: Pls Riot Help.
You mean you can't send a support ticket via [Support Page](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en)? Did I understood you correctly? If yes, then to submit a ticket (wonder if Riot will ever fix this bug) you need: 1) log off from boards 2) close and reopen your browser (optional, still sometimes necessary) 3) go straight to support page 4) log in from the support page
: Dude, she is literally 1 shotting people with her Q. There is even an LCS clip where she one shots a kennen and even the casters can't believe their eyes, and they should go in between for Mundo, just dumb his ult down a little bit, cause right now all he needs is Spirit visage and thornmail and hes basically unkillable, and with yi, I dont think being able to kill lane minions was the biggest problem with Yi, its 100% the fact that he can oneshot people with rageblade.
About {{champion:142}} I agree with Mr. A Snarky Cyclone, so I will not add more. For {{champion:36}}: there is armor penetration, magic penetration, grievous wound, true damage, CC, scorch. You can lower his tremendous health regen with many different ways. He is tank so he need to have a survivalibity, taking it down will make him useless again. So Riot approach is: he is tank, with great health regen, that's why his damage shouldn't be high. And this update is going to change that. As I was saying above about {{champion:11}} it is to counter the boosting strategy. The problem with strategy was, that Yi damage to minions was so high, that good Yi's were able to keep with farm both in the lane and in their own jungle. Riot is trying to change it by making them unable to farm lanes so effectively. Will this work? We will see. If not, the next step will be probably item nerf or champion nerf. But overnerfing someone is also not the best idea to do.
: Anyone seen the potential 8.13 Patch Notes?
{{champion:36}} When last time they nerfed his regen, he became useless. It is the most important part of his skills. As they can't nerf it (to not make him useless him again), they are trying to balance him by nerfing his other skills. {{champion:11}} It is done to prevent the boosting method. This is the only reason. {{champion:142}} Her Q is not strong as it was in the patch. There is no need to nerf damage from it. If something, her cooldowns on Q and R should be longer, so she will not be able to spam her skills.
: I've never actually trolled and when I said I was going to troll that game I was joking, and was really fed. Even the word 'cy@' are from a popular streamer called Nightblue (if this doesn't confirm I wasn't actually trolling , I don't know what does). I've legit never trolled on this account and all the 'bad language' wasn't in any way offensive. This is my smurf , I couldn't care less if I win or lose. I've probably been reported for feeding, which we have all done at some point. The worst thing I've probably said on this account is "I haven't had a winning bot lane today". Riot seriously needs to check the context of the messages instead of interpreting it wrong. Edit : Also I can't exactly send a ticket to them , since I can't even log into my account on technical support...
Is that all the chat log? There was no pre-game, post-game, game 2 or game 3? To submit a ticket (wonder if Riot will ever fix this bug) you need: 1) log off from boards 2) close and reopen your browser (optional, still sometimes necessary) 3) go straight to support page 4) log in from the support page
: Submit a request doesn't work?
To submit a ticket (wonder if Riot will ever fix this bug) you need: 1) log off from boards 2) close and reopen your browser (optional, still sometimes necessary) 3) go straight to support page 4) log in from the support page Hope it was helpful.
: Dodge queue ban
Maybe try sending a support ticket. If the problem is on your side or your ISP side, they can try to help you.
: ***
When you will grown up one day, maybe you will learn how to act as a decent person. Until then, let's see when you will receive your first permanent ban.
: ***
Seeing your post and how you can't speak with others without offending them, I think that 14-days ban is unjustified. Why don't you have a permanent one yet? Do you know why we consider it as inappropriate? Because after getting to some age, you don't want to associate with people who act like people in elementary school.
: Worse meta throughout the entire league history
So the meta where ADC (depending on patch it was Xayah, Twitch, Tristana) were so broken that were deciding the game (bot lane was more important than all other lanes together) was healthy? There is nothing wrong with Mordekaiser or Vladimir playing bot, as in the past ADC played in other lanes and dominated them too (Vayne top, Twitch jungle, Kai'Sa mid). The current meta is way more healthier (still some adjustments needs to be done, some junglers and ADC got hurt way too strong and need to be buffed) than it was before, as bot lane is not anymore ruled by 3-4 hyper carries.
