: TFT win, LP goes down?
I have same bug. After getting 3rd place, I went down from 4 lp to 1 lp. I also can't access my ranked tab.
xarisboss (EUW)
: When you want to change a color on a champ because that's a skin for most of the Champs the only thing you have to do is to change a word in your code
You really never had to do anything with coding, right?
: It was weeks if not months ago. And it definitely was not a 25 game chat restriction. I've made a support ticket. The Blitzcrank Bot is highlighting the words "homophobic" and "idiot" and "you" for some reason. If I've been banned because I said those words then clearly it's not deserved. They've been taken out of context.
Ask for human to review your ticket. Idiot can be negative but let's be serious, getting 14 days only for that?
xarisboss (EUW)
: Why riot doesnot give our money back after permaban?
Because you received for what you paid. You paid for RP and you got RP. What you later do with the account that got the money is something completely different.
: I have been chat restricted before, but I can't remember how many games it was. Is there anyway I can check? Edit: It might have been 5 or 10 games, 15 max. I do not recall being chat restricted for that many games ever.
And how long ago it was? If you were restricted like days ago, it could escalate (like: he doesn't take any lesson). But honestly, if you didn't have 25 game chat restriction, I would send a support ticket. Yes, you was toxic. Yes, getting some penalty is deserved. But getting things escalated from 10 games chat restriction to 14 days ban seems rather weird.
: So having anger issues and not being able to control them is deserved too then? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
If you have anger issues, time to look for a professional help. Psychiatrists should be able to help you, either by therapy or medicines. Using anger issues as excuse for flaming changes nothing.
: Didnt get my skin
Check collection if you have this skin and the hextech tab. If this skin is nowhere to found, send a support ticket. Normally, re-rolled skins are automatically added to your collection. [Edit] Accidentally pushed publish in the place of emote, when writing.
: >And sadly there is nowhere it explained. *cough* https://yt3.ggpht.com/a/AGF-l7_st76Cm6kqkn6DpKZA9Lk2D2Aimth0Uy0vtw=s900-c-k-c0xffffffff-no-rj-mo *cough* https://www.esportspedia.com/streamers/images/6/6f/ScarraNew.png 's videos aren't bad either
I mean in game. No tutorial, nothing. Just go and die to people who knows what they are doing (or are just lucky :D).
: > [{quoted}](name=Sinful Succubus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AT3tYRyn,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-23T07:51:40.443+0000) > > it's a permanent game mode > > the fact that it has a ranked option should have told you that much. > > it's.... and acquired taste. either you like it or you don't Can't know the options if i never played it once to begin with. I'll check that out later.
The game is frustrating until you understood how it works. And sadly there is nowhere it explained.
Mister box (EUNE)
Not sure about everything, but gemstones, orange essence and skin shards do not expire. Not sure about orbs, and etc.
: Suggestion: Pre season loot box changes.
No reason for that. XP is necessary for buying champions and playing the game, so this is obvious, it should be given to everyone indiscriminately. Key fragments are rewards for being honorable player. The higher your honor is, the more key fragments per month you get, If you are level 0 (and I think that level 1 also, can't remember), you do not get them at all. Chests are rewards for you excelling as a chosen champion. Excelling doesn't mean "being mediocre," but "being the best in certain MMR range." What reward it would be, if you would get it for playing mediocre? Also, both keys and chests brings you cosmetics, that are not necessary for playing a game. So there is no reason to make them the same as XP gain. [**This part is a comment to other commentators, not necessary to you**] Everyone need to remember, that cosmetics are main source of income for Riot. For Riot it would be the best if people would only buy them with money. And for a long time, it was the only method possible for getting a skins. So please, stop being greedy. If you want a skin, either get good and hope for it in the chest, or buy it.
SZN Kaze (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=twA Divine,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=PpjUXk4d,comment-id=00010000000000000001,timestamp=2019-10-22T11:15:17.359+0000) > > How did you ask them directly? Even so you expect an honest anwer from someone who was out to trigger you? added them as a friend, asked them. Yes I do, they would have no reason to lie.
Just to piss and tilt you? Or maybe they have knowledge how the system work, and even when offending you, didn't used the words that are punished?
