: Kayn Blue Form
I’ve managed to get my form in minute 3 and 4 once. All I needed was to gank bot right after buff. It’s rare, but it isn’t imposibble, so I don’t really think it’s a bug, it just happens sometimes ^^
God Spoon (EUW)
: Thanks that helps. Just one question. What item would you prioritize first cause after the item changes i'm really not sure
I personally go for Infinity Edge as first item now, since it gives you more damage to your crits.
: Who are your favorite champions ?
{{champion:141}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:81}}
: need help finding a kindred build
I've played only one match as a Kindred since these changed and I went for AD jungle item{{item:1412}}, Berserker's boots{{item:3006}}, Phantom Dancer{{item:3046}}, Infinity Edge{{item:3031}}, Rapid Firecannon{{item:3094}} and Guardian Angel{{item:3026}}. I haven't tried the other options, so if you'll find one, keep me posted!
Shamose (EUW)
: I got a my shop full of champions I rarely play. No skin for my most played champ, No skins for my level 7 champions, No skins for level 6 champions.
Same here, except a skin for a Vi (I already have 3 skins for her) I got it full of skins for a champions I remember playing only once this season.
Ebonmaw (EUNE)
: To what music do you listen when you play lol ?
I like to listen to music that actually fits the champ I play, or the skin I play him with. So, for example, I listen to punk when I'm playing Vi, steampunk music for Camille, Bloodborne/Dark Souls soundtrack for Soul Hunter Kayn, synthwave for Project Jhin etc.
baκugou (EUNE)
: Any good matching names for a Jhin and Nami main duo?
That's not an easy task since these two champs doesn't have any interactions together. Also as much as I know, Nami is the one who means no harm, while Jhin is the exact opposite. They don't even have any matching skins, except the SKT ones. I honesty can't think of any matching names for these two.
: Actually so many people see that soul hunter kayn sucks idk why they added a wizard cap in Assassin form and made Rhaast green... idk why Kayn isn't a wizard he is an assassin so if they made a hoody for assassin kayn that would be awesome + Kayn's new skin should be blood moon because his transformations says that
He's not supposed to look like wizard, it's a victorian monster hunter style, or as Baitkin already said, style of Bloodborne. People who don't like Bloodborne won't probably like it tho. I like the vibe coming from that skin. But yeah, I would still like to get a new skin for Kayn.


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