1von (EUNE)
: Once again. Unbanning permabanned accounts.
It already failed 2 or 3 times, why try again if it simply don't work? Just wasting resources on meaningless actions.
: Account suspended? After logging in after 4 years?
Another one using the term "freedom of speech" without having a slightest idea what it means.
: > People are unable to play the game for 2 months and we still haven't seen any official statement from people who are responsible for fixing it Could you point me to a post where a player has this issue and I'll investigate it. There definitely should not be a case where you're unable to play the game for that long. > (buy new PC, we will probably not fix it). While this is not advice I'd like to give, if you are running Windows XP or an unsupported operating system, this is unfortunately the advice that has to be given; if there are issues pertaining to the use of Windows XP or something like Linux, Riot is not in a position to aid with those.
Let's start from something more positive. Happy New Year A Red Herring! I wish you that the new year would be way better than the previous one! >Could you point me to a post where a player has this issue and I'll investigate it. There definitely should not be a case where you're unable to play the game for that long. It is the infamous [FPS drops issue](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/3bOuoitE-info-everything-about-the-current-fps-drop-issues-and-the-causes) followed by crashing (this one was temporary fixed, but came back with 9.24b patch - maybe it got fixed again, I haven't played the game for awhile). The problem is not that the bug exist. I understand that bugs are complicated to fix and it can take a time to do so (2 months is really not that long). The problem is, that we as players have no information and even a Support can't say anything when asking. If someone from the bug fixing team would post even a one message about the issue it would be great. Right now, it can look like a problem is ignored and Riot is waiting till complaining people will quit the game (not the best crisis communication strategy I would say). >While this is not advice I'd like to give, if you are running Windows XP or an unsupported operating system, this is unfortunately the advice that has to be given; if there are issues pertaining to the use of Windows XP or something like Linux, Riot is not in a position to aid with those. Wait, do you mean that my favourite Windows 3.1 is not good enough to play the game? How brutal! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: > I see rioters comment on irrelevant discussions.. never commenting on issues or updating us on bugs. I've mentioned a few times on the boards why I comment on balance discussions, but I'll reiterate it here: I work as a security engineer. That means I don't work in the team that fixes bugs and, honestly, I don't really know what bugs they are working on and so forth. If I had that level of visibility I'd definitely proactively update threads on bugs that have been fixed. In general, though, I only comment on threads about work when I have something to add. If I don't comment on a thread, it doesn't mean I personally (or other Rioters) haven't seen it - it's just that I have nothing to add to it (or don't want to put a spotlight on it - The red badge effect on a boards post is very real and leads to vastly increased visibility of that thread). There are also some threads that I personally disagree with that I won't comment on because I don't want to look like I'm going to war against the OP. Finally, there are some posts that are just players expressing frustration, where there is no real value in an "official" response from Riot. As it stands, Rioters don't tend to casually browse these boards looking for things to add to our bug backlog (although if we come across something, of course, we will raise it and do our best to keep you appraised of updates). This is why reporting bugs and issues on the boards is **a bad idea**. Any bugs should be reported either to: 1. Player support directly or 2. Using the in-game [report a bug feature](https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005466327-Report-a-Bug). These two ways are the best way to ensure that Rioters will see your bug. Whilst there is a tech issues board on these forums, my recommendation would be that you should send your technical issues to player support; the tech issues board here should not be relied on for an official response and is instead more of a community-support kind of deal. ---- Right now, I'm on Christmas break and am avoiding checking any work-related notifications. Keeping a separation between work and life is important to me. I play League a lot and love discussing it, which is why I talk about balance and improving gameplay here, and it's something I enjoy doing in my spare time. If an issue of security shows up, I will of course address it in detail as I am a subject matter expert in security and thus the best person to talk about it in a professional capacity. I appreciate that it can be frustrating to see lots of threads lit up on the boards by me and other Rioters not directly responding to issues and instead focusing on casual conversation with players... but in my mind, I've decided it's better to have that casual conversation than no engagement with the player-base on these boards at all.
