Scoliidae (EUW)
: THIS. I had a friend who only goes by guides telling me the other day that Malphite is a mage and is only played AP. And where I got the idea from that he could be a tanky toplaner. I nearly cried.
i'd dump that friend and surround myself with smarter people
: So having anger issues and not being able to control them is deserved too then? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Not an excuse to use the words that would have gotten you killed on some parts of the street
: Why i should be unbanned
the moment you think you should be unbanned is the moment you should stop even writing something. Start thinking, and see what led to the ban. It's the same with any kind of punishment. check the documents, check what you did and then decide your course of action.
: Well you see i am a special case I have been depressed Lost a Special Figure in life That is what lead to angerissues
check out DGR youtube channel and his streams on twitch tv. dude plays SMM2 and other games, mostly mario, and it's pretty good influence. it's also hilarious to watch how he selfcensors himself in some of the more brutal levels EDIT: The reason I'm suggesting him is because quite a bit of people who watched him have started coming out of their holes thanks to him and his positive attitude
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Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: So, you want players to remove other players from their game? I guess, that also means removing people from pre-game lobby as they can be toxic there also (yesterday I had a guy, that from the first word in pre-game lobby was insulting others). This could lead to fun effects. Moderator gets autofilled support, moderator: give me top or I will kick you. The cases of vendetta for imaginary faults, could make games unplayable. Also, what requirements must the moderator meet? I'm rather sure, that you would say that you could be moderator, but we can see that you are toxic towards Mr. or Ms. Ehhh and people who do not agree with you. Should we only check their in-game behaviour or also their boards behaviour? Too many problems, too high cost of maintaining, insufficient number of profits. At this point, it is better to spend those resources on improving intentionally feeding and trolling automated system, than create a vendetta environment for people who want to get revenge.
if a moderator abuses his power, should he really be a mod?
: How to actually counter Tristana?
1) tristana has quite low range early. abuse that. Most adc's have abilities that outrange her, making it easy to wear her down. 2) I usually allow tristana to push since she tends to autopush the lane. Instead i take something that has high waveclear as well(sivir being ideal due to being able to shield enemies key abilities and keep the lane on par with trist), so the lane stays near the center. I'm not too confident in my cait or lucian skills...but whenever I play tristana, a good caitlyn is a nightmare to play against.
: I don't understand the point of this question. Trolling is bad and punishable. If you want you can soft-troll - play very unpopular or unlike champ for a particular lane. There is one catch though... If you don't do well enough you might be reported. If you repeat couple of times and every time with poor score it could end up with punishment.
shaco everywhere but adc, never been banned for trolling. most my bans are for flaming xd
: |What is the best champ to troll your teammates ?
I prefer any of those for real shally old trolling: Shaco. The guy is amazing at trolling both allies and enemies. You can be a badass making the enemy chase you all the way, or you can just engage and then silently run away from the teamfight, and people just see you as "useless" rather than troll. Nidalee: Cause run run run... can't troll your own team Yuumi: just stay afk and leech exp Anivia: you know whats fun? walling everybody into drag pit. Taliyah: you know whats even better? Saving the enemy Poppy: Again, save the enemy J4: lock your carries up with enemy diver and done Alistar/lee/anyone with a knockback: kick the tankiest team member straight into your team And the good old lad blitzgrank. Again pull the enemies. Tahm nerfs kinda nerfed his trolling ability. oh and then there is ryze with his ultimate since he can flash out at the last second and send his entire team into the enemy xd. It's more of high level trolling, low levels don't really use that ult. My personal favorite tho is shaco. you never know which side he is going to troll:P
Ehhhh (EUW)
: Ingame moderators? Do you know how many games are played at any given time? Im sure that would cost ALOT of people just to watch incase someone does rulebreak
i mean people who are mods having the option to remove toxic players from match while they are playing their games. Then again, riot whiteknights are against it becausze "too much work", not realizing it's not about monitoring every god damn %%%%ing game, but about causing a domino effect
Mighty Poro (EUNE)
: Try Ornn against them :D - I'm playing a lot of Ornn lately usually win against them ^^
Oh no, what did you do? You are about to get hit by a wave of comments. /s Tbh I don't have trouble against orn as shaco:P only thing I find difficult is finding any form of waveclear but other than that, orn is not that hard matchup
mihail1000 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=M3GTRDragon,realm=EUNE,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=rf69lpRk,comment-id=00030002,timestamp=2019-10-14T10:18:34.207+0000) > > with attitude like that you have exactly 0 chances going pro. > > 1) You can only improve yourself. even moreso, most people in high elo can carry low and mid elo blindfolded. > 2) You need to make yourself noticed > 3) About time you picked up practice tool > 4) You might want to learn some build variety. Your builds are pretty much always the same. > 5) Remember to have fun and not get tilted. > 6) You need to ignore rest of the monkeys playing around you, since most likely you can't really get to them anyway > 7) learn to play from behind. > 8) get into streaming business and get some good amount of followers > > that, is just for start. What do you mean playing from behind ?
