Nakoruru (EUNE)
: [7.11] No mastery banners at loading screen
I have problem with mastery ranking in the Post-Game lobby, I didn't get any grade. Can someone from Riot employees check it, if it's everything allright ?
Azy Sin (EUNE)
: Yeah I have to agree,it's sad how you don't even get a response back saying you got rejected or not. I've made multiple requests to get approved for PBE. But with no success since season 1 xD ...
WUT ? from Season 1 and no pbe LUL
Febos (EUW)
: To increase your odds of being approved, maybe you should become the next Brofresco (please don't).
I would KMS imediatelly :P
Rioter Comments
Sykkuno (EUW)
: Offline client chat
I need this feature too and it's annoying, when I want to play solo #Introvert'sThings Take my Upvote mate :P
AnWaRkh (EUW)
: Where's Kindred?
Extremely relies on early stack. If they didn't get enough stacks, they will be weaker in late game. But they can carry the game pretty well, when player know their kit
kjono1 (EUW)
: Could we have an app for boards please?
Take my upvote. I want this so hard
TAV Fumes (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Martin Jáni SVK,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=t60nzuQX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-13T08:45:06.365+0000) > > Now I don't understand you correctly, It is a legit e-mail from LoL for enabling PBE account. But why there is receipt for a product ? It is a receipt for a product but the title of the e-mail is for enabling my pbe account (which it hasn't)
> [{quoted}](name=TAV Fumes,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=t60nzuQX,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-02-21T18:37:47.043+0000) > > It is a receipt for a product but the title of the e-mail is for enabling my pbe account (which it hasn't) Did you tried to contact the RIOT support ?
Voavlek (EUW)
: I wanted to buy RP
If your credit card is locked, try to contact your bank about this problem.
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Lethality
IMO, after the Lethality buff from 40% base lethality to 60% was a huge overbuff for ADC's ({{champion:202}} {{champion:110}} ). They should nerf it at least to 50% base lethality or nerf lethality items
: HUGE random lag spikes in game.
I had over 3000 when skyping (don't judge me, my friend can't communicate from TS/Discord) and I have Fiber Internet
: Save Replay in old client :0
No, Replays are available exclusively only in the new client
Really good video Jhin is one of my favourite champ in the game and also he's my Main ADC champ. I like his lore and his perfect voice (KreyGASM) I could play him all day long :)
: Kindred ADC with Taric support, thats all i can say :3
Kindred ADC is not that good, they need early stacks to have a good DMG. And you can get stacks by collecting the marks in enemy jungle/River and that's the reason, why they're playing in jungle.
TAV Fumes (EUNE)
: I've been scammed
Now I don't understand you correctly, It is a legit e-mail from LoL for enabling PBE account. But why there is receipt for a product ?
Mysteleon (EUW)
: I have been banned for using 3rd party software??
Did you share your account to someone, or did you play LoL in Internet café ?
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Thanks :) Good luck in your climbing our of ~~ELO Hell~~ Silver 4. You'll find the way!
: Refresh the Refund quota !!
It would be fine, when we get 3 refunds every season, but these refunds will be available only for content bought in the current season.
Mysteleon (EUW)
: I have been banned for using 3rd party software??
Did you change something in LoL core files in Program files ?
Febos (EUW)
: Custom skins? Overwolf? MKJogo?
Overwolf is not a bannable 3rd party program
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Raise your glass for the support!
WOW, As support main in ~~ELO Hell~~ Silver 4, I'm proud of you with your Dia 5. And they all say, that We can't climb with support role:
JimDr (EUNE)
: Support
I was playing {{champion:40}} {{champion:267}} in season 6 and i did it to Gold 5. * {{champion:53}} - You only need to hook an ADC and win the game :P * {{champion:201}} - So tanky and so good with Attack speed ADC. * {{champion:432}} - He's a tricky Supp, you have to stun properly and make a good R and do not ruin the teamfight with ult * {{champion:89}} - Great iniciator and CC. * {{champion:99}} - Lane bully, good against tanky supports * {{champion:412}} - Another High Skill champ, You need to hook properly to unlock his potencial.. * {{champion:117}} - My favourite Supp in Season 7. good Buff/Debuff spells. Good synergy with {{champion:67}} {{champion:222}} * {{champion:44}} - Well, Taric is in bad position right now. Hard to CC, hard to time your R. Flash reliant * {{champion:40}} - Great Disengage with Q,R. Great Protect and AD boost with shield E. * {{champion:427}} - He's good support jungler, not a lane support (Only with rengar(ADC)/Ivern Combo :P) * {{champion:267}} - Good utility spells, hard to master.
