SaulTight (EUNE)
: Actually this group on facebook is absolutely right...this is a totally pay to win game. I'm getting matched with the most trash teams ,with people that shouldn't be allowed to play ranked games. So yea since im a free to play player i am getting trolled. Shame on Riot.....
Well, people also believe that Earth is flat and vaccines are reason for autism. You are free to believe in what you want, still does not make it true in any way.
: Where's boxbox on the pole?
Too sexy. There would be no competition this way.
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SaulTight (EUNE)
: I am not aggressive to anyone there is no point , BUT if you team is trolling hard wards will not save the game.
Okay, so let's check your few last lost games according to Obviously I can't see how they played, so I will heck their KDA, cs/min, items and build order, and place of deaths. [1st game]( Terrible cs of Caitlyn, I'm amazing how can ADC get 2,1/m, when support got 2,2/m. Unless support took some of the minions or was pushing needlessly lane. But I can't be 100% sure about it without seeing a game. Cait items are probably not the best possible (wasting gold on first buying then selling {{item:1051}}), but nothing wrong there. Her deaths are under the tower. Rest of the team is on similar level (with Brand being one tier above rest of you). **It does not look at all as anyone trolled in this game**. Unless support took ADC cs, then I would say that support did that But this is only my guess (you can't check when most of support cs came). [2nd game]( This time Jax had a really low cs. But on the second hand he secured some early kills, took tower and objectives. Possible he do what every bronze (and now iron) players do: thinks that kills are more important than cs and objectives. Yas played typical Yas, kill or die trying, from the place of deaths nothing wrong with him. Jungler died way too many times in enemy jungle. Well, it is the price of using only 5 wards in 45 minutes. **Conclusion: no one trolled**. Obviously there is possibility of sublime trolling, but this is iron/bronze, so I doubt it. Also how you managed to not hit the enemy tower even once during 45 minutes? [3rd game.]( How this people managed to hit silver with that terrible cs and vision? Unless those are new accounts that always starts silver. Honestly speaking, in this game Shyv, Kata and Lucian looks so good, that they probably destroyed anyone. I completely do not understand MF build in this game. Pretty sure that crit MF is not that good option, but it should be decided by someone who actually play her. Still, the place where she dies, looks mostly rather normal. At this case I can't say that she did not decided to troll at some point, but I can't also say that she did so. [Last 4th game.]( Here your full team looks decent. Decent cs, but at least not something like 2/m. Still anything below 6/min is bad unless you have like 80% of your team kills (then you just gold from kills, not cs). I wonder why Morgana upgraded her money item to {{item:3092}} when she put only 7 wards... Also except of Fiora and Varus damage to turrets is not existing of the rest of team. At least Volibear secured some objectives, so not bad at all. It looks like Fiora decided to play little too aggressive and cocky late in game, but mistakes like this are normal on that tier. Morgana died amazingly many times, but her deaths looks like a defensive ones. She was either backing or trying to save objective. In this game team with better objectives control won. Can't say that anyone trolled without watching the game.
SaulTight (EUNE)
: Oh this is how i will win games.ok from now on i will only buy and place wards.Lets's see how that goes. Before running into irrational conclusions you need to understand what happened in that specific game and i did what i did. Btw have you thoroughly checked the rest of my team too?