Well, for me it is normal that you do not comment topics that are outside your expertise, but this doesn't change that Riot as company have a terrible policy of communicating with players over issues. People are unable to play the game for 2 months and we still haven't seen any official statement from people who are responsible for fixing it. Support does not help also, as they either do not provide answers, or some of them (seeing from post of others players) are causing even more harm (buy new PC, we will probably not fix it). Obviously none of them is your fault, but as you are probably the last Rioter still visiting boards, you are in the same position as a shop clerk. It is not your fault, but clients will still blame the one who talks to them.
Tmenov (EUW)
: Great community
Don't forget to blame them for gunshots in USA schools, global warming, and crucifixion of Jesus.
: Polish support said: "In recent days we have been getting more and more similar applications. The problem you are struggling with affects many players using dual-core processors. Unfortunately, I can't assure you that this will be fixed." Are they going to fix it? Any info?
>Unfortunately, I can't assure you that this will be fixed. I always laughed from the jokes about programmers not knowing why they application works correctly, but now I can see that there is some true there. It almost seems like the bugless game is a malfunction, and not the other way around.
Aneekee (EUW)
: Riot treating there player base like mindless blankChecks
How greedy people can get... By the way, you also go to Blizzard or Square-Enix boards, and complain why WoW or FF11 are not free? Or going to your local store and demand free things for visiting them?
: Riot might be aware and maybe they are working on it but Riot also never admits mistakes and they really hate being honest and transparent towards players, at least that's my impression. When you ask the support and the worker so much as hints at the possibility that it might be Riots fault, they probably get fired. Feel free to prove me wrong.
Well, they are "working" on fixes for two months already. How they deal with this problem is completely unprofessional.
: GG and EZ is toxic
How saying someone "good game" hurts anyone feelings?
: [INFO] Everything about the current FPS drop issues and the causes.
So it has been two (for some) or one month (for most of us) with those issues, and yet no official statement from Riot that they even acknowledge that this problem exist. All knowledge comes from people like DARKBOW923 doing a great work or individual tickets send to Support. It almost seem like Riot is okay with losing players, as long as it is not in China from where most of money comes.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Mine language is slavic. The first one with a cyrillic writing system. And it is offensive word. It is just as offensive as in russian. All I am saying is that it has nothing to do with PEDOPHILIA. Not that it is ok word to be used or anything like that...
Well, my first language is also one of the Slavic - Polish. And here the word "pederasty" have still kept the pedophilia meaning (sadly, more and more people starts using this as synonym of normal homosexuality,). >All I am saying is that it has nothing to do with PEDOPHILIA. I do not contest that it has nothing to do with pedophilia in Russia. **I believe you**. But it has in English and Polish, and he wrote it on the server where English is considered as one of the main languages.
: Intel Core 2 E2200 here, still getting more fps than OP. Usually around 30-60. Occasionally the game bugs out and fps goes lower but it's kinda random spaghetti code things, can be team fight or just me walking into a bush... xD
I had a stable 60-80 before one of the previous patches. Right now it drops crazy low occasionally.
Shamose (EUW)
: > its average with i3 and 4GB RAm what i3 is average? I'd say your system is at the low-end of low. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDNZX2nql2Y
If i3 is the low-end of low, then where is my Intel Core 2 E4400?
: No, the problem still appearing for people, also they basically maked worst the problem with the new patch :(
Sigh, I just found a fix to game crashing yesterday (windowed mode makes wonders), but after today patch the FPS drop is so severe, that it is even worse than game crashing. I learned how to play with FPS dropping randomly to 10-15 for a second or two, but today it is 1-4.
