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: The Death of League of Legends
both right and wrong. When the game evolves, it's not dieing, it's evolving. Part of the essence gets removed to replace with a better, healthier part of the essence. What is dead, however, is the matchmaking. It's just so imbalanced that it's either a stomp or get stomped. And thats why the game feels dead: cause imbalanced matchmaking happens usually in multiplayer games where there are not enough people around
Smerk (EUW)
: I can't agree with that. First of all because you still can climb with anything you want. You just have to be good enough. And if you really that is what league was all about, then I don't even know what to say
Actually, at some point, meta does kick in, since you won't be able to go offmeta and get hardpunished by the enemy.
: > [{quoted}](name=Devrost,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xv5Z0vhi,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-21T22:50:27.918+0000) > > I saw people that got from silver to few games.You cant make such progress so easily. > > From the begin of s9 i saw plenty of people hittin diamond 4 with less then 50% winrate...IT MUST BE RESSETED. > > New system is already a big JOKE.With this crappy matchmaking and new system hitting eu pretty sure game will be over. Yeah, I just got back into the game and I already demotivate seeing rly bad players playing in high elo... Like I started in g3 and I am already in plat mmr games but half of the players don't even deserve that..... I almost made it to plat last year but this time I hope they fix it before I lose my love for this game...
it5's also demotivating seeing high elo players stomping the noobs in low elo. and this happens more often than not right now
: Okay well EDIT is up and im sorry that i messed smthing up with the ghost thingy. Still please take a look at the edit
To be honest twitch is not the only jungler who suffered. All the fast clearspeed junglers caught up in the nerf as well, you know likes of shyvana and yi. assasins and otherwise earlygame pressure junglers also got hit bad with it. it takes them longer to reach level 3 as well. Besides adc are fragile in general. They can be good in jungle(twitch, kindred, quinn, ashe) but you really need to know how to kite a camp and how to use your abilities properly. You also need to know your role, which is PRESSURING the enemy in any way possible, not just by "ok i farm to 6 then kill em all because i'm 2 levels above everybody else" Jungle changes do need to take a look at, but more towards players who can actually balance ganking and farming and less against players who can do that. right now, you either gank gank gank or you lose.
Madnasher (EUW)
: In English for you: The Continental League Administration confirmed the violation of the Summoner Code and Continental League Regulations by the players of the ROX team on February 16 and the Vega Squadron team on February 17. During the investigation of incidents, the degree of seriousness of violations was determined and a disciplinary decision was made. Violations and rules of procedure ROX violation: In the game against Vaevictis, the ROX team banned 5 support champions during the selection / blocking phase. Although formally this is not prohibited by the rules, and Riot Games, and the wide gaming community of League of Legends, took this as a manifestation of disrespect for the players of the Vaevictis Esports team. Continental League Regulations Guideline: 10.2.4 Discrimination and humiliation of honor and dignity. Team members are prohibited from insulting the honor and dignity of a country, an individual or a group of people by means of scornful, discriminatory or degrading honor and dignity of words, expressions or actions indicating race, color, nationality, state and social identity, language, religion, political or other attitudes, financial and other status, origin, sexual orientation and other personal characteristics. Vega Squadron Violation: In the game against Vaevictis Esports, Vega Squadron players deliberately delayed the game, which is a violation of the competitive spirit of the competition. Continental League Regulations Guideline: Disruption of the competition spirit. LCL teams are always expected to play at full strength. Teams should avoid dishonest and unsporting behavior. For the avoidance of possible doubts: when determining whether this rule has been violated, the composition of the command and its actions during the selection / blocking phase are not considered. Verdict Riot Games does not accept discrimination on the basis of sex or any other grounds and expects from all players of the Continental League sports behavior and respect for opponents. By their behavior, ROX and Vega Squadron players violated a number of Continental League guidelines, as well as the ninth point of the Summoner Code . ROX and Vega Squadron organizations received a warning from the Continental League administration, meaning a more serious punishment in case of repeated violation. We also preventively warned other clubs that any manifestations of discriminatory behavior are unacceptable and will entail a reaction from the administration. We hope that these measures will allow players to understand the seriousness of the situation and change their behavior for the better. *** Competitive Ruling: ROX and Vega Squadron It has been noted that the players have been able to complete the game. An investigation of these incidents is defined as follows. Offences and LCL's guiding regulations ROX's offense: ROX banned 5 support champions during the pick / ban process. Although it’s not a sign of disrespect towards the Vaevictis Esports team. The LCL's guiding regulation: 10.2.4 Discrimination and Denigration. Team members can not be discriminated against, interrogative, or ethnic, national, social, national, social, national opinion, financial orientation or any other reason, Vega Squadron's Defense: While playing against Vaevictis Esports, players from Vega Squadron intentionally stretched out. The LCL's guiding regulation: Competitive Integrity. The game is expected to be inconsistent with the game of sportsmanship, honesty, or fair play. This has been violated. Verdict It is not a rule that it can be accepted. ROX and Vega Squadron's rules and regulations of the Summoner's Code . Warnings were issued to ROX and Vega Squadron organizations. It is unacceptable and will be penalized by administration. The situation and motivate them to improve their behavior.