There is no excuse to using less wards than you have for free. If you have stacked 2 wards, there is no reason to keep them in inventory. Wards helps you avoid ganks, secure objectives, helps your jungler counter-jungle and counter-gank. Getting aggressive when someone is trying to help you by pointing your mistakes (lack of vision is a mistake), will not help you improve. And if you have read what I wrote, I even pointed that one of the junglers in your game used only 2 wards in almost 50 minutes long game.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: sorry but that theory is stupid. dont believe this crap. also you aint getting bad teams. you statistically performing poorly this is you Iron 3 11 LP / 5W 21L Win Ratio 19% this does not happen with only bad teams. but bad plays and poor games sense. unless you improve your play you wont go anywhere expect if you choose to believe that its always your teams fault . that will make you be around Iron to low silver tiers. depending on how much you decide to improve. but yes without wanting to be rude you are your problem, not your teams. and just to be clear its not only your win/lose ratio only, but your itemization + cs and many more are things you would see in bronze. and ofc now Iron . hope you understand
Adding to what DarkGOd said (100% true), as a support he really need improve his vision control. Selling ancient coin to buy mejai's and with 5 wards put in 30 minutes game. It is like playing one of this challenged: play with the mini-map not visible. Btw. checking his different games, does players in iron don't know that they can place free wards by pushing 4? Or that they can buy control wards? Or that they can upgrade ward to sweeper? In one of his game I saw jng putting 2 wards in almost 50 minutes long game. O.o Vision is really important, using pings to communicate also. Just a proper vision can win you few games, as neither author nor author teammates will die in from bad ganks/roams. Edit: Fixed thousand of typos.
Cead (EUW)
: Ranked matchmaking
It is probably because deletion of V division in each elo. Rioters were telling that until the ranking reset (at the start of the next season) the matchmaking can be weird. It still should be better with each week passed. But right now ranked is in the bad/weird shape.
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: don't tell me you need to w8 for the videos to come out XD lol !!!
There is already like 30 or more videos. Go to e-sport -> vods, and pick any of day 1, 2 or 3. There should be around 15 only of 1 v 1, and there is many more games.
corinnezz (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mcgalakar,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WLle7x6a,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2018-12-09T21:23:54.993+0000) > > But he is not wrong, You were toxic. No one said that they weren't more (or less) toxic than you. Mr. Timethief49 just mentioned that you were **also** toxic. Who started is not important. > > You also did not defend yourself, you were retaliating. For defending yourself you have two options: mute and then report. After muting, you don't see what they wrote. After reporting them, system will give them penalty. how was i toxic, i saw people writing the n word and not getting banned. i was just asking why they were harrassing me. if thats toxic i dont know what is it
>corinnezz: lol you such a loser >corinnezz: u suck >corinnezz: report fiddle and neeko for feeding and harrassing me >corinnezz: %%%%%% How any of that looks like asking them why are they harassing you? It looks more like flaming and taunting. >corinnezz: you need to die And this is obviously asking why they are harassing you and not wishing them to die? It is clearly a toxic behaviour and I have no idea how you can say that you were not. If you do not agree with your penalty, you can always send a [support ticket](
: Did you Just assume my gender? {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
I am a white male European who dominates the world and oppress weak ones when stealing their money. So of course that I can assume your gender. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
corinnezz (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Timethief49,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WLle7x6a,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-09T21:16:17.962+0000) > > You are clearly toxic towards and herassing the neeko and fiddle. Did you have a 14 day Ban before? If yes its justified and wont be lifted. Actually defending yourself would be muting them and Reportinger them afterwards. Ok you are saying that because you dont know how the match went, actually they were writing worst things and it was a 50 min match. At first i didnt reply but then i replied. if you think i was the toxic one, you are wrong
But he is not wrong, You were toxic. No one said that they weren't more (or less) toxic than you. Mr. Timethief49 just mentioned that you were **also** toxic. Who started is not important. You also did not defend yourself, you were retaliating. For defending yourself you have two options: mute and then report. After muting, you don't see what they wrote. After reporting them, system will give them penalty.
