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: Still no project riven... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
She has pulsfire, which is pretty similar concept and it's a nice skin
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Chrysies (EUW)
: Please, gold is no different than anything below it. You still have to endure the speciel people who clearly don't belong where they are (You can tell by their awareness, mechanics and warding), you still have to play with supports sitting behind you, and you still have to live without peeling. The only thing I'd say is different between gold and everything below, is that you have significantly more people picking assassins even if they are hopeless at playing them, or pick it into a balanced enemy team of tanks and mages with tons of cc. I can understand why someone would drop ranked, because it's nothing but a game of chances hoping you don't get the people I talk about which is a torrent of frustration, and the underlying root cause is the match making.
You are so right,had a thersh support a couple games ago playing jhin,he was just staying back and when he tried to do something he was just giving kills to ashe made one engage the whole laning phase missed 90 percent hooks and then blamed me for not following up when he made some stupid plays that would never work,about the assasins yes every game there is a zed,akali katarina in the midlane picking them against lets say blitz or alistar support and zac or sejuani jungle,sometimes i see that games are lost even before in the game starts in champion select when some guy picks zed but sees that we dont have ap damage or the enemy team is full of cc,i am not quiting ranked for life but for a long period yes i just want to have some fun in normals learn to play better not get tilted by some players who dont understand the basics ,feed everyone on enemy team and lose the game for the rest of the team.
Chrysies (EUW)
: A few reason spring to mind... 1. Not being comfy in the ADC role or unsure how to play lanes vs certain enemies 2. Often you find that being ADC in these lower levels, means you have to live with a support sitting behind you, and once laning is over you find that you wont have a frontline or peeler. 3. Bad positioning which ties into point 1 and 2. I am not looking at his match history, but he is right on one thing.., match making is in general a total mess, and usually boils down to which side has the speciel person (or people).
You are right on all three reasons,especially on number two,people in low elo dont know how to team fight,i usually have 0 peel and protection and if i position badly it is a lost team fight
: > [{quoted}](name=MarkoCvejanov99,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=FKGqcfAk,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-05-17T17:40:53.522+0000) > > Yhea...but i never play blind bcs of yasuo zed mains instalocking and fighitng who is going mid lol...Only draft Explain me 1 thing. How do smurfs solocarry everytime in bronze with a 80+ winrate? You either know how to play or you dont it is as easy as that.
Smurfing is one of the worst things that is happening to this game another reason people have trouble climbing out of low elo. i hate streams who smurf for those unranked to challenger.I felt sorry for those people in bronze silver and gold who had to against lets say TF Blades jax and irelia. Smurfs are usualy playing 1v5 champions like jax,yasuo,irelia bcs you almost have to 1v5 games in bronze and silver to carry,i play i lot of adc and most of the games i have 0 peel and protection from my teammates and that means i cant carry as adc,i carried i couple of games as adc but i was duo quing with my friend and we had teamates that knew how to teamfight.
: Blind queue > ranked queue
Yhea...but i never play blind bcs of yasuo zed mains instalocking and fighitng who is going mid lol...Only draft
: as far as i got to see your match history in most of them you are the reason you actually lost the games
A couple of games yes,but most of them definetly not dude...
