Xaveria (EUW)
: Literally every game has a smurf or someone going AFK - why isn't Riot taking any action?
Because riot doesn't care. The community is so toxic and useless that riot is essentially working alone
MusicaroN (EUW)
: Because Riot is a company of SJW Janitors, that's why
You mean those SJW's that create the most toxic work environment? The one to the point of making the headlines all around the world
: Keep the healing on conq only on melee, not abilities. So mages, tanks and adc's wont be able abuse it. Mostly Mages. Ravenous should be 75% less effective for ranged users, because its way too good for them in its current state. Increase the cost of Tank items for 100g across the board so they have to spend same amount of effort as bruisers. Tanks, mages and adc's low risk high reward in their current states, which makes the meta very stale. Remove stopwatch aswell. That item shouldnt be an component either. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Sincerely, the hater of current state of the game.
Tbh ravenous is kinda shit. Lmao unless you are malphite or another conq stacker you are useless
: 40% healing reduction is huge, not underpowered. It's most noticeable on champions that have a huge powerbudget in just raw healing like Soraka or Mundo. This means any investment into healing runes or gold or even picking a champion with healing abilities can potentially be countered and be 40% less valuable. Your build with Conqueror, Rav. Hunter, 4 lifesteal items, no penetration. Will be far inferior to anyone who has damage runes only 1 lifesteal item, more damage from items, more defense, more penetration AND GRIEVOUS WOUNDS. There is no doubt that conqueror or ravenous is strong but the stacking per se is not the issue, these runes have to be overtuned because there is the chance of opponents buying GW items, which has a huge impact on the power of the runes. Lets say there is a 100% value that would be normal or balanced for healing effects from items/runes, abilities...whatever. But Riot can't put it live like this because in 50% of the games (a percentage because GW isn't build always and sometimes only in late game) people would buy GW to reduce the healing by 40%. Which immediatly results in the effect only being 80% (underpowered) So they do something like releasing the rune at 125% so its 25% too strong but with 50% of games where GW reduces the healing by 40% it's now pretty much back at 100% statistically. **However ** In a single match and a specific situation it doesn't work like this, you will never experience the 50% chance of somebody having grievous wounds. It's either there or not. It's either 125% (extremely op) or reduced by GW only at 75% (extremely underpowered). Obviously at level 1 you are not gonna have GW, so early game is almost always %%%%ed and feels kinda unfair. What does Riot do? Give GW to a few more champions like Kled and his Q, "if you want to counter healing early pick kled" I don't think this can be fun or balanced for anyone and it's kind of a dead end. Now what happens to the champion that has been given a GW effect when he was already strong previously? Obiously he is now performing too well. What do you do? Nerf other aspects of the champion to make him statistically balanced again? Now the champion is underpowered and only balanced as a counterpick to healing champions. But I am getting ahead of myself because RIot didn't even follow up with nerfs, even though it would be justified. Also what do people pick against Soraka? Hard engage with ignite like Leona or even better Pyke because he can rush executioner or maybe a physical damage poke champion, because executioner is cheap to rush on those too and it's less risky than going all in, so maybe Senna or my personal favorite Soraka counter: Ashe Support. xD. The game becomes more like rock paper scissors, cheesy fiesta and I am not saying GW is the only aspect of the game responsible but it's one reason. In general you have to be extremely wary of high percentage buffs/debuffs/modifiers that are easily available to all or a many players. If you keep them and adjust the whole game around it, it's just not good design. Maybe there is a level where they don't break the game, like 8% to 15%. but 40%?
Runes have to be overtuned because of GW? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} that is the most %%%%%%ed arquement i've ever heard. Let me elaborate: Things need to be balanced, not overtuned, undertuned. Let me also remind you that fervor was the go to rune despite not giving any ealing at all. Even if you remove healing from conqueror, it will STILL be go to rune for most of the champions, because the amount of damage and the ramp-up effect really does not have any counterplay other than RUN! (Or kite but hey, most conqueror users are very hard to kite.) The rune is fundamentally flawed and needs tO be removed. Let me add another piece of info: In season 6(or 5) they removed grevious wounds. They ended up bringing it back because champions like aatrox, yi and tryndamere, even ashe and vayne just stacked lifesteal. Tristana could tank 2 nexus turrets with just bloodthrister. Bloodthrister was nerfed, but it didn't help since players just built more lifesteal items. Ap mages started building healing items. Tanks fell out of favor, exept those who were healing a crapton of health. And champions like soraka became a nightmare to deal with, because you either nerfed them beyond viability or they would just heal up entire team. If you remove grevious wounds you also have to remove healing. And guess what? Then shielding becomes a problem. Remove that also? Well, now damage is a problem, cause doesn't matter if you survive the burst if you can't sustain yourself back or get healed. Why don't we just delete supports completely.