corinnezz (EUW)
: ***
In this case, he will get a permanent ban for account sharing. No difference.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mcgalakar,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=zKQwhBni,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-10-03T10:42:17.050+0000) > > Yes, but it is based on the number of games where you behaved properly, not on how long time has passed. So for example, someone playing 20 games per day and acting positive (or being silent when he is tilted) will get out of the instant permanent ban zone faster than the person who act the same way but plays 2 games per day. Still, even in the first case it would take probably a few months for that (let's say, getting honor 5 is a good start to wonder if your punishment has dropped). > > The number of reports does not mean anything. For a system there is no difference if you will be reported by one or nine players. > > False positive do happens from time to time. But in this case Rioters will take it down (as it was an unfair punishment). But in most of cases there is no risk for you to get banned for toxicy if you haven't said anything. > > Send a Riot support ticket, they will answer this question. > > [Edit] Made a typo on the first sentence. Now it should be correct. wow ty for taking your time to reply. so basically if im honor 5 a year after my 14 day susp if i tilt a few games does it work in a way in which it will start again with 10 games of chat restrictions or will it just take way more games to get prema. im reformed now, but just wondering ;) again ty for taking your time to respond :)
Your next punishment is decided by how high you are on punishment ladder. Let's say that you climbed back to 25 games chat restriction, then the next punishment would be again 14-days ban. But you could also climb back to zero level, and that would mean that the next punishment will be 10 games of chat restriction. There are players who can get two 14-days ban in year (or they claim that on boards, you never can be really sure about that), and players who got permanent after a year after they 14-days ban. Everything depends on you. But I wish that you will only get a great teammates so you will never get tilted again. Therefore you will not need to check the system for the second time. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Know anything about country IRAN ?
Well, this is not a Riot fault, but your country. You make complains on the wrong place.
Rzzzzzz (EUNE)
: My fan art of Kindred
You should send it as a [support ticket]( Also this Kindred looks completely like Kled, not even close to Kindred! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
PoppyPocket (EUNE)
: Stuck in silver while working really hard
Probably the most important thing is to change your lead to objectives taken. If you get a kill (or force enemy for an early recall), try hitting tower at least once, getting herald, roaming mid, teleporting bot, helping your jungle Anything to change your kill for something that leads you to a win. Two examples: 1) In game 1, I played Tryndamere (against Garen if I remember correctly). Every time I killed him or forced him to recall I was pushing tower like crazy. Thanks to that my team got the first tower blood. After this solo'ed herald and took the next tower. From that point enemy needed 3 players to deal with me, so my team had an easier time to push their lanes and win. I didn't need to take any extra kills to make sure that it will lead to win. Just by the fact that they felt scared that I can take inhibitor down, they were opening other lanes. 2) In game 2 I was playing Teemo (can't remember against who, but it is not important). This game I got completely destroyed in my lane. Was something like 0/4 against a champion that I counter. But him being 0/4 did nothing. Yes, he bought items faster than me, had more cs, more kills, higher level. But this lead did not change into the most important thing: damaging tower. It was enough for me to teleport bot, change my score to 0/5/X but let the bot attack the tower. The game was decided because I allowed myself to be carried. I didn't want to get this sweat revenge on killing enemy laner (in the end killed him once much later), but though: what objective I can take, if I can't take my top one. The problem with winning as a silver player is lack of consistency. One game I make a good decision, the other I just stay in my lane like an idiot. When playing don't think: I need X cs/min., I need to kill him, but: what objective I can take now. It will help you with winning.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Ofcourse it is, since it's played in NA. It's going to be timed mainly for the region it's played in, just like worlds. When worlds is in Korea, timing will be best for Korea. When worlds is in NA, timing will be best for NA. When worlds is in EU, timing will be best for EU. At what time should it be shown to accomodate every player around the world?
Hansiman do you remember the times of MSI in Paris? Well, they were created that way that NA and China could watch them without problem for a price of EU viewers who had busy mornings. So somehow they were able to make them acceptable more or less for many countries.
