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: Illaoi is getting a tad annoying
i play illaoi as my new main, when she is not banned, every time i get to play vs her i just pick shen and dominate her from min 1. so u must be realy bad if u having dat much trouble with her.{{champion:420}}
: Allow permanently banned players to use chat
nope. punishment is just fine. u do not need to use store , sending gifts to ur other acc etc. peace{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
{{champion:106}} {{champion:120}} {{summoner:4}}
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: last year was +1200/2 this year it is +1500/3 . so if u had 1500 MMR gold v ish and u get 1500/3 (1500+1500/3 =1000) thats silver 5 before u have even playd one placements so :/
1000mmr is now b3 ithink
Bitkojn (EUNE)
: Guys can you stop complaining about promos?
nice point on everything u just say. but why do we have to lose time and play 10 placement games. they could just put us all 1 or 2 div lower and let us start climbing the ladder. i dont have time for 10 games dat mean nothing . just saying. predestined tier is set for everyone, so why waste time. couple of hours just gone.
Ulliete (EUW)
: Placement still affects your MMR. The better you'll perform, the better will be your mates & opponents' MMR. You can be B1 with a gold V MMR, you will be paired with / against player around the G5 mmr. (EDIT : with the new MMR calculations, of course)
i agree , but dat dont change the fact dat placement games is predestined , and pure waste of time. (x+1200)/2 is more like (x+1200)/4 .
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: The new draft mode experience....
Suntetsu (EUW)
: Do u know how much it costs to buy or make good servers for millions and millions of people. Simply riot company doesn't have the needed money otherwise they wouldn't have such problems. Obviously they aren't happy with people saying stop buying riot points. So think with your brain - would they take all money in their pockets instead of upgrading servers. It's obvious that happy people make them more money. Besides do you even imagine how much does it cost to have all those championships, how much it cost to make animation and stuff.
so pls buy some rp. dont be toxic{{champion:36}} and flame. HF
: fix the servers please
pls buy some rp. HF
: Multiple player error on game launch (FREE BAN)
pls bye some rp. dont be toxic{{champion:36}} and flame. HF-( if u can)
Don Geko (EUNE)
: Fix your goddamn servers (EUW)
pls buy some rp, dont flame and dont be toxic, ty. about ur gold rito will answer u 7. 7. 2022. ty and HF{{item:3151}}
Madeonetrue (EUNE)
: 5 afk in ranked game crash or what???
again second game 3 on 3 lmao
Toru Khan (EUNE)
: 6 AFKS!
me too , just i have 3 afk enemy 2 :( .. riot could make it up to us somehow, at least they should answer back, say sry or something. but no i expect only ignore ... die scum :){{champion:30}}
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