: Heals really need to be tuned down. Honestly they either have to remove grievious wounds completly, or add more than only 3 items which apply them. The first solution would be better tho. Heals getting tuned down with no more GW would be far more enjoyable. First of all the heals aren't extremly ridicioulus if GW isn't applied. Second you don't have to waste gold on GW which gives you pretty bad value. Many champions have a set early build path for a very important powerspike. By having heals on the opposing team, you either let them suffer by rushing their core items and still not have enough impact because of the absurd healing, or they delay their powerspike item, reduce the healing but without those said items they won't have an impact anyway. In Pro play this is less of an issue since you can coordinate, someone gets GW while another rushes his powerspike items. In SoloQ however, people aren't closely coordinated to do that. Everyone wants to be the person shining and carrying so they all greed for their powerspike. People generally dislike the idea of being only usefull as a GW applier to deal with the healing. But one issue is also conqueror and the other runes giving healing. I mean really, ranges profit from it way to much. We've seen other runes getting tuned down for ranges because they took to much value out of it. Do it again then. If Riot wants to keep grievious wounds in the game with such limited options. Then make it so only a few encounters actually require it, GW was meant to counter specific comps and champions, not to be a must have every single game when the only actual heal ability the enemy has is the adc's Heal summoner and the junglers smite.
Actually they already tried that and it failed spectacularly. Champions like mundo, vladimir and soraka became a huge problem. Not to mention everybody just stacked spellvamp or lifesteal.
ƒrasse (EUW)
: Everybody heals
Everybody dies, some just need a little help. Everybody heals, some just need a little help. So the real problem here is that without grevious wounds heals don't have any counterplay. With grevious wounds heals need to be overbuffed? Nope. But they can't be overnerfed either. The heal/shield strength increase as a base stat is busted and needs to be removed. The ratios need to be adjusted properly. That way both can stay in the game. Or we will start stacking warmogs again lol
: Need serious. guide for Aatrox
I use domination tree onhim (electrocute), or conquerorif i'm against tanks/champs who don't stack it faster than aatrox. When needed, aftershock works, but 99% of the time it's not needed. People go for Black Cleaver most of the time. I've had mixed success with that
: Most ppl would agree with the post.
> [{quoted}](name=SoloGarenFTW,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=1qfH0LPb,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-01-06T11:32:09.912+0000) > > Most ppl would **dis**agree with the post. There, fixed for you
xSass (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KerberosFi,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=1qfH0LPb,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-06T10:43:48.107+0000) > > Apparenly I should screenshot things before I write. summoners > summoner spells (spells you unlock as you progress with level)
Actually same guy posted the thread with title "champions" instead of summoners
xSass (EUNE)
: New players should unlock all the runes and summoners instantly.
How about you stop smurfing. Even more, howabout you stop ruininggames for new players
: it doesnt happen a lot but i win games where i am 0/9. It happens. AND MAN IS IT EXCITING
All the games I win= I get carried. All the games I lose= someone in the team is even worse than me
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=M3GTRDragon,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=PV2Zdnsv,comment-id=00000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-12-21T15:38:27.915+0000) > > %%%%%% How mature of you. No need to shoot messenger. I'm not the one who created the system, I'm trying to tell, to my best understanding, how it works. I'm just stating, what many would call trolling, isn't recognized by Riot. Yes, I'm pretty certain champ selection bullying falls into negative attitude, but that will most likely, as stated earlier, give them chat restriction. Though given that this would be after they have already been chat restricted twice, it could result in 2-week ban, even perma if this happened after they had had 2-week ban. Should he get banned? Sure, if they fall into second or third scenario, otherwise, I doubt they will get anything but CR at best.
