: my main is leona and she only need some mobilization i think if she gain movement speed when your w's shield explode she can be pretty better. most weak side of leona is she needs to go far away from her adc for win taxes.
yeah some movement spped would bee cool like that , i used to play her alot but then i got thresh and now he is what i play for when i get autofilled. nowadays i main top and adc as my secondary and i have been thinking about leona top and think it is a really interesting idea
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: Lee Sin isn't op, it's just that he has a fun kit and is not too hard to pick up. For those reasons Lee Sin has a high playrate, but his winrate isn't that high. Also, playing Lee Sin is very forgiving, since you can w away or just kick your enemy away.
thing is he is useless if one cannot pull off his combos and when every second game in silver has lee in it then it gets pretty damn annoying. i don't understand why people in low elo try playing this champion in ranked when they are useless on him. they don't apply better early preassure with i than any other champ they don't snowball off of early advantages and then lategame they just fall off and lose the game for the team because they are useless since the cannot insec
Ârzo (EUW)
: Your case seems fine. The last season Rank is unimportant and the current aswell, the MMR, matchaking rank, decides who gets ingame with who. your mmr was either high, or the enemies low do you got queued up with them. When I was Silver 1 and in my promo to gold, I was winning many games and my mmr increased, making me face high platin and low diamond players
my mmr is gold5 last time i checked and a few games ago it was silver 1 somehow i doubt that i have the same mmr as someone who is currently plat5. . . and i a pretty sure they were not boosted because his cs was on point for the most part and he was styling on us. and again i want to point out that i can't duo with a plat player so it makes no sense that i would be able to randomely get one in my game. also have been getting 20-22 lp so that is definetly normal mmr
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Ìxeas (EUW)
: MMR. Google it, there are hundreds of novels about that, with all the details and explanations.
i checked my mmr it is silver 2 atm after going on a huge lose streak ( my mmr was gold4 as i was silver 1 60 lp) but still i get matched vs a gold1 enemy somehow i cannot se how she would also have silver 2 mmr. also some last season plats that are gold 3 now. i don't see how they would have silver 2 mrm either. but i still got matched against them while people on my team are silver like come on i just wanna get back to gold
Tayroar (EUW)
: Please don't play the new champions first time in ranked.
i agree. I find it would make sense for someone to play a certain amount of games on a champion before taking it into ranked. ideally one would have to play 10 games of a champion in normals to unlock them for ranked or one has to be mastery 4-5 on them tho that could be a bit much considering one needs 0 brains to play nautilus and defintely don't even need to play 10 games on him but that wouldn't be fair to have less time on him. ontop of that it would be nice if new champs / freshly reworked champs shouldn't even be available for ranked queues.
Madara896 (EUNE)
: Matchmaking
dude i am stuck in s1 trying to get back into gold where i ended last season. but i am playing vs gold players some ex plat players even and my teammates are all silver. i have also posted a discussion on it because i do not think its right that i am close to demoting to s2 because of my teammates not even having a chance at all
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: But the guy who Went afk would get punished for it by losing extra LP or something.
yeah thats what i was thinking. something that would make it so that nobody would want to do it.
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Dzyrt (EUNE)
: i think ppl who throw game hard before 20 minutes and after don't surrender trolling too
i agree man. to those people that dc for the first 10 minutes and then come into the game and then proceed to feed the enemy team but they will not surrender resulting in the game going on for 15-20 minutes of painful waiting
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: ["50% doesn't mean balanced"](http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/data-and-champion-balance-part-1)
actually 50% is perfect balance (theoretically speaking) XD
Kauski (EUNE)
: It's funny how people play to diamond with only 1 champion. rivens dont have to consider their pick at all, not any real counters I think there isnt any other champ that has no real counters
Olaf, renekton, darius can outplay her with his bs kit
: Watching Riven's overloaded kit is scared me more than a horror movie.
please allow me to let you in on a little secret. play Olaf if u see a riven on the enemy team. play safely until level 6 with level 6 you can just run over her. just wait for her ult and if you are at even farm and health then u should be able to just wait her ult and then when she goes in u press r and steamroll her.
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