I mean what to focus in order to turn the game around.
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: Happy 10 year anniversary, lets celebrate all the things riot have done
Salty fanboy here. They have done less on the right direction in this year than in previous years. next year is promising tho
: It's pretty simple actually. ELO boosters are high diamond and above, since it would be unreasonable to boost people till plat/diamond while you're 50% win-rate P4 yourself, with over 700 games. These are the PROFESSIONAL ones, who make money off this shit. Then there are the little Billies, and Johnnies, who are hardstuck in bronze 1 97LP, and ask their all-knowing 900 game teemo OTP gold 2 friends to play their promos for them. That's not an ELO booster. That's a meme player, on an even more meme account. And why do you think riot would "buy off" statistics ? They're owned by Tencent, a $500+ BILLION conglomerate. Do you think anyone out of those giants think what two insignificant pieces of craps that we are think about their game ? They could dissolve League in 2 hours, and release a game under the same website called "Owl simulator by riot games" where all you do is spam the space bar and shout "hoot, hoot". Riot favouring statistics....don't make me laugh lol....
mihail1000 (EUNE)
: Yea... that will be quite hard going master or challanger ... with teams like this ...
with attitude like that you have exactly 0 chances going pro. 1) You can only improve yourself. even moreso, most people in high elo can carry low and mid elo blindfolded. 2) You need to make yourself noticed 3) About time you picked up practice tool 4) You might want to learn some build variety. Your builds are pretty much always the same. 5) Remember to have fun and not get tilted. 6) You need to ignore rest of the monkeys playing around you, since most likely you can't really get to them anyway 7) learn to play from behind. 8) get into streaming business and get some good amount of followers that, is just for start.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: If your match history is magically filled with 35-minute+ ranked games, in which you reach mid laner items, I'd like to take a look. But I'm quite certain the eMonster has eaten your match history links.
I just stopped playing like 5 months ago so right now I dont know anymore how long games last xd
: Statistically speaking, elo boosters would be IN the top 0.1% or so. On the long run, they have no impact whatsoever on your seasonal climb. Play champs that you MASTERED, don't go for 5 different roles, 20 champs. Learn from better players, watch streams, try to reproduce what you've seen there. Learn new strats. Analyse losses, see what you could have done better. NEVER look at your team's mistakes. Those are irrelevant, you can't help those matches. Some are unwinnable #NO SUCH THING AS UNLUCKY - when it comes to climbing. #IMPROVE !
which statistics? Neutral ones or those bought off by riot/favoring riot?
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Did you even look at the picture above? If the average match length is between 31 minutes 20 seconds and 26 minutes 47 seconds (excluding surrenders), how reliably 35-minute+ matches occur?
how about 90% of the time, match history is better statistic than something that is summed up in "stats" Not everyone has the same games.
: NA casters are pretty useless for any game really, they always praise NA teams as if they are gods gift to mankind even if they are just pretty bad overall. It doesn't matter if the other teams are just superior in every possible way, they will still find something to complain about.
thats just the whole american culture. i mean even americans don't like americans, unless it's a publicity stunt
: Can we not got NA casters, cast worlds?
I fyou haven't noticed yet: 1)Riot is hypocrit and so is their community(not aimed at you, but all community in all regions) 2) Riot is lazy 3) Riot is greedy 4) Riot is racist and sexist 5) Riot is greedy 6) Riot is under chinese influence(you won't be able to persuade me otherwise so fkc off whiteknights...or should I say greennights?) 7) Riot is basically Electronic Arts 2, just instead of having 50 or so games they have only 1
Just Cat (EUW)
: then what is it?
it's "surprise mechanics" xd
realKano23 (EUNE)
: Hextech chests are a PRIVILEGE
It's not a priviliedge if it's a marketing stunt. Get your facts straight.
: Please Crystal Scar Back
Only if they allow me to farm be and exp just by camping on one of the turrets...oh....wait....that's exactly what kept happening when IP was around
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Yes, support items do generate a bit of gold. That isn't nearly as much as the ones who CS get. Only if the games lasted for 35 minutes. LUL
you mean like most games in low elo?