: Better don't check that this one is under: **Games, Contests & Jokes**
And was my answer serious? Have you watched video? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Riot see this as not a offensiv message, but as a postive helping message for future improving system. I'm surprised of that it let to a ban, because I weren't toxic or anything were just annoyed by them talking like that to me. And the only thing I wanted is like all the other normal games where no one trash talks to eachother. But this is completely different because, riot wouldn't ban someone for aggro, and suspend them for 14 days. That makes no sense. Because I've seen others just getting 3 messages to use every 5 min or 10. They all grouped against me and reported me. And I couldn't even get to report them. Does that seem fair?
If you think that you were not toxic, and want to prove us that, you can always add a chat logs here.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: I do... Bought all Blood Moon skins and most passes. Does not change the fact that 'free' system is stupid.
Why? Free systems gives you a chance to get the normally paid content for your achievements. Obviously it is limited, as wait to generous would hit the company revenue. Still, you can get many awesome skins this way, without spending a penny. If they would for example, allowed you get a chest for each S grade, I would get already more than 10 in not even 3 months on Tryndamere. This would even encourage people to be a one tricks (and create an outburst when one-trick gets hammered). Creating league of one tricks, is clearly not the Riot idea how this game should be played. Resetting chests 2, 3, 4 times a year, would make it harder for them to earn a cash, unless they will lower even more OE gains and chances to get a skin. In the past (not sure if you were playing back then), there was no rule that "every third chest has a guarantee cosmetic and not champion." You could be unlucky and have 20 chests in row without a single cosmetic item. Seriously, i do not want to go back to that times.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: There is a limit how often you can get chest... They should allow us to get it with any champion as many times as we want.
Or, you could just spend money to buy cosmetics that you want, without worrying about chests RNG and hardness of getting them.
: yes
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: if a moderator abuses his power, should he really be a mod?
He shouldn't, but then we will need someone checking on the mods. Lets call them super mods (name doesn't matter). But as long as super mods are players, they still can abuse the system, as knowing before that someone is responsible person or not is impossible (this is why in crisis management there are stress tests, psychological exams, etc.). Therefore we need someone to check the super mods behaviour. In the end, it will always be someone from Riot. So in the end, it will be support. We are arriving to the same people that are responsible for behaviour right now. More steps, the final effect the same, and many games ruined. You could say that people will not go to Riot Support instance every time, and it would be true, if players from our kulturkreis would not be that much "individuals." I'm 100% sure that you follow a boards and can see, that some people consider calling others f(a)gs, wishing their families to get cancer or commit suicide a "normal" behaviour. Therefore, those players will first appeal to super mods, and after them to Riot Support. In the meantime, from a share frustration they will ruin many more games, just to prove their imagined "superiority" over others. Your idea could probably work in civilization that put emphasis on group over individuals. In Confucianism (philosophy), the future of the group is more important than the future of individual. Therefore mods would judge based on the well-being of group. In Greek-Christian civilization, the individual is the most important part of society. Sacrificing others for your own salvation is not something unthinkable (obviously, being individual doesn't mean that you throw away groups, but the groups are limited almost only to family members, not citizens of your village/city/country). This is why idea of mods kicking players from the game will not work here. Cultural differences.
kelmeri (EUW)
: How come we dont have a marksman with a pet?
But we have one already:{{champion:498}}
r0guE (EUNE)
: guys my acc is banned pls give it back
For what reason is it banned? If you want an unban pledge, please send a [support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en).
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: i mean people who are mods having the option to remove toxic players from match while they are playing their games. Then again, riot whiteknights are against it becausze "too much work", not realizing it's not about monitoring every god damn %%%%ing game, but about causing a domino effect
So, you want players to remove other players from their game? I guess, that also means removing people from pre-game lobby as they can be toxic there also (yesterday I had a guy, that from the first word in pre-game lobby was insulting others). This could lead to fun effects. Moderator gets autofilled support, moderator: give me top or I will kick you. The cases of vendetta for imaginary faults, could make games unplayable. Also, what requirements must the moderator meet? I'm rather sure, that you would say that you could be moderator, but we can see that you are toxic towards Mr. or Ms. Ehhh and people who do not agree with you. Should we only check their in-game behaviour or also their boards behaviour? Too many problems, too high cost of maintaining, insufficient number of profits. At this point, it is better to spend those resources on improving intentionally feeding and trolling automated system, than create a vendetta environment for people who want to get revenge.
: 10- year anniversary gifts bugged
Send a support ticket.