6AuGis9 (EUNE)
: i didn't sayd G or Les im not even homophob
>6AuGis9: say bye to ur accaunt Ironic. >6AuGis9: %%%%%% I guess it is a word starting with f and ending with t, and it is a homophobic slur. Therefore you got 14-days banned. > i sayd even k** but i didnt get 14 days banned Sad, you should, but system sometimes makes mistakes after all.
Kinshira (EUNE)
: he never said there are other messages that i was offensive lol. Do you understand greek? Or did you just translate it on google translate.
But you were toxic. I gave you one of the definition of the word "douche". Why are you still in denial?
MadEclair (EUNE)
: No, I don't know what he said. I secpulate that you either misinterpreted him or he's just wrong. System doesn't just trigger based on few of your sentence in chat logs, it evaluates the whole thing. Calling somebody a douche once and asking twice for reports wouldn't trigger suspension even if your account was already banned for two weeks. You had to display other negative behaviour, even if it was just few of snarky comments towards your teammate's KDA. Show us the entirety of your chat logs then we'll have better understanding of your case.
> [{quoted}](name=MadEclair,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=QKfbOOcn,comment-id=00010000000000000000000300000000,timestamp=2018-06-20T10:39:08.273+0000) Calling somebody a douche once and asking twice for reports wouldn't trigger suspension even if your account was already banned for two weeks. You had to display other negative behaviour, even if it was just few of snarky comments towards your teammate's KDA. It would, even one word trigger the system, but it doesn't mean that system punish player for every word he says. For example: if Player X called Player Y an idiot (and no other words were used), system will note that he broke the rules, and then check Player history. If player history is clean, system only "save" that he once been toxic, and move on. But if he finds that in the past player was indeed toxic, even this one word could trigger punishment. It is just a last drop that made the drink spill.
Kinshira (EUNE)
: You are the one that likes making examples from real life. Let me do one as well, want to see your response to this. Guy "A" is in the street, he gets attacked by someone, so he runs and asks for help while running, saying he is trying to kill/rob him or whatever. A person comes to help, but "A" keeps shouting help, so more people come. Then finally comes a police officer.. what you are telling me is that now the police officer has to move both the criminal and "A" to jail, because "A" asked for help, after getting help.
I already proved that you flamed, so why not just admitting. Also, no one defends the second offender, we don't even discuss about his case as he didn't come to boards to speak about his case. You are counted for your actions, not for the actions that someone else did. We are not in kindergarten anymore, the argument 'he started' is not valid anymore.
MegaNoobbb (EUNE)
: Who do you hate more ?
Have you ever heard a story of a Dark {{champion:223}} ?
Kinshira (EUNE)
: but this is what THEY did find offensive, you trust them on the 15% thing and you dont trust them on what THEY find offensive? They did say that this was literally the reason i got banned..
I will write what I wrote on your last topic: >Douche: The second stage of being a %%%% between asshole and jerk (Urban Dictionary). I think that this is in fact a toxic behaviour. Also nice, only 10 sentences and not even one of them was positive. After having a 14-days ban previously, this is enough to get banned. Why are you surprised? They stated that 14-days ban is your last chance.
: Normal games are amde to try new stuff i dont do it on ranked bcs its stupid to ruin a ranked game which far mnore competetive than a normal one i played fool movement speed teemo and even if inted its a single game i have never received warnings or anythig and a guy down there for some reason thought that its mention to not feed in the terms of preivacy xd well its not obvioulsy i didnt read them but he didnt read the title seems like
First penalty for intentionally feeding is 14-days ban, as it is way more severe rules breaking than flaming. And there is no difference between intentionally feeding in ranked or not. It is unwelcome everywhere.
: Singed is too op.
If nothing will change, he will be nerfed next patch.
: Because the full context is irrelevant. You either broke the rules or you didnt. We need to see _**your**_ logs to see if _**you**_ broke the rules or not. You get these when you receive a ban.
>Douche: The second stage of being a %%%% between asshole and jerk (Urban Dictionary). I think that this is in fact a toxic behaviour. Also nice, only 10 sentences and not even one of them was positive.
