Droal (EUW)
: Confession of a player playing TFT with two different accounts at the same time
you might wasnt to ask this question in riot supprt under player behaviour.
: No Sense
I was quilty of doing that at first, but then I realized the hypocrisy of this. The reason hy this happens is because every now and then junglers have to be so much present in one lane that their cs get old and you can get counterjungled. So sometimes people do take cs. most of the time tho, it's just this hypocrisy.
Hansiman (EUW)
: I fail to see how. Even in real life, you are judged for your actions, and not the actions of others.
Bro, do you even live real life? not the sociaty cotton ball, but the actual, real life? You are judged on actions of both parties, not only on your actions.
I just mute each and every one of them who dares to say a word. And I don't mean just their chat. I also mute their pings. I also use them as meatshield and clean up fights instead of engaging when playing something like that. Tgey react same to caitlyn or any adc mid even if it ends up winning them the game
Hansiman (EUW)
: What's there to deal with? Just ignore it. Reports won't get you banned, it's your behavior that's judged.
and thats the whole problem with the system. it encourages bullying
: FIddlesticks meme
Well the meme answers itself. Fiddlestick makes riot employees fear before he can even be touched
Εlin (EUW)
: I wonder how many people are in-game on 01 January, 00:01 AM?
ironicly my queue times were faster on 1st of january. like wtf{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: I liked the mode, but I really hope that they will not bring it back. It created the pick of toxic community, comparing to which, ranked games look like your friendly kindergartens.
if they bring it back WITHOUT the missions that require x augment or x champion or x teamcomp, then it's fine by me
JustClone (EUNE)
: Can you show me one player, that you met in your ... lets say last 20 games... that stomped games in his elo, and then went on losing streak on purpose? (the other guy said that he did not have any encounters in his last 20 games, now lets see if you had, and we will talk about "uncommon" again...)
Naming and shaming is against the rules. Otherwise I'd just give you my russian account and you'd see the madness yourself
: well maybe cause yummi is a shitty pick... just maybe
maybe you're so shit you can't even make one of the most broken champions to work
ryandub (EUW)
: I think you are being flammed because u are selecting yummi regardless of ur team comp. When a player choses Yummi as support, it places a considerable amount of pressure on the ADC - they are essentially solo playing bot lane with extra damage and armour. Also they must keep close distant with enemy champs in order for u to land ur Q. This match up does not work with every ADC. For instance, Yummi and Ashe is horrible cause Ashe is a late game champion with no escape and low early damage and attack speed. Yummi and Draven or Jinx with escapes and high early damage works well. Does that make sense? I'm willing to bet that when ur ADC locks down on Ashe, u proceed with Yummi for ur own amusement rather than the betterment of your ADC. And that is why you are being flamed especially with the mid 30's win rate Yummi has. Its an automatic disadvantage to the early game if ur paired with an ADC that doesnt make sense.
you are so wrong. only shit yuumi players put pressure on adc. a good one is a nasty one to deal with, as not only can she shield TWICE, she can heal TWICE, and she can damage and engage, while being freaking uncatchable. If you try to focus her(and you will, if you play with a good one), you will fail. if you focus the adc, yuumi will just come out and auto you to death
: How can you find tft fun?
when you get lucky you get a rush. and after that you start chasing that rush
SinsanitY (EUW)
: Well said. not many here will agree with you however, as what Rank they are is everything, but we need more posts like this!
well luckily you can't downvote
JustClone (EUNE)
: The only thing that I wanted to point out, not just imply, is that this "uncommon" situation has no effect on the ranking.
lmao... I don't know where you play that it's uncommon. You don't happen to pay for the subscription, do you? lol
SmB Koji (EUW)
: Cool, you learned the theory, and micro-archetypes. GJ, this is how a balanced game is supposed to be built. However, check the reality one second and you'll see that with several dashes / gap closers / mobility spells (not even including flashes) and the fact that damage > tankiness, assassins have, by nature, an upper hand. You can't realize this simple fact ? Go play the game a bit. I played Kayn just today, and I crushed everyone because I could keep going in again and again, while one spell landed dealt way more damage than what anyone else could do. And despite being terrible with assassins, I carried the game hard. Same for Darius recently. So please, stop pretending the game is fine and balanced, stop copy-pasting Riot's disinformation and use a bit of critical thinking.