Shamose (EUW)
: When going to his profile he's not "Riot Eambo" anymore and his name isn't red. I guess he parted ways with Riot.
Our hero put the cap down. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Colactica (EUW)
: Can't take this anymore
First off, you should go out and look for a professional medical help. Only doctors can help you. Your physical and mental health should be your number one priority right now. Second, it is not fault of the game. If the game would not exist, you would find something else to get addicted, as addiction is most commonly answer to other problems. What are the reasons, can only say a good specialist after a long analyze. Therefore you should reach one for help. Because if not, there are chances, that when you are drop game (because you consider it harmful), you will find something else that could destroy your life. I hope you will fix your problems in future. Don't give up.
Šlahoda (EUNE)
: Kai'Sa has been played a lot on worlds and on a stage of the Esport overall. It may be her.
Until now it was the champion most popular in the previous season, as decision of victorious skin is made early at the year. But true, changes are huge, as she was also popular last year. From ADC I would say it will be either Kai'Sa or Tristana, and from supports Tahm or Alistar.
Cate Archer (EUNE)
: Happened the same with me. No Kayle has appeared, but others had 2 stars of it.
I heard that there is a limited number of each champion in the roster. So if everyone else had luck and took him, there will be none left for you.
: what the hell is going on with riot's banning system
Could you show a chat log? Maybe you used some insta 14-days ban words?
TikkTac (EUNE)
: True, give some 4932942 kills to an unskilled ahri, mid lane, and leave her on her own, and still, a skilled zed, will always kill her. If u have, 3 people, on 3 lanes, that are unskilled, has 0 knowledge. Then,what is the point ?
This is why you are supposed to carry if you want to climb. You will have a games with skilled bot, mid or top, but also games where your mid does not even use a single ward for the whole game or roaming support (Bard, Thresh) that never roam. But if you can solo carry, you will always win games with skilled players (you can be skilled but not know how to carry) and still win around half of the games with unskilled. As unskilled I mean, players without skill, knowledge and strategy how to play they role and their champion and/or how to win a game.
TikkTac (EUNE)
: Want to win more games???
[Are you sure?](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/El4qeAQA-why-would-people-not-surrender-and-keep-on-trying) Kayn is considered god tier in 9.20 where WW only avarage. Skill, knowledge and strategy are more important than champions.
: Season 9
Season 4 is the worst league has ever had. Season 5 is the worst league has ever had. Season 6 is the worst league has ever had. Season 7 is the worst league has ever had. Season 8 is the worst league has ever had. Season 9 is the worst league has ever had. Already saw every single one of them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mcgalakar,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VqlzAZKO,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-19T21:35:41.075+0000) > > There is an explanation on the first photo. Just below the price. It is price for skin + champion. You just had to spoil the fun, hadn't you. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I'm good at two things, ruining fun and fun ruining. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Good marketing Riot...
There is an explanation on the first photo. Just below the price. It is price for skin + champion.
: Dont understand me wrong here pls i am not trying to flame Why are you playing online games if you are too scared of these words? It can't be good for your mental at all if you are really that sensitive not flaming right now just asking how you manage to play then
I have a question. You find it okay to say the 'k' acronym to a person with severe depression, whose parents tell him that his life is mistake? What if he, driven into a corner, commit suicide? Will you also be partially fault? You should never joke about some things without knowing the history of person in consideration.
: Already sent in a ticket but so far i only got an automated response saying they wont lift or lighten the ban even though this is my first offence... Do you think such an automated System is good for the game in any way? Specificaly since alot of people flamed me in other languages before and they dont get banned by an automated system nor by manual review.
Yes, it is good in fact. In 99.(9) per cent of cases, it penalize the people who break rules. Obviously no system (neither a human) is perfect. In your case you in fact used a forbidden word. So it did a good job. Revision of penalty can do Rioter and his decision is final. You also shouldn't worry about people insulting you in different languages. As long as language is supported (germane for example is) the system also know it. Therefore, for flaming in German or Polish the player also will be penalized.
: Account suspended for 14 days by automated System (first offence in 8 years!?)