Shiwah (EUW)
: No they didn't. Only 4 of them are support mains, and out of those 4, only one was assigned support. Only one of the 5 bans was specifically targeted at the support. So, given that a 5 supports comp is not viable in this meta (thus discounting the possibility they would have gone for that), which goal did the 4 other support bans try to accomplish?
LMAO? Not viable? PLEASE, plenty of support out there that can make it viable. Their bans tho, not questionable
: League of Legends and the jungle thing
Ghosted, not increased movement speed. It means that minions won't be able to have impact, and just run through champions, kinda like Ghost makes you able to move through units.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: Main support playing Yasuo
this meme is getting stale
Riveen (EUNE)
: i separated afking and flaming, flaming has not as big impact if theres no sensitive sunflowers and since theres mute button so u can affect it yourself but u cant affect somebody being afk or troll
the moment you spend on typing in chat is the moimnebt you ALREADY are afk not paying attention to game. and one of the worst things about flamers ios their inability to even %%%%ing walk somewhere without getting killed because they were afk flaming
Yraco (EUW)
: To be fair, Morg wasn't really dressed up to begin with but Kayle could definitely use some armour that looks like she's ready to fight people as an angelic warrior instead of whatever she's wearing now.
she still didnt walk and move like a %%%%ing succubus. and she isnt one. she is angel of vengence not demonic piece of shit
: > [{quoted}](name=M3GTRDragon,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rqlKPIen,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-20T12:17:07.525+0000) > > I dont even play kayle and i dislike their rework. HARD. The visuals need to be readjusted completely so I rather they actually DELAYED that rework to work out on visuals. We don't need another pornstar...or worse, pornstar duo, cause morgana does not look better Just because it pisses people like you off we should have champions that actually look like porn stars and are voiced by porn stars.
so you are okay with everyone thinking girls are only for slutting around?
Reg1na (EUW)
you know something is off when you get a jungler who tries to boss everyone around and then trolls cause he didnt get what he wanted
Svinjex (EUW)
: Flowers, Turret gold , Baron buff
other than instawin kassa and talon+lb silencing without counterplay, I think i would be intrested to see junglers farming 20 minutes and then soloing entire team.
Riveen (EUNE)
: Riot thanks for making report system
being afk and flaming whole game has just as much impact as trolling and afking.
Zarain (EUW)
: Kayle Morgana Visual Rework
Pretty much this. Morgana is like a slutboy. And kayle actually did keep alot, but still, they could have done WAAAAAY better. Truth be told, I'd roll it back to workshop. It's not easy to rework both of them visually and kit wise without making some major adjustments(nd morganas kit stays pretty intact), but sometimes they just mess up so badly the character that was meant to keep her uniqueness doesn't keep it, and the character that as meant to be counter to her, just becomes halod version of her. Basically kayle=haloed morgana, both slutty, both not defying anithing. Hell, kayle doesn't even show her arrogance anymore.