LMAO. it takes them 5 seconds to kill a tank. thats more than enough time to burst someone down. you are not supposed to tank for a whole %%%%ing hour without ever returning to base
JustClone (EUNE)
: So you imply that a person wins a game and then loses a game to stay in the same elo? So technically, you lose one game against such smurfs who decided it will be steam rolling day... And then you win one game against such smurfs who decided it will be losing day... Overall impact on your win rate: None whatsoever. Problem solved, son. Move on...
So you imply trolling in order to have fun at other's expense is okay?
: > [{quoted}](name=M3GTRDragon,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=AUxP1jJ0,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-08-20T20:33:22.650+0000) > > Starborne Sovereign Space is much more fun to me. as for age... early 30's Ive search it and it looks cool, will try to play it if I have time and its free play
Well it may seem like pay to win at first, but it's far from it.
: Simple is an understatement. Annie is braindead. Still, it doesn't mean you'll be climbing with her, but you'll be at an advantage, since you've completely removed the element of mechanics/champ difficulty from the equation.
oh the irony in this statement. annie has as many animation cancels as riven lol
: Neeko counter through settings
it's why I don't play neeko around it lol
jacktjong (EUW)
: Not true. There's always champs you can play that are easy enough for you to be effective in any role. Top? Garen. Jgl? Nunu, Sej or Xin. Mid? Annie or Lux. Bot? Caitlyn. Support? Morgana or Lux. But if you pick some random champ that does need skill to be effective with, it's on you. Nobody will complain when you're not an absolute god at your role, but they have a right to complain if you're not even trying or making dumb decisions.
: I was wondering how old are players here LOL
Starborne Sovereign Space is much more fun to me. as for age... early 30's
LG Always (EUW)
: bot lane exp
you could play adc in the midlane and see how long you last... most likely you get bursted or camped. it's why support-adc is duo lane
: Riven is still busted, the "nerf" was worthless
I have nore problem with his triple q-aa combo
Blitzz (EUNE)
: Is it okey if i call people noob
Depends on context. it's been abused the hell out of by many communioties to the point it has lost it's original meaning
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Jax was and its still is that champ that can 1v9 the game and win.Its easy to play scales very good high dmg and very tanky.. Why the hell will someone buff that guy..
because anyone outside of bronze knows at least one way to beat the turd
: Malzahar Support-Isn't it good?
He is kinda niche. Anyone who knows who to take down your shield and dodge your q, will most likely negate most of your damage. Your e doesn't do much alone. And without the utility from rilay, you are just another mage in the botlane. Also his supression is cleared with mikaels/qss. and outside of low elo, that's pretty much what everyone takes against surpression champions, making his only usefulness useless. he is good against single assasin/single diver teamcomp tho, since liandry allows for hp shredding while the ultimate does make sure that atleast for temporarily that diver is stopped. but in that case, a janna does this job better. even a lulu. TL;DR: He work's but everything he does, can be done better by others
: Don't get me wrong, as an adc player I usually go for Cull if im forced to back with only 500g in my pocket. But it's never your primary buy, just an item you bought cause you didnt have for anything else.
Yhea, but what you are suggesting will make klepto build paths problematic. it would, however, bring back relic shield supports.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I said "autofilled" and he said "so what?"
