: What are we suposed to do with 25 prestige points tomorrow?
Hey guys I still have the 25 points is it too late for me to convert them into the list that Arcade Lulu posted? If so did i just waste my 25 points? Or is it the case that, that list is not released yet? Does anyone have a link to a post or something? I would be very greatful if anyone would help me out. Thx!
: Can't ban nor pick
Same here lost 14 lp
: Still can´t pick nor ban and it's getting worse
Same thing happened to me man . Lost 2 games on the loading phase and the game blames me Here is how it happened pls tell me if its the same : it's the turn of a summoner to pick before me the countdown goes 0 and then it stops completely a few seconds later it kicks me and i get a penalty cause i failed to pick ..............smh
Töbjes (EUW)
: Bilgewater in-game music and male announcer RETURN?
A late comment : Pls add the new announcer that we have (dark star thresh) . Its so good !
Demoyer (EUNE)
: I welcome normal draft back, but whoever had the idea to create dynamic queue needs a high-five, in the face, with chair, made of steel, twice, from Hulk, on stereoids
Yeah it was bad for a lot of players .... But still better than blind pick amaright ?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Well, FlexQ is the new normal draft
True but still some feel pressured by the division system . I personally don't feel like that but the point is that back then ppl had a choice . Thx for posting !
: Can we get normal drafts back ?
Make sure to upvote for everyone to see! Remember together we are stronger!
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