: Sounds to me like you simply need to improve in a few areas and you have the fundamentals down :) At least you have the same knowledge base as I do, so happy climbing :)
Thank you! You too <3 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: based on what you say, if I may make some suggestions: Ward up the river, or the enemy buff, not just the lane bush. Will give you some extra seconds to back off from a gank Maybe you should try to find windows to roam, even when you lose lane to get your mid further ahead, so he can carry a bit until your adc comes online. No matter how much you are pressured, the enemy adc and support will back at some point. Let your adc farm/push and then go mid and/or get some deep wards. Also gives more exp for your adc About the peel, I mean do you just throw your lantern and run, or do you flay/ult if needed? When you can, poke back. Thresh has that mean passive auto, so when fx Sona used Q, you have a few seconds to walk up, hopefully in range, and smash her or the adc a time or 2 before it is back up. It is good you look at the map, but do you make dragon/tower/baron/herald calls? If not, maybe try to focus on that to identify when the jungler is somewhere else, or some strong enemy died etc. And bonus info: I revcently learned that you can basically extrapolize where the jungler is at all times. Fx enemy mid is gone, you see him reapper from the direction of their blue. You look mid, enemy mid has blue buff, so jungler was at blue. Now he will probably do gromp and wolves, or maybe gank. If you do not see a gank, or see him in river from your deep ward, he probably moved to red side to take some camps, looking for a gank mid/sidelane. Such details may let you know when you can go ham bot even though you have had no vision of the jungler for the last minute :) Hope it helps :)
I never ward the lane bush , and i ward past 3 mins the river bush . About the peel , I do use anything when possible , except when I play with friends . They are used to getting the lantern , so I usually don`'t have to use the other spells . I do poke a lot , early game for sure . I have this "routine" . I call the jungler to gank , we get the bot tower then we go drake . I don't always call the objectives , but it's still better than my roaming.
: Do you ward enough? Do you ward smart enough? How much do you roam? Do you actively peel for your adc or just do stuff and hope he follows suit? do you pressure the enemy in lane by denying cs/exp? Do you help your adc to cs difficult minion, eg under tower? Do you have a flexible build path or do you do the same every single game? Do you look at the map and make (good) objective calls? These are some things I have picked up from watching various guides form high elo players. Hope there is something you can think about with it {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
I do know I word enough , maybe not smart enough . About roaming , it depends on the enemy bot lane and the pressure they put on but . Usually if I win lane , I do roam mid . About the adc stuff , I'm not sure what you are trying to say . If you mean like communicate , I don't everything , but I ping cooldowns for summs and abilities . I do try to deny exp or cs whenever I can , recently I play against a lot of poke comps so I can't do much . One problem is maybe my build path , and I'm trying to fix it . And about looking at the map , I do pay attention to it .
Wadud92 (EUW)
: Honestly mate I find playing as a solo support in flex a lot harder than in solo queue. Probably because if I match with a duo bot lane they have understanding of eachother and therefore better synergy than me and my ADC. Not always the case of course, I recently skipped a division and am in gold promos for flex. I don't know what to tell you, play ap supports maybe, you are less reliant on your ADC getting ahead as an AP support. Regarding Thresh, I think I am level 6 or 7 with him. Not once have I ever played him in ranked. Only normals. I am confident with him, he is probably my forth best support, but in Silver a lot of people just don't understand the champion for whatever reason. Literally yesterday I played a normal with Thresh, 6 times. I repeat, 6 times I stood at the edge of my lantern range, completly safe trying to save someone that was caught out, not once did they click. One of them was understandable, the Kayn used his Q and positioned himself on the lantern, the other 5, no excuse. My team was doing good so those 5 kills were worth a lot. Now if I was Zyra in that situation, I put out an E to root and Q plant for Rylies slow and we both walk away, worst case scenario I need to ult towards the direction we are running so that it knocks up anyone that chases, best case scenario I get a kill because I am Zyra and do a billion damage. Point is as Zyra I do not need to rely on someone else todo something. Even Leona, ult will stun and slow those on the outside. This is why I do not play Thresh in ranked, because in our elo (high silver low gold) people do not understand how to play with you. There are a ton of other examples. As you know you can hook drake from the wall, and lantern someone else in. I have had people ignore my lantern and blow a flash to secure drake
I get that people don't know to use the lantern , it takes some time to get used to it , but the thing is they just don't think twice before doing stuff . I mean , they just use the plants without reason , they don't know when to leave turrets etc. these kind of mistakes . Maybe I do make mistakes too , I'm human after all , but I hate losing because of full lethality Darius top flaming or other toxic cases . I did think about AP supports , and I don't really like them . It`s not my style . I want to be the one engaging , like Rakan , Thresh or Leona . I don`t really like being the Oprah of supports . "You get a buff , you get a buff , everyone gets a buff !" . And as supports like Brand or Malzahar , I'm still thinking about it .
: Don't play flex unless you want to get boosted. But for a serious answer buy and git gud at Brand. He was my ticket out of silver as support main.
Well I play supports , not "supports" ( like {{champion:90}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:1}} etc) . Except Thresh I play sometimes Lulu . Also I play because it's a personal goal and the chance to improve .
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abd121 (EUNE)
: Support looking for a good ADC
bro im a support main too . and i was looking for some1 to help me improve , i know this is not about the subject but maybe we play 1-2 games
: Team for fun recruiting a main support
Hello guys i like support and i also play for fun! Add me in your team if you want . I normal play {{champion:201}} , {{champion:53}} , {{champion:412}} , {{champion:89}} , {{champion:267}} or {{champion:223}} . Send me a message or invite me in your team if you are interested.
LIG Gaara (EUW)
: Champion Suggestion: Amila, The Flower Misstress
Nice champion tough . I think u should change only the passive and esspecialy the " blue flower " and u should think about the R and E range . And try to design it with creativity not like other who only chnges the color of an actual champion. Good job until now tough
LIG Gaara (EUW)
: Champion Suggestion: Amila, The Flower Misstress
i think the passive is a little bit overpwowered and the stun of her E sshould be like 0.75 sec. In rest is very balanced with a high potential in teamfights and i would like if this cham would be in the game . PS : i think u should send us a photo of the champ design
: Looking for support EUNE Gold + for DUO Q (q.q)
If you want to play duo queue i can help you . My main champions are supports and tanks ( {{champion:32}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} ) If u are interested search Maximiliano4


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