Snow Farron (EUNE)
: Remove the emotes
AT LEAST remove from chests ward skins too tbh
: I don't get. You seem to be happy.
look up sarcasm and passive aggression on Google :)
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Rismosch (EUW)
: This is totally not Amumu. This design in particular is bad, because if you didn't know that it was Amumu, how'd you tell? The champion has to be recognizable, no matter if it has a skin or not. This design doesn't resemble Amumu whatsoever.
he can have a normal humanoid body like Amumu does, this is just a speed draw to show the point he still has the big head to small body ratio like yordles, and is overall pretty smooth on the surface, let's be honest Amumu doesn't has so much texture either :'D
: Great design, Rito hire this man.
i just speed drew it :)) i was in a hurry, was not in my intention to make it look AMAZING, just to show the basics :'D
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: S+ for the effort in paint. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Limited Annie skins
8 am ... cool ... i come home at 3 pm ... THX RIOT
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: People expect to get more free stuff on top of the free stuff they allready get? Riot keeps on giving ! They are awesome for that. Be grateful for the FREE stuff that you get... Imagine that Riot never existed and you didnt even have this amazing game to play.... For free ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: i know coz i was getting orange essence to slow i decided to just reroll all my skins now i rerolled on my main account epic gnar galaxy skin, rumble legendary galaxy skin and commando lux which was a skin i already unlocked from rolling 3 others skins. i do not own these skins already i just got tired of trying to get enough essence to unlock them you know what i got in the end "toy gang plank" - biggest mistake ever boy now do i regret doing that{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} but i 've chosen this path now and i will reroll all my skins i get hopefully i might get lucky and reroll a elemental lux or soulstealer vayne{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
totally not gonna happen :D did the same, got prototype Viktor, never again, randomness has too big risks in it
Wen294 (EUW)
: The real underlying problem is that they lowered the value of champ shards and skin shards, but kept the price of chests/keys the same. I mean you get more skin shards from events and such as well now. That's part of why they lowered the orange essence you get. However as a result buying chests/keys has become a total rip-off.
PREACH !!! .... AT LEAST they should lower the orange essence price of champ shards or set back for how much u can dissenchant them
Hydnoras (EUW)
: They increased the chance to get a skin shard = more skin shards = more orange essence = reduction in orange essence value.
yeah makes sense ... oh wait, NO ... can still get only one chest / week with S AND it still has a slight chance to drop champ shard AND most of the skins only drop like 100-200 OE while their price (the good ones) is 1k+ ...
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: I actually liked it, was very sweet and sad at the same time. Does it feel forced for you? maybe. It's that a bad thing? not at all. The fact that people still get triggered by this justifies it being 'forced' to be normalized. Actually, need more yaoi lores c:
for the 965674th time, my problem is NOT a gay character, alrighty ? my problrm is that they changed it for the sole purpose of having more gay characters ... which is stOOped ... like, they could've made him gay from the start or just make some of the new champs gay ... no ?
: Why can't we have a gay character in media nowadays that isn't just a PC write-in or a sudden sexual conversion retcon? Just seems so forced. Being gay is not special. Shouldn't really be a big thing what your sexuality is, it really shouldn't define who you are. Yet every gay character has their favourite bumfun activities plaster all over their personality card. Yorick %%%%s shovels, but you never see that mentioned about him!
dude, the point is, it would be ok if he was gay from the start or if they'd just make some of the new characters gay, i'm not pissed about it or something, if it came off like that ... but like this is Riot saying "UGGH FUQ, FAST PEOPLE, WE NEED MORE GAYS IN HERE" ... u see ?
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Varus is not gay. His new body ( the 2 guys combined ) is gay but he and his soul aren't.
did u see them getting it on at the camp after they hunted in act 1 ? ... yeah
: i mean, if they made a new champ gay from the beginning it's one thing but...honestly i can't look at a "retcon" ad NOT see it being forced :\
Solash (EUW)
: TIL having gays incorporated in any way in your story is forced
that's why i'm saying it's cool if it was always like that, then it's pretty progressive, i mean damm, Varus is pretty old champ, the world wasn't like now then, but if they just changed it for the sole purpose of having more gay characters ... u see where i'm going ? ... "OMG they'll think we don't support gays" ... no ?