Sorry about that then. I thought you were defending riot here. My bad.
: Trundle Does Exist
Trundle is in pretty good spot. With renekton, irelia and riven coming back into meta, trundle as a safe pick against all 3 of those will rise as well. Buffing him will be stupid. He has good sustain and can duel pretty much anyone. He also demolishes one-tank teams. His low playrate is because he is not flashy. He is quite a simple champion to use, with the exeption being using frozen domain properly.
Voltago (EUW)
: Just because it has been done recently doesn't mean it shouldn't happen. I also don't understand why Riot have not introduced the competitive ban system from LCS and clash right now, to ranked/ draft already. It prevents that people ban the same champion on different teams which happens 99% of the time which make bans go to waste.
Because then the best tactic would be to target ban botlane, due to their inherently small amount of champs in the pool and small popularity, increasing the chance of totally banning out some players.
: i agree we need more bans. there are so many broken champions out there right now. You cant ban all of them.
I only count 5 problematic ones and i'm only gold lol.
: Night & Dawn Event Pass Grindfest
Tbh they have to make money somehow. And i'm okay with current level of gtind.
: Permaban Diana
Lmao nope. I just don't let her proc her shield in my face and force her to use the dash. She is strong, but not opressive. She may receive a cooldown nerf later....assumind riot knows how to tune her. Best part: any mr negates her damage so she has to go for long extended trades when enemy builds decent resistance. I play her a lot and I don't have any problem playing against her. Her strength relies on getting close. If she misses er q she misses a big part of her damage. Q always lands in circular pattern(think brand w), just has an arc animation. Q cast animation is also distinct. She is strong, but not worth giving up a ban on yasuo(who is annoying to deal with) or ryze (who is seriously broken with conqueror). Also when she is in jungle, invading her while she does her second camp is quaranteed kill for most junglers. **Edit: TL;DR: She is strong and may need adjustment on her cooldowns. She is not worth a ban tho.**
: Toxic? What you mean? I just posted your reason why you made this post. Don't put your own post into harassment against me... I only left it there to help people understand waht you are talk about.
Well the way you worded it, it kinda conveyd the message of "hypocrut talking" or "gonna stop you right here"
: thats mostly cause people tend to surrender super early or just deny to play cause they think its lost already
This happens because matchmaking is shit and usually the games are lost after 3-4 kills on the enemy team xd
Pixelbits (EUW)
: This game sure is toxic, right?
Game is toxic cause community is stupid, and the matchmaking is garbage. You can't change community, only somewhat control them. You can, however change the underlying issues(mainly shitty matchmaking and game being stomps one way or another). Riot chooses to do the opposite and fails at both
FlameClub (EUNE)
: Cant even report players to riot support because support page is refreshing infinitely for no reason
Dw the process is automated and you can't report a player you didn't play with
: Unfortunatly there is no way for them to know who would and who wouldn't have bought the pass in that exact time frame. I think it is an unrealistic request to make to say that anyone who could potentially have bought the pass during that time should be compensated for their potential loss. So yes, they could have done that, but I don't think they are under any moral obligation to do so. I understand any frustration that came from the fact the servers were down, but I do think we should also be reasonable towards Riot. They servers generally have a pretty good uptime and any game (or even software system in general) will have some unexpected downtime at some point. That's simply part of it.
Euw has ALWAYS had problems. Exept for a few seasons of stability inbetween, Euw even has a relevant meme: riot cooking sausages on euw servers
: Why is that a steal though? Those people paid for a pass but due to the downtime they lost playtime on that pass, meaning they would loss value of what they bought. People who didn't buy anything didn't lose anything either.
Heres the problwm: during this time i didn't have problems with staying in game and i farmed up 500 tokens. 500 JUST FOT THE PASS STASH. If i'd choose to buy it i'd get it. You know why I don't buy it? Cause I choose to not support a company that doesn't care for his customers or employees and riot has proven time and time again to be negligent.