Wishing someone death (mostly by acronym, more elaborated and tricky ways of saying this, goes unnoticed by system) or using homophobic/racial slur is a straight 14-days ban for everyone. It is impossible to machine to guess if you were joking, if you said it to your friend or whatever. It considers, that if someone reported you for it, then this means, not everyone treated it as a joke (no matter the real reason for report). It is done this way to make rules the same for everyone, and not make people feel that some players are treated specially. The only way for you to discuss a restriction is by support ticket. Even if there will be Rioter checking your topic, chances for him being a support specialists are low. Boards are good if you want someone to forward your ticket if you wait long for response or when your ticket is closed for an unknown reasons (if I remember correctly, even boards volunteers can do that though).
yMlMonroe (EUW)
: Possibly a bit washed up, but I still hate trash players ruining the game and wasting time.
So you hate yourself? Maybe you should look for a help then.
: This is a joke comment. Game that is top 3 best earning game in industry in last 8 years. Staff working for free HAHAHAHAHA. Game that make bilions of dollars. You didnt understood anything in my post. Also missed every point. Competitive games are for ranked. Hextech is free reward for getting S. Noone knows what to do to get S when 20-0-20 is not enought. Some random bullshit algorithm judge this. Go troll somewhere else
>Game that is top 3 best earning game in industry in last 8 years And how does the game earn money? Is it a monthly subscription fee? Or is that by selling cosmetics (that are in fact unneeded to play)? And what does chest contain? Cosmetics, right? If we will eliminate a ways to earn money for Riot, by giving people rewards for nothing (like in your idea of winning 3 games), there will be no one buying skins. Therefore there will be no money to hire staff and keep servers alive. > Noone knows what to do to get S when 20-0-20 is not enought. Some random bullshit algorithm judge this. I just described what you need to do to get S. The fact that you do not like the answer, doesn't mean it does not exist. And if there is an algorithm (what you pointed yourself) then there is even more proofs that there is a set of rules of getting S. If it would be a human judging, he could be biased towards some players. But algorithm always act in the same way. This is why players were able to find what contribute to getting S and what not.
Denchik13 (EUW)
: why am i having restrictions to speak my mind WITH OUT PRIOR NOTICE
So I have a right to barge into your home and insult you and your family, and it is okay, right? And of course you will not kick me out, as I have a right to speak my mind, right?
: Hextech chest reward system suck
>This is waste of time to try get S, when algorithm is cheating It is not cheating. It compare your achievements in said game, to what others have acquired on that champion in the XXX-XXX MMR zone. To get S you need to be at least few times better than most players that play that champion (the basic score is B, so having A means you are better than typical player on this champ on this role). It takes into account your cs per minute, wards, objectives, KP, KDA and compare it to others. >Plus many games is only 20 minutes to lose or win. It depends on the game. For example, as Tryndamere I noticed that I have often better early game than any other Tryndamere in my MMR range. So if game is short, I most often get good grades, and when the games goes for like 40 minutes, my grades fall (probably because I stop farming when I already have full gear). >Of course better is to sell chest in shop. Oh and keys too. The game is free to play, but keeping staff and workers cost plenty of money. To pay them, they need to have some income. Selling chests and keys is one of the methods. Would you agree to work 8 hours daily, 5 days per week for free? >This was supposed to be free reward system. It is a free reward system for people to excel on the chosen champion. You are not good enough? Then why do you except a reward? Giving "participation rewards" because "you tried so hard" is a joke and destroy the whole idea of competitiveness. >Give people clear system, win 3 games, get chest You are just greedy. Want everything for free without spending any money. Getting 3 wins is no achievement at all.
: Do you see the "Juggernaut" role there?
It is probably because Fighters is a general class, with sub-classes: juggernauts and divers. So Estrela Platina is in fact correct.
: Ban appeal
Normally I would say no, as only this game (I guess there is no game 2 or game 3) would not be enough (no racial/homophobic slurs, no death wishes), but... >ButcherSloth: open Nothing piss me more, than someone losing me a game, because of some childish reason. If you don't want to play as you should, uninstall game and play only solo games.
BIood Moon (EUNE)
: Please answer this question! It's about JUNGLING.