I had this guy asking "why you banned cancersuo". The other dude answered: "you said it yourself, it's cancersuo". the response was "can't argue with that"
: Cull (The 450g "starter" with a quest) could be a rune instead
I'll be honest, this item has it's niche uses, but it's usually a ctahcup item, not a starter
: Aftershock proccing when it shouldnt
it seems on rare occasions when a cc spell affects a minion or monster, the aftershock may cast when the original target was a champion(mouse was at champion during cast). I experienced it with Morgana ultis first cast. (tether was broken before ult ended, still got the aftershock)
: What do you do when you are sad?
sadöy i can't feel sadness too deeply, it turns into anger real quick. and only way getting rid of it is breaking something
: Yeah i could go darius mid but thats not what i want You are not addressing the issue
so you refuse to play something that could give you the lead, just cause you don't want it? LMAO. Also, Diana works pretty well against both of these. And then there are other toplaners that are pretty effective in midlane, not just irelia or aatrox.
: Is it possible to main kayle in rank
ranked games tend to be based on luck this season. i'm not even that good and I'm in gold lol
: don't bother saying this. He will send his riot fanboys to the thread and downvote your post so riot will label your comment as totally irrelevant because RIOT FANBOYS FTW!!! SEND THOSE GUYS 10000 FREE RP :D
Just so you know: I reported your posts. Just so you know 2 nefore you answer: Check my posts and you see i'm mostly the aggressor, not the defender.
: so posting a comment is 'working'... I'll grab some more popcorn while u post completely dumb comments :')
posting a topic on behalf of riot is working. posting an opinion based on personal belief or views, or personal conclusions based on third party data is not. Unless, again it's related to company image in some form or way
: Well it's Hansimans "job" to do that. But he is not Riot employ, he is volunteer from community. And A Red Herring is "Security Engineer". What ever that means.
Security engineer is also more on the line of keeping hackers and other security issues at bay
Player 00 (EUW)
: Idk EUW is more toxic so I have more stuff to rant about :D
dude, you are so wrong there. You are lucky you don't understand russian. That server is unplayable. not better in eune either
Player 00 (EUW)
: The problem with League community
problem with the league community is the freedom of the internet exposed to immature minds
: 'Casue riot wont ban you for that. Happened to a friend of mine. Some player sent him a friend request. My friend accepted it. The player then started to harass my fiend and calling him all sorts of thing. He took prints of this. Sent to riot. What did riot do? Nothing. Because it was outside of a match and just in the client, my friend had himself to blame, seeing how he accepted the friend request.
Sorry for late reply. Sadly, it goes that way most of the time. Only when someone threatens you directly and it's reasonable to assume the threat is real, you can ask for some legal advice and riot gets notified.
: Why ?
Cause we will just have to have more trolls if we permamute them. There is also the fact of growing the %%%% up. It's pretty hard to get permabanned.
: Honestly if my income could allow for multiple months then I would but if I buy more to now then I leave myself with less than enough than in comfortable with until I next get payed. I only spend what my budget can allow right now
Yeah, I know what you mean. At one point in life, we have all been there. TL;DR: Since I've been there before, I came up a way to spend less on some areas, to gain more money, without getting a raise. --- The hardest part is getting out, the so called "first investment". I'll give you an example about the average family in my country (above the poverty line). Average net income is 500-600€ (Taxes deducted) The average rent and communal is around 300€. Comfort is another 100€ on average. that leads many families with 100-200 bucks on food. Something you can spend in one go. So, you have to take something out, to get the budget growing. You can always take out comfort. Say, you need the internet for work. But you can watch shows and everything else online if you know where to look. Same with listening to music. So we can assume(to be safe) that only half of the 100€ is required for comfort. Now, this gives us an extra 50€ free each month. Now, the key thing about food is buying in bulk over a longer period of time. Spreading out the spending. Most important question: what kind of products you can store without any problems? Answer: Pasta(Spaghetti, fussili etc), Rice, Buckwheat. dry broth or broth cubes(likes of maggie), salt, pepper, coffee, tea, spices. If you have a refrigerator, you can also store: Eggs(up to 2 weeks in advance, they usually last for 4 weeks total, with the first 3 weeks being before the expiration date.) Vacum packaged products: Until their