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: I would just remove the price u gave so it would be free.Cmon why does every god damn company want microtransactions like wtf and ur right that riot is all about the money not about their game
Because otherwise Riot won't be getting much profit. I mean, you can't run a company for free y'know, and I'd rather not play league with an insane amount of ads just to keep funding their game. Besides, you're only funding for cosmetic items. It's not like you're paying for a more powerful item in the game.
Rismosch (EUW)
: The reign of ADCs finally comes to an end
This could never be more true. Hell, you could play the most unusual off-meta picks for botlane. You could play thresh with the right runes and the right build, heimer with the right duo partner, and veigar is a hell of an op botlaner too.
: URF has broken me!
Exams was after urf so I stopped for about three days for exams. That sorta readjusted it


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