: I am not sure what you mean when you say that you cannot measure your performance. There is already a system in place that does it - the grading system. There is also a system that you can find in your stats in your profile that could be used to take into account more than the KDA. So the idea behind what i propose is that players that get grades below B's ( for example) AND LOSE for at least 10 consecutive games in RANKED, get temporarily restricted from playing ranked again. They would be forced to play, say, 5 games in Normal draft queue to unlock their ranked queue again. All this based on the fact that many people do not realize that they are not performing well. Just like if you do not chat restrict a flamer, when he flames, if you do not give a hit to the person that clearly doesn't give their best in ranked, they will continue doing just that. How many times do you find yourself playing with someone on a loss streak, with a negative KDA, bad map awareness, who puts your win at risk. Sometimes peoples ego's get in the way of actually seeing what is happening, and where they are wrong. I NEVER meant that someone who has occasional 1 to 3 games where they did not do well should be punished for this. We are talking about players that perform badly for a certain period of time, without any sign of correction. I just think that a person that verbally abuses you, or goes afk, has the same impact on your game and chances of winning/losing, as a person that does not perform well and they should also be corrected for doing that.
The problem with that idea is, that the current grading system does not measure your performance towards the winning. It only checks if your KDA, cs, objectives damage, vision score, etc. is higher than average for that champion on that lane. Because of that it doesn't mean that the person with S contributed most to winning, and person with C less. Objective of the game is to destroy nexus. The inting Sion strategy was for some time a great method to win, even if the scores of players abusing it, were around C. In the mid laner with smite strategy, junglers often ended with weak score, as they were giving everything to mid carry. And this two examples were the most obvious ones. But how often someone gets a long lose streak, with weak grades, where in fact he was not the weakest in the team in every game? Situations like this shows that the score that you get from the grading system means nothing in the topic of main game objective: winning the game. So why to base penalty system on something that is faulty? Creating system that objectively measure your performance towards winning the game (not how good are your game elements comparing to other players playing the same champion) is hard to do. Giving penalties just because you have a weaker scores in few aspects than other players playing the same champion in the same lane is a mistake. As objective of every each of players is to destroy nexus, not to have better scores than others.
: hey there, thanks for your reply. I explained below and iterated some of my proposals if you wanna have a look. I agree that you shouldnt be judgded only by your input. I think though that you should be rewarded with around 4-5 LP if you perform well ( say get grade S or S+). This is to make sure that the people that try very hard, keep trying and do not get discouraged even when they lose. Lemme know what you think!
I do understand your frustration, we all had moments like [that]( {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} The problem with performance as a measure is, that it could be abused by certain champions and roles. Think about players who will just do split push and farming simulator. They could get A, A+ or even S depending on how good they are on that. And they could do things like this from beginning. I don't know how it is in your division, but in bronze or silver, people rage from the game lobby when only someone picks other champion that the raging player wanted. I saw people telling to go Leona or Braum supp, and the moment that support picked Sona or Sorka it was "gg, we lost, report supp". And the afk simulator has started for the next XX minutes. The new idea would make behaviour like that worth more. The other idea that you presented in the response below, seems way more neutral for the system (ranked bans for bad players). But the problem is, how you define bad player? Let's use example: I finished my last game with 3/3/0 score, but when split pushing I was constantly forcing 3 players to my lane (they couldn't do a thing with only 2). That lead my team to always having advantage and pushing. But in many games my KDA would be way worse (like 3/9/3), and I would still force 2-3 players to my lane. Did I perform good or bad? If we could decide objectively what is always good and what is always bad (maybe this is possible, writing a complex code with few thousand possible actions, and splitting them up for a good and bad decision), then sure I will support this idea. The thing that maybe has a potential, is to decide your MMR lose/win based on your performance as an addiction to win/loss. For example, if you played amazing but still lost (even challenger players like Pants, Jay, or Fogged losses games in bronze/silver/gold, you can't always carry), you could not loss MMR at all. It can look like only a small change (in fact, it is a game changing idea), but in the long run, it will bring more advantages to good players. Why? The more steady your performance is, the higher your MMR will be. That means that you will get more LP for win, and lost less in case of lost. It is still a zero-sum game if we speak about LP, but not in the case of MMR. And if you want to climb, your MMR is more important than losing or not LP in one game.