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: {{item:3098}} or {{item:3096}} = 850g. {{item:3907}} = 2900g. {{item:3285}} = 3200g. {{item:3089}} = 3600g. So you're telling me that you "only" need 10550 gold. You expect to get a mid laner build with the support budget. You don't always come out of the laning phase with 5 kills and 10 assists :P
You have to count in the gold generation items. And getting those iems by 35 minute mark is entirebly reasonable
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I do know how scaling works. Besides, you're obviously an Ahri main with 3 rounds played with her this season :P At level 18, here are Ahri's numbers (With the highest possible base damages, E amplification included): 180 + 40% 168 + 42% + 168 + 42% 269 + 58% 432 + 126%. One rotation with E cast first for maximum damage: 1049 + 266% AP magic damage. Also 168 + 42% AP true damage. Level 18 Orianna (2nd lowest MR in the game at level 18. Yuumi has the lowest, but she is attached to an ally) without runes has 2077 base HP and 35 MR. 35 MR reduces incoming magic damage by 26%. That reduces her rotation damage to: 944 + 239% true damage (Magic damage converted to true damage). 2077 - 944 = 1133 HP left after base damages. 1133 / 2,39 = 474 AP. So with your limited support income, you need to have 474 AP to assassinate the Orianna, the squishiest champion against magic damage, that doesn't use her E to shield herself (and give the bonus resistances). Good luck with that.
You might want to realize the account has been abandoned since last game was like 4+ months ago. Also, you can get much more than 400 ap by smart itemizing. There are 3 expensive items and 4-5 inexpensive items capable of giving you 500+ AP, that is, if you build spell damage, not defences. Also, if you use spellthief against brand or xerath, don't be surprised that it doesnt work. If you go for defensive stats, you can use your dashes to force the enemy to focus you or get one of their carries out of action for the duration of your taunt. Either way, her supporting style is way different and has way more potential, than is recognized. Also, you only need spellbinder-ludens+rabadons for the full damage build. It's more than possible to get it done
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Was Veigar mentioned above? No. Besides, even a Veigar support brings more to the team than an Ahri support. Ahri can't assassinate anything with the support gold income, whereas Veigar still has his E (which is one of the strongest basic abilities in the game).
Shows how much you know about ahri.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: All those mentioned above bring more than just a single-target CC. Meanwhile Ahri brings next to nothing. (Apart from her E).
A heavy engager that is also great against assasins is nothing? Since ahri is assasin, she can easly be either a threat or a nuissance. Both ways she bring more than %%%%ing veigar
: Who know another game that is skill based and no pay to win?
Starborne Sovereign Space is pretty close to it. You won't be able to win solo there since game only awards alliances. However you can start off as solo player and join an alliance.
: No it shouldn't. First of all, this isn't a democracy. Riot has no obligation to comply with the playerbase's wishes in any way, shape or form. 2nd, just bcs a lot of other stupid ppl agree with your stupid ideas, doesn't make the ideas themselves any less stupid and it sure as hell doesn't mean other ppl should listen t you.
Stupid? Gimme a stupid complaint that you actually know the background reason of. I quarantee you will get them wrong
: Riots recent decisions cause general dissatisfaction within the community
Well, I reinstal,ed windows and so far I haven't even installed the game again. That says volumes, since i'm easly addicted to games
Zee Zone (EUW)
: Just saw the a video describing the game and tbh it sound intriguing. It's certainly different but the "a game can take 3 months to complete" makes me want to look elsewhere. Not because it's bad or anything but that and "the game is still running even after you go offline" gives me the feeling that my mind will be constantly thinking about the game and that is sth i wanted to get rid of. Offline games help me organize my time both physically and mentally. On the flip side I've never tried an online strategy game and i love space so i might get hooked the moment i give it a try xD Ty for the recommendation nonetheless ^^
it's addictive. but unless you play hardcore..and i mean going for win no matter what, the game is pretty forgiving to casuals. mainly thanks to community. it's more of politics in space than who has more mass. Also, it's reduced to 2 months now. each session lasts 2 months. and if you aim for win, the game does get in a way of personal life. if you don't, then it doesnt
: not sure if I should laugh or cry
both. it was sarcasm
Shamose (EUW)
: Because mobas have always been 5v5.
So 4vs4 stops it from being a moba? Also, Star Conflict totally disagrees
Diävolo (EUW)
: The problem Riot is still making cringy skins like prestige skins or E girls skins because YOU PEOPLE BUY THEM. If people stop buying their shit, they'll just work on making the game better
No they won't work on making the game better. They will just shut it down. (Light Of Nova, Star Supremacy, Thurmalite wars, COMMAND AND CONQUER, NEED FOR SPEED WORLD, all had the same fate)
Zee Zone (EUW)
: They acknowledged this in the latest ask riot. I was getting hopeful when they said that they've taken notice of the community and will put more effort into things but lost it all when they they said that they're starting with the worlds event. It was clear that they won't change their ways whatsoever. I've been away for 6 months now but been lingering on the boards and surr@20 just in case. Not gonna lie when i quit i thought they hit rock bottom but i was highly mistaken. Eternals (purchasable achievements really?!), TFT taking so much of their budget that they're sacrificing quality events and TT. All of that would've been ok if they worked on fixing anything else yet damage- and mobility creep still wack, balance out of hand and random af and bugs all over the game and client and decisions that make no sense (why even touch the legacy cursor at all?). Was holding out and still am for them to find their way but at this point the next event after worlds will determine my relationship with League as a payer and with Riot as a whole. I personally have been enjoying games other than league ever since i quit and i advise people to do the same. Not necessarily to quit but try to change pace, take a break and play sth else. Forget the online climbing competitive aspect and just play a game for fun. I still own my thanks to whoever advised me to do that in the boards back when i quit. If it wasn't for him i wouldn't have tried games like Transistor, Entre the Gungeon, The Witness, and recently Celeste all without spending a dime because of the Epic Games free games every few weeks. (Yes ik Epic games practices regarding exclusivity is controversial however i am not advising anyone to spend money on them rather make use of their free game system).