: The Kayl rework ruins her looks
I dont even play kayle and i dislike their rework. HARD. The visuals need to be readjusted completely so I rather they actually DELAYED that rework to work out on visuals. We don't need another pornstar...or worse, pornstar duo, cause morgana does not look better
: Do you think typing %%% to tell a teammate to get executed by tower is bannable?
You can send a ticket to support, you might have to copy-pasta your message for a while before you get a real answer. Usually in such cases, they do lift the ban, even tho, it may take a few weeks.
Rioter Comments
: Free partnership with RIOT for Arabic language translation
i wish we could ping eambo to these discussions.... aaaand as soon as i wished it i'm glad we can't do that thanks to know. thumbs up for you hopefully someone sees this
BioDio (EUW)
: One more Feedback on Morgana and Kayle rework (their wings!)
I rather see morgana with no wings than with those wings she will be getting in rework
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >I thought she was a fallen angel?! she IS a fallen angel, thats why she is WALKING and not flying, thats why she have her WINGS coming out of her BUTT, so imo its much better than the current "walking" tent with wings
that might be enough for me to leave the league. Since I'm very familiar with mythology and ascension knowledge that those myths try to pass on, it's pretty dissappointing
: Can we please get Solo Q ? ACTUAL SOLO Q ?
Too bad I learned to mute them the first sign I see that they might be toxic. (This includes ping spamming in someones face)
Rioter Comments
: What should I do when 4 premades threaten to troll me in pre-game lobby?
nothing you can do. Either you endure 40 minutes of toxic environment just to report them, and know they will most likely go unpunished, or you dodge and let them go unpunished anyway. It's a lose lose situation and one of the reason I dont play any queue besides solo.
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: Still no key fragments
Meanwhile I have no chests cause any chest I get I instantly open.
Marissa (EUW)
: It sure does feel that way sometimes, doesn't it? There's a few reasons as to why it feels like this, but in reality the answer to your question is "no". Why it feels that way? Promotional games are special, they're "more important" so you're automatically inclined to try harder and play better... as a result you'll see (more) of the bad play that happens in your team - since you're trying so hard to win. You really just want to win, so any loss sucks extra hard :(. If you look at the losses/wins on your way to promos, you'll see similar cases of people feeding in your or the enemy team. These games happen at any stage of your climb - sometimes in the form of a free win, sometimes in the form of a loss. Don't worry, eventually you'll win them! ###### I mean it only took me 5 series to hit Silver 1 first time around... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
the usual whiteknight bullshit. it's more about to do with human psychology and the fact that people can check if you're doing whatever instread of the api being closed for such particular bases.
Muuaahh (EUNE)
: Do you actually get worse players in your promos?
sure feels like it. all promos tend to be losses. it's not that you get worse people, it's because people use to look up if youre in promos or not and then just refuse to play normal.
: Grevious wounds... the debut that basically cuts healing in half... a must have vs sylas
wont do a shit since he still heals a crapton
: The highest difference in soloQ in my last 20 games was Gold 1 vs D3, so 6 divisions while I was plat 3 with ex D3-4 MMR. In flex the highest difference was Gold 2 vs Grandmaster in my past 20 games, while I'm sitting at D2 with D1-master MMR. SoloQ is more reliable. Altho past season's MMR might influence things. For example if you had a rough start, and start way below your past MMR rank-wise, altho your rank will be low (let's take ex dia 4 starting out in gold ELO) - you might be playing vs dia players, while being a "gold 3", but rank is irrelevant, since your true rank is dia, and by playing and maintaining a 50% w/r you'll get it back. So getting that kind of a "gold" player in my dia match wouldn't really bother me.
but getting that kind of diamond player in my bronze match makes the game unenjoyable, i guess i'll have to start screenshotting everything
: In those elos, the coinflip never left tbh.
no it didnt but it became far more impactful in the beginning of this season than it was in the end of last season. (and thats usually prime time for people who want to earn some black market money)
: League is getting worse and becoming unplayeable
their optimization has fallen down. I'm also experiencing performance hits every now and then. those days I just dont play league at all.