: do you see ads of products only when you can buy them or in advance ?
[Our Lord]( admitted that the store card was released too early. Why would I question what someone more directly involved says?
wolf jade (EUNE)
: billion $ company cant put things when its supposed to be
But it should not supposed be there yet. Banner was probably put too early by mistake, but champion should not yet be released, so nothing is wrong.
: Flawed system ; Being nicer > Being good at the game?
Going with what you propose at point 1, the world championship and position in FIFA ranking in football should not be given to a team that has won matches, but depending on their number of passes, how many kilometers have they run, etc. Nonsensical, it should depends on either you win or lose, because every performance that not give you a win is not a good enough performance. Don't take me wrong, I'm not saying that your cs, roaming, KP, etc. is not important. But the thing that matters is either you win or not. League of Legends is zero-sum game. This means, if one wins, the other must lose something. This is why solo performance system will never work, in high competitive environment creating the system that makes both winner and loser gain something, will lead to injustice, as the reward for winners will need to be lowered to give something to loser. In the end system like this will keep better players stuck in lower division than the deserved for longer.
Vívíd (EUW)
: Sivir skin?
Why do you have any doubts? Is the answer to all. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Do you know good games for mobile devices(without MOBA, or minecraft)?
: Nah. It's literally the same in this game, oh you getting flamed? Let's sit quietly like a rat.
It's not even close. Self defense is to prevent the further harm to your body. If someone attacks you with a knife, you have a right to defend yourself. If someone on the streets calls you stupid, nothing has been done to you. In codex's of many Europeans countries, if the fight starts from the verbal quarrel between two persons, both of them are equally guilty for letting the things to go out of hand (it is little different in the case of death threats). There are forces that are supposed to give penalties, either Police or Riot, not citizen/player. Also if you compare people who do not retaliate to people who sit quietly like a rat, it only shows how insecure about yourself you are. I do not need to retaliate as non of the flames have possibility to hurt my pride. They are not on equal level to me, so why I should ever bother responding to them? In the end, the best case is just to mute them and report after the game so they will receive penalty for breaking the ToU.
: Why can't I use "self defense" in league of legends case?
Because self defense, even in real life, is to defend yourself from a threat to your health and life. How does someone calling you names threaten your health or life?
Raveń (EUNE)
: suggestion
1) Yea, they could let you honor two players, but the current system of honoring is better than the old one. Now your rewards depends on your honor, with the old method of giving it, rarely anyone gave a honor. Now they need to skip intentionally (or just go away from computer) to not give one. It is better than previously. 2) Good idea. 3) Or just let us give people nicknames that only us will see. Will also solve that problem. 4) Hell no! How much of toxic behaviour it can create... 5) Agree.
DerPunkt (EUW)
: Usually I am arguing against a unban I share Riots opinion on that. But Changing the rule after the fakt is not OK it is a fundamental part of western jurisdiction that you cannot be punished in retrospective changes of the law. So you really should speak to the support again. And do me a favour the support reads messages with the content of "I was one year now permanent why? thats not ok unban plz" as "Unban plox, lol." they just answer with the same. Make a point for yourself write a longer paragraph about it explain why it is a fundamental and integral part of jurisdiction that retrospective punishment can never be done, since it was a method for dictatorships to get rid of unwanted personel by making something specific they do illegal and punish them retrospectively. Write a really well constructed long letter. Argue your case. Maybe mention that you have a a new account that shows that you actually are reformed (I hope you have that, otherwise they can just argue with "well your current account is on the brink of perma aswell.. so we will just go ahead and put these punishments towards your file end declare you a persona nongrata in league) After all its Riots game and we all agreed they can do what ever they want with our accounts. We hold no rights or legal leverage at all. (Bet no one of you read the user agreement :D) It is worth trying in your case I would say. When your account is that old, it might actually be a mistake in the transition of the old to the new ban durations. As far as I know Riot was on forgiving side, but they might have rechecked some accounts and could say, it justified a perma before, we just gave you a chance and just have rewoked that chance. It might be and than well than you are f*cked. But it is worth a try.