Rinart73 (EUW)
: Aphelios has no place in this game. At least not with his current kit
Dude...1v1 duel, a %%%%ing Lucian beats him. Anyone with crits and quick attack speed beats him any time aphelios is not in quick attack mode. However his execution range on ult can be insane for something that can't be blocked by allies
Rioter Comments
: Oh right I would pronounce 'ez' as either 'ee-zed' or like you would in 'Ezreal'. I speak English as opposed to American English though.
It's not about pronounciation, it's about being a jerk as much as possible these days. or bypassing something.
: i called the report out just because he was being obnoxious and cancerous towards me and went on with all the heat towards me so i was being ironic but all right i know riot won't give me back my account it's one click to them and a thousand dollars to me.. whatever worth a try because it's really bs to get a perm ban like that.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Every game is a good game, it's all in your thoughts!
: Do you ever get good games in solo queue?
only when I play at nights. (01:00 to 04:00 GMT+2) Before and after that...it may sometimes happen when someone in a team is afk and the game still goes on, but last time I had one such game was in 2018 june so...
: i don't remember getting a warning ban that's why im making this appeal in the first place if you're a mod can you check that? and i don't think it's toxic because saying "reported" to someone isn't vulgar or even an insult. please enlighten me on how that is toxic
1) not a mod 2) what's the point of calling out reports? it's not like they do a shit anyway when it actually matters 3) not the one making the rules. if i was...well..the game would be dead cause I'd ban pretty much everyone LOL.
: Why do people refer to Ezreal so much in games?
they are just badmouthing. ez=easy, not ezreal most of the time. in this case, ignorance is a bliss.
: Why are ADCs so bad now?
because supports got hardnerfed.
: Normal games at low level? Probably the smurfs haven't been sorted into their own matchmaking queue yet... (2nd accounts of high level players/2nd accounts of people that had their main account banned for being toxic etc.)
lmao... normal games have so %%%%y matchmaking you could suck a cock and it would taste better than the matchmaking does sometimes.
Ñuub (EUW)
: can ppl stop pls
That won't happen. League community is one of the worst hellholes on the planet. the rare gems you do find don't outweigh the shit you have to go through before finding those gems. for solo play, league is pretty much dead.
: Immediate Permanent Ban For Saying "noob"?
lol if you dont see what you did wrong there.... you really need to take a break. 1) this was definetly not your first punishment. more likely than not you already had a 14 day ban. after that, anything is enough to say bb to account 2) your chatlogs are more than enough to mute you. if you had a 14 day ban before, it's more than enough for perma. 3) tbh...best way to play this game is to disable the chats alltogether and just troll every game without saying a word. you won't get banned unless you make it blatantly obvious
: Qiyanas balanced but other assassins outperform her, my suggestion in fixing her.
she is a counter-engage assasin, and the amount of utility she has in her kit makes her good as fighter and stupidly difficult to deal with when she does go assasin(which is like every game lol)
Yraco (EUW)
: The general idea is that most of the bans to people that complain on the boards are justified. Whether it's a single ping or someone harrassing them the entire game, there's never a justification to retaliate like a lot of people that end up coming here do.
the problem here is that the retaliator gets punished more often than the actual offender.
Shamose (EUW)
: Neither Honey is a free browser extension that finds coupons online while you shop online. It installs in just 2 clicks and will save you money, it's free, so there is no reason not to use honey while you shop online. but this isn't an ad or anything.
it sure sounded like one. Thank god I don't shop online:P most my shopping is done in person:P exept for few things that are way cheaper online
: Serious BOT problem in co-op
tbh i like 1vs9 botstomps:P
: > [{quoted}](name=A Snarky Cyclone,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fqAoJlUH,comment-id=000300010000,timestamp=2019-12-17T12:27:46.833+0000) > > Deifnitely present in multiple, much more noticeable here than other MMO's because of course the interactions are much more reliant on other people, as opposed to ones where other people are just "present". > Bot developers probably can fix a bot to work 1 day after Riot patched whatever they patched, waiting 12 months to ban is stupid. > Banning in waves prevents botting? Yeah, that's why you encounter a bot in your team probably 95% games vs AI > > It's more than once a year, but this is how it works. > > It does limit the use of programs for botting however. Preventing =/= eliminating - I'm not saying the problem is gone because of this, but it limits the amount of programs that can be used, ergo adding a level of prevention. > > Was just explaining how it works, nothing more, nothing less *shrug* What does your "emmisary" badge mean? are you related to riot in any way? I understand the way things are done, but until that wave comes, it would be nice if we could dodge games without a punishment, or open the punishment after 3 or 4 dodged games for bots. I can handle a 2v5 or 3v5, but 1v5 basically means you gotta pick a supercarry with great waveclear like sivir & it takes a long time to win.
