Meów (EUNE)
: We can't remake
UPDATE: Permaban finnaly! After a few minutes,i get a pop-up with notification about it. Thank you riot,i can finnaly now delete this and play other games with my friends,im so sorry because i didnt want to play something else with them because i more wanted to play this. So,guys,if u dont want to get permabanned like me,stay cool and dont piss off. GL! {{summoner:4}}
Meów (EUNE)
: We can't remake
Oh i almost forgot,i got 2 week ban because i piss off about the SAME THING,also couldnt remake,but its good,i totally deserved it,maybe i deserve perma ban now,but i cant believe you cant fix this god damn thing,so,il anyway take a break with this game and play csgo and dota this year.
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Káki (EUW)
: 10 chat restriction because of this.
They never chat restrict someone for one game. So,show us chat logs of other games,so we can judge ;)
Meów (EUNE)
: Can't start the game,crash
Repaired,launch button now works,get it to client,of course they remaked,pick roles again,get to champion select,loading screen works,game started,everything fine now..except vayne il now need to win this just to tie that remake lose.
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: Help me!!
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 26
Top: {{champion:80}} early really annoying spam with Q. And his blocks are so op. Jungle: {{champion:35}} you never cant be sure is he there when u take ur buffs. Op Q for easy escape. Probably most iritating. Mid: {{champion:7}} early op damage,and if get feed,late game oneshooting anyone. Adc: {{champion:81}} Free flash every few seconds..since im main jungle,really hard to gank him. Support: {{champion:412}} When u chase little Teemo and one more shoot is needed to kill him,WAZZA thresh lantern and he's gone. Few seconds latter,smashing my PC,keyboard and mouse. Monitor included at first.
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Vidra1389 (EUNE)
: 400rp at level 5
Because its removed. You dont get rp now,you get chests.
: Hahaha the client knows me too well haha xD
Guy explained you,its personalized shop,skins are based on what champions you playing most/recent. Also in my case,i got 6 champions i play the most.
Dravayne (EUW)
: Inactive players / Account bans
Im not sure,but i think that summoner name is removed after few months of inactivity. So if u are not active few months,ur summoner name will become free to others to take,and if someone take it and u log in after that,u will need to pick new summoner name. Maybe that person isnt active player,but maybe he just log in. EDIT: Just check it. Here are you copy-paste. -Each Summoner name will have 6 months of inactivity protection upon creation. -Each Summoner name will earn an additional month of inactivity protection for each Summoner level above 6. -Inactivity is defined to be a period in which no games of any kind have been played on the account. -When inactivity protection expires, your name will be available to be claimed through the Summoner name Change service in the store. So if i understand it good,if someone is 30lvl,he have 30 months of protection.
: Banned without riot showing me evidence
Can u copy-paste riot ban email here? :)
: If you have not changed your email then just search for rito there and you should find messages about previous bans, if they exist.
Ye i remember that,but i didnt found,probably because my email automatic delete emails after some time. I was curious also when did i join LoL,but didnt find that mail,just emails in maybe max year ago.
Speedy772 (EUW)
: I was banned from league, and its not even my fault
Its not important time when you or someone else used 3rd party program. People getting banned now for 3rd party programs which they used before a like year or two ago. So it doesnt have anything with 'i wasnt even home yesterday'. It could be before 2 days,it could be before 2 years. Anyway,they wont remove u ban. And you just trap yourself by providing information that u sharing account with 4 people,thats enough reason to get permabanned.
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idoyo (EUNE)
: Graves' cigar
Use google. People write about that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx times.
: Hexteck
Give them a finger and they gonna want all hand..
Práedyth (EUW)
: why does lp gain decrease if youre at a 55% winrate....
Its not aboute winrate,its about mmr and your last season stats/division. For example,if u last season was platinum and now u have platinum mmr,you will gain less points for wins in diamond.
Almighty (EUNE)
: How to write an "I quit LoL" thread:
Yo guys. One tip. Just search 'i quit' and open threads and open lolking,copy paste summoner name,and guess what? They are still playing :D
: I officially quit this game for good
So why u still playing?
Zemphys (EUW)
: today i quit league
Yo bro,u say u quit,why u still play?
: And you are there to judge from just one match that someone was MAYBE unlucky and missed all skillshots? Still,the mute button is there for a reason if they complained all game long Another whine post +1 though worth banning that if you send to support
Not all,not even OFTEN,they would do it for anything,u cant imagine how this was,i've seen many toxic players with bad behaviour,but man,this three people was something most disgusting i ever seen,literally 40min of their spam and family die wishes. I didnt mute anybody because i wanted to take screenshots and do what i can so they be punished. I dont care for LP from that ranked game,im just sad because people today are like this,u cant play one single game without someone who will wish ur family to die from ca**r..
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porps (EUW)
: display monthly key fragment progress
+1 I'm so curious about when will my reset comes xD
Ben4iks (EUNE)
: I need premades for IP boost
You have chatroom named 'urf',go there and type 'inv',someone will invite u for sure :)
Broodpaal (EUW)
: Looking for a friend
Awww that's nice.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: The key drop rate is so low.. Or I'm just unlucky af.
Dafuq everyone get chests,but no keyfragments..i have 6 keys(2 full) but still no even one there some trick like only one chest per champion or..? Because i often play jungle with Vi, 90% games.
