: It could potentially work, if you had to provide proof for the function to be enabled for you. Unfortunately there is only so much Riot could do to help disabled players without compromising the game itself.
It would be great if they took a step towards it. Because I loke playing with my husband and playing against AI does not give you the same XP or rewards and it's not helping you get better at the game.
: Your husband isn't disallowed access to League of Legends because of his disability. He just has to follow the same rules as everybody else. Maybe I have a shit internet connection with 200ms ping - should I get a mode where everyone is limited to a minimum of 200ms ping? Players wishing other players cancer is also not in regards to his disability - it's people being assholes. Even if you are playing good you get some opponent eventually wishing you cancer. It's not accepted already and it is punished....
Hey, I have the difference that would explain this better to you. Having a bad internet connection or a shitty computer (much like me) is something you can control. If you have money, you'll get a better connection and a better computer, etc. Since we are talking about a health issue and something you can't control, then the rules are not the same for everyone. Get what I mean?
: Well, what you want is a gamemode where anyone can pause any time. This is just not there - and if you think it through, I guess you will also see why this won't work out and that absolutely nobody would play it. If you want to pause a game any time you want to, you could try to check if that is possible with the Tournament Draft. And then of course you have to find people willing to play with you on that terms. You have to be realistic - and think this through a bit before making demands that can't be satisfied.
This is not a demand, and of course I agree that there are a lot of loop holes to think through. There are ways though to make it more "friendly". This is why this is a suggestion to the devs as I am not a game developer nor I have the necessary knowledge.
: because you are asking something almost impossible for just a game? it's not something your husband NEEDS to survive, yet, you are asking for something that is near impossible to implement, and even if it will be, would 100% be abused. so, yes, i think you are a troll
I do understand your point of view, however equality and rights are not only about needs. Women didn't NEED to vote to SURVIVE. It's our evolution as humans that should allow all people same access to everything, and yes, also games. My husband has been bullied multiple times in this game. Having people wishing someone to die of cancer (which he has been through) or make fun of disabled people (regardless of the non pausing fuction) is heartless and should be changed. Riot should take care of this toxic community. Even in a post like this you are mentioning trolls. That's how "human" we are.
: am i the only one that smells a troll?
Why would I go in such length of requesting something like that just to troll people? Thsi is serious. Period. You guys are just used to all of these toxic people in lol. Sad..
: There's definitely a pause function in the game - at least in the very rare occasions that I have watched LCS - I've seen them pausing the game to halt it in case there is a bug interferring with it. Have you already looked into that? Play\Create Custom\Tournament Draft Maybe you are able to organize tournaments there with pause options? I haven't tried it out, just thinking it may be an option.
I know that in LCS they can pause for some occasions. Something like a time out. However, we don't play in LCS and there shouldn't be a need of a tournament for people in need. What if they are just learning how to play?
: First of all, i am sorry for your husband, but that is sadly not possible in an Online game
Actually it is possible. Do you remember Heroes of Newearth? A pause option existed. Sadly, hereit doesn't even so many years later.
: First , I am sorry for your husband and that he has to suffer from that condition. Second, Sorry again but your idea is rly not inventable cause it would be abused to no end. Lets say they create a Pause button so People could pause the game for a certain amount of time. People would be abusing the pause button just bc they could tilt the enemy that way or are losing hard and could make someone else suffer too. And trust me, People are scumbags they would abuse it. They did back in the day in Starcraft 1/2 and Warcraft 3 and those game werent as toxic as league. So I am sorry for you husband but Riot cant come up with an idea for every Special snowflake out there
I do agree that there would be SO MANY people that would abuse the system as they do in every chance. However, it shouldn't be an uncachable dream to have the same rights. They could only give the option to a game like this to people who provide proof of their condition.
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