You replied to a wrong person. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} But I fully support your statement.
GreenCharm (EUNE)
: They told me something like: "We have changed our rules" or something. That's a little bit unfair imo.
This sounds really unfair, to be honest. You get penalty with the old rules, so giving you a new one just because rules has changed and you did nothing wrong? Fully unfair decision.
GreenCharm (EUNE)
: I did, and all they said was if we permanently banned your account you won't get unbanned. They don't even care about that 1 year > perma ban change.
Yes, permanent banned accounts never gets unbanned. But did you asked how your 1 year ban changed to permanent one? Duration of ban (in some cases) can be changed, but still you should get information why did this happened to you.
Glaiver (EUNE)
: Is Riot giving up on the All-Star event, what is this?
Honestly speaking, I look forward with anticipation for All-Star. Yes, it will not be the same All-Stars like two years ago, but also not a boring event like last year. Maybe inviting famous streamers is an answer for that? Fun modes, people who are widely known,new ways to entertain the public. Lets give them a chance, and complain after the event ends.
GreenCharm (EUNE)
: That's just stupid.
You should sent a support ticket. This should clarify all things.
Ðeathmarkx (EUNE)
: Why is always na first ._. unluckyi couldn't be on na at that time
It is not like NA first. The main part of Riot is in NA, and if they want to try something it is easier to try it in NA (the same reason why PBE servers are on NA also). If it works, it will be implemented in other servers, if not, then this is the end of the story.
: This is just my personal opinion: I don't care. It doesn't harm anyone and it's plainly obvious for anyone with a little bit of experience where those unusual amounts of random upvotes (maybe even paired with awesome comments like "Wow!" or "i agree") are coming, so it harms those people more than it helps them. They basically punish themselves. As long as actual quality content gets the most upvotes, I see no big problem. And that is still the case, imo. edit: I should also add that this doesn't really help those people. A tiny bit more visibility, a few more views for a short while, sure...but if the content is not really good, those are empty numbers. It's completely useless if they don't deliver quality. So let them waste their time, believing that upvotes increase the quality of their content.
Kwiewy (EUW)
: I made a ticket and i got help. It turns out my account had been hacked and someone returned the skins for RP so he/she could buy skins for themself/their friends. I've already tightened my account security. Thank you for your help anyway though, I greatly appreciate it!
Great to hear, that your problem got fixed!
Dr0z0fill (EUNE)
: I am in need of story. Is that a good enough answer?
Kwiewy (EUW)
: My Bought Skins are gone
Try reloging your client. In 90% of cases it fixes all bugs. If you still don't have the skins that you bought, send a [support ticket](
: I think what this thread should be discussing is whether you put {{summoner:4}} on D or F. I mean, F is obviously for **F**lash...
There should be no discussion about it. {{summoner:4}} should be always on D, as you **dash** with flash.
Satakieli (EUNE)
: Another rune complaint
Dark Harvest will be (unless something changes, no early info is 100% accurate) nerfed in 8.24.
Oberon98 (EUW)
: Default Finger Placement
A-W-D-Space Maybe this is weird (especially that my A key is unbound), but it have a good sides of it also. First, I stopped pushing Q accidentally. Second, I can flash (flash is on a D) if needed. My little finger is free, sitting somewhere between caps lock and tab, not doing anything. There is also no problem with moving fingers to Q or E. [Edit] After reading other post, this not seems weird at all anymore.
: How's your day?
Sunny and cold. I love weather like this. For other aspects, just watched how low higher education fallen in my country. Haven't laughed so hard for months. So, I say that it was a great day.