JustClone (EUNE)
: I just wanted to point out that there are millions of people who are not using the word in anything related to "pedophilia" or other sick stuff you said. And tolerating pedophilia has nothing to do with it. Without intending to insult your current nation, or any other nation in fact, I want to point out, that if you put the territory and the number of people together of russian and other slav countries that use it as synonyme of homosexual together... pretty much everything else looks like someone put some mud on the globe... And if it should not be taken as 100% guide line, for sure it cannot be ignored.
I do not negate the fact, that this word is not offensive in Russian, as my knowledge of it is bad. On the other hand, I'm rather convinced, that there are words that have not a negative connotation in Polish, Czech, Serbian or in any other of Slavic language, except of Russian. The cultural aspects of what you say, and where is also important. In the meantime the word does have the meaning, that I mentioned, in English and Polish. And English is one of the supported EUW languages (when in meantime, Russian is supported on Russian server). Therefore, using those words in the environment where it have a certain connotation, means that one does want it to be understood that way. If you are not sure what certain word means in another language, don't use it - it is a common knowledge. You don't go saying to others "vaffanculo" only because it could mean something else in Salish.
: Banned again
The only crying person here that I see, is you.
JustClone (EUNE)
: That is not true. In my country this word is used to address male homosexual person. REGARDLESS OF THE AGE. It is used as synonym for homosexual males... I also speak russian. In their language, you will see many words that come from "pederasty". Pidor, Pidasiun, Pidorka, Pidaraz, etc... It is used again, for people who are homosexual. You would pick one over another, depending on the degree that the person is demonstrating and behaving... but it has nothing to do with pedophilia.
This does not change the fact that in English (and from the another language that I know: Polish) it means exactly the act of homosexual relation between the old man and a child (or very young person, it is hard to call 13-years-old a child). What it means in another languages does not matter, as long as the person uses English (or Polish).
: could you send me the links for those informations? and is it only happening to people with 2 core processors?
Not only, the same problem was observed with better processors also, but it is the most common for us. The thread summarizing our knowledge is here: https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/3bOuoitE-info-everything-about-the-current-fps-drop-issues-and-the-causes There is also a link to post of Rioter (thought it is in Spanish) confirming the problem is with dual cores.
: wdym so this will be happeing for a whole month?
If your issue is due to 2 core processors, then probably yes. Riot first said that they hope to fix the problem with next patch, but today I saw unofficial information that it will not happen.
: Any solutions?
It has something to do with the the 2 core processors (at least for me). Don't expect any bug fix from Riot for at least a month (according to information in the FPS drop thread).
: This is the plan, but i've investigated a bit more and they will not fix it in 9.24 or 9.24b, basically they are currently investigating how to fix the issue, so we need to wait more.
So it will take them at least 2 months to fix the bug that makes game unplayable for some? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} This will make skills and strategy knowledge to deteriorate. Goodbye my 70% WR and chances to hit gold for the first time. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} Maybe Riot should hire some students? They will not fix the game faster, but at least they are cheaper.
xSameHada (EUW)
: So the only thing is wait for Riot to fix this... Hope they do something :c
We are waiting for a month already... It started with random FPS drops from time to time (you could have a good game, and then in the next one some fps drops), after the preseason patch FPS drops started happening every game, and since 4 days ago, the game started crashing every time for me (the best part, after the crash FPS drops are fixed). It seems that situation is getting worse, not better.
xSameHada (EUW)
: FPS Drop out of nothing
Maybe you will find this topic helpful: https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/3bOuoitE-info-everything-about-the-current-fps-drop-issues-and-the-causes
: Account suspended for 14 days (because of flaming) - Reason?
Are you joking or just run from the cave in deep Siberia? The word "pederasty." even though that it comes from ancient Greek, changed the meaning across the times. In the past it was used to describe the homosexual love between a much younger and older person. Today it is strictly used to describe homosexual pedophile interactions between two man. And pedophilia is nowhere tolerated. You called others pedophiles and suggested them to behave this way. This should be enough for 14 days ban. But, you also called them goyim. It is true that in Old Testament the word means "nation," but today it is to either distinct Jews and non-Jews, or even a version of n-word but towards everyone except of Jews. I'm 100% sure that you exactly knew what those words means and just wanted to flame your teammates.