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WolfX10 (EUNE)
: You will always be able to buy them with BE just like before the change.
that's great :D thank you !
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: Wrath-Sion Pride-Jarvan 4/Aurelion Sol/Draven Greed-Syndra Sloth-(Not sure about this)Gragas Envy-Poppy(?) Lust-Evelynn/Ahri(?) Gluttony-Kog'Maw/Cho'Gath/Tahm Kench
Greed - Sivir or Zed (him not greedy for money but for more power) Envy - Xerath and Fiora also qualifies for Pride and Rene for Wrath :)
: Whats your win / Loss ratio on Invasion?
: For me a total of 200 tickets from missions and now not getting any missions. If this is the same for you then maybe 200 is the end of the missions
yeah same here, bought a mega ord (150) and now i's stuck with 50 :)) guess i'll get a key frag then
Eveninn (EUW)
: There are 2 free mission lines, they end with having to play a game with Veigar or Blitzcrank in it respectevly. Beyond that there are 3 more mission lines and daily mission one can purchase with RP if they desire. I suspect that people simply didn't get to finish their free missions yet though. It really all matter how active one is. :/
ooh, so the rest of the missions come with those keys in the shop ? ok i understand, thank you captain :)
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: Why dont i have the level 3 honor?
it needs many honors to get up, since it was added i've just got lvl 3 a few days ago and i got honors in almost every match since then, so it really levels up slowly, you'll get there
: if i have rp in a permanently banned acc. what i have to do?
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YepNope (EUNE)
: What's your favorite cheese?
my favorite cheese is cheese
: didn't get Shadow icon after completing the tasks
oh yeah and logged out > back in, still nothing
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: Yasuo Rework: Thoughts And Suggestions
here's a good idea : FuQiNg delete him :D
: What do you drink?
after some games i wanna drink bleach, if that counts ...
: Same thing here since the last 6 boxes i opened last month before the event and the patch, i got only champion shards. Now i don't get any boxes nor any keys. I think they lowered the drop rate considerably for the event to work.
that's GREAT but i didn't get keys even before the event :)) i'm kinda just trying to forget about crafting overall and just play like before it was added :)) #losinghope thx Riot <3
: What does "surviving lane phase" mean?
it means that you're surviving the lane phase :D
: Yo! I'm with you. I got like no chests, key frags, grades of champs updated, when I am making S games... like for 2 months I have no restrictions. But I feel like Rito just pressed the kinda red button on my account just for nothing and I can;t make the things "for players", That sux so much.
the no chest at S incident only happened once with me ... but this no key stuff is killing me ... like i realize how much of an a**hole i sound like, crying about free stuff, but i see other people get 3-4 frags/week, and then there's me ... it's just not fair ...
LazySlav (EUNE)
: stop talking trash... If you play every day for months as you say , you should then by no problem get 4 keys per month (12 key fragments) I play almost every day and i get them every month
"SHOULD" ... that's your key word ... do you think i'd really post this sh!t if it wasn't true just to get drama ? or what you imagine ? -.-
: I feel you Q.Q I really feel like it can't just be explained by "unlucky" c.c
well if someone know how it is to be unlucky, oooh boy, it's me ... but this should be an algorithm what works for everyone ... well except us apparently ... gg
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: Hello, The droprate is resetting once in a while where you have a high chance of getting a drop, but everytime that happens you will have less and less of a chance of getting a drop until it resets again. There's no specified time when you should get one, unlike chests. So you just gotta be patient.
i know the chance drops every time i get one, but shouldn't the reset be like ... i dunno, weekly ? because i haven't gotten any frags for almost 2 months, i have 5 chests and can't open them, i think that's not normal :/ ...
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: did you use the chaos icon?
do you seriously think i'm reta-rded ? :D btw i got it, the problem was, as the other dude(ette) commented, that i counted jungle monsters too
: The 400 minions combined mission
jung monsters don't count only minion cs
Riddarn (EUNE)
: Minions =/= cs Jungle monsters don't count.
: 400 minion quest
also, this has nothing to do with the quest, but i'm only getting one key frag once 1 million years, so ... Riot pls :D
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