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God damn... Why are you such a hater... I wasn`t thinking literly. I`m not trying to kill my self after a bad game it`s just boring i oversized it. OK maybe non stop isn`t good but more frequent (or/and available in custom) would be nice. And practise tool limit of 60 min is boring af so that with time skip and stat boost would be really cool.
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MatosPoljca (EUNE)
: New champions
Can someone pls comment??? Getting bored here... {{item:3151}}
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MatosPoljca (EUNE)
: Why are all new champions 6300???
Well it is kinda boring and I think lol needs some un-balace. Just few week champions. Some players maybe want challenge, play with week champ vs some better champ. Or that you can reduce your HP or DMG in game for challenge. That will be nice. And also, some items can be added. I had 1 idea: When you have full item build, you can buy ultimate item for DMG, AP and TANK. DMG +80, 8200 coins, AP+ 180 8000 coins and HP+1100 8100 coins. Or something close if this is not good calculation. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Well, the strength of a champions is not related with his price. Also, new champions cost 6300 because, well, they are new. Whenever a new champion appears into the game, another champion gets his price reduced, so Riot keeps the balance right. _Also there are no op champions_
Then go Zed vs Fizz. Then you will se what is OP :D (If you are Zed :>)
: Greetings MatosPoljca. The price of a Champion has nothing to do with their power ingame. That would make this game pay to win, which is certainly not something Riot wants to do. New Champions always start off at 6300. Every time a new Champion is released, an older one's price gets reduced. I'm sorry but this is a good pricing system, and will definitely stay.
So for few years 40 champions will sure be 450 or 1350 -_-
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