: Bring Back Elo
>Now the account i was playing in had never been on a ranked game before whereas his had been gold in the previous season. I want to know if this is why i got placed at Bronze I and he got placed at Gold IV and we can't play together. Mostly yes. Your current rank is based on your previous one, and new accounts starts with silver MMR. Also duoing is probably screwing your MMR (what is good, I hate people duoing in SoloQ), so it could be the reason why you ended in high bronze.
: Technical questions regarding bans
>So my humble question is, is there a way this ban get unveiled despite what the support told me two times in a row? Well, as long as Riot will not change their policy towards bans, there is no possibility of getting it back. Obviously situation can always change, we never know what future will bring us. >I lent this account to a friend, and then while under his use i got this account suspended, for a reason i still, to this day, not know. The same fact of lending someone your account is enough for getting a permanent ban. Other reasons do not need to exist. >I went to law school and we learn there that punishment should be proportional to the crime commited. You also probably learned a maxim "dura lex, sed lex." [Edit] I have not notice the ending. My bad. >in case no rioters would respond to this thread The last time when Rioters were active on Boards (except of the time of 10 years event) was when Eambo was still with us.
: What would you prefer [toxicity is a fake problem, nobody looks for real ones]
Toxic behaviour lose the games the same way as trolling or intentionally feeding. A real case: My team had a rough start of the game. Every lane was either heavily losing or was equal with the enemy. At one point our ADC started flaming support, and later he started flaming all of us. You can say "but you can mute." Yea, I did it (and few more probably too), but there was a different problem. We started coming back. Every single person (except of ADC) put tremendous effort to win the game. Everything came to the last concluding fight in baron pit. We almost won that fight. Almost. We lost because our ADC was standing in the mid lane writing how bad each of us is. Flamer created a 4 vs 5 game, the same as troll or intentional feeder does. Yea, he did not do exactly the same thing, but the final effect was same. In the meantime, the bad player would be there with us and maybe do that 100 dmg that was enough to wipe their carry? Or maybe he would get a lucky penta winning us a game? Having a bad player that is sincerely trying to win a game, gives better chances in winning than having a flamer, who spends more time writing than playing.
Nightless (EUW)
: FPS Drops
Check this topic: https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/3bOuoitE-info-everything-about-the-current-fps-drop-issues-and-the-causes
: ive had a 14 day ban before ye and the time between was littlerly 1 day or 1 game the game that got me banned was the first after i got banned
Well, you clearly failed to reform. And failed really fast. There was not even enough time to make system think that you have reformed. Of course, if you think it was not deserved restriction, you should send a [support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en). But if the support will decide that it was in fact deserved, your account is gone permanently.
: Permabanned i didnt deserve
Have you had a 14 days ban previously? If yes, then when and were you active during the time between 14-days ban and permanent one?
: >18 years hehehe. >Initial release date: October 27, 2009
He meant that he is playing since he was 18, and now he is 28. Yea, it was written in the wrong way, but still understandable.
: So actually thats what they do? They stop providing service and nothing u can do? I bet lot of people doesnt know this. My last ticket number is #43894855
I mean, it is not only Riot that works this way. MMMORPGs, MOBAs, Steam, all of them works this way. Even if you need to pay for something (like playing WoW or playing games on Steam), it is still only service, and you do not own anything. It is similar to how cinemas works. When you buy this access cards, you have paid for service called "watching a certain movies," but when the service ends (or for example you break the rules and your card is terminated) everything is gone. We can of course discuss, if it is a correct patch for game companies, but this is a different topic.
: Why would I give you any of ticket numbers? Do you work for riot? It does have sense from a buisness perspective. Cause community is full of kids, who doesnt even earn money, but take from their parents, so...I didnt change anything, I didnt get ban, and I have no idea what are outdated credentials. One day I was playing, day after I couldnt even log in cause there was no account. Also I remember I bought skins, if my memory is good, I press "buy", not "rent".