Hantusa (EUW)
: Star guardians
I want SG Braum LUL
Raccooned (EUW)
: 9W | 1L, Bronze 5.
Welcome in Season 7 :/. Don't be upset, when you show them, that you don't deserve the B5, you'll climb faster, even you can skip from B5 to B3. When I was playing Preseason Flex I was in B5 with 5/5 W/L and I gain +27 LP for win and -13 LP for lose. I read on forum, that Challenger player wins all of his placements and he also got B5 LUL
Kanjejou (EUW)
: lose very little lp gain massiv lp still manage to drop a rank
As I saw your OP.GG profile, you're playing mostly Taric. I was playing Taric often in season 6 after rework, but in this meta, he's good only situationally. He's vulnerable against AP Supps like {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} . In this meta I prefer AP supps ({{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} ) and Peel/Buff supps ({{champion:40}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}} ). Try to be more viable with picks and try to create a good synergy with your ADC and counter your bot lane enemy. For example: * They picked {{champion:412}} and {{champion:67}} * Your ADC picked {{champion:222}} * {{champion:117}} is a good counter pick against initiation champs and ''Hyper Carry'' champs thanks to her W * Also lulu has a good synergy with {{champion:222}} , because you can give her shield E and she gets another Damage from your passive and your W gives her Attack/Movement Speed * {{item:3504}} gives her from shield another 20-35% Attack Speed + 20-35 Health/Dmg per AutoAttack. It is a secret OP (Don't reveal this secret pls :P, It's freeELO). Just look at this match: In Silver 4 as supp main (Like me), It's hard to carry your team, but remember, that high skilled support can carry the team, but in different way. Be more viable with your picks and play more supports champs. Also it's good to watch the current meta on OP.GG, watch NA/EU LCS or Youtube. And one more tip: If someone feeding, DO NOT HELP HIM, it's worthless, stick with the player, who has a good potential and he'll has a protection and then he can carry your team to victory.
: IP
IMO, they should enable IP weekend boost at least 1,5x multiplier, It would be better for farming new champs or runes (I'm looking on you 6300 IP champs)I was farming for Tier 3 runes: 10% CDR 2,5 ManaRegen 1 month or more and i was playing daily 3-4 games.
: Its actually still good on most ad, and essence reaver is ugh {{champion:29}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:202}}{{champion:236}}
essence reaver is still a decent item, especially for {{champion:202}} . I think, that it's better than lethality items. {{item:3508}} = One-shot potencial, Mana sustain from crit AA's, CDR scaling from crits {{item:3142}} = more DMG against tanks, movement speed
0tx (EUW)
: Any decent spamable champs to boost you out of low elo?
In low elo, You have to climb your ass up to higher ranks, even on support.
: thx for ya comment! if it would be too OP, riot could balance to 1-3 rather than 1-5. the bonus IP would be a nice idea as well, especially for normal games, but for ppl like me it would be useless kinda since i got all champs alrdy and i rly like to play support, but i dont pick it because i feel like i cant carry games even i have tryharde so much, with that system, i might rething it and play it kinda and yeah you would get 31 LP, but would you get this every time? i dont think so i guess, because sometimes where i had to play support in platin-diamond elo, it was kinda hard for me to get a s+, but maybe it is because i am not a main support player but again, the system rewards great players, so you would totally deserve it kinda^^ Let me change some numbers, maybe it would be more balanced? Edit: Changed the numbers, what you think about them now?
Yeah, It's fine that you can get bonus LP and IP, but I'm worried about 2 things: 1. He chose Supp as primary and He choose for example Caitlyn on support and He won't play a supp and he'll buy Full AD, that means, that he was abusing this system for IP/LP Boost. 2.Someone gets autofilled and he switch with someone else, when won with autofilled supp, he gets extra IP/LP but who played actual Supp but he was at the champ select different role (Bot,Mid,Top,Jng)ˇ, then He will not get this benefit.
: Suggestion to increase the play rate of Support
If Riot did those changes, I would get a won game with my 26 LP +5 LP = 31 LP as support. It's too much LP and It would be broken. I would take Bonus IP rather than LP.
Skriff (EUW)
: Why nobody play Kindred ?