: You have no idea about the current meta if you say that marksmen still are the dominant picks
Check LCS, Ezreal, Ashe, Lucian and Kai'Sa are still the main picks. Of course there are also things like Mordekaiser (but... does anyone remember that Riot long time ago wanted Mordekaiser to be a bot lane champion?) or Vladimir, but in almost all the games that I watched (EU, LCK, NA), teams without ADC struggled or lost. So how can one says that ADC are not in meta anymore? The fact that champions like {{champion:29}} can't kill tank with 3 AA's doesn't mean that the role become irrelevant. It is just that previously ADC were too strong and they needed a nerd.
WøOxer (EUW)
: Lol ofc but when I am behind in level way too far against mid and top, how I even supposed to trade them? I barely can keep up same level with bot lane.
For this reason is the point 2. Lower spawn times of jungle camps will allow junglers to keep in touch with other laners just by farming in jungles, without being forced for early ganks and tax on lanes.
WøOxer (EUW)
: Yes they are viable, but they aren't effective picks, people want to win not to loose, and these changes made complete chaos. I don't really care much about ADC changes, I just want to get reverted jungle XP changes which already fed me off.
As a jungler I'm rather happy with lowering the jungle XP. It was not healthy for a game at all. It should never be a think that jungler can easily gets 2 levels ahead of the laner. The game was basically: buff -> buff -> camp -> gank -> repeat. But I'm also not content with how the changes went. What I would like to see is: 1) reverting the scuttle, it is stupid how overpowered he is, bring the old scuttles back, 2) lowering a spawn time of jungle camps, this way with lowered xp per camp and faster spawn rate, junglers will have two different ways of playing: either early ganker (like now in the past) or farm effectively and be more useful in the team fights. Current meta is not healthy at all, as the only change was going from level 3 powerspike junglers, to level 2 powerspike junglers.
: So "Dear". You think the problem is only the rank? If u notice i gave an example with the rank. "After the chances u climb faster" no man if u not deserve it u not climb im sure u know it, is not the same to go a rank by burn your self up to a pc and go my know how to climb. 4 divs are different and y think ull go faster? They add 2 more so. In case that you are Bronze to climb to diamont u have 4 to silver+ 4 to new one + 4 to gold + 4 to plat + 4 to new one (my maths said that you remove some to add some other called div) nothing changes. Just some new colors.... Btw i dont blame i like to listen opinions and what players think, just the way of "dear" is too ironic to have a healthy conversation with someone. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
They add more divisions to make the game more fair. According to what Riot said, the difference in skill between players in two divisions: bronze and diamond is so high, that this makes unfair matchmaking. By adding two more divisions, they plan to make it more fair. It should therefore make climbing easier, as in the lowest division you will find more often players around your skill, not people far weaker.
WøOxer (EUW)
: Lol variety of picks, I face same champions in every game. Good joke. Majority of the champions are currently dead because they are overnerfed or doesn't fit current state of the game.
All of the previous strong ADC are still available to play in the current meta. The fact that they can't kill full tank with three AA doesn't mean that they are useless. Look at the LCS, most of the teams that did not pick ADC lost to the teams that picked one.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Freedom of Speech is not the same as freedom to insult. Freedom of Speech means that the government can't arrest you for what you say, but doesn't mean a private company has to host you while you do so. Riot's penalty systems are based on what the majority of the community finds unacceptable. And it just so happens that the majority doesn't want toxicity.
Neither what you are speaking or what SikumKxx speaks is freedom of speech. Government can arrest you for what you say. If you say "gas the Jews" they will arrest you, if you will attack verbally minorities they will arrest you. If you think about not being penalized for a government criticize, it is more an immunity introduced by democracy system, than the freedom of speech. But it also have his limits. Freedom of speech means, that as long as your behaviour does not invade someone else freedoms (freedom from being insulted, etc.), the words that you says can't be penalized (still, this doesn't mean that a private person need to listen to them, there is also a freedom for listening others bullshit). If you invade someone else field of freedom country needs to intervene. Therefore, a private company banning you for calling others idiots is not limiting your freedom of speech, but it is you who are violating others freedom (freedom of speech is not the absolute). What more, if you would say to someone in game that you will find him and kill him, a country officials should intervene.
: @ RIOT games. Do you want to make this game less toxic ?