He is a board volunteer and have a more direct and easier access to Rioters than normal players. Also, according to ToU, you do not own your account. It is a service that Riot provides and in any moment they can stop providing the service.
Chridenk (EUNE)
: So did they fix it today with 53.8mb patch? Or they gonna solve problem in 9.24? If yes when they gonna release it, I dont understand why RIOT not in a hurry with fixing such a huge problem.
I guess that they are probably in hurry (no one wants to lose costumers), just their communication strategy is terrible. Therefore, it seems as they are doing nothing.
: Alright Neck beards .. keep wasting Thousands of Hours in something that eventually will %%%% youoff
I can't play so lets try and answer this... thing. Because it is written in so horrendous way, that it is hard to be called a message. >company that Riggs their ranked system Proof? Oh wait, I forgot, it is the same as everyone else: I can't climb because Riot is holding me back, not because I'm worse than I think. >Imagine spending years of your Life in a Toxic You mean school? Work? Society? Because LoL community is exactly as toxic as your common society. The only way to not know this, is to live like a hikikomori (or deep in Antarctica). >where Everyone Moans and yells '' REPORT (x)'' And here I have plenty of games that are enjoyable. Maybe because you reap what you sow? >After they spend 40 Minutes trapped in a game only to Lose it . I do not consider being trapped in game. Also losing is nothing bad, you can use it in positive way to improve your skills and knowledge. Whats more, if one team wins, another needs to lose. The "loser rewards" (which are getting popular in education in Europe) are stupid, in my opinion. >A vile company whit Billions of Dollars And a game that is slowly But surely filling up whit Symbolism Everything happens inside culture, people can't live outside it, as it is a natural part of society creation. Therefore many things have a symbolic meaning. Whats more, language and math are also symbolic. It would be weird if game would be free from it. >to a new age of Satanism And subtle luciferianism . Seeing how terrible is the current world with current religious systems, maybe Satanism is not a wrong answer to make things better? >to do Bigger / better / more rewarding things So easy to say, but good luck with doing that. No idea what quitting game have to do with that, but good luck. >dreaming of becoming ''Challenger'' Nah, why would I dream about being Challenger? Obviously, if I would become one, I would not complain, but my life priorities are different. >you are really not that %%%%ing Special What is even a meaning of being special? Was Einstein, Hawkins or Nietzsche special? Or did they just happened to be born in the good times? Is life deterministic, chaotic or random? >and the Chance of you Becoming the Next ''Faker or Bjergsen '' is about 5 % . The chances are 0%. You can't be someone else, you can only be yourself. Also, the target of future generation is to surpass the previous ones, not the be like them. >RIOT will eventually move on to make another game and league is going to Die . In around 4 billions year Earth will die. Why would anyone even care what will happen in non-determined future? League of Legends will cease to exist? And? The hole will be filled by different companies and different games, but the fun that I had here will not disappear. >While all of you say BYE to your hardstuck DIAMOND 3 accounts . Wait, when did I get to Diamond 3? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} >Grow the %%%% up and stop wasting your time like i did . I will tell you an amazing secret. You can play any game and not waste your life! You can still do plenty of meaningful things in your life, and play League of Legends. If you wasted your life, it was only your fault and your decision. Don't blame other things for that. >Blatant maisonic Symbolism and i know where its all going Yes, yes. You have forgotten your tinfoil hat. Put it on or Riot will manipulate your thoughts! >and NO this is not a troll . i am 100% %%%%ing serious . So the situation is even worse than I though. Are you sure you don't need some professional help? Never be ashamed asking for help, people can't deal with everything alone. Again, a gigantic post. Was fun writing it. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Asked Riot if there is any progress in fixing the issue. For now the only answer I received were the sad pepe (frog) and freak smelling a book gifs. Maybe second time will be more successful. Also Dear Rioter, you are creepy. Seriously.
