Marcixd11 (EUNE)
: What to build on bot lane Mordekaiser?
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: Trundle, the key to winning every game.
I think Trundle is a troll-pick.
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: Hexakill
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MiniZav (EUW)
: Who started the myth that anivia takes skill
Another thing to do is buy Banshee's Veil. Her ult doesn't break it so she can't ult+E you. Then if you can dodge her Q she has to use E to proc it meaning you can strike because her burst won't be available.
MiniZav (EUW)
: Shit, R is so hard to hit, press R, press E, boom 350+1.0 click damage every few secs Q's hitbox is when blitz+morg get a baby.
Her R is a dot so if you don't stand in it it won't do much damage. Yeah her E does a lot of damage but that's about it. She either 1 shots you or you have time to fight back. Q's hitbox is big but the speed it moves is slower than the champs you mentioned. If you aren't at point-blank range then you should be able to avoid it easily. A good way to counter her is to pick someone who outranges her like a Xerath. Or someone who can burst her and deal with her egg like Annie. Xerath can poke her down easily because she is so slow that hitting her isn't that hard. You also have good mana sustain which she lacks. You can just shove the lane and watch as she goes oom trying to push back with her abilities. Annie can go 1v1 with her because of her stun and lower cds. You just stack stun then trade with her. She can't fight back while stunned and you won't run oom if you farm with Q. And when you get her to passive you can destroy the egg because of the low cd of your spells and the dot and autos of Tibbers. And btw any hard CC cancels Anivia ult. Early game she doesn't do that much damage and if it's late game then don't 1v1 her because her late is very strong. Getting through the laning phase with her is hard.
: ARAM change suggestion !
There is this summoner spell called Mark/Dash which lets your melee champs get in the face of the poke before they have the chance to poke you down.
MiniZav (EUW)
: Who started the myth that anivia takes skill
Hmm, slowest speed, very short range, no escapes, Q is one of the slowest skillshots in the game, relies on a single ability for burst which does half damage if her Q or R didn't hit you and Q is not hard to dodge while ulting drains her mana very fast, very mana hungry early game and ult still leaves her oom late game if used much, if you screw up wall then you can lose TF/ kill your teammate/ help an enemy escape, her burst is single target, ult can be toggled but if she puts it in a bad place or you quickly get out of it it takes around 5 secs to reposition it. IMO managing mana, using wall at the right place/time, proper positioning and hitting the slow as F... Q requires skill.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: To add some depth and decisionmaking to the game.
Then why remove the same depth and decision making from Negatron and Null-magic Mantle?
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: *Removes DFG---> buffs AHRI's 4 spells.*Removes Atma's Impaler---> Who cares, it doesnt hurt mages
They removed Atma because no champs really used it. Yeah you could buy it but almost everytime there was a better choice. The only champ I can thik of who really benefitted from the item is Sion with the infinite HP stacking. So it didn't really make anyone weaker. While DFG was a core item in most burst mages' build and removing it reduced their damage with a good amount. And Cinderhulk is enough compenstion for removing it. Also if they would have kept Atma in then it would be broken with Cinderhulk. Cinderhulk already gives a bunch of HP sinergizing well with the HP->AD passive and tanks are almost unkillable. Being extremely tanky combined with crit chance and lots of bonus AD then tanks would do as much DMG as a fighter and/or a few assassins (if they are not very fed) while being much more tankier. This would have lead to the nerf of one item. If they nerf Atma then it's useless. If they nerf Cinderhulk it may still be useful but without it Atma is useless. Any way Atma's ends up as a noobtrap baiting some players to buy it when it's not worth much.
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: fiora bug
It's not a bug. Just like WW ult it's coded as a series of auto attacks. So it can be dodged (Jax) blocked just one hit (Pantheon) Parried just one hit (Fiora) and I think it misses if you are blinded before using it (Teemo, Quinn)
: as someone that finished programming at university. Its insanely easy to add a timer and an icon for that timer. Its like displaying the hourglas you see on windows when your pc or laptop is executing something (maybe not so much at the new pcs since they are faster) i would rather have a summoners indicator actually more than ultimate timer for your allies
You don't understand the joke here. Riot confirmed taht most things in the game are coded as minions and people have been making memes about it.
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Bombardox (EUW)
: How to pick your main champion ?
First of all don't choose a main because it's OP at the moment because it will get nerfed anyway. There are multiple ways of choosing a main: 1. By personal enjoyment. If you play a champion and even if you don't play that champion well but enjoy doing everything with it then choose that champ to be your main and dedicate your time learning to play it. I think this is the best way to choose a main simply because if you don't enjoy someone you will never learn to play it to the maximum. 2. By his kit. If there is a champion with abilities that you really like then pick it as your main. For example if you don't really like Thresh but think "WOW it would be so awesome if I can land hooks like Madlife" then choose him. This isn't the best way because if you don't enjoy the champ itself you won't dedicate yourself to it. And Riot can rework that champ any time changing the kit. For example maybe next day Thresh won't have a hook because Riot may think it's OP. 3. By design/backstory. This isn't a common way but there are some people who choose a main based on backstory. For example you will never play Urgot if you don't like dead guys who were revived using pieces of corpses. If you are a person who was betrayed in real life then you will love Graves by backstory who was betrayed by his partner. There may be other ways to choose but these are the most common. Hope it helped.
: Question about jax.
Maybe it was because of the passive on his ult.
: @Riot, how many champions will there eventually be?
I don't know the cap but reaching it will probably mean the death of this game. They now release champions every 2-3 months. If the champ pool gets bigger then this will go up to releasing a champ every 5-6 months. And it would get slower and slower where you will get 1 champ in a whole year. Great deal of the playerbase would probably leave the game if there wouldn't be any new champs coming for long time. If they don't decrease the rate they make champs then they won't be able to keep up with reworking champions so they don't become useless compared to the newer ones and making too many champs can make it hard to memorize the abilities, playstyles and everything else about all champs. For older players it wouldn't be much of a problem because they already know most of the champs but new players will be excited at first like "WOW 150 champs so cool" then relaize they can't learn to play with/against all champs. That would scare away new players and the old ones will be tired to see the same champs in all games and not seeing some champions even once. Whichever happens will lead to less new players registrating. The pros and older players will continue to play for a while but when there will barely be any audience then Riot wouln't be able to keep up the Esport events so the pros would leave too and the remaining players will be bored without pros or new players and will leave too. And with this the cycle of MOBA games shall close and some other game will take it's place which will eventually die out like this and the cycle will go on as long as MOBAs remain. It can be delayed and it will still take years to happen (except if Riot suddenly goes bankrupt for whatever reasons) and we should enjoy the time we have remaining with this game until it will be too late.
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