Meów (EUNE)
: Can this notebook run LoL ?
Well as teamfights it will be worst,probably around 15 then..thank you anyway
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Geek (EUNE)
: The sad truth.
He killed you at lvl 2 under turret? I guess you have good health while u stand there and get killed by someone who's lvl 2?
IntrigueX (EUNE)
: Unusual ping
Confirmed. Playing ranked game with Vi,press Q-response after 2-3 seconds on that click. Of course game losed,no loss prevented..done with ranked for this season,why wasting time and losing LP because of that..
: The same happened with me. I was trying to get enemy red (purple side was the enemy side) and every time I would hit it, it would reset.
So im not the only one. Also wanted to take enemy red. Rito plz?
: Hey EUW Smurf. You cannot rewatch your game unless you set up for it **before **the game. I recommend using if you want to record your gameplay.
Thank you!
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: > EVERY PLAYER WHO GET TO THE THIRD TIME (BAN 1 MONTH) SHOULD BE INELIGIBLE FOR RANKED REWARDS,ANY DIVISIONS,BRONZE OR CHALLENGER Thats more or less like it works right now: Everbody who gets banned and doesn't show at least 3 months of completely clean behavior afterwards won't get any season rewards.
True,but should change it without 3 months chance to completely clean behaviour. That players wont learn on nice way,if they make same mistake 3 times,they will keep doing it. Just my opinion.
RareSteak (EUW)
: Punishment system: Recompensation for bad behavior
Disagree. New system for toxic players is fine,first time 10 chat restrictions,second time 25 chat restriction,third time 2 week ban,fourth time permaban. Thats okay from me,only thing is needed to improve is Tribunal,a lot of players get away without any punishment. Still,i would change it to first time-20 chat restrictions,second time-50 chat restrictions,third time-ban 1 month,and fourth time permaban. Since thread is about that,i would suggest something: EVERY PLAYER WHO GET TO THE THIRD TIME (BAN 1 MONTH) SHOULD BE INELIGIBLE FOR RANKED REWARDS,ANY DIVISIONS,BRONZE OR CHALLENGER. I think that would improve player attitude.
Meów (EUNE)
: Um i transfered from EUW to EUNE before maybe a year-two. It was free transfer,cost me 0 rp.
@GPet Yeah,i remember now,thats why i get free transfer. @ComradeCry Well,i can just say i make a big,horible mistake. First of all,i think players attitude are much better over there,in S4+ elo. Also,i transfered it about 7 days before season end,and i was Gold5,but when i transfered i needed to play something like provisional matches (3 of them) and i win 1 lose 2 and they put me in s3 or s2,not sure. And i didnt climb back to gold in that 7 days,stay in Silver1 with something like 60-70lp. First reason why i transfer it is my friends,all of them are here on EUNE,but i didnt read that about playing provisional matches again,if i know it,i would never transfer it before season ends. Im sorry for poor english.
: Free transfer from EUNE to EUW
Um i transfered from EUW to EUNE before maybe a year-two. It was free transfer,cost me 0 rp.
ThePuncake (EUNE)
: Kindred
Delayed for next patch
: Account creation date?
Its not possible with some site like lolking,lolnexus and others. Only possible if u send ticket,because of security reasons. (with that information,someone can steal your account)
: I believe for Vi maxing W gives you more sustained damage whereas maxing Q gives you more burst (better for ganks IF you hit your Q). It's been a while but I've heard of some people who max Q but put an extra point into W early so they can solo dragons quite early on. Apart from that, and it goes for any champions, you do NOT want to tunnel vision on kills. It's a very bad habit to have most of the time. Watch the minimap enough, do not chase into enemy territory if you don't have vision on all other players. As for nervousness and people flaming, if it bothers you, mute them. If needed, politely explain you will be muting everyone at the start of the game because you don't wish to be distracted and ask if people want to communicate with pings. I personally don't do this as people might share useful information (summoner spells or some strategies, level 6's or similar) in chat, but if muting people weighs off better due to potential risk of flaming then I'd say just do so.
Thank you for reply! Anyway,wanted to say,about dragon,if i do it on 5 or 6 level i have 1Q 2W 2E,and always before i start i look mid and bot to check are enemies there,if they are,check with pink,if its clear,start,and ward with trinket OVER THE WALL for situation if enemy jungler come to ward it,or decide to go and jump over the wall (like Amumu,Sejuani,Shaco,Jarvan,Kha Zix,and more..). Since i have job now,i cant play all day,but still want to improve myself and reach platinum next season,but i need some tips and i appreciate ur help. Thank you again!
Êquïnox (EUW)
: Riot Logic.
Sorry,but i disagree. If someone didnt feed Annie as hell,she wont be able to oneshot anyone,she will be easy kill with some medium damage. Azir..hmm..that depends from a player skill.. Garen,Darius,Skarner before nerf..i think they are little overpowered champions,but its just my opinion.. If you think they forget about some champion,just remind yourself about Yorick.
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Raentwo (EUW)
: Some people in this game are babies?
U are acting like a baby with posting thread at the forum just because one game and some situation where Jinx stole someones buff. If u want to cry,lay in bed and do it.
: To All My Friends.. Changed My Summoner Name
: Phone Manager
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