Riot answer (not optimistic one sadly). >In regards with the dual core situation, we're still working on a fix. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any estimate for the completion date at this time and as you may know, in order to avoid confusion, we try to only announce these dates when we are sure we can meet the arrival schedule.
: Ok now I just want to know what on earth Nibiru is...
The 10th planet of the solar system with a really long orbital period, civilized by aliens that will bring doom/change to Earth. Don't ask how I know that.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Did Riot say anything about fixing the low FPS?
Asked Riot if there is any progress in fixing the issue. For now the only answer I received were the sad pepe (frog) and freak smelling a book gifs. Maybe second time will be more successful. Also Dear Rioter, you are creepy. Seriously.
492810 (EUW)
: I want to play ARAM only with the champions that i enjoy playing
The final effect would be the same as in case of URF. Players begged crying to give normal URF not ARURF, as they want to play champions that they like. Two days later the same players cried that there are meta picks, enemies building tank, and they can't enjoy their champions because they are not considered a meta in this game mode. The same thing would happen to ARAM (well, it would be AM then though).
: > [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=aT6Y3RGp,comment-id=00020000000000000000000000010001000000000001,timestamp=2019-12-03T19:37:50.491+0000) > > Well, you're lying. > > And I think everyone's seen more than enough to come to that conclusion by now. Except I am not. Just because you call me a liar it doesn't mean I am lying. Who would know the truth, me the person whom posted it? Or you, a RWK?
If I remember correct, Torpedosheep (and other senior emissaries) can see the content of your deleted message, so...
: > [{quoted}](name=Silent Note,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=knGmFGUx,comment-id=000000000001000000010000,timestamp=2019-12-02T16:39:30.907+0000) > > Isn't Crysis 3 the game with the best graphics for PC? I have never played it (didn't catch my interest at all), but heard a lot about how beautiful the graphics are, and it still only needs 2 cores. > I'd like to emphasize "for PC", because I know there are better looking games for consoles. Nowadays quad cores are bare minimum and can cause problems in games. It is time to upgrade from a dual core. A good deal for a new motherboard and cpu would be a ryzen 5 2600 and a B450 motherboard. Should be around 200 euros
Almost half of my payoff. {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Well, maybe it is time to look for other mobas.
Rioter Comments
: Thanx for your reply. So, I was thinking while reading all these, that I hadn't thought of it like this. I am not really familiar with the RTS genre. I had to look it up to get an idea. The thing is, I am not sure about what you mean by strategy in League of Legends. I assume it's a specific plan you have about how you plan to win the next game. Like, it could be 'Split Push', 'Roam as an AD assassin and get enough kills to carry', 'Super farm with a hyper carry and kill everyone in team fights'... (?) So, if I understood correctly, should I consider playing a champion that has the potential to execute his plan and carry by himself, one way or another? Like {{champion:23}} or {{champion:92}} or {{champion:114}} and stuff like that? I currently wanted to learn to play {{champion:43}} for some reason, but while I can try to do the typical things a support does (ward the dragon, maybe help the jungler when taking crab, keep the ADC safe) there is really not a greater plan, I just go with the flow. I always used to play either ADC or support, so what I am doing is pretty standard. With the exception that I have sometimes played tank top (like Poppy), mostly as a second support. Of course, I am not saying that just picking {{champion:39}} would be enough to explode the winrate. There's a lot of work needed to be done, but I just want to know if this kind of effort would be wasted on someone like {{champion:57}} I enjoy playing the game, and I would like to learn a bit {{champion:43}} , but after all these, I am not sure if I play at the expense of Ranked progress. Sometimes I think this doesn't really matter, sometimes I see people hard carrying their probably less-experienced friends, and I daydream about it. I have a Plat friend who told me that if I don't plan to get much better, I should have probably already quit it anyway. And I kind of see the point there. I am genuinely satisfied when I manage to play decent whatever I like to play at the moment, but on the other hand, when I have to admit I am pretty shit every time someone asks me about the game, kind of takes the fun out of it (BibleThump)