expiration date marked on them. Cheese: Most cheeses(exept white mold and blue mold), can last up to a month outside their package, if they are wrapped in baking paper or cheese paper(or rewrapped in their original package after use). If you have a freezer: MEAT- the most expensive commodity, can last up to 3-4 months, even longer. Frozen meat only expires, if it has expired BEFORE putting to freezer or if it's unfrozen improperly. The hard part is keeping the chunks small, so you don't have to worry about getting them apart. This also includes most of cuttlets. In proper, dark, dry and cold corners, potatoes can last for a month. you can buy a sack(25kg) and use it for whole month. Altho, fresh is prefered, it's still a possibility. So first thing to stockpile is obviously everything that lasts without fridgeration. Second is stuff that lasts with freezer(if you have it). Third is those which need fridge, but can't be held in freezer. This also leaves you the need to only buy fresh veggies(Altho, if you have a freezer. frozen veggies are also decent). And occasionally fresh meat for parties. ======================================================================================================== Over 4 months, the food will start to pile up, to a point you won't have to replenish your supplies for atleast a month or 2. That's when you start earning intrest. All the free money you have from cutting your expenses this way will amount up to 100€ minimum. That is with returning the comfort spending to full capabilities. Remember, you now have more money free, since pretty much all the basic products are already present in the kitchen. That's where you can plan how to spend it. --- Now, at this point, you know you want to eventually spend some money supporting League of Legends. You know, that on average, you need to gather around 100€ worth of RP to buy anything meaningful. This is where choice comes in. You can skip an event, to then go for another event. If you aren't intrested in current event, but you have spare money you can put in the game, you can do it. Just don't spend it, and wait for the right time. Do it over the course of 10 months, with 10€ being the average in those months, and you get 100€ worth of spending RP over the year. --- After this, it's just a matter of keeping the spending free. Now, this large paragraph is just an example of how you can save. It is NOT a go to reccomendation. Every country is different.
RageSquid (EUW)
: Yes, you get what you buy. It not like I give the grocery store money in advance so I can pick up stuff for a while until my credit with them is too low for me to buy anything.
That's just it. Most of the groceries can be bought in bulk as long as you have a freezer- Only thing I use fresh is veggies and certain types of meat. otherwise I stockpile. It's the same in this game. if you know what you need/want in advance, you can plan for it
RageSquid (EUW)
: What kind of mindset is that? That's like going to a store, paying €5 extra for a product, but getting €5 discount on my next purchase. If I want to purchase something, I shouldn't have to end up with excess RP, coupons or other stuff I don't need or want.
If I spend money on games, I usually spend only enough to last for multiple months in one go, as it reduces 'y expenses for next month as well as my total expenses. It's the same with grocery,rent, electricity etc
Bombario (EUNE)
: how long is that period of time you speaking of? from honor level 0 to honor level 2 takes how long (several months at least) so you have to narrow your toxic behavior to 0 for something like 1000 games. that is of course possible but insane as well. this is like telling someone on diet not to eat junk food for couple of years. (in case his will power isn't prefect he will somewhen fail) riot is basically giving toxic players no real chance to improve and even encouraging them to start over with a new account after knowing they are not able to change. ("money money money we DO need your money")
i can answer that. i've been 14 day banned quite a number of times, but never reached perma in my year of playing
sonGokuson (EUNE)
: that's what you think
when you prove your adversaries point....
: ***
Edit: Since you got deleted, my answer won't be needed anymore. Cya
: i was the normal person adding the flamer in order to flame him so i guess it makes both of us flamers
Lol. Well... that I can somewhat understand:P
: ***
LMAO, are you salty or what. Also, you clearly don't know me, assuming such shit. Also, what the %%%% does gameplay or rank have to do anything with someone adding you just to insult you?
: I want to play Maokai, but I cannot. Not viable champion. Totally useless...
To be honest, i like playing maokai. he isn't easy to pull off, i give you that, but his ultimate and CC can be gamechangers. Especially since he can use his abilities to both engage and disengage/peel someone off from carries. and those sapplings can be pretty narly
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