The Kindred meta stopped, when they gets several nerf: Base stats - Lowered Armor and Magic Resist Q - Base Dmg lowered and they add an AD scaling from Marks Passive, Cooldown nerf when W is active W - Heal passive removed, but they at least added a soft CC for Neutral monsters (For easier jungling) I think, that Kindred is still a good pick, but It depends on champ composition. When we have at least 1 Buiser/Tank, then it's a good pick. But they are too squishy ({{champion:134}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:55}} ) And Kindred needs a good Early game and well farmed Marks stacks, when they underfarmed, you wouldn't carry it properly
Sun Zi (EUNE)
: Queue Accept App
It would be fine feature for LoL Friends App for iOS/Android .
: 666 [ League of Legends Edit/Video]
omg Yasuo, pls kidnap me someone, QUICKLY :P
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: {{champion:267}} {{champion:236}} broken combo... {{champion:202}} {{champion:143}} most broken combo with zyra...
{{champion:267}} {{champion:81}} = OpieOP
: Zyra is disgusting
{{champion:143}} = {{champion:17}} for Supports
ModMayhem (EUW)
I want a new support, not a Mid mage. #BoredWithSmallSuppChampPool
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: That even looks like a victorious skin more than anything. Victorious Ryze've first read it here.
mby legendary skin for ryze, You never know :P
Azules (EUW)
: How to get Level 3 in 02:23 min. with Fiddlesticks Season 7
fiddlesticks is like 2nd supp IMO. He can silence the enemy, CC then. After {{item:3116}} he can also peel with W,E,R. But he's squishy as hell, that's the problem
: Sejuani Support? :o
yeah, pretty good synergy with {{champion:21}}
MarTEEnus (EUNE)
: It's Taric playable these days
Alright guys, thank you for helping me with pros and cons of Taric supp. I appreciate your help. I wish all of you happy holidays :)
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: After lvl 3 he can get kills for his lane, pre3 it is nearly impossible. He abuses Ardent Censer. my ideal build is {{item:3401}} , {{item:3117}} , {{item:3109}} , {{item:2045}} , {{item:3504}} , {{item:3107}} , {{item:3364}} . But it depends on the enemy. {{item:3742}} can be a good addition of you can replace anything or need more armor than health.
I've never tried Ardent Censer on Taric. I think, this item is not that good for low Q heal especially in early game. When you're going to play heal Taric, then I should consider buying this. I buy Ardent Censer on supports, when ADC is Attack speed oriented.
MarTEEnus (EUNE)
: It's Taric playable these days
So TL:TR : 1. He's good against almost every supp tank 2. When enemy is AD oriented, you have more protection from W passive for Taric and your team 3. Gap-Closer Champs ({{champion:157}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:84}} ) = better stuns 4. He needs to predict enemy's dodge from my E 5. Peel, DMG, Mobile supp, Mobile ADC's = Hard early game in bot lane 6. Good placed R = Big advantage for your team in teamfights 7. Mid/Late game = Tank Beast 8. Communication heavy for good trades I've just wrote a short summary, what I've learnt from you. And one more thing: Should I max R>E>W>Q or It depends on the lane. (Need more Heals, more Armor) ? Edit: Has He good synergy with high mobility ADC's ? {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:81}}
: Support is getting better but it's still not near the level of all other groups: * Jungler are getting a new jungle every season. Their getting more exp now too * Top is getting more and more tools to make sure their 5 level ahead for any other champion on the map.* * Mid just recieved a whole season of reworks * Adc got reworked last season So what did support get. Well: * The experience of 1 minion from killing a ward * 2 random items * Nerfs towards old items that where so strong you still rush them anyway.
but they added heal and shield power in some items. 20% heal and shield power from {{item:3222}} . #RakaGazm {{champion:16}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:16}}
KlausX (EUNE)
: Eune Normal Draft Pick
I need normal draft too. Riot plz
Rioter Comments
: Starting my season 2017 ranked grind now. What are your goals for the season?
My goal for 7th season is to climb at least low gold . My first season (6th) was G5 and I was pretty hyped about that xD. I started to play MOBA with Dota 2 2 years ago.
: i got the legendary rumble skin but every chest i opened after that im talking 4 or 5 chests that i grinded key frags for were champ shards thats what i call unlucky
alistial (EUW)
: your saying this is lucky? well i got a hextech annie shard then in 2 other hextech box i got a dj sona shard
If I've got these ones, I would call 911. Well done
: #firstworldproblems
: just to tease u lol
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