A Mr. or Ms. LiegeWaffles gave a good example about strategy. But I want to go to the problem from a little different point of view. But first things first, learning how to play {{champion:43}} or {{champion:57}} is not meaningless. Even if you would not be able to use them currently because of meta, you can achieve a knowledge of different aspects of game, that you had no idea that they ever exist. Okay, lets go back to the topic. Strategy should be described as a set of paradigms that player uses to choose between the available actionable options. Those paradigms are set for the first time, when you turn a client on. From the game perspective it would be: 1. As who am I going to queue? (most of time, there are no problems here) 2. Who should I play? (am I an OTP? should I pick a counter to enemy champion? should I pick for a team synergy?) 3. What are the win conditions? (should I roam? split push? team fight?) 4. What are the loss conditions? (lately I have 2 games when one of the players started inting, simple because him inting was not a lose condition) 5. How should I manage resources? (what item build should I follow? when to recall? should I be more cs or kill oriented to gain resources?) Those are the general paradigms that you decides before the game starts. Everyone does that (it is natural for every intelligent being), just not intentionally. After you set yourself a strategy, you proceed to operational plan. It is a set of actions, that lead to positive conclusion of chosen strategy. In short, plan is how you realize your strategy, i.e. @2. you decides to pick a champion for a team synergy, then who will be the best? You creates a list of few champions (depends on your knowledge), what makes a base for a single decision. And at the lowest level are single decisions. For example, what champion you are going to pick from the pool that you prepared in your head? During the game, you ask yourself "should I recall now?" or "should I buy this or this item?". How you can do all the 3 things shows how good a player you are. If you have no knowledge about game, you will play {{champion:92}} supp and take your ADC cs and kills, because your win condition is "I need items to kill, I kill I win." Or you decides that the loss condition is "I died." Therefore in every team fight you are playing defensively, making it 4 vs 5 for your own team. On the operational plan on of the common mistakes is, when people pick a build without understating it. For example, {{champion:23}} who builds lethal tempo against {{champion:24}} because you saw on some guide that lethal tempo {{champion:23}} is op. The problem is, that he have no idea what lethal tempo does, what his items do, he is just blindly copying someone. Therefore, he fails in transition from prepared strategy to individual decisions. On the level of single decisions, things get more complicated. Some mistakes are reaction time dependent, and not always you can do anything about it. Your age, health condition, occupation, it all can force you to make mistakes. At this situation others often said that you've got outplayed. The mistake can be also because you have weaker PC or higher ping. But lets skip those mistakes, as they are too complicated to analyze without proper tools. Some of the individual mistakes are based on ones reluctance to adapt. See two of my games {[Game 1](https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/2324063703/212140046?tab=overview) and [Game 2](https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/2324899314/212140046?tab=overview)}. In the first game, even if I was pocked and harassed during the early laning phase. I did not care at all. My early game plan was to hit level 6, teleport bot, give an ADC a kill and secure drake. Repeat until laning phase will end. The enemy could not cope to that, so it was an easy win. On the second game, my strategy was the same. But at minute 3 I noticed that enemy jungler is invading our red buff. So I went to stop him, asking and pinging my jungler to help. However, he have chosen to clear his bot jungle, and I wasted time, haven't stop the red taking and was forced to recall. When I came back to lane, enemy was level 4 and I was level 1. Good player at this point adapt his operational plan and set himself a new set of 'goals'. Bad player, tries to do the same thing as normal. It is easy to guess which kind of player I am just by looking at outcome. I hope I answered what makes people good or bad in game (well, it also works in other places). Last but not least. > I have a Plat friend who told me that if I don't plan to get much better, I should have probably already quit it anyway Depends on what you want to achieve. Are you playing to have fun or to go pro and earn money and titles? If the first one, just do what makes you happy. If second, you should consider which games are the best for the type of personality that you are (also take into account your PC, health, lifestyle, etc.). It became a really long post, so I will stop here. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} ######Are Waffles male or female? it is important. It would completely change my mind when eating them.
