: I have just been promoted to silver V and has been silver V-IV a in late season 6 to. The playstyle is low silver is very strange for me. The games are lost mostly because off cowerds that doesnt risk anything. The carrys just stands there doing nothing at all, they get me (tanky toplaner or support) killed over and over again. They get good KDA but they isnt good players since they lose Towers, get teammates killed, loses dragons and nashors to accoplish it. Then they flame anyone that is trying to do usefull stuff for the team. If you are one of these players (no statistics can tell me these so you hade think for yourself if these is how you play) then you need to focus more on objectives, helping teammates and most important stop flameing. If there is a ELO hell then low silver must be it, its like being demoted to get there. I hate is after 15 games. Litteraly nothing i do works and most off the times the carrys do very Little damge to champions despite haveing good KDA.
Hi and thank you for your reply .I know the importance of objectives but as you know team mates sometimes just don't help you doing them they just focus on kills. And about flaming I usually don't do it I even try to encourage my team but sometimes when i'm too mad at them i do it. (Shame on me)
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: I am not improving
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: i never seen your gameplay do so i can suggest your team mates should pick what benefits their lane and the team aswell for example Oriana Jarvan Shen and kogmaw and Karma Team 1 hecarim darius zed Brand and Ezreal team 2 Team 1 has balanced Dmg output Ap and ad they have a strong engagement and a good backline good tanks etc. Team 2 has just Brand as an Ap dmg dealer and the rest are ad / Offtank Sure alot of players do think a bit what they would counter pick but there are to many players aswell who mains a champion and they think they could carry with the sona game you had is an great example you had an darius and a jinx witch where ( AD )dmg dealers You sona lux and zac are ( AP ) Dmg dealers while the enemys had an comp which is better against an Full ad team and they had an graves jungle so kinda like 0 strong Ap dmg source ( Besides mahlp ult ) sure there are alot of bad calls who can happen rather be a bit to carefully then beeing destroyed by the enemy team Making bad calls are things you cant prevent its natural either you die or you win for better decison making you should always think what you know about the enemy Where are they ( Wards ) When do the objectives ( Dragon baron Towers ) And Which lane . (Ganking helping making pressure )
Thank you for your help mate. I mostly play adc so if you could look at some of my adc matches statistics I would be very grateful. Most of times I am able to win the lane but I am not that good in team fights my positioning kinda sucks.
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