Autofill is here to make a queue times lower. In some elos it could be even up to 30 minutes just waiting for the lobby. Even in the lower elos you will need to wait 15-20 minutes if you play more popular roles just to get to the lobby. Remember that getting into lobby does not mean that you will play the game. Someone could dodge, other person could be AFK and you would be forced to remake. This way if you have a bad luck you could wait up to 40 minutes just to start one game (and in higher elos it would be even worse). Then there are only few possible options: 1) autofill like we have now, 2) pick order, therefore any time you will not be first, there is a huge possibility that you will not play your wanted role, 3) call order, something like in blind, and everyone know how toxic blind pick is. Therefore autofill is the best possibly solution to give you both your main role as often as possible and to keep queue times low.
Inverta (EUW)
: Game ERASED. No LP gained. No match history of it.
Send a support ticket. Looks like some kind of server bug.
: Why did u do this again like wtf
You could provide us chat logs, so we will be able to check if you really was not toxic. If you want to someone to manually check your pnelaty, send a support ticket.
xTek (EUNE)
: ***
> left wing SJW >destroy the free speech Again the person who use the words that he does not understand. Riot maybe make a test about understanding the basic terms (like: free speech, left wing, defending yourself) and permanently ban people who fail it?
: Well you should have read the whole text, they are intentionally trolling. They run it down disco nunu and they go afk. Why should I waste my time when someone is trolling?
So you do the same as them? What is the difference between you two then?
Shukr4n (EUW)
: "no matter the quality of the argument" is the main point of the thread...i suppose
There is one big problem with the "quality of argument" if we don't speak about things that can be proved by experiment. In **most **of cases talks about game balance or champion balance are not based on statements that were scientifically verified, but on opinions of the one or few person. What counterargument you can use when someone is saying, that, for example, {{champion:32}} is too strong and need to be nerfed. Statements of people using this arguments are based on their experiences, that are not in every case correct. Let's give few examples of different approaches to the subject. 1) The player XY met the mummy monster in few of his games. He lost every time. Now he comes to boards and make a long post why this champion is cancerous and should be nerfed. Does this really mean that the champion is cancerous? Maybe it was enemies that were simply better than player, and would win against him with every champion. Or maybe he just have no idea how to deal with a champion skill set? There are many possible answers and only **one** of them is that the champion is too powerful. But in the case of others, how can you make a "quality of the argument" (let's skip the part, what this statement even means) to discuss with the statement that is based on personal experience? Just by giving your own personal experience. Some people can write it in one thousand words, other in one short sentence. But quality of all of the arguments (from player XY and his opponents) are the same. 2) The player YX play as the mentioned monster. But he always lose the games, and can't do anything against enemies. He then comes to the boards and say that {{champion:32}} is too weak and need to be powered up. But if it is really a true? In fact we can ask the same question as in the case one. Maybe it is in fact not the fault of weakness of champion, but problems lie somewhere else? Now think that player XY meets a player YX. What arguments both of them can use? In **most** of cases, their opinion about given champion is based on personal experiences, not a real analysis. In this case, does the arguments have any quality (again, what this word really means? it is not that obvious)? 3) We already have a complicated situation, but lets add one more fun part (we all like a fun, right? and as a "fun" I understand siting quietly in the room filled with people you dislike). This time we have a player YY. His main champion is {{champion:35}} and every time he plays against {{champion:32}} , he wins. Why does he wins? Is it because Amumu is weak? Or maybe there are a different reasons? Lets skip all the long part where I should copy - paste point 1, because let's be honest, not even one person got to this point. Now think about discussion between XY, YX, and YY. All of them will be **most of times** based on their individual experiences. Therefore the difference in quality of arguments between 5 words long sentence and 1000 words long is not existing. The difference only proves who can better put their feelings on the words, not whose argument has a better quality. The same can be also said when we discuss game changes, item changes and everything else. Unless we will be able to prove the statement by a falsification, there is no difference between one word and ten words.
Vallalima (EUW)
: Why did I get banned ? I did nothing wrong
You should put jokes in the "Games, Contests & Jokes" not in "Player Behaviour".
: well they said im from 1.6 % top toxic players i guess i deserve it :/
If you're playing now on other account and you have a positive behaviour you should say that you WAS not that you are. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} It is something like coming out from bronze V to the real life. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: unban emotional
If your ban was deserved, there is no chance for getting unbanned.
: Release urf
URF was already twice (?) this year. Yet they don't even try to bring back Dominion as a rotating game mode. We want Dominion not URF!