: Oh for the love of god, take a class in statistics...
There are small lies, big lies and statistics. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} ######If used incorrectly.
ventikSVK (EUNE)
: 0,006% of player got perma banned
It could also mean 0.006% of all created accounts and not active players recently. This would mean 0.006% of way more than 10,000,000. But yea, this does not look convincing. 6‰ would be somehow believable, maybe they just screwed their math conversion?
: 1) you have received in the past 10-chat restriction, 25-chat restriction and 14-days temporary ban for toxic behaviour - Correct. 2) you do not chat at all - Also correct. 3) one can also assume that you have not written a ticket to Riot about your punishment. - Wrong. Please don't assume. It makes an ass of u and me. (inb4Igetbannedforthatjoke) 4) you have no reform card in the client - Again, correct. How do you know what kind of restriction you have received - I played a game and had a CR (1st time) so is 10 games. Then I get through those and get another CR. (25 games). Now account is suspended. (14 days). Doesn't take a genius to work it out. and for what reason? - Did I ever give a reason? If everything what you have said is true - It is. then you contradict yourself in your own statements - No I don't. please provide us a screenshot of your reform card - Can't provide a screenshot of something that doesn't exist. Try again though.
>I played a game and had a CR (1st time) so is 10 games. Then I get through those and get another CR. (25 games). Now account is suspended. (14 days). Doesn't take a genius to work it out. The 14-days suspension could be for intentionally feeding and not toxic chat behaviour (well, you have 0/9/0 Mundo or 0/8/0 Naut games recently). But you are right, it is better to believe in fairy tales than search for a proof. But, aren't you too old for fairy tales? The more answers of yours I see, the more certain I am, that the penalty was deserved and you know this. But for your own amusement you are trying to start a board witch hunt based on a fairy tale written by you.
: what's to stop him from editing out the chatlog tho?
We can't, but unless he is a skilled person, someone will find a hole in his editing proving him wrong.
: How can I take a screenshot of something that doesn't exist? Try again please.
Before proceeding, lets get a things straight, so you will not say that I' changing something. According to information provided by you: 1) you have received in the past 10-chat restriction, 25-chat restriction and 14-days temporary ban for toxic behaviour >-Get CR. Repeat for a 25 game CR. Repeat for a 14 day ban. 2) you do not chat at all >I don't speak in games 3) one can also assume that you have not written a ticket to Riot about your punishment >And they will do what? Create a fake reform card? I don't speak in games. So yano... 4) you have no reform card in the client >How can I take a screenshot of something that doesn't exist? Then lets get to our main question. How do you know what kind of restriction you have received and for what reason? Reform card also informs about the type of penalty (chat restriction, temporary ban, permanent ban), the reason for that and provides a proof of it. If everything what you have said is true, then you contradict yourself in your own statements. Either some parts of them are untrue (but this also makes your whole story untrue) or you are not telling us something just to create a witch hunt towards Riot. In any case, you do not seem a trustworthy person at all. So I will ask once more, please provide us a screenshot of your reform card or any other place from which you have learned that you got penalty for toxic behaviour.
: Except they wont? They just tell you to look at your reform card, which I don't have, because I don't speak in games. Coz /muteall is OPOPOP
Somehow, you are really afraid of writing to Riot. Seems like you exactly know why you got banned but for some reason trying to blame everything on Riot. So lets make this more interesting. Please make a print screen of your reform card and put it on this topic. There will at least be some kind of proof that you got 14-days temporary ban for toxic behaviour with nothing in chat logs. Or are you too afraid to do that?
: And they will do what? Create a fake reform card? I don't speak in games. So yano...
They will provide the reason for restriction with precise information what led to that.
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