: SoloQ and Flex rank are two different things. You can be challenger in one queue and bronze in the other one, you will get matched according to your current queue's MMR. The ex plat, currently Gold 1 Lucian is unranked in flex, probably haven't played the mode last season, so he has a baseline MMR of silver 3-4. If you want more experience, when it comes to matchmaking, you should focus more on soloQ. That's the most balanced matchmaking you can get around here.
actually this happens in soloq as well
: if you think rene is unbeatable top or ranged champions are unbeatable top, then god have mercy on who ever gets you on their team in promos
Lmao, not what I meant. It just helps low elo players combat bad laning phase by being good in teamfights. Humans don't improve in all areas at once, but in one area at a time. It's why when practicing you always focus on either one thing or another or third, not all at once. While true you may combine some things, you don't always get to combine all of them until you managed to learn the transition. What I'm not okay with tho is the current system may actually encourage bounty farming.
: Permanent bans shouldn't exist
permanent bans mean GET THE %%%% OUT YOU PIECE OF SHIT WE DONT WANT YOU." Thats exactly what it means, it's just more elegant way of saying it. We all change, it's the human nature to adapt and evolve. It's in every living organisms nature. Problem is, unlike other organisms, humans tend to get stuck in the past for some odd reason. And btw, that sentence was more of demonstrating a point than targeted directly at you.
: Ranked full of toxic ppl and team difference is HUGE (Platin)
its the same in silver, in bronze, in iron. everything is a coinflip right now.
DerPunkt (EUW)
: Ok this is a problem that needs adressing. But not By riot, by the players. Stop falling for the dodge bait. This people get put on roles they don't wanna play. They troll on the idea of somebody dodging so they don't have to. And unfortunately it works. 1. Many of dodged games can be won. Off Meta picks are not doomed. They work surprisingly well in times. 2. Most of the "trolls" will dodge at the last second. This community pretendy like there is a troll in every other game. This is not the case, not every bad player is a troll and a troll who announced what he is about to do is even more rare. It is not troll it is a griefer in this case (just for the wording) 3. Having somebody like this in your team and you dodge, makes him go unpunished. If you dodge, there is no game. If there is no game, there is no trolling, if there is no trolling there is no reportable offense, if there is no report, there is no punishment. --> Conclusion. When you have to dodge so many games that it gets a problem. You have to stop dodging. You are allowed a game once in a while but not more for a good reason. people will dodge in the sleghtest issue if this was not the case. So don't dodge. The things can happen now. They dodge. They play and don't troll, they play and troll and you report them -> they get punished after they did it often enough and lose LP. So instead of losing LP with no chance of revenge. Make them play take the chance to win LP. And if you don't win LP, at least they lost some too and you can get them punished.
trolls getting punished? what planet are you on?
: What kind of champion/rework would you wanna see next?
to be honest i would like to see yasuo and azir reworked. they either strangle the midlane out of competition or dont exist at all
: he is not supposed to get items, he is supposed to lose, and learn that he is worse and improve not be handed a second and third and fourth and 500000th chance for no reason, then they never improve, noobs prevail by staying noobs, feed enemy 4 kills, have 3 farm at 15 min, and then get 1 good 4man gank and boom 1000 free gold, and then again, boom another 1000 thats not balanced If you farm worse than your oponent, and play worse, you lose, and better player wins, thats how it should be, and thats the right thing to happen. Why should someone who is worse win and someone who is better lose?? literally makes no sence
just plau rene opr ranged lanebully everywhere and win. thats what the bounties prevent
: > [{quoted}](name=Ænema Lateralus,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EEoM2Z2O,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-16T21:10:31.730+0000) > > Yeah you got more gold and your opponent is weaker and being pushed the whole laning phase how is he supposed to get items like you did since he is behind at farm ¿?¿?¿? I think League of Legends is game based on who can catch more gold and close the game faster, if im able to catch more gold (throught jungle(stealing camps) or just infinity farming in laneing phase why should i be punished for that. i'm just a better player, I managed to get more gold before you and i should be punished ? Like makes 0 sens to me. it's up to you to choose a hero who can deal with the opponent, if you aint able to catch farm like me i shouldnt be punished it's your fault
doesnt mean there shouldn't be a way back if players can capitalize on it. getting more farm should eventually force you to freeze the wave. once that's done, it pretty much means they need to either shut you down or give room for their ally to farm. either way bounty can be used to create more pressure than usually with just outcsing
radetari (EUNE)
: There is so many great games to play right now, and as soon as you finish them League will have many new things to offer again
: Is encouraging incest bannable????? I said %%% - Kiss Your Sister... Dang.. I didn't know that was a bannable offense, mb Riot give me my account back, I spent 3000€ on it..
