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: Been there done that. Ranked climb can be difficult due to the fact of facing several players that do not take the game as seriously as you do. One of the advices I heard and kinda follow ,is that if you are on a losing streak(3 games in a row). dont continue, you will just tilt more and completely burn out. Play some other games, watch some series , or just play ARAM/normals. Try to dodge que-s if you see people on a similar losing streak as they will immediately tilt when the game goes against them. Try to find someone who is near your skill/mmr level , so that the percentage of queing up with a troller goes down. And most importantly never ever followup on a tilt train, meaning that if someone starts flamming/blamming , mute the person down, as that will create a negative atmosphere for your game in which it will be harder to focus on your core objectives, I know that this is somewhat elementary but some people really tend to forget how much a positive attitude can shift the tides . Don't forget to create a positive atmosphere in the game, pat someone on the back when they did a good job, or calm someone down if they did a mistake. This is as much as I can think of, but again its just personal opinion. :)
Well im that kinda person who dont say things back and always mute others if they get to my nervs but the sad part is that you cant get people to focus on the game when its like 0-10 kills and you know you outscale them... People rather just keep typing in chat and do not focus on the game. You have some good advices tho so thanks for this! To add up im not so stressed about climbing because it happens if it happens im just abit pissed of the behaviour of other players and theyre actions.
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