nope he is just a volunteer. however i don't see this guy defending riot that often
: there is nothing to discuss with people like you ^^
Discuss? Lmao, dude, we were just shooting nerf bullets at each other. there never was a discussion
: It is a cult. Riot does screw up a lot of things, but imho they have redeemed themselves at 10 years anniversary. There is no reason for THAT much of hate.
Actually, half point there. Riot has screwed up more than they have done good. But, the things they do get right, they nail it.
Shamose (EUW)
: I'm actually sponsored by Honey. But don't tell anyone.
Honey from Winnie the Pooh or Honey from bees?
Yraco (EUW)
: What half of the posts say happened- "I was attacked all game and only defended myself from the evil flamer why was I banned?" What actually happened - _after a single ping from an ally saying their laner is missing_ "shut the %%%% up or I'm going to int"
What people think happens is the exact way you describe it. What really happens: 1 obnoxious guy is pingspamming, the other guy had an eye on a third guy and start harrasin him for it and refusing to mute the actual offender.
Shamose (EUW)
: How to be a proper Anti of riot games?
Everything can be written on paper.
: EVERY game crashes around 5-15 min in the match.
Some bugs have a nasty habbit of reappearing. I think Starborne has a map freeze issue that has had 5 different fixes so far
Delusion (EUW)
: he is 1400 games plat 4 50% wr.
Lmao explains his attitude. Dude knows nofing and just has ok reactions lol
: Some people see this question as "Iron or Challenger". Some people see this question as "Toxic or Non-toxic". That is true meaning of question. What category are you in? First or second? The people who started to doubt their principles and ideas is the third category. "The doubters" who blame "wrong dichotomy". They think they don't fit, but they are the fitted. They think that they control everything, in fact they are being controlled.
Lmao. None of the above. There are only 3 people here. Assholes, idiots who still arque on boards/play this game and smart guys who already left this hellhole. So...question is, are you an asshole, or an idiot?
Uraraka (EUNE)
: No. Not playing safe is wanting to feed/getting stomped/losing. I can see players walking straight into a {{champion:143}} combo(EWQWaaR) and cry that she is broken or support is over powered and many games I have played 1v2(mostly), 1v3(sometimes) even against 1 or 2 fed opponents because I don't create much opportunities for opponents to catch me. Many games I ward river brush asap if I see a hook support or someone like {{champion:25}} {{champion:99}} because an invade with them is dangerous; but almost 80% of games there is atleast 1 player who goes under turret and afk instead of protecting the buff or protecting the entry point. When opponents invade or gank at level 2 not warding prior or not tracking the jungler is the reason why the gank or invade succeeds. Top laners are usually the ones who do it to extreme, because they die level 1, {{summoner:12}} back to again die most of the times. This is just example, but such an early setback is what leads to early snowballing and one sided stomping. While matchmaking is indeed a problem, it is not like flex queue where matching is like Diamond elo vs Silver elo and most of the unfair matches are still like 0-4 ranks difference in solo queue. Matchmaking is one thing, but "throwing" by bad plays and not co-operating can lead a perfectly fair matching(very rare) to become an unbalanced game. Because I am support, I often push players to ward-but they don't even ward-then get into 1v2,1v3 situations because of lack of vision, then blame me(and jg) which is not a problem of MMR, but players playing to lose instead of playing to win or atleast to not lose.
Lmao.... serious? You bring zyra into your arquement? She is one of the hardest supports to get around. Every one of her skill is punishing even if it misses. That said, you also proved my point. People dont want to get stomped because some asshole goes to low elo just to prove how "tough" they are. The fact that you play this way and getv'atched against people who run into you already proves that matchmaking is garbage.
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