thats what they all say
: You start off wrong.. "This guy is seriously" No I'm not. I'm deadass, there's a difference. And yes I have an addiction, you can see that by how in the whole of February I've played ARURF games and for 1 week I played 2 games.. Shit you got me good, let me just drop the needle real quick. Also anger issues? I only beat my mom once after losing a League game.. All the other times were out of pure joy!
yhea, you got a problem:D
: > [{quoted}](name=M3GTRDragon,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=nEJEuTjt,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-02-16T09:15:59.052+0000) > > Lmao. This guy is seriously..... someone who needs to see a shrink. Dude, you have addiction issues and anger issues. damn doctor, can I see your diploma and license?
Don't need a lisence for someone to go all %%% first 3 lines into the game. As for addiction: i consider anything you need a permaban to wake you up an addiction. it doesnt have to be game addiction;)
: If every champion was made like Yasuo!
I dont want to trade my trynda with yasuo, but I sure as hell would give him the ability to dash every 0.1 sec until he runs out of fury. just for the sake of balance, his w now stops all autoattacks and ad scaling abilities.
: I'm slowly starting to get more depressed as I play the game.
You might want to realise the moment the game becomes depressing is the moment that game is no longer for you. Change the game(I play Starborne and some games on bluestacks android emulator) you play. Every now and then I still play league, but it's very rare. There is no point going competitive here when I can do that in other competitive games with much cleaner environment
: Was it intentional losing? If the answer is yes, then yes. Was it someone having a bad game/playing off meta? Then no.
lmao pls we all know you can troll all you want unless you are brainless enough to make it obvious, and YOU WILL GET AWAY WITH IT. Or you get banned for offmeta because too many reports
: Oi how come I got perma'd
Lmao. This guy is seriously..... someone who needs to see a shrink. Dude, you have addiction issues and anger issues.
KnifeSkankk (EUNE)
: Fix this garen on urf what is this 3.7k dmg level 16
: riot its not fare please lock at my last 10 match in rank every match i haved 4 usless ally. i playe
it's not fair that you blame everybody else and you suck. I saw atleast 4 winnable games there if you didnt die so much
: Truth be told, a lot of people start finding that playing support is like the most easy role in the game. I play a lot of top lane, and i can say i consider myself decent, but if i want to climb quickly i just take support and fill. - You dont have to worry about farm. - You either poke the enemy or protect the adc whenever needed. - Most items have a lot of utility for you and the team, and arent too costly. - And most supports can sometimes just outright 1v1 champions because of how much damage they can dish out. I still remember i believe it was Dopa/Apdo ( look him up ) saying that the easiest role to climb in league is Support and i can 100% support (see what i did there) that opinion. Sometimes when i duo Q with a friend i just pick morgana, max E, and keep shielding him after he leaves top for teamfights. And it is literally dumb, nothing can stop him, cc does nothing to him, my shield heals because of athenes, i have a redemption, and if i land my Q's he is literally free to do whatever. It's braindead and its easy. Also for some reason Sona is hella strong right now, 5 games in a row all wins, i love mashing my keyboard. {{sticker:sona-playing}}
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