riot really needs to work on their timing or atleast make the fast-fed champs decent. How is her weapon similar to sivir's in any freaking way? Sivir holds a cross and Quiyana holds a giant chakram, not to mention that Sivir is ranged. And why not release her now? What is the problem with constantly having new content? Can't adapt? Whether they released new content less frequently or more frequently, people would still do the same because when one states something easily abusable even though wrong, people will follow. It has been happening since the dawn of mankind, stop agreeing to everything someone ''popular'' has to say just to fit in with the crowd. Before you say something, first process it, make your own research. Stop being sheep.
To be honest the problem is not in adaption, but about the quality of the character. This characters quality is quite bad compared to say yuumi or bard. While I get that riot is running out of ideas, but a champion built fully on dashes is bound to be problematic early on in either side of the spectrum. I'll be honest, i got bored 3 minutes into the trailer and was "meh". Master of elements has far more potential than just being another dasher. Might as well copy-pasta this :D
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