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: > well you might wonder how can i kill 1 or 2 guys.. well your fed thats the point of being fed.. using it to setup a advantage for teamfights or objectives. Just going to add to this after watching the replay for myself. Kills are just a means to an end. Yes they give you gold for items but more importantly they take enemy players off the map so that you can take objectives. Case in point, at 17:25 you had just killed Jax and Ziggs. Neeko was split pushing bot lane (for some reason) and Renekton was in base. You had 3 people in mid and could have easily taken the mid turret. You decide to chase down Sivir which was fine, but then after that (from 17:40 to 18:16) you go chasing after the 1/6/0 Neeko support. The result is that when you finally went for the dragon Jax had respawned and he stole it. All because you decided to chase for kills instead of taking the free objectives. You know the funny thing is that despite having fewer players on the map, the enemy team took more objectives than you did. While you were chasing for kills Renekton was pushing top lane, and took your top inner turret even though it was 4v2 at the time. This happens so many times throughout the match. At 23:40 you win a teamfight near baron leaving only Renekton alive vs you and Pyke. Baron isn't really an option but you could have easily taken top turret or the dragon. Instead you clear 1 wave in mid and then recall. And again at 26:30 it's 5v2 on the map, veigar is pushing top, poppy is pushing bot. You had so many options and yet you chose to run around the enemy jungle looking for more kills. Go mid and push, go bot and push, go top and push. There are so many options open to you and you are just chasing for kills. Oh boy, at 27:55 You had just killed Ziggs and Sivir who are the main wave clearing champions on the enemy team. You have a minion wave pushing into the bot inhib turret, and have Poppy and Ryze for protection. What do you do? You run back and recall. Why????? Yes you have some gold to spend but you could easily have stayed and pressured the turret. If you didn't want to for whatever reason then you need to make it clear with pings. Poppy and Ryze clearly thought you were going to be with them, but you weren't there. Your positioning in teamfights wasn't too bad for the most part although against their team I would definitely have gotten an early QSS, which would have allowed you to position a bit closer to the fights and still be safe. You know that both Jax and Renekton are going to be jumping onto you with trying to lock you down with stuns, so having a QSS would have helped you out there. My advice to you is in the mid-late game, when you get kills, take a moment to look at the map. Look at the position of the minion waves, and objective timers, then make an objective-focused decision rather than chasing for more kills.
Wow thank you so much for your detalied answer,i realize crucial mistakes i made during the game,we threw the game,i need to improve a lot,you helped me so much from you answers,thank you both for your time and effort in giving very detalied reply,i feel the community is realy nice twords new players who want to learn the game
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: Hey man ! Congratulation for reaching lvl 42. Don't worry and take it easy. I'll try to clarify everything step by step. > The thing is sucked at all four games in the two wins i was carried by my team and the other two we lost. You were bad because you are still not ready for ranked. I would highly recommend to play a whole season of normals before going ranked. After all, the point of ranked is to climb as high as possible, so there is no point in doing it if you're planning on staying iron/bronze. So it's better to keep playing normal draft and focus on learning the game and polishing your skill. You'll just get flamed to death if you're planning on learning at ranked. > Why are there no iron players or bronze players? Don't forget that they are placements. The objective is to test you against different skill levels to see where you should be. Generally speaking, it puts you against silvers first and start adjusting from that. So don't worry if you're not performing well in those. After you get placed, you'll play against people with the same skill as you (iron or bronze probably). > Does my mmr from non ranked games influnce my ranked matchamking Your normal MMR and ranked MMR have no relationship and they don't affect each others at all. So don't forget that the matchmaking is still trying to figure our your MMR right now (during placements). MMR is a secret number that accurately represent your skill.The matchmaking is bases on MMR and not your rank. So if a high silver player or a gold one have a very bad mmr, he will play against you. So you will always play against people with the same skill level as you. The rank is just for self satisfaction and to have some clear objectives to reach. > getting flamed by toxic {{champion:6}} is not nice even though i said i him ten times i am playing my placements Unfortunately, you'll often play against people like that. Just don't mind them and report them at the end of the game. They have no right to do it. Everybody is bad a the game when they play it first, we all have to start somewhere and learn with experience. League is a game where you can only learn by doing mistakes and capitalizing on them. So if someone is being toxic, don't waste your time to answer him, that will just tilt you. I hope I answered all your questions. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask. And have fun at the rift {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you so much for your detalied answer!You helped me a lot and made a lot of things clear for me.I will listen to your advices i will defintely wait for season 9 and to get better at the to finish my placements.Thank you again Doom Emmisary
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