Starborne Sovereign Space is also worth a look. It's space MMO-RTS with astonishing depth. It's also in alpha till late december, so to get alpha tester tag and special rewards from alpha now is the perfect time to join. The next months are being focused on polishing the game before beta
: No more PvE
ofc they won't do it. they are preparing to shut the game down. all their actions speak of it
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: I want to live long enough to see champion nerfed with release of a skin... One day~
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ryandub (EUW)
: You pretty much summed up the problem with matchmaking. The other side of the coin is equally frustrating. As a gold player why am I getting unranked and bronze players on my team that make it impossible to win cause its too tough for them. Everyone is frustrated with it lately and most people take their frustrations out on the team by trolling or AFK which causes more issues and starts other threads on the board. Vicious cycle...
Whiteknights are defending riot when they don't even know what they are talking. thats why riot just ignored everything. If riot actually got proper honest and brutal feedback(in other words, they lost customers and support of everyone), then they'd start thinking more. Whether or not it would resolve anything is another teal, since riot is now chinese company that is all about greed.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > If the IFS has absolutely no problem with the load, then how come it's pretty common to encounter people who break the rules and tos EVERY GOD DAMN %%%%ING GAME??? Because you're ignoring the scale, with millions of players you're always likely to encounter someone who breaks the rules just due to volume, its just a numbers problem, has nothing to do with the "load" the IFS is under, as i said its pretty easy to parse most reports and chat based ones take seconds to check > Also??? Action a punishment 15 minutes? LMAO... Nope, Nope Nope. If people would actually get punished in 15 minutes, they wouldn't keep being so entitled jerks. Again, you're treating it like every instance of toxicity is the same person when its not, you're also treating it like a single report means a punishment when that isn't how the system works anyway Its just a lot of misunderstandings being compounded to look worse than it actually is
Nope, it's a problem I point out. Do not put words into my mouth. I also don't ignore the scale. THE SCALE is the reason of the "load" of reports being more than the system can actually handle. It is more effective than tribunal, yes, but in under no circumstance can it handle everything alone. The system needs another system to match the scale. or let me put it in the dumb persons terms: More people you need to control, More systems you need to implement to control them.
: ***
Straight out stats buff is not the way to go. Especially when it's concerning base damages. I'm gonna have a field day with my tank riven now xd
Shamose (EUW)
: Guess who is getting a Prestige skin next patch.
To be honest... She is borderline balanced...this is definitely gonna push the girl to the borderline overpowered status. While I agree, she could use some buffs, straight out stat buffs are not the one she needs. Also, good to see Shamose being on the light side of the force for once.
Cypherous (EUW)
: The IFS has no issues handling the load, it takes it seconds to scan dozens of text chatlogs, next to no time to scan through game logs, it doesn't have an actual backlog of any real size, at most it takes it around 15 minutes to process and action a punishment, compared to the weeks of the tribunal
If the IFS has absolutely no problem with the load, then how come it's pretty common to encounter people who break the rules and tos EVERY GOD DAMN %%%%ING GAME??? Also??? Action a punishment 15 minutes? LMAO... Nope, Nope Nope. If people would actually get punished in 15 minutes, they wouldn't keep being so entitled jerks.
: Why do death threats go unpunished, and has it gotten worse?
yhea it has gotten worse. Yes, they should be punished. Yes, Riot and community are lazy. can't fix what is out of your control
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: I got Perm banned for third party programs, i never cheated in my life and will never do
did you buy the account? Did you use something for custom skins? If the answer to one of those 2 is yes, then chances are, they won't lift it.
: janna's passive! ( question )
They use the boots of mobility to get to places, not for damage on her w. Also, if you don't use autoattacks or any other abilities and don't take damage before your w lands, it will get full benefit as far as I know. (I may be wrong on this one)
: Keep running into bad starts, mood sours almost instantaneously.
to be honest i'm playing starborne. this game does not give me much in the way of gameplay... or fun. Also, when I do play, it's on russian server, it's aram, and it's a 5 man premade
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