Never believe in your jungle pings and play like you think is the best in current situation. [silver]
: Anniversary Gifts
Can't check right now till when they stay (use search on boards, someone posted a topic about this yesterday) , but don't worry, you have enough time to complete them.
yMlMonroe (EUW)
: ***
Yes it is dumb that you got 2 weeks ban. You should get a permanent one. But Riot for unknown reason believes that people can change.
sbepi (EUW)
: day 1: ok kinda bad, but is just day 1, can work day 2: good for new players (old player like me will use blue essence only for blue essence shop, a bit disappointing) day 3: chest+key, not terrible day 4: tft players, so not bad (for me is good), for who is not interested terrible, but ehi..they created tft so it is good to put an egg in rewards day 5: 3000 orange essence, that's actually crazy, THAT'S almost too much (thanks riot) day 6: orb with skins day 7: i think we will be able to buy wards or something with 25 prestige points day 8: u can take an orb (with skins shard, but remember u got 3k orange essence) day 9: 2 gemston..that's a lot day 10: 1 casual legendary skin (not a shard, a legendary skin) bonus: annie skin now...that's not enough? they gived us tecnically like 1 ward, 6300 blue essence, 1 skin shard, 1 egg, 3k orange essence, 2 orbs, 2 gemstone, 1 legendary skin, and 1 annie skin why it should not be enough?
Greedy people will be greedy. Nothing we say will change their mind.
: 1) You might wanna look for japanese people on the japanese server, just sayin. 2) You've only been learning japanese for 1 year and yet you know all those kanji? Ngl, that's kinda impressive. I've been at this crap for like 4 years now and I still can't read all of those...
At 2) really? Those are rather basic kanji's. Only 至る is something like N3 or N2 level.
: 日本人友達を探している
I would make few fixes here and there (my Japanese is far from perfect, but it was understandable when speaking with Japanese): 日本語勉強していた → 日本語を勉強している 勉強 most of times exists with particles を and が. You can omit it in many cases, but you need to be sure that you can do that. Also, past form can be understood as you were studying Japanese for a year, but you do not it anymore. From rest of sentence it looks like you still want to improve it. 一年間 is correct and means [(period of) one year](https://jisho.org/search/一年間). I would pick the formation of 1年以上 to say the same thing. What I wrote puts emphasis that it has been more than year when you started learning Japanese. If it was not a full year or you do not remember, try learning about particle ごろ. I am probably too lazy (and sleepy) to fix every part of your sentence. But the third sentence looks freaking weird in my eyes. I think that you tried too hard. Wouldn't it be better to ask someone to improve your Japanese? Using the V+~てください form and everything. It doesn't necessary need to be a Japanese person (what you even point in your sentence). But generally, good luck with learning Japanese! It is a pain like nothing else (especially for me), but leaves a nice sense of satisfaction with each progress step. (I'm getting sleepy and starting to speak like drunk person, please ignore everything that sounds weird).
: Out of mid lanners there's alot of picks who can win against trynda - LB, Fizz, Talon, Syndra, Ziggs there's plenty of them
I'm not sure about Talon, as I played few times against Talon top players and never had a problem (or maybe just silver Talon players are that bad), but I agree with the rest. Fed LB can one shot Trynda before he will be able to ult.
LisaOo (EUW)
: Thanks for your feedback. For cheat engine, I'm pretty sure that it was alway off while I was playing. So I see no way for it to interfere with the game. And yes, you need to intentionnaly choose a game for it to change something on this specific game. Is there a way that Riot can detect what soft is installed on my computer ?
>Is there a way that Riot can detect what soft is installed on my computer ? Yes and no. I doubt if Riot checks your installed software. I can't remember if anything like allowing this was on ToU. It probably checks only a LoL files, searching for changes (maybe also a programs that work in behind - but this is only my guess). After this happens, they are reviewing what changes and what program caused it. Still, better than guessing is sending a support ticket. They will help you the most.
LisaOo (EUW)
: Permanently banned due to Overwolf TFT software
>The only soft I can think about is Overwolf on TFT. Is it considered as a cheat ? I'm not sure what Overwolf does, but any application modifying League of Legends code is either forbidden or in a grey zone. This is because the application could be harmless when installing in the past, but later something was added/changed and is considered as a cheat one. >Otherwise, I also recently installed Cheat Engine on my computer but never use it on LoL nor TFT. Is there a way it was detected ? Depends on many factors, mostly: how does the Cheat Engine works. Does it need to run to modify games files? Or do you need to intentionally choose a game for it working? Or does it only needs to run in the background when the game is working. Without knowing how the program is precisely working (the best idea: ask creators), it is unknown. >Last point, is there a way to get my account back ? Send a [support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en). Maybe the ban was unjustified? Maybe not? Only they can say. If you get a bot answer (Blitz bot) or predefined answer, ask for human support.
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