DeCoqq (EUW)
: Assassins are relevant, ADCs not so much. Assassins have capability to oneshot squishies and escape, adcs can't do either. Since ADCs dmg and importance has diminished, the dmg has to come somewhere else, i.e. from support.
Wow, there are 2 adc every game. There are many games played every day without any assassins on the team. In what world are assassin overpowered? If anything adcs should be nerfed to the point when they are situational pick just like any other class.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Would bringing back Clairvoyance be such a bad thing?
Noone was getting it, plus it was underpowered. I've only seen disco nunus (guys that run into the enemy tower midlane and feed ) to take it
: i'm repeating myself: vayne top has sense only against melee, that's why she is played top and not, let's say, mid being the hypercarry she is, she is extremely weak in early game and AA reliant so nobody is picking her against a teemo/quinn
Dude, vayne is picked, because she is overbuffed in all kinds of matchups, also quite popular champ in blind pick, too. Expect nerfs after their new prestige skins sell enough numbers and then we will forget about vayne top just like before.
: because she counters melee, not because she is in a good spot, her laning phase is garbage and the fact ranged literally shits on melee is another thing that should be addressed since it makes some toplane matchups entirely counterpick/jungler reliant
Wtf, you talking about? Since when are Vlad, Urgot, Teemo, Jayce melee? And her laning is "weak", because she has to push or fight bot, plus she is can't poke. In 1v1 she is one of the strongest laners in the game. If you are bad with her, your problem...
: i don't know what you talking about since afaik nobody plays adc outside botlane or rare offmeta coutnerpicks, most of them are immobile and easily gankable >Nasus gets +12 from big neutrals and big siege minions, he doesn't get doubled stacks.. 6 + 6 = 12 = 6*2 => doubled
Vayne has a better top pick rate than many toplaners atm...
: now i see why balance team is hated
Sorry state of adc? Noone can lane against adcs - melees get destroyed from range, mages get out of mana and have to recall, losing the tower. What's so sorry? Are they supposed to be the best at every point of the game? Nasus gets +12 from big neutrals and big siege minions, he doesn't get doubled stacks...All others give +3
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: Darius
The only counter is ranged champs.
Lumiko (EUNE)
: Off meta build = instant flaming (even from the enemy team) ... OK
: i was asking the same question not so long ago, when i went 12/0 with poppy jungle and only got A+. started to buy control wards, farming better and gettingmore vision score, now i regularly get S- or higher :)
I've never bought a ward in the last like 3 years... and still get S or S-...
: 60% auto free lose 0.2% auto free win , 30% hard feeder , 10% "normal" game , good elo diamond
When I see a diamond + player in my game (I play only normals), I expect scripting, ddosing or drophacking... EUNE = the best server.
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: Kled 6.17 needs to be nerf
Looks pretty balanced, because he has only 2 abilities dismounted and he needs the damage as an all-in champion. He is not a tank or juggernaut, you can burst him and if you drop him to the mini form, he is basically half a champion.
Kendox (EUNE)
: Can someone teach me to do 1v5..?
try splitpushing toplaner - Trynd and Nasus are the best - and backdoor every game. you need your team only to distract the enemy team while you take their base. They have to send at least 3 people to kill you and your team can take objectives, if you get ganked.
: Since tanks are generally good on toplane, is Leona tank top a viable thing?
She gets poked out of lane. Leona jungle is ok after the first clear.
Moriss (EUNE)
I sit in queue and there are no games... Can't see any custom games too
Rayz01 (EUW)
: Alistar is the single most broken URF Champion
Have you seen a team like Sona+ Karma + Lux + Morgana + anything - you can't go near them. I saw Nami + Malzahar to 2v5. 5 minutes into the game they were taking the nexus turrets...
: Hextech crafting is ruining normal games
S3rkon (EUNE)
: Yi vs Ekko
Yi's Q is bugged sometimes and you take the dmg...
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Sylvant (EUNE)
: game runs but i cant move
Happens to me almost every game, never had a problem in DOTA 2 or any online shooter...
: My first item is usually tiamat so that issue didn't come up yet. That's better wave clear then Akali, Yasuo, Kata, Zed, Fizz with the same amount of gold. (to call just a few other mid laners) Was that acutally a serious comment from you?
So the enemy comes to push and you go and clear with Tiamat, right? And then you get CCed and killed.
: Fiora Mid forced to go top by ignorant people
Well, fiora has no waveclear, she is trash mid, you can lose the game, if they decide to fastpush midgame.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: "Last pick support"
Babysitting someone who may not play good at all is boring. Also who gets flamed - the support. You can't do much aside from ccing and warding.
: Are the servers crap or EUNE is full with hackers that ddos?
Maybe it's me, but I don't have any problems playing other online games... Never mind, thank you for the answers.
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: Riven and Lifesteal stacking.
The old Fiora was lifestealing under the enemy turrets with her E...
: Riven is not broken
Yesterday had a Riven that bought Hurricane and Hextech gunblade and was dominating...
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Basically how I see fiora players now.
Yasuo is easier than Fiora and deals more dmg in AOE, why play her?
: awesome item that everybody should have
... there is no point in wards, if you don't retreat on time - I've seen people in platinum 4 and 5 warding every bush and still feeding every time.
: Next patch is going to change builds metas quite a bit ?
Yi will have to farm the jungle, so he can get the new item, then he must farm for BORK. You have enough time to camp his laners and fastpush at least 2 lanes. Then his teammates will start to farm the jungle of Yi and he will be behind. He is kind of useless in teamfights.
: An increase in "map hacks"
There is script that tracks the movement of the enemy (90 % of the times when you get hit by Jinx ult, when there is no way she could know where exactly are you = scripte.), probably it's something similar/
: games in diamond are so bad
So, people want to get to high ELO to play such troll games...


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