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: Assassin's are designed to kill adcs so why are they in mid lane instead of bot lane? This logic doesn't make sense. He is a bruiser so it's normal for him to be played top lane like any other bruiser (darius, illaoi, etc). When roaming and teamfights begin, that's where he will go kill the mages and the adcs.
Em but assasin's are actually good vs mage? zed vs azir or smthng? Also at botlane support's just would use exhaust and that's all about assasin combo.
: Not all champs needs combos, he was designed to be easy to play for knew players, think about them too. Saying that garen is very weak compared to darius and illaoi is wrong. He is quite strong since he doesn't need stacks or tentacles, he will Q, AA, spin then ult and you are dead. He have movements speed, tenacity and a silence. Everything you need to make sure you kill your target and there is no way they can run from you. He is as strong as the other 2. It's just that illaoi and darius and more aoe focused while garen is single targer focused. His job is to go and delete the enemy mage or adc. He is faster than them, cc won't hold him back, he have a silence that makes sure they can't flash and his ult is an execute (it deals more damage the less hp the enemy have). Getting low near a garen means death (like the 5 stacks darius). I understand if you find him boring and easy to play since he have no combos because he was designed for that purpose. But saying that he is weak is quite wrong.
Like u say he is designed for killing especially mage's and adc's so tell me what he is doing at toplane vs illaoi and darius and other tank champ's? His Lore say's that he is equipped with magic resist armor and he is the killer of mage's.
: Just because a champion doesn't have a lot of mechanics doesn't mean they aren't viable at high ELO. Singed, Udyr, Tryndamere, Yi, they are all mechanically very easy to play but people still use them successfully at high ELO.
Hmmm let's think maybe because Yi is overpovered and garen was in meta when he was buffed a few patche's ago and like trynda, udyr and singed was playable bcs of that extra point's or good mechanic's like singed's clearing all wave's, trynda and udyr split push but Garen was only playable at high elo for few week's and that's it no one play's this champion anymore at high elo because everything he got is hp and armor+mr where is strategy for him to get better?
: He is not a tank. He is a bruiser that deals a lot of damage while being tanky enough. He is in the same category as Darius and Illaoi. You should build {{item:3078}} {{item:3071}} on him and then buy tank items. Going full tank is wrong with him.
Eh but my point was that he is very weak compared to illaoi and darius maybe i just should give up and play darius or illaoi but i dont like her and you see darius and illaoi got combo's that's what this topic is about, they got everything they need 5 stack's at darius mean's death to all if u know how to play, illaoi got tentacles and she use them with every ability but garen got nothing like that he just got armor penetration at E but his ult deals magic damage so it's pointless to compare them...
: You can cancel early your spin by pressing it again and you can move while spinning. So standing inside an enemy ability shouldn't be a problem. Also your W can be used while spinning. During the first second of activation, it reduce all the damage you take and cc by 60%. So if you time it right, you take 0 damage and the cc finish very fast. Also, spinning is very useful since it's not blocked by stuns, so you can spin before a jax stuns you and still do damage to him. The champion is very good as he is and don't need to be changed.
At paper it sound's awesome but in reality he is just a tank that tank's everything one of the most boring champ's if played as full tank.
: Well if you don't like his E, you don't like Garen... You could buy Zhonya's to stop it though :D
I like the way he look's, lore and that skin it's just perfect i love to use Q+R and you are saying that i don't like him just because of his E? I don't get it
: Garen is perfect the way he is. Easy to pick up and get into. His Q provides for some "plays" if you time it right. And his R is one of the most satisfying things in the game. Not every champ needs to be super mechanical. If you want it more mechanical, I guess Darius fits that role.
I agree but still i can't accept it just because i like this champion especially for his ultimate and style but that E ruin's all the fun i try to get bcs i just stay like noob in the center of every enemy ability and can't do shit about it just spin's that's all.
: Garen is an entry level champ. His combo? Q and spin on them. There's some extra mechanics on his w and e that you can pay attention to, as well as the whole villain minigame, but he's always been and always will be a tank over everything else. You won't see him in high elo because he doesn't have outplay potential and as a beginner champ he never will. Unless riot announces a major rework, he won't change.
Sad to hear this i would love to do some combos with reworked W and E, Q and R is great but that spin....
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: As a lux main since season 1, i can say shes very much fine where she is. and her W is very much useful everywhere. shes played as support more nowadays, because assassins caunter her, and its an assassin meta. oh btw, playing lux as a support doesn't affect her dmg much, despite not getting any farm. {{item:3098}} is a great gold income item, and unlike other mages, she doesn't need any defensive items whatsoever, in bot lane.
I enjoy playing Lux as a support and my best games from this season was from botlane, thanks for making me understand. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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: HI LM ZOE, will you marry me?
Lol i literally remember you from my 2 months old post xd
: NO! She is one of my main champions and i play support only. If you'd play her right you'd knew that her W is one of her best abilities. Depending on the team composition i max it. Even if you play her on mid, the returning shieldbuff to your whole team is extremely usefulle, especially late when you basically can spam it 24/7. She has enough damage as is, an aa buf is the last thing Lux needs. You shouldn't be inn aa distance anyway with her, lest you wanna get killed by literally anyone.
Man i main her too but yes she is support because of this W and yes i know its useful but why she was the midlaner for entire time and why she now got only 37%mid picckrate and why community and riot was thinking about changing it but dont know how? I enjoy her as a support and i love to play it but i want to play at mid bcs she was made for this lane...
: i cant beleve this riot..........where can i fking report these fking people !?!?>?! ?? ?? ?cmoooon
Man u are not gonna get better by doing this just keep going or quit its simple but rage without any arguments is the worst thing u can do...
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: HI LM ZOE, will you marry me?
Pls punish me daddy for my upvote <3
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Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: I got a chat restriction for this????
This is autistic, pls copy and paste the screenshot of this bcs u can easily delete the most meaning messages.
: Suggestions on Lux Changes
If u got any suggestions or anything comment here please. I will really appreciate any opinions just write them, because u will make league of legends better when you will share your comment.
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