: The true Problem
It's genius! We should start using this idea in different parts of life also. For example, if your pupil gets F- from a test, and brings the mean score of the class down, teacher should scream on him, humiliate him in front of the class, and at the end state a wish about pupil parents getting cancer. It will obviously help. Having emotions, doesn't mean flaming others. Do I understand that, for example, if you are angry on how slow the granny cross the road, you get out of car and push or punch her? Falling deep into an anger shows a problem on the side of person who act this way.
heacarim (EUNE)
Tl;dr: he got banned, so he became salty.
SzymS (EUNE)
: Top or mid
Jungler is like supp that needs to learn how to farm. You are treated like supp, you are flamed like supp, you are blamed like supp. But now you have all of this not from one player (ADC), but four of them. 4 in price of 1. Only now! But honestly, what is your question?
: Yea i was punished. Can i get chests in the next season?
It all depends on how fast the message "you're again eligible to earn rewards" (or something close to that). It depends on your behaviour, but there is a chance that you could still get chests even this season.
: Fix chests from S,S-,S+
Have you already received a chest on Amumu this season? You can get only 1 chest per champion per season. Do you own Amumu? You need to own a champion to receive a chest on him. Have you received a penalty recently and got message that you are ineligible to earn rewards? If yes, then you need to wait for messages saying that you are again eligible for a rewards.
: HOW RIOT WORKS for FAMOUS like TYLER1 and not famous!
So summarizing: you sold account even if Riot stated in ToU that this is illegal, you then recovered your account (stealing it from a person that bought the account from you), and got banned as it was a clear breaking of the rules. And of course it is Riot fault. Later, on the second account, you broke more rules. Like, accepting the ToU what means that you agree to following the rules, means nothing right? After many cases of breaking the rules (you admitted that you got 2 chat restrictions before 14-days ba) and getting another penalty, you again tries to put the fault on Riot? Also, selling the account and then stealing it back, is way more serious offense than flaming in game. But you still want some imagined justice by using the Tyler1 case that has nothing to do with you? Funny. Sad. Funny.
King Me (EUNE)
: Ban system
You are making a common mistake by putting an equal sign between toxicy and negativity. Do all of us show sometimes some level of negativity, either by words or actions? Obviously, we can't stop our emotional reaction, as it is not something controlled by us. That's why, getting angry and trying to win by split pushing and ignoring your team, is a form of negativity. Using your "?" and "!" too many times (I'm not speaking here about conscious action to tilt your teammate), is a form of negativity. But being toxic is the person decision. You consciously decided that you need to write something to other person. You also decided what you wrote, it was not Casper (on any other friendly ghost) typing it, but you. Therefore, we all show sometimes some sort of negativity as a respond to other actions, as we can't control it. But not everyone show the toxic behaviour.
DutchPro (EUW)
: I dont know what u based this on but okay. Not to mention around 70% of the playerbase is in silver and bronze. Its really not gonna be 20 minutes. Also 2nd role is a thing, cutting down queue times
Number of players is not important. The number of players taking a support role is important. In bronze and silver the most popular roles are: mid, jng, top, adc (it was when I stopped playing rankeds for this season, maybe it changed a little), and support was least popular. This means that all supports will get a 0 time queue (they already have, when going as supp/anything, I rarely wait longer than 10 seconds), the other roles will have longer and longer, and the most popular one (mid) will have a really long (easily above 20 minutes). Also, who would pick support as off-role if it would mean that you will basically almost always play it?
CJXander (EUNE)
: Reporting through support center won't do anything. I've done it many times without any result. The report system only wroks for heavy intentional feeding cases (0/70/0) and of course for flaming.
It does not even work for obvious heavy intentional feeding cases. Had Jinx who build {{item:3070}}, {{item:3070}}, {{item:3070}}, {{item:1082}}, {{item:1082}} and running it down mid and top (ended with 0/14, and still neither system nor player support did anything about it. To get banned for intentional feeding you need to be really unlucky. Or write about extreme cases on Reddit, somehow it works if you write it down there.
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