Rumkatten (EUW)
: Dear Riot, why?
>We suddenly have to be able to handle every champion in every lane, and if we can't we get flamed into next week. You're not. You still can play the same champions (unless he was nerfed hard, but this happened always) as before. Nothing changed. Just in the current meta more champions can be used in some lanes than before, that's all.
: Used Dao Pay... No money or RP
Send a support ticket: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en they deal with all money problems.
: What is Bronze like?
They are not. They picked the most stupid plays for our enjoyments. Even in bronze V (was there, seen that) things like this happen rarely. There is almost no difference between bronze and silver. The main difference is just knowing a champion that you play. Most of the bronze players have no idea about their champions, in silver, they at least played them already a dozen of times.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hydnoras,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OB1GpV2p,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-14T03:20:56.742+0000) > > You can play completely like before. People who play bruisers bot are being idiots right now and they get stomped by lane bully adcs like lucian. You just have to play mids that fit the meta instead of playing like before. It's called adapting. I really hate being a meta slave, only playing a few midlaners i dont play? like really... My main is support though, peeling supports to be exact
But exactly right now we are so far away from what we considered meta, than ever before. You can play bruiser bot, adc bot, mage mid, assasins mid, support mid. If you are not a meta slave, then this is exactly a moment when meta is the weakest from... like ever? So many things work in many lanes.
: How to get your groove back in 5 easy steps: 1. Pick Ornn 2. Stomp everyone in lane 3. Group as 5 4. Press R 5. Win {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Never though of playing Ornn. It could be fun. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Who is Mayuyu?
Ex AKB48 member. A Japanese Idol group.
: Seems that you hit your current skill-cap. Worry not, there's hope. Try watching back your replays, look at where you made mistakes, and correct them in future games, that way you'll improve and start climbing. Good luck ! PS: NEVER run lethal tempo on the Dyr.
Thank you for encouragement. I will try my best and try to improve my own gameplay. >PS: NEVER run lethal tempo on the Dyr. Saw this on some YT video of "how to play X champion". Never knew that this was a bad idea, thank you for correcting my ways. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Rioter Comments
: I need a Riot staff member to get in contact with me
To submit a ticket (wonder if Riot will ever fix this bug) you need: 1) log off from boards 2) close and reopen your browser (optional, still sometimes necessary) 3) go straight to support page 4) log in from the support page Hope it was helpful.
GabiBarabas (EUNE)
: Enemy team had afk
Try sending a support ticket then. It sound way too weird. [Edit] Oh yea, did you dodge a game? This count as loss.
: > thanks to the dump employee in riot who suggested to demote people at update so i was finally out of bronze to silver and he pushed me back to bronze What are you trying to say? You make no sense...
Maybe he just made his placement games?
xxXX0XXxx (EUW)
: Can i get back my perma banned account?
You can't. Rightfully banned accounts never get unbanned.
Cínas (EUW)
: Bring back ip
It was proved few times (mostly by reddit), that unless you play more than 10 games every day, the BE system is way faster than the old IP. So why should I want a worse system than the better one?
Râkån (EUW)
: If I login, it says “your account will be unbanned on the 16th of June. But it got banned on the 30th of may so it should get unbanned today. My ban takes 17 days if they will unban it on the 17th of June
Then it is weird. You can either wait or send a support ticket. It is hard to say anything as we can only see when the last time you played and not when exactly a ban was given. At this case, support is the best place to help you.
Râkån (EUW)
: 14 days ban not 14 days? lol
Your last match was 14-days ago according to op.gg. So you need to wait little more for the game become available for you. If I remember correctly, ban end is based on NA timezone, so you need probably wait few more hours. If it will not finish till the EU late hours, you can send a support ticket. >Why does my ban take 17 days instead of 14? How did it went to 17 days when you played last time 14 days ago? Little confused.
King Lego (EUNE)
: Nah, it's just the community that Ezreal is gay. But he's not. Apparently people are trying to force it to be canon. Why? Well that's beyond me. I'm more of a {{champion:86}} X {{champion:55}} fan rather than this. I always found it more interesting. It's actually canon. Even the Starguardian event hints on it well.
Let's be honest, if you crossdress as a magical girl, and run in the lane with the Armor of the Fifth Age Taric, how